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Unable to return incorrect rx glasses

The purchase process was easy and great. The price was exceptional. Unfortunately the glasses I received did not match the prescription that was uploaded. I had purchased the 1 year warranty which allowed for a return to get the fixed or full refund if not satisfied. I returned the glasses using the free return able provided by Glasses USA. They arrived in two days. First I received notification from the post office that there was no one at the recipient address. Later I received notification from USPS that they had been accepted. Today, three days later, I received the unopened box back with a notification that they were refused by the recipient! I contacted Glasses USA via Chat and after one-half hour the customer service rep was totally confused as he states they system shows the glasses returned. I uploaded an image of the glasses as proof they they did not have them and included images of the label that showed they were refused and the address where they were returned to (Optimax Fullfilment 1750 Central Ave Roseville IL [protected]). Now I can't generate a new return request as the GlassesUSA sytem shows them as being returned. An absolute cluster *! Trust me, you are better off paying a bit more and dealing with a real company that stands behind their warranty/return policy.

Unable to return incorrect rx glasses
Unable to return incorrect rx glasses

Glasses USA


If I could give fewer stars I would, but one is the lowest, so it's a one-star review.

I ordered a pair of Armani Exchange AX1014 prescription glasses on February 4, 2020. I literally received them about two weeks later, and wore them for a day. The right lens was incorrect and needed to be replaced. I got online and chatted and was given an RMA number and sent them back. Understand... I physically owned a pair of glasses and I literally physically took MY glasses, packaged them up myself in a padded box and drove them to my local UPS store. I checked the return several times. It took an extra week for them to receive, but they did receive them, finally. I chatted online and they confirmed physically receiving MY glasses. They told me the return would take the same amount of time as the original order (two weeks). No one said anything about the possibility of what ended up happening. Sitting down? Three weeks (March 10, 2020) later I went online and chatted to find status and was told they were "out of stock!" Out of stock is not a concept in "returns!" I simply needed one lens to be replaced ON MY FRAMES that I physically returned and they're "out of stock?" How is that? How does this happen? I returned MY FRAMES to them for just for ONE lens replacement. This a direct 1 to 1 thing — like taking your car in for an oil change where you bought it. They work on your car and give it back to you. Not here!!!

The morning of March 10, 2020 I chatted with "Carol Anderson" and explained what was happening. She told me to call customer service. Guess what? It's a call center in the Philippines. I asked for a supervisor. Talk about a terrible experience? I sat on hold for nearly 30mins. She kept coming back with excuses that they didn't have a supervisor. Finally she came back and said the best she could do is have a supervisor call me back "in a day." So, here I am expending far too much energy for a lousy pair of glasses. After one hour, I got back online and chatted again. This time with "Marge." After several promises, several chats, waiting, packaging, driving, checking tracking info, several more chats, phone calls, and I still don't have my glasses and no explanation!!!

Finally, after getting almost irrate via chat (because calling the call center does no good) a "supervisor" named "Jacob Goodman" called me. He explained that they do NOT repair or recycle frames because of reasons for "ethical" and "cleanliness" purposes. I'm no fool. I understand what they're doing. They're a small operation that outsource EVERYTHING and utilize cheap labor on another continent and to return something creates a costly scenario that they avoid, such that from a business perspective, it's too expensive for them to send the frames from their receiving facility in Pennsylvania to their manufacturing facility in Tel Aviv Israel, so they come up with some silly policy like this. AVOID THIS COMPANY!!!

If you want to avoid the possibility of what I have encountered, which is one of the most ridiculous experiences you could ever imagine featuring horrible timeframes, horrible delivery, horrible returns, horrible customer service and completely apathetic service personnel, I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

My RMA was #267806 and my original order was # [protected]. It's been six weeks and I do not have glasses!!! I have nothing. But they have my glasses, my frames and my money!!! I asked for a refund and I bet I'll have to go thru the same degree of silliness and follow-up to get the money back! After all this, I'll be going to my local glasses retailer where I can physically deal with my eyesight needs.

return - did not return sales tax on refund for return

I bought a pair of glasses and because it took so long to receive, I returned the package unopened because I has bought another pair of glasses in the meantime.

They refused to return the sales tax on a pair of glasses I bought and returned. They ignored my e-mails and kept sending me to different customer service representatives.

They are THIEVES running an illegal operation.

delivery issue

This in reference to order number [protected].
It seems that nobody has been able to help me with a delivery order. I have gone back and forth with the chat line, customer service, emails, etc. and I still don't have my glasses.

