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Rural King reviews & complaints

Rural King complaints 112

Rural King - Jeans that are $19.99 they charged me $24.99

We shop here all the time and this is where I buy my jeans at $19.99 a pair when they have my size . Well today October 16th 2021 we went to our local store number 113 2876 Greensboro Rd Martinsville Va 24112 and they just happen to have 3 pair so we grabbed them. It wasn't until we got home and I went to take the tags off I seen someone had taken a black sharpie and marked out the $19.99 and put tag of 24.99 on them. This is not right to mark out an original tag with a sharpie and put a stick on tag in its place.

Desired outcome: To be charged the original $19.99 a pair not $24.99

Rural King - Customer service

Rural King of Jasper Indiana has gone downhill. Customer service is a joke. I buy small quantities (100-300 pounds) of chicken feed and other things at least once a month, usually twice a...

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Rural King - Selling of baby rabbits to store, no payment.

June-July or August 2020 I took 5 rabbits to St. Clairsville store to sell. They accepted them. I signed paper for them and did not get a receipt. Check was to be sent to me. I am not sure I received the check. I sold the rabbits for $6.99 each. Is there a way you can trace such a check, and did I receive it and cashed it?
St. Clairsville, Ohio Mall Ring Rd. Rural King. And thank you. You can send me email back to [protected] My name and address on check would be Becky McLaughlin 71 Roby Street Adena, Ohio 43901 if ya need to call [protected] Thank you

Desired outcome: answer to question and if not sent check,desire a check or store credit please.

Rural King - Customer service

I tried calling the store as the item I wanted was marked as limited availability and I live quite a ways from the store. First, it took a solid 3 minutes or more of letting it ring before someone...

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Rural King - Consumer

Not complaining about product. Its sad when people who really need jobs to provide for family and gets turned away due to background checks or drug tests but yet harrisburg il will hire drug addicts giving them a week to get clean before hire and just came out of prison on parole. Probably gonna play sick at work today due to his all night meth party. Spoke with manager the day corporate flew in on helicopter about employee Leroy Wallace but he looked at me as being stupid and ask me how I knew he on drugs. Not hard when his paychecks from there supply his habits not his family. Is this an equal opportunity work place?

Rural King - Gun department store #74

A gun dealer sent a shotgun there by accident, every time I called the gun dept lied and said they didn't have the Gun. I had the notification that it was there from fedex. After 3 days and multiple...

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Rural King - Cusp!at service

The customer service is horrible. This no the 1st time I've called in & what I asked was not answered & was told to call back the no one was in that dept. The 1st time was before this Covid 19 so...

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Rural King - unethical behaviour from manager Christine Stasek

5/20/2020 5:14pm manager christine stasek accused me of just leaving when I was only on lunch today then she has called me on my personal cell phone multiple times on my own time asking me where am I its been to the point I wanna press harassment charges as an employee having to do that the manager show unethical behavouir at store 51 elyria ohio

Rural King - Why it takes longer than 3 days to clear for a gun at rural king

Paris Illinois, purchased a long gun. My 3 day wait has now turned into day 19 . When I call the computer is slow is the response . My son left there went to Stock n Field purchased a long gun in 5 minutes he was cleared through state police . Now 3 days later he has a gun I'm STILL WAITING. Their Policy needs to change or they lost my business !

Rural King - chicks

4 months ago I ordered 10 bantam Cochins but bought 14. I asked 3 times between ordering the chicks and picking them up "are you sure these are bantams. I now have large fowl bantams that are already...

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Rural King - washroom

The men's washroom door drags heavily on the floor as it has for the past two or more years... The Urinal has been out of order for month's & from time to time is out of order... The Toilette...

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Rural King - customer service

My husband and I visited this store to exchange an item on November 29, 2019 (Black Friday). My husband often buys work clothes at Rural King but this was the first time I wanted to purchase clothing...

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Rural King - taking way to long for an order

On 9/28/19 I ordered and paid in full for a BH7.5 back hoe attachment and a 9" bucket. I got the back hoe in 3 weeks but still haven't receive the 9" bucket and today is 11/30/19. Jim the sales person in the Marion Ohio store is working hard for me to get the bucket, but seems to be getting the run around from the regional managers JB and Rocky and the tack department. I have seen the communication that Jim has summitted and was there when he was on the phone with these individuals and all he gets is a bunch of BS. If you are going to sell these items then you should have a supply of them. Very disappointed because I want to use this tool.

