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I ordered a pair of glasses from the sunglass hut, they are not suitable and I would like to return them, the problem is they tell you to call customer service for a return label which I did, but waited for over 45 mins and still couldn't get through, so I emailed customer care which 3 times apparently they reply within 24 hours, ive sent 3 emails and had no reply? Ive read reviews for this company and im not the only one with this problem

customer service representative was rude and did not returned my refund on my purchase

I purchased Rayban(RB3647N) sunglasses priced 285 AUD from Sunglass hut (Australia, Melbourne -highpoint...


Bought 2 Persols. Told doesn't come with cases. My companions are in the car waiting for me. I wasn't happy...

return policy

On 11/09/2019 I purchased a pair of Ray Ban RB4165_55 sunglasses from the Sunglass Hut in Casuarina Shopping...

wrong amount of money charged to my visa

On 20th of June I bought a pair of Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses the Sunglass Hut store at the Madrid Airport. The sunglasses were 50% off but I was charged full price for them. The sales assistant was very nice, spoke excellent English and she assured me the price was 117€ after the 50% discount, but she ended up charging me the full price anyway, 235€, which I have realized once I checked my Visa invoices for past months. When I called the store to see what we can do about this, they literally just hung up on me, pretending not to understand English. None of the Customer Service I could find online was helpful, the Support for the Spanish website downright mocked me, even! This is absolutely unacceptable! Not only am I highly dissatisfied customer, but I am also a victim of a crime! I have worked in Customer Support for a much bigger company, and I know for a fact that there are things to be done about this, I cannot believe that a company this big has such poor Customer Service and Support. For shame!

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adjustment of sunglasses

I purchased a pair of Revo Converge sunglasses on October 8, 2016 at the Sunglass Hut located in trhe Summit mall in Fairlawn, Ohio. I have since taken those unglasses back to this located twice for adjustments. This past Saturday, July 6, 2019 at 2:00 P.M. I again took my sunglasses back to this location for adjustment. The two salespeople on duty at this location refused to adjust the sunglasses, saying that company policy prohibited from adjusting sunglass brands they no longer sell. This is in contridiction to the poicy on your website that states that if you bought your sunglasses from Sunglass Hut you may bring them in for adjustment to Sunglass hut. What I would like tro see happen is for my sunglasses to be adjusted. Thank you.


I just wanted to express my disapointment as a customer my experience at the pickering town center location was nothing but horrible. I was served by an accociate by the name of Alysha. The first time i went in no one was on the floor for 2min then when Alysha and another accociate came out I got no help. I asked for an opinion and really didnt get much help there no suggestions. I purchased a pair but didnt like it and brought it back for an exchange but again Alysha was there I was there for 30min she didnt try to save the sale or help me. So I ended up returning the pair. I would not recommend anyone to go to this location to anyone I know.

Thank you for your time.

glasses don't fit they were a gift to my wife

To whom it may concern, my name is David I've been a very happy satisfy customer with most of my purchase...

store closed during normal business hours.

Today I left work to meet my daughter at your Ridgedale Mall store in Minnetonka, MN. Upon arrival at the store there was a note on the door saying: "On Break - Back Soon". We waited about 30 minutes - the store still didn't open. Not even the courtesy of a time they would be back on the note. Left the mall to go back to work - no sunglasses. I don't think this is acceptable. Thanks, John Schmitz. [protected]

never received my return in the amount of $369.33

I returned a pair of Prada mens sunglasses to your Centerra store in Loveland Colorado March 12, 2019 in the...

unethical behavior

Last night my family and I were at the Sunglass Hut 5707 located 8200 Vineland Ave, STE 1701, Orlando, FL 32821.

The salesperson by the name of Victor accused me of changing the price on a pair of sunglasses I was purchasing. I found this to be very insulting as my mother whom was present. I took a deep breath as there were other people around and I did not want to make a scene. We purchased 3 pairs of sunglasses last night and the one he accused me of changing I only came across the pricing as we were looking for a newer pair on the shelves since they were on sale and no inventory on them. I questioned him why is this tag cheaper on these glasses and that if I purchase them would he honor the price and his response was NO! you changed the price tag on them. I told him he can review the camera and he will see that I did not as my mother told him the same. Through out the purchase he continued to say he would charge me based on computer and not the tag on them and that I changed the price. I paid the price that rung up on the computer and still purchased the glasses but to accuse me of such thing or anyone is not acceptable unless he has proof or saw me do so. I told him I can buy the most expensive glasses you sell and I have the funds to buy more than a handful of them. I an not a thief and that is not my nature. Your employee needs to understand that he cannot accuse people of this act and not acceptable. Not only did he embarrass me but my family with his actions and words.

customer service

My name is Adrianna Arian and I was in one of your stores on 12/23/2018 around 5pm. I had the intention of...

charged twice for the same transaction

It looks like Sunglass hut is running a scam by charging customers twice for the same transaction ...