As per USPS my glasses were returned to your company on 9/24/2019 due to your delivery department not including the apartment number which I provided after the first time it was returned.

The glasses should have been returned by now, but no one can verify from your company.

I have also requested the glasses be sent to me either by UPS or Fedex due to the error made by your company so there won't be any further unnecessary delays.

I am hoping something quick can be done,

Robert Teran

refund and no response

I've made several attempts to cancel an order and all I get is that they received my complaint and someone will respond needless to say it been a month of back and forth with no answer. Any suggestions on how to have them respond. Perhaps someone from the co directly? They were quick to take my money but no responses. The original order was placed July 3rd

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prescription glasses

I placed an order for two prescription glasses using a discount code in addition to a store credit that I had...

Glasses USA

oakley eyeglasses (rx)

[protected] was my order number I ordered a pair of glasses on June 17, 2019. I didn't receive them until July...


Below are emails that I have sent to USAglasses asking for an ill fitting pair of glasses. the process started in early May. I keep sending inquires but no luck. I have sent the item back several weeks ago.
Clyde Fugami

From: GlassesUSA
Sent: Wednesday, May 29, 2019 8:40 AM
To: Clyde Fugami
Subject: GlassesUSA - Returns Dept. - Request Recieved

##- Please type your reply above this line -##
Dear Clyde Fugami,

Your request 2442677 has been received and is pending review by one of our dedicated returns agents.
Please be advised that during the returns process our agents will usually get back to you within 2-3 business days.

To add additional comments please reply to this email.
Thank you for your patience.

The GlassesUSA Team
[GlassesUSA] Return request for order # [protected]
Mon 5/27/2019 12:31 AM
##- Please type your reply above this line -##
Your request (2435314) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.
Chloe Campbell (GlassesUSA)

May 27, 00:31 PDT

Dear Clyde,

Order # [protected]

Thank you for choosing to shop with us.

We are sorry to hear that your glasses didn't meet your expectations.
That is exactly why we have our 14 days "no questions asked" return policy. To see our full return policy click on the following link:

In order to start the return process please click on the link below and fill out the RMA form:

*Please note, the RMA form must be filled out from a computer and not a mobile device.

** It is the customer's responsibility to ship the glasses back within 6 business days of receiving the return shipping label, otherwise your return will not be processed.

Please be sure to save the tracking number for your reference.

In addition we only have medium size available for the Muse M3292 Shiny Black frame that you ordered.Kindly check our website for an alternative frame with smaller size.

Should you have any questions, please email us at [protected]

Chloe Campbell
Your Vision Care Specialists at

ordering glasses

I have been shocked at how poor the technology of this company is. I uploaded my prescription 2X and it was not available. Then I emailed it on two separate occasions and they could not find it. After nearly 30 minutes on the phone with them and sending it to another email address they were able to receive. However, my order still does not say it was received. Customer service is offshored and not with a good connection or any real desire to make customers happy.

worst ever customer service

I am thoroughly disgusted with the poor service I have received from Glasses USA. As of yesterday, it ha...


The frames they provided with is for a child. The frames would fit a small Asian woman's head. I am...


Sent me the wrong prescription. Since the glasses were supposed to be a spare pair, I didn't realize the problem until the 14 days expired. Then they refused to help. Finally, they asked for proof of the error, effectively waiving the return period expiration. I sent a picture of my glasses along with their issued prescription card that did not agree with the first pair I bought from them. And did not agree with the profile I had created on their website. They would not accept that as proof! Horrible experience. All I asked for was a correct pair of lenses that I would install myself. Bottom line is that no one should consider buying glasses online. Pay the extra $5 and have a local optician take the proper measurements for best fit. They really don't care if you submit Pupillary Distance (PD) and they totally ignore the Optical Center. YIKES


  • Updated by EZGoer · Jul 26, 2018

    @GlassesUSA #GlassesUSA deleted my negative(but professional) posts on Facebook and Twitter.

poor responsiveness and return policy

I am having issues getting a refund for my glasses purchased from GlassesUSA. I had returned my initial pair of glasses because I did not like the fit. When I got the second pair, they were damages to the frames and lenses. I filed a second RMA, but I was not getting any response from GlassesUSA. I followed up with an email but still was getting no response. I ended up purchasing glasses from another vendor. I finally was able to connect with a service representative via chat. They said that due to policy, I could only exchange my second pair or get store credit. I explained my situation and how their company had not responded so I had to go elsewhere. They said based on that they would be putting through a request for refund. Once my request was received by their refund department, they rejected it restating their return policy. Twice now I've explained that their non-responsiveness had led me to another vendor, and both times they simply restated their return policy.

it's scam

I ordered glasses online and it told me my glasses will be shipped to me within 3 days, and after 3 day...

