Kohl's Department Storesonline ordering

S Nov 28, 2017

I made an on line order and I waited a week and never received my order. I call Kohls to find out where my order is and they tell me it will be delivered on Friday! I ordered things from Walmart, Schwans, Amazon and Macy's and all those packages arrived! Kohl's never arrived so I call them to find out where my on line order is, they send me to a customer service rep that's over seas and speaks very broken English. I get nowhere with her because she hasn't a clue to what her job is. I hung up and call back and the same thing happens again!! I'm becoming pretty agitated at this point and I'am thinking all I want to do is find out where my order is! It takes me a total of 6 calls to finally find out that half my order was sent back and they had no idea where the other half is! They'll let me know wheather they are going to charge me or not for the remaining order! I've been with Kohls for many many years but that was it for me! Where is customer service! Where is the loyalty to me, I've been a faithful customer for many years and I felt I was treated poorly! There was no apology! In fact they said I gave them the wrong address! Really I know my address! I ask them to cancel my card and they said no problem! So I guess Kohls snd I have parted ways! To be honest I felt that their women's and juniors clothing selection had went down hill in design and quality along with a lot of other things! They over charge things and then cut the price in half to make it look like a big savings when in fact that's what it should have been charged anyway!

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