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Complaints & Reviews

harassing phone calls

I purchased an item from Kohl's for around $45.00. I did not pay on time and they sent me a bill for...

working conditions at kohl's dept. stores

Here's the gist of my complaint: *Kohl's understaffs their stores... 15 people for a 88, 000...

a sale item returned

I purchased a kitchen rug on 8 / 12 / 08. The purchase price was $ 19. 99. The sale was buy one get one 50% off. I only purchased one because i only needed one. When i got home the rug was too long for the area that i needed it for, so i returned it on 8 / 15 / 08. I am complaining and upset because my return value was $ 15. 40. I feel that if i purchased something for $19. 99 and i decide to return it, that i should get my full refund!
I love to shop at kohl's. It's my favorite store, but i don't feel as though i should just give the store my hard earned cash !!!

Jeanne gindhart

  • Da
    dan Sep 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    question did you use a coupon on your purchace cause if you used a coupon for you entire transaction it would still apply duh!!!

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  • Br
    britishpumpkin Dec 26, 2008

    Also, did you even bring your receipt with you when you returned it?You didn't mention it.The computer doesn't know hoe much you paid for it on whatever day it was.

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  • Jt
    jt12 May 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    yeah. if you had your reciept, you would most definitly get back EXACTLY what you paid for it. sounds like you has a coupon you forgot to account for.
    or, without a reciept, you would get the lowest sale price in store credit. which is not the store's fault because they have no idea who much you actually paid for it.
    so either way, your wrong.

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  • Ko
    kohlsmike Sep 13, 2009

    yea im with the other comments here. and caps lock isnt cruise control for cool

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credit card

This is the second Kohl's bill in a row I have received with a 25.00 non payment fee and finance charges. The last time I never received the bill in the mail. I know they have my correct address, but I also know the bill never came in the mail. All of my other bills got paid on time that month! This time, I received the bill and mailed payment on the 15th. It was due on the 19th. $25 nonpayment & finance charge because they did not process the payment by the 19th. I beleive it was received by them on time and I am paying because they take a few days to process their payment. I really think they are trying to make money off of people who just accept this fee & don't question their policies. I used to like shopping at Kohl's, but it's not worth the hassle anymore.

  • Pl
    PlanoJane Aug 13, 2009

    Use another card. They take Visa, MC, Amex, and maybe even Discover. Kohl's is usually a nice place to shop. I like that my store is NOT at the mall and I don't have to fight the mall traffic.

    Kohl's cards have extremely high interest rates anyway!

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  • Cl
    clester Sep 13, 2009

    why dont you pay your bill in the store or online? obviously you can go there to shop, so you can go there to pay your bill.

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unethical lending practices

I was a KOHL'S customer for over 4 years and never missed a payment whenever there was a balance in my...

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rude employees and unwritten policy!

My wife and I go to Kohl's weekly to shop for clothes for her. She has spent thousands of dollars in...

harassing phone calls!

They are calling constantly and when you got pick up the phone it hangs up. When you do get to talk to ...


At the register at Kohl's? Tempted to get the charge card to receive 10-20% off? DON'T DO IT. You...

credit card fraud!

I bought some stuff from Kohl's in March of 2007. I paid all but $22.00. I never got a remaining statement for the $22.00. Kohl's claims they sent it "numerous times" and one representative told me that they were returned. The address they say they sent them to was a P.O. Box that I had all my mail forwarded to when I moved from Colorado to Iowa. Another Kohl's representative told me today that they did NOT get any of the statements returned. The P.O. Box still exists as my daughter is using it as her mailbox. She has NEVER received one statement from Kohl's. She is an accountant and would not ignore this. I get a notice in the mail yesterday that I owe them $181.00 in late fees and finance charges for the $22.00 I owed them, and this has been turned over to a collection agency. I had sent them $150.00 in March and another $50.00 in April. Do they really think that I was trying to avoid a $22.00 bill? When I called to discuss this,they refused to listen or consider what I was saying. THE MANAGER DIANE REFUSED TO RETURN MY CALL. It's funny that they couldn't find me 7 months ago (with an active P.O. Box), yet now that they have ran up the finance fees, etc. they "found" me. Huh, funny how that works. It's pretty hard to pay a bill that you don't even know you owe! If I owe you $22.00 just tell me and I'll pay the bill. Now I have a bad debt entry on an absolutely SPOTLESS credit history because of these idiots. SO... MY KOHL's CARD IS GONE and that's the last I will ever set foot inside of their stores. I hope you will too. Or, at least be very careful, as it seems to me that they just wait until someone misses a payment, then BANG you go on the "we stop sending statements list" so we can run up these charges and send it to collections without you even knowing...

