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M Aug 14, 2018

On July 28th of this year I purchase a pair tennis shoes which I was taken out on a motorcycle trip to Sturgis South Dakota. After arriving and Sturgis I am packed my shoes took off my motorcycle boots to slip on what I thought was could be a comfortable pair of tennis shoes like purchased from your store. To my surprise when I stuck my right foot into the right shoe I shoved the security tack halfway up my big toe. As you could imagine I was not very happy the My big toe throbbed for a week. I would think your cashiers would be more careful making sure that this security tack is out of the shoes I am not happy at all.

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  • Updated by Mikel Cary · Aug 14, 2018

    On July 28th I purchased a pair of tennis shoes from the Ithaca New York Kohl's department store. Yes I bought them for a vacation to Sturgis South Dakota. After I arrived there on my motorcycle I took off my motorcycle boots in put my new tennis shoes on. When I put my right foot in the right tennis shoe these security pin that attaches to the security button or whatever was inside the right shoe all away down by the toe. One my foot reach the end of the shoe the needle went about halfway in my right big toe. Hurt like hell for about a week my told throbbed not very happy. The cashier should make sure when they take the security buttons off their shoes that they get the needle part of it to.

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