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CB Retail Stores Love's Travel Stop Negligence of love's stuff, leading to financial loss
Love's Travel Stop

Love's Travel Stop review: Negligence of love's stuff, leading to financial loss

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5820 Sullivant Ave, Unit 393

Galloway OH, 43119




Love's Travel Stop

10601 N Pennsylvania Ave.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120

United States

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to formally lodge a complaint regarding an incident that occurred at Love’s Truck Stop located at 2600 W 1-65 Service Rd N, Prichard, AL 36612, on February 20th at 12 noon. My name is Lewis M, CEO of Skyload Logistics LLC, and I was the individual affected by the negligent actions of your staff.

Upon my visit to the travel stop, I encountered issues while attempting to cash out a .com check. Despite the assistance provided by the initial attendant, it was escalated to your supervisor, Felicia. Unfortunately, Felicia's handling of the transaction resulted in multiple unsuccessful attempts, leading to two insufficient funds receipts being issued to me instead of the $320 I was owed.

Following this, I contacted the payer of the .com check, who confirmed that the payment was indeed authorized at your location at the specified time. Despite this confirmation, Felicia and your staff have been uncooperative and dismissive of my concerns, even after providing evidence of the authorization.

This incident has not only caused a significant inconvenience but has also resulted in financial losses for my company, as one of our designated drivers missed a load pickup due to the time wasted at your establishment. As a result, we incurred monetary losses directly attributable to the negligence of your staff.

I demand an immediate resolution to this matter, including the recovery of the funds owed to me and compensation for the financial losses incurred by Skyload Logistics LLC. Failure to address this issue promptly and adequately will leave me with no choice but to pursue legal action to seek restitution for damages incurred.

I expect a response to this complaint within 5 business days, outlining the steps you will take to rectify the situation. Additionally, I am available for further discussion or clarification at your earliest convenience.


Lewis M.

CEO, Skyload Logistics LLC



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