  • Na
    Nasima Jeeva Feb 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer



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  • De
    deb curren Nov 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Write the CEO BBB and attorney generals office. I did and I did get SOME action. I still will NEVER shop Khol's

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  • Fi
    fit to be tide Jan 29, 2010

    I recently recieved a late statement saying my account was past due. The problem? I didn't even know I had a balance to begin with, now they have reported me to a credit bureau. The 'late fees' are way more that what was supposedly my original bill amount. They said they had been emailing my bill to me, I KNOW I never recieved these emails, All I can say, is STAY AWAY FROM KOHL'S CREDIT CARD!!!

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  • An
    Anything for a CC app Jun 22, 2010

    Kohl's customer service representatives will run your credit card application even if you tell them you will be declined. How do I know? I was declined the first time for having great credit, thousands in savings, but no present income (returned back to college at a later age in life). The application was made - then I had to wait and hold up the line. Well, the credit co. called the CSR right then and there - she said, "just tell me what me what you used to make - they just need a number." She just wanted the credit for putting an app. through.

    Same thing happened to me today. I told the CSR I will be denied because I HAVE NO INCOME! She wanted me to apply anyway so I could receive 10% off (not even worth the ding on my credit report) and get herself credit for putting an app. through. This is very, very, very shady.

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credit card scam

We used to shop at Kohl's regularly, especially for school clothes and Christmas shopping. They WERE my...

extremely rude customer service

I was in my neighborhood Kohls this evening to purchase a leather coat and dress shirt. I brought the item...

refund policy

I had bought a few items for my son at Christmas. The item size where marked wrong. I did not have the receipt and I took them back. Only to find out that I was not given a store credit but a refund. Yes a refund of $5.00 from $36.00. The store manager told me I was refund the clearance price that was in the computer. Well I did not buy them on sale or clearancre and if that was what was in the computer then where is the item in the store that I could exchange them for the right size. After all they had made them from on the tag. I will not shop there again And plan on sending there credit card back to the in pieces. I also plan on posting this on every site I can and email the corporate office.

  • Ko
    kohlsemployee Jan 10, 2008

    I'm not really sure why you expected Kohls to refund the full retail price when you did not have the reciept. Almost any retail store you shop at has this same policy, if you return an item without the reciept you can exchange it or get a refund of the lowest sale price. If this wasnt the policy people could buy products for the explicit purpose of scamming the store out of money.

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  • Am
    Amy Loera Feb 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This should teach you a valuable lesson. Keep your recipts. The only person here you should be mad at is yourself!

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  • Jo
    Jordan Feb 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    KEEP YOUR RECEIPT and you will AVOID this.

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  • Ma
    margaret drake Mar 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recieved a $10.00 rebate check from KOHLs for a toaster oven I purchased. At the time i bought the oven, I asked if the rebate was for merchandise only, or if it was cash. Customer Service told me it would be a check for cash. When I recieved the check, i took it to KHOLs to apply it to my bill. I was told they could not accept their, I had to take it to the bank, cash it and then bring the cash back to apply it to my bill. I scares me to think KHOLs won't accept their own check, make me go through all kinds of nonsense to cash it. NO MORE REBATE CHECKS FROM KHOL' FOR ME

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  • Am
    Amanda Apr 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you bought it with your kohl's charge they should have scanned your card and looked it up. If you did not use your Kohl's charge and did not have a receipt their is no way for them to verify how much you paid for it.

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  • Jo
    Jordan May 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In response to Margaret:
    The rebates are processed by a 3rd party company that deals with the manufacurer of the product, not the companies that sell them. The check is not From Kohl's.

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  • Ka
    Karma Jan 31, 2009

    If you buy something ESPECIALLY on Christmas please keep your receipts!!! Do not expect ANY store to cut you some slack because you loose your receipt which is the EVIDENCE of your purchase.

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  • Ma
    martini7 Jan 19, 2010

    anything without a receipt you always get the lowest price. anyhow with out a receipt, how do they know what price u paid. keep your receipt.your the one in the wrong. i guess u wanted them to kiss your ### so you can get your way. wrong!!!