I got here exactly when the mall opened which was 10 am and I wanted to check out a pair of ray bands and nobody was there so I waited and waited and after 30 minutes I walked away and just went to Lens crafters. I just think it's ridiculous that nobody is attending the sunglasses booth. The person has already left the booth twice. I wouldn't buy from there again. And when I did return the male was sitting on the gate that you use to open the door. They never do anything . Wish I had a job like that.


very poor customer service

I did experience the worst customer service ever The sales representative was very rude I did email and...

Niagara-on-the-lake Vision, Glasses, Lenses


Hi yesterday just bought a new Oakley sunglasses $163, 00 on Sunglass hut store on Hillsdale mall and after...

not telling the whole truth..

I recently bought a rayban sunglass from sunglass hut branch at Al Abdali Mall in Amman and to be exact on Feb 27, 2018 at a price JOD 177 and i was told that you can exchange it within a year with 50% discount toward a new one of what was paid. I went to Sunglass hut branh in Galaria Mall in Amman and store manager Mr. Salam told me that it is not possible unless the new sunglass are at equal value of what was purchased on more but not cheaper.
I told him clearly that this message was NEVER communicated when i bought it back in Feb 27, 2018 and this is unfair treatment and i demanded a solution.
The short answer was sorry the bar code will allow us to do so...

BAR CODE is defining Customer Service

customer service

I bought a pair of sunglasses at sunglass hut located at Macys in Vally Fair mall, so far it's being the...

men sun glasses

To whom it may concern, I bought a pair of Giorgio Armani this last winter from the outlet collection at...

terrible customer service never seen this before - vanessa (manager) sunglass hut store 1887 union st, san francisco, ca 94123

Would like to first mention how I very much enjoyed my purchasing experience with all employees at the store location mentioned in the title of this email.

I was advised during the purchase of my glasses that i would need to bring in the physical coupon (Sun Perks Member Exclusive coupon) to receive the benefit $50 off any purchase over $200 etc. Denise the manager along with the Security Guard and another team member advised that i would need to come into the store after the purchase, bring my coupon, receipt, ID and CC i purchased the glasses with and i would be rebated the amount. Totally fine i completely understood and went about my purchase of Versace Sunglasses.

I returned 5 days later with all the items that were requested of me and asked Vanessa if she would be so kind to assist me with my rebate. This is where i was deeply offended, embarrassed and harassed in front of other customers, the security guard and employees. Let me say again i had my drivers license, CC, receipt and coupon (please feel free to confirm with store colleagues and security guard). Vanessa refused to refund me because i didn't have the physical glasses with me!!! Vanessa told me she needed proof that i actually bought the glasses. PLEASE SEE ABOVE (i had my drivers license, CC, receipt and coupon) I asked to speak with the colleague who told me this was possible she mentioned to Vanessa that indeed Denise said it was OK and that we should refund him. Vanessa refused to listen to her team member, she began to waive her hands in my face (please view video footage incident happened 12pm 07/19/18), she continued to use a loud voice while other customers were shopping (creating a scene in the store) and told me i could not speak to anyone else cause she was the store manager. Well surely there would be someone else to talk to or she must report to someone. After she refused to help and insisted i come back for a 3rd time with the glasses she said her managers name was Tiffany.

You can only imagine the humility i felt after purchasing $300 glasses feeling like i was trying to scam the store. I cannot possible imagine this is the level of service you expect from your team leaders. i would hope that by reading this that Vanessa will be disciplined at some capacity. Please note i do not want ANY compensation or anything for FREE. I cant possibly find a way to ever shop with Sunglass Hut again.

I will be sending this to your corporate office with the hopes that this matter is taken very seriously and not lightly. I would like to Vanessa to know that i have never ever been treated with such disrespect, embarrassment in any establishment in my entire life. She has taken a life long customer away for good and i will make sure that my letter is viewed by as many outlets as possible.

I do expect that i hear from Sunglass Hut with in a reasonable time with an explanation or plan of action of some sort regarding this matter.



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    Corporate Offices Jul 19, 2018
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    Verified customer

    Jeff here from the Corporate Offices. Please respond back with your phone # so I can give you a call and help resolve this issue. Thank you.

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