Glasses USA

scam/customer service

I too fell victim to this evil companies games of lies and stealing money. I ordered glasses on April 20th...

very poor customer service

Thank goodness it doesn't happen very often in life, but you occasionally run across one of those companies that should not exist because they have a horrible company culture and do not get anything right! Glasses USA is one of those companies. They seem to endeavor to find a problem with your order so that they can stop it from going to production. There is a very noticeable amount of infighting between the internal departments, calling each other incompetent idiots in front of customers. In my two experiences with the company (each with an order for two pairs of glasses); they charge your credit card immediately, but lose the order and took nine weeks to fulfill one order and eight weeks to fill the other. The final order, they sent two pairs of sunglasses when one was supposed to be normal glasses with transition lenses; and it was silver instead of gold. (I have never owned a pair of silver glasses in my life.) And if you need warranty service, it took over five phone calls and eleven emails over eight weeks to get their attention! So am I supposed to send the glasses that need replacing and let them lose them and forget all about it? That would be foolish, wouldn't it? My advice, run, don't walk, away from Glasses USA! And they have existed for ten years now? Horrible company that does not deserve to exist because they do not care whatsoever about their customers!

trying to take money from my gobank account never authorized and did not place order

3 times glasses usa has tryed to take 306.95 from my acct i never placed any order or never authorized any money to be paid to this company never heard of this company till they have tried to take money from my account please stop any payments for something i never ordered or i will take legal action againsnt glasses usa and file charges with the better business bureau.

trying to take money from my gobank account never authorized and did not place order

Glasses USA

do not use and not usa owned per wiki see link included

Almost 6 weeks later, I am still trying to get a credit card credit or a pair of glasses. Additionally, not only will they NOT issue a credit card credit, forced a "Store Credit" and now they arbitrarily REDUCED my "Store Credit" for no legitimate reason other than to take advantage of a customer. NEVER AGAIN. DO NOT USE THEM.

Parent Company - Optimax Investments Company - Tel AVIV company - USA locations

This is for information only, I have nothing against ANY foreign companies doing business in the US. I just thought you should know.

Please read all the reviews, especially the negative ones about not getting a refund. They do not want to issue a credit to your credit card under almost any circumstances. READ ALL WEBSITE INFORMATION VERY CAREFULLY. If you need bifocals or Progressive glasses you can almost be assured to have problems. They will only issue store credit - which forces you to buy something from them or forfeit your entire purchase price.

Bi's and Prog's require an Optometrist and/or an Optician to correctly measure not only your prescription but measurements needed to correctly fit your glasses. Without those specific "frame determined dimensions" you will not see correctly, you will try to return glasses, get a store credit and around and around GlassesUSA will take you.

Did I mention that you should very carefully read their website information because they WILL use it against any attempt to get a credit on your credit card.

There are dimensions which absolutely require the exact FRAMES in order to measure the height of your eyes in reference to the frames. GLASSES USA not only minimizes the importance of some dimensions on their website but they don't even mention others. Then you order, send them back, get issued a credit and on and on it goes.


prescription glasses

Purchased prescription glasses on line but the coupon did not take so I called right away. I learned the coupon used was not the best one so asked if the Customer Service Rep could use that one, or to cancel the order and start again. She stated, that is not necessary, I will do it for you and then the billing office will send you a credit.

After the glasses were received, I received an email stating that the coupon was no longer valid and I would be getting a credit of $48.00 verses $100 for the order. Sent an email to the person that helped me. No reply.

I do not intend to do business again with them unless resolved.


GLASSESUSA Incorrectly filled my prescription 4 times in a row according to my eye doctor. Re sent prescription 2 times. No refund offered only exchange. Wasted 4 months trying to get glasses that I could see with PLUS am out $200. Numerous phone calls and emails. Still no resolution. Long shipping times because they ARE NOT a USA based company. State of Florida consumer protection contacted GLASSESUSA about my issues. No response from GLASSESUSA. The worst internet purchasing experience ever! Stay away from these scam artists.

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