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EyeBuyDirect Complaints & Reviews

EyeBuyDirect / It's a rip off!!!

Jenny Zhao on Nov 17, 2017
Why are your employees who collect the orders are so inattentive? Do you think we sent you our prescription for fun or what? It means (if you didn't know) we want o get the right lenses, and what I got yesterday was terrible. I can't see anything wearing these glasses. It's inappropriate. I...

EyeBuyDirect / only 2 weeks warranty

Allen Camm on Oct 19, 2017
I got my glasses already broken. The delivery took a little more than a month. It turned out that I paid over 200 buсks for a crappy quality. I immediately contacted them and asked for a refund and was ready to attach the pictures of the glasses if needed to prove they were really broken. They...

EyeBuyDirect / Glasses purchase

Beth Johnson on Feb 24, 2017
I ordered a pair of glasses in November that were not what I expected so I tried to exchange then within the 14 day window that was given. They said that they were out of stock so I had to wait. I waited until JANUARY to send them back when I finally got an email saying they were back in...

EyeBuyDirect.com / EyeBuyDirect is nothing but scam, please stay away from them!

Emilia on Feb 23, 2017
I don't like writing bad reviews but EyeBuyDirect deserved it! I ordered a pair of sunglasses from this website and they said it'll take 14 business day to deliver, but after two weeks of waiting nothing arrived. Customer service representative said that sometimes delivery takes a bit...

EyeBuyDirect / Poor quality

Tonn on Dec 7, 2016
I have ordered a pair of glasses from www.eyebuydirect.com and when my order finally arrived I was disappointed. Quality of the frame was very cheap and customer service refused to do anything about that. They said they guarantee I'll be satisfied. One month later frame just cracked! I...

EyeBuyDirect / Wrong lenses

George on Aug 11, 2016
I have ordered a pair of glasses from www.eyebuydirect.com and they came with an absolutely wrong lenses. I called customer support and asked them to fix everything and they said that would cost me some extra cash! I was shocked! They messed up my order and said that I have to pay for them...

Eye Buy Direct / broken glasses

Seachells on Jun 9, 2012
I purchased a pair of glasses in March, I received the in April. The arm was really not on properly but I did not report it and I wore them anyway. The arm broke the first week in June. They did not have the frame anymore for the replace and I still had ended up paying $35.00 for the...

Eye Buy Direct / very poor product

rmckeever on Apr 20, 2011
purchased eyeglasses and they did not make them to the correct prescription..contacted call center in INDIA and they could not understand English...sent them an e-mail and attached my prescription and sent back the glasses at my cost..they sent me another pair which AGAIN was not made to...

EyeBuyDirect.com / Glasses

Rita Benoit on Apr 1, 2011
The glasses I recieved were very prettybut not made very durable. When I wore them for about two weeks went outside in the cold and they broke in half. I have had three pairs of glasses and they have seen harder times. One pair, had them made into sunglasses.Slill wearing them. I feel that...

EyeBuyDirect.com / No glasses, No customer service, No refund

Yvette M on Mar 29, 2011
I began my purchase on 03/03/11, eyebuydirect was offering buy 1 get 1 free. Upon checking out the total did not reflect anything free. I purchased 1 pair and sent a email to request the 2nd free pair. I was informed I would have to pay an upgrade fee, which I did pay. On 03/24/11, I...

EyeBuyDirect.com / No Customer Service

LisaGHM on Mar 28, 2011
I purchased eyeglasses from EyeBuyDirect in January, 2011. At the beginning of March, the glasses broke. The left arm just fell off. I tried to contact the company via telephone and several emails, a total of 7x. No one ever responded. If the phone doesn't ring busy, it just rings and...

EyeBuyDirect / Poor customer service

Liberty82582 on Mar 2, 2011
I ordered my glasses from eyebuydirect.com on 12/17/2010 they say that it takes 10-14 days... wrong! Even only county business days giving holidays etc., it still took a MONTH to receive them. At that point I fugured I had already paid $70 it would have been worth the extra $30 to get them...

EyeBuyDirect / Defective Eyeglass Frames

Lobtec on Feb 17, 2011
I purchased prescription sunglasses from this vendor. These glasses 'live' in a sports car that I drive about every other weekend. I went to put them on and the left temple came off in my hand. This would have been the tenth or twelfth time I had worn them. I contacted the...

EyeBuyDirect.com / Scam

Tmac827 on Feb 17, 2011
Where to begin... I purchased two pairs of glasses from this 'company' and yes I use this term loosely. First of all I did bond the shipment through their shipping page just to protect against any breakage. One pair arrived broken and the second pair prescription was no where...

Eye Buy Direct / Eye Glass / Amount paid but product not delivered

Ordered a pair of prescription glasses from http://www.eyebuydirect.com for a price of $128.5 which was paid along with the order submitted via credit card transaction on December 1, 2010. As per the claim on the merchant’s website, http://www.eyebuydirect.com, it was advertised to...

Eye Buy Direct / Poor Quality and Bad Customer Service

I ordered a pair of glasses from this company and it took them about 3 weeks to have them delivered, I did not fret over that, it was no big deal. I recieved the glasses in Late November/Early December of 2009. When I first recieved the glasses I was initially very happy with them. I told...

EyeBuyDirect.com / poor quality product

I purchased a pair of glasses here last year and I was very pleased since the glasses only cost $80 compared to $340 for the same pair at WalMart Optical. A few months ago, I dropped those glasses on the carpet and the lens broke! I called (had to call 3 times) to see if I could get it...

Eye Glasses eyebuydirect.com / Bad Customer Experience

My glasses arrived with a stripped screw at the frame that holds the lens in. I called them, they said to send them back. I did, with a letter enclosed detailing my order number, address etc. Weeks went by and multiple emails. I called, they said they had no record of my call. They said...

EyeBuyDirect / unusable quality

I purchased a pair of rimless glasses, had them for 1 week, dropped them and the lens broke in half. I am 50 years old and have been wearing rimless glasses for 25+ years and never had this happen. The lens's are supposed to be polycarbonate plastic to withstand the added stress of...

EyeBuyDirect / Defectice Glasses

Bought a pair of rimless glasses from them. Only wore them once or twice a week for 9 months and the arm fell off. All i wanted them to do was loosen the screws and put the arm back on. They said they couldn't do it and that their guarantee was ony for SEVEN DAYS!!! Then they hung up...

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