LensCraftersanti-reflective coating on lenses of glasses

As a repeat customer of Lenscrafters over the years, I wish to express my concern. I have always been happy with my frames and lenses UNTIL NOW. The anti-reflective coating is coming off and I can see the spots. It appears from my internet search that this is an issue. My glasses are a few years old and have been maintained with the cleaner and disposable wipes that you sell. When I went to the store I was told it was coming off because of scratches...I have had optical specialists dispute the scratch theory. Last year we purchased new glasses for my husband because of this same issue and we "assumed" he had done something to cause it. Now that it has happened to mine and with what I see on the internet...I think Lenscrafters owns this. I need to get new lenses but am getting no reasonable support for replacement "because my glasses are past the year". I want to touch base with you to see if this is the "final" answer that you have to give me. I know you are in the business of selling glasses/lenses but as a post cataract person with perfectly good frames and vision with current glasses...I feel slighted because I am being forced into spend several hundred dollars to replace a product that I put my trust in you for when I purchased them...but is not living up to that trust.

Oct 01, 2019

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