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  • Ma
    martini7 Jan 19, 2010

    any rebate check is always cashed at a bank. kohls is not a bank. idiot!!!

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warning! return policy & gift cards

Kohl's does not care about their customers! All they care about is the dollar and how they're going...

ripping off customers wrong prices

I spend alot of money at kohls but will never step foot in there again. I made a 250 purchase there the other...

kohl's tries to steal, watch out!

I received an email 10/3/2007, from Kohls about a promo. So, I decided to browse their website, because of the holidays and I have 2 birthdays coming up, soon.

After about 45 min, or so, I placed my order. To my surprise, it stated that my order could not be processed. So, I double checked the card number, and tried to resubmit, & got the same response, so I decided that, maybe I maxed out the card (I had placed several orders via internet/other stores that same day). So I used a different card, the same thing happened, and I tried again.

That's when I called the customer service line. The operators told me that her computer was down, and I said, well forget it, it was not meant to be.

I clicked on my email, and noticed 2 charges deducted from my account, for the same amount, from Kohls department store.

So, I called customer service, again, to find out what was going on, meanwhile I am expecting a confirmation number to appear in my email. I was told that my card was not being charged, these were "holds", placed on my card, because they do not have an authorization number, yet. If, I wanted to take off these charges, that I would have to contact my bank.

When I called my bank, I was told that there were 2 authorization numbers given for these transactions, and the store would have to contact them, because they have given then the funds. I even spoke to a "supervisor", but neither person asked me for my name to look at my account, and see what I was talking about. She argued that she went thru the same thing, etc.; I did not care to hear her sob story about a company she works for.

Third time, calling customer service, I was told that she could fax my card company, and have it removed in 24 hours, I gave her all of the required information, with the expectation of my funds appearing back on my card by Friday am, at the latest.

When I got off the phone I remembered that I tried to use another card, for this same transaction. So, I double checked my account balance, and, yes, they charged my card twice.

For the forth time I called, and spoke to the rudest person in the world, I will admit, I was extremely upset "hot as fish grease", by this point. I was not the happiest camper in the world, but working customer service, you are not to feed into another person's attitude (I have experience in customer service working in the healthcare industry). So, she is talking over me while I am explain my whole nightmare to her, she was speaking in a mocking tone. She told me she could not process anything for me until I gave her the fax number to my bank, I ,still, do not understand why I would have a fax number, but if I gave the number to contact, why Kohls would not be responsible in locating the fax number, and a contact name.

That's when I asked to speak to her supervisor, she, very smugly, said you will be waiting on hold for a long time. I asked her why she was still speaking to me, because I was done talking to her, we are talking $700 charges for a $135 purchase!

In speaking to the supervisor, I asked why do I still not have a confirmation number, it has been over an hour ago dealing with this? She explained that this was because my card was declined, wrong answer (totally different from what I was told earlier). I have placed several orders, today, and I have immediate response from my cards and the companies itself. She started explaining that she went thru this same ordeal (blah, blah, blah), this happens a lot to their customers, etc., but if we see this pattern why hasn't Kohl's adopted another policy, rid this situation? I asked her about the fax number, and how come I would have to get that info and then be placed on hold again to call their rude customer service, again. She gave me an email address that I could forward the info to.

After I called my card companies, both said that was very smart of me to track my balance after my purchases, I placed the email first thing Thursday am. I also, went to Kohl's website to see my confirmation number, still nothing.

I waited Friday am, and double checked for my confirmation number, nothing. My other orders that I made have already been shipped and on their way, according to my emails on Friday.

So, this is Saturday am, (3 days later) I am getting nervous, because, like I said this is about $700, waiting in limbo, because of a glitch in Kohl's website, that I am being penalized for. I emailed their customer service twice, also, today.

A big corporation placing 3 charges "holds", on 1 consumer, and according to customer service, they do it all the time. This is not fair, and how many people have gone thru this and not noticed this? I am not in a financial situation (single mother of 4 children), to wait 72 hours to "refund" my money. I caught it the same minute it happened, and do not see what the hold is up, give me my money.

This would be stealing, if we were in the street.

What if I was a secret shopper? How would this company rate, as for as customer service, and being satisfied to recommend this site to friends, or file formal complaints.

I suffer from chronic hypertension, with urgency. I do not need anything else to aggravate me, and my condition, this company sucks, and I want to pass this message along, to anyone who wants to hear it. DO NOT SHOP KOHL'S VIA INTERNET, THEY SUCK MAJOR...!

