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I was in my neighborhood Kohls this evening to purchase a leather coat and dress shirt. I brought the items to the register and they were rung up. The purchase was for $190. I gave the clerk a Visa gift card that had $23 credit left on it. She swiped the card removing the credit, and I proceeded to use a debit card to pay the remainder. She then said that I cannot do that and she voided out the order. Then she made a couple phone calls on how to give me back my credit. She then got off the phone and told me that I would have to wait 2 weeks for the credit to be put back on my Gift Card. I asked why this was since I was not the one who made the mistake and I should not have to wait. I asked her why she could not just give me store credit and use it toward the purchase since they have the credit from my card. She said she could not do it. I said that I now have a Gift Card that I cannot use because of her mistake. I called for a manager to discuss the situation. The person in charge, Chantal, was extremely rude and totally unsympathetic to the situation that they had put me in. She approached me and rudely asked "what's your question" like I was putting her out. This was after I waited for 5 minutes for her to show up. I put my hand up when I started to speak and she immediately quipped for me to put my hand down. I started to speak and she told me to be quiet so she could explain the situation, after SHE had asked me what the situation was. I just wanted my credit back that they had taken so I could be on my way. She was totally unhelpful, and several times smirked and laughed when I was talking to her.

So I have a gift card that I cannot use for 2 weeks because of their incompetence. I know I cannot do anything, but the least I could have gotten was an apology, which I guess Chantal feels was not necessary. Sorry to have made her do her job.


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    Dozer Jan 10, 2008

    That was a horrible experience.

    But no offense, I can expect that from retail stores... especially in Chino Hills.

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  • Jo
    John Taylor Jan 11, 2008

    The manager in this situation should have been reprimanded.
    The customer in this situation should have received a $100 complimentary gift card on top of his remaining $23.00. There is no reason what so ever on why the debit card could not also be used for the transaction. Kohls at the very least should be paying interest on the $23 that they "borrowed" from the customer for 2 weeks. Perhaps at 300% interest rate. MONEY IS MONEY.

    This is exactly what is the matter with Modern Retail. I would expect that Kohls will fall victum to Bankrupty in years to come with thier arregant overly dressed managers,and extremely high prices. I never go there. You get a much better deal down the road at your local WALMART. Spend your money wisely and stay away from Kohls.

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  • Li
    lisa2188 May 10, 2008

    I work at Kohl's. I am sorry you had to go through that. Your gift card came up as a credit/debit and you attempted to pay with another credit/debit card and this is not allowed at Kohl's. However, you should not have to wait. The cashier could have put the difference of the balance on a separate gift card that she could have dragged from the counter and have paid off the purchase smoothly. There was no need to wait. I've seen customers pay like this a lot of times.

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  • Je
    JerseyGirl08005 Jan 03, 2009

    I work at kohls and let me say i hate Visa and American express gift cards. I had customers go completed crazy when i told them that they couldn't use a Amex or Visa gift card with there regular credit card, this is before i even ring the purchase up so that they know. I then nicely explain that i can put there Gift card amount on to one of our gift cards but no they don't want that they scream and insist on using it. untill the manger has to come and explain that our machines take the gift card as a credit card and its nothing we can really do about it. So i am sorry that happened to you and you should have not been treated that way.

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  • Ke
    kenadie Jun 14, 2009

    The procedure of combined payments for PURCHASES have changed. It is now possible to pay with a gift card and debit/credit/cash/check. Visa/Amex gift cards were a nightmare as a form of payment. The only thing not accepted are gift cards/KMRC for payments towards Kohl's credit cards. This is something changed by Corporate. Please complain to them not customer service. I am as polite as I can be in explaining this, we have no control over what corporate decides.

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  • Ko
    kohlsmike Jul 14, 2009

    I work at kohls. That manager sounds very untypical for a kohl's store manager. I bet she's the one that nobody there likes, anywho...

    At the time our registers could only handle one credit card swipe per transaction, and most of the time the customer doesn't warn us that it's a credit card and we get stuck in an awkward situation.

    Taking 2 weeks for the credit to go back onto the card is an issue with the credit card company though. I've spoken with them on the phone and they know it's a very flawed system, but say that there is no way to really improve it. So they know they're selling faulty products, but don't really care because they're making money.

    Kendadie's comment is correct though. Kohl's decided to make their own solution to the credit card company's problems and we can now accept multiple credit card swipes per transaction.

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  • Bl
    blues3531 Sep 13, 2009

    Its not really Kohl's fault at all its the way those ### 3rd party gift cards work. They fixed the software at kohls pos now but it used to only allow one debit card. So im assuming you swiped it without telling the customer it was a credit gift card that only would cover part of the balance. The associates that work there know a way around this by putting your card on a kohls gift card and then using it to do a split tender with your regular debit. Kohls wasn't holding your money btw, the transaction got voided (which we are never supposed to do with a 3rd party gift card, her mistake) but the money being lost for 2 weeks is just sitting in limbo waiting to be put back on your card. That amount of time you have to wait is something to do with that credit card company reloading your card after a voided sale. Think a little about your situation and dont blame kohls or the cashier (she did make a small mistake in voiding the sale) for everything that happened.

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  • Ho
    honest2dend Apr 03, 2013

    I like the way the Kohl's employees are defending Kohl's and that's exactly why the customer service sucks at Kohl's. I have interacted with Kohl's customer service multiple times and they always blame the customer. It's very simple - we have no control over what's happening here, so you are dumb, and as you are dumb, I do not need to respect you. Nobody is asking you to be polite or sympathetic, just do your damn job, no comments, no smirks, and don't be rude. Employees really have the least stake, they are basically dealing with customer's money and Kohl's reputation, by being rude they are not doing justice to either.

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