As far as a resolution, you need to expidite this bucket and if you want to be credible you would give me a significant discount for the inconvenience. My name is Scott Beveridge and email is [protected], phone numer is [protected]. That is enough information for you to return communication and inform me on you resolution.

Rural King - online purchase

Do not waste your time buying online from this company. It is the worst experience I have ever had buying online. Customer service is terrible and will do nothing to help you. Ordered a item 10 days ago and still has not shipped out nor will they cancel the order to refund me so I can buy it somewhere else. Do not waste your time here, you will be sorry.

Rural King - customer service and poor management

On 10/24/19 I was at rural king in zephyrhills 4:24pm. I went to get in line and there was already 6 people in line and there was only 1 register open and there were 3 employees standing in a group...

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Rural King - firearm sales

I purchased a Remington TAC. I went to the Connellsville PA store. Since it was my son's eighteenth birthday I said he could transfer the gun. I informed Joy the representative that he was going to do the paperwork. I did not realize that it needed transferred to a person over 21. She did not inform me that he was ineligible. If she would have I would have done the paperwork and kept the gun for myself. I said I could do the paperwork an was told that I could not since he had been denied.
She was quite rude from the time we came into "her" department. We were greeted with "you are going to have to wait I'm busy." This was before we even said a word to her. She then berated other employees that were trying to answer customers questions over the intercom. Saying they are stupid or should know the answer since " They have worked there for 5 Years"I have purchased several guns from RK Guns and have never had such a horrible experience. To add to our horrible experience I called you customer service and after waiting over an hour and a half on hold I am told I am being charged over $75.00 for I gun that I cannot even purchase. I am very active in the local community and shooting sports. I know this means very little to you but I will spread the word that no one should even consider buying a gun from your company. I understand your position but I feel I was treated unfairly. Again, I doubt if your company really cares but I wanted to vent my feelings

Rural King - rotella t6 synthetic oil

On 10/17/2019 at 6:23 pm I was checking out atMarion Rural King trying to purchase Rotella T6 Motor Oil which was listed as a "Managers Special" priced $14.99. The cashier who by no fault of his own...

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Rural King - supervisors

10-13-19, Terre Haute Rural King supervisor "Walter" wrongfully terminated my step-son, because he had to call in for a job interview. When my step-son called in he stated exactly to "Dave" what he...

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Rural King - parking lot

My son and I were at rural king in wooster, oh My son is handicapped and is autistic. The parking lot is jagged and a mess. As we came out of the store my son tripped on broken concrete falling and hitting his face on jagged edges. I had to rush him to the e.r for stitches. This was very traumatic for him and myself. I am going to talk to an attorney.

Update by Strong445
Sep 21, 2019

When you assume you assume wrong!! You don't know me nor how I parent. You are trolling to try to get a reaction. You are ridiculous and I refuse to conversate with you any longer.

Update by Strong445
Sep 21, 2019

You fat troll you nothing about me.

Okay I am here to tell the truth. The truth is my son never fell. The truth is he was acting like an idiot again. I was so angry at him that I hit him in the face with a branch I found. I had a bad day and he would not stop crying. I hit him with a tree branch. I tried to blame Rural King because of their parking lot. The real reason he got hurt was because I was angry at him for acting like an idiot and hit him in the face with a branch I found. Sadly I hit him so hard that he needed stitches. Now he is in foster care. Someone saw me hitting and punching him, and telling him he is an idiot. They reported me and he is in foster care again.Since I am still being monitored by CPS because I hit my idiotic son before he was taken to foster care immediately. This is all I am going to type. You don't know how hard it is to take care of a idiot like my son.

Rural King - order [protected]-1

I ordered 2 LED shop lights online and 1 was defective. I contacted the return department at RK the same day.It has been 2 weeks and I am still waiting on my return authorization. When I call all I get is a run around. This is the worst return department I have ever seen. Rural Kings website says easy returns. This is not the case. Looks like a rip off to me. Sell me a defective product then run the other way when you need to honor your posted warranty.Would you buy here???

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