Who am I to believe, my banks, who I entrusted with my money, or a major corporation who has been scamming unsuspected consumers forever?

Are they flipping the money like that man during the campaigns, submit funds in our name, and I will pay you back later?

Why don't you try to purchase an item and see if your card is declined and still gets charged?

Here is a copy of the email to their customer services, that I am still waiting to hear from;

"I put in this request on Thursday with maranda.waldrop AT kohls.com, I have not heard a response, still waiting for my funds to be replaced immediately, and this was an awful experience @ this company. Customer service was very poor in handling my situation, over the phone when I called all 5 times. I need to hear something ASAP. I have yet to get confirmation # on my order, hope I am not a secret shopper, bad for business.




I always thought the customer was always right. I know I am and would like to be compensated, for this uncalled for aggravation, I would not wish this frustration on anybody.

So, 10 days later, my funds were still being on Hold, so I decided to call this company once again, to find out the status of my order. Not only were they still holding my funds they put all of the items back and told me my card was declined! After I raised hell, waiting 15 minutes to speak to a supervisor, because they were all out to lunch, I was told that I can receive a 15% discount on my future purchase. I asked how would I remember what I had ordered; does this company have my last order still? I was told no, so when I looked for an item that I remembered, for a birthday present was no longer available, I asked for my money to be released immediately. I went through the same crap of what is your banks fax number, etc. I explained that there should be a copy of the email that I sent to customer service, and to Marranda Waldrop, I was told that she does not know of whom I am speaking, and customer service is a different department. So I forwarded the same email to customer service and asked to be contacted immediately, and another to Marranda, she called me later that evening, with nothing but a bunch of the sorriest excuses, and customer service called me back 2 days later and refunded my money.

I opted to remove my name from their email subscriptions, too, and I am still receiving emails!

I thank you for listening to my "sound off".

  • Do
    do not enable a deadbeat Oct 26, 2008

    Good for you for checking on that charge. I can't believe a big corporation like that would treat customers that way. Their answer is always a discount...how nice of them THANKS!!

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  • Sh
    Shannon May 28, 2009

    This has been happening for at least two years then, because the same situation happened with me earlier this week (May 2009). The only difference is that the card that "didn't go through" (uhhh yes it did apparently) was a prepaid American Express card. They debited the total amount of $110.93 two time, coming to $221.83. Now, after contacting customer service, I have to wait "several" days for the charges to drop. Incredibly outrageous if you ask me. I made sure to cancel the Kohl's charge I just opened a few weeks ago before I got the chance to use it. I definitely do no trust Kohl's with my credit.

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  • Va
    vandread Feb 24, 2010

    note the bank hold your account for this purchase even though a company tells them that the customer was charged in error or cancelled the order the bank will not release the funds until the recieve the auth code from the company which is normally sent 24 to 72 hours after the charge depending on the bank if the the auth code is not receive in 3 to 20 buisness days the bank returns the funds removed if ever using the internet for shopping note if the first charge does not go through stop call the internet site phone number not the store because the net site is handled by a different division than the storeyou can get this number from the bootom of the page or contacting thedeparment store credit card services second contact your bank and see if the charge went through if so notfy them that you were not given a conformation of the purchase and to please put a hold on this purchase it will stop the processing and you may get you funds return a little quicker finally if you use a router for your computer make sure it is encrypted because your informantion is sent in the air and can be caught by others which can intercept you information or delay it i always jack in my system to shop and use one of the best fire wallsso just take a step back and think before hitting enter again

    0 Votes
  • Je
    JeeNPe Sep 16, 2010

    it seems they still have this problem with charging credit cards. i'm in the same situation, two declined credit cards both charged twice for $400 total, so i hope this situation will be solved quickly :(

    0 Votes
  • Ov
    Overworked Dec 13, 2010

    When you get the order take them back into the nearest kohls and return them. Done.

    0 Votes

fraud and cheating!

I recently returned a few items to Kohl's department store that my mom had purchased for me, and did not...

aggressive customer treatment!

I went to kohl's today with mother and daughter to buy buy some clothes and other things. We chose all...

gift card is a rip off!

I received a $50.00 gift card to Kohl's Department Stores on 12/25/05. I made a purchase of $44.99 on...

prices higher than advertised

I have sent numerous complaints to Kohl’s (Eagan, MN) customer service and also have called the store...

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