KFCchicken, potatoes wedges, and customer service

U Jul 25, 2019

I'm embarrassed, and this location has lost our family's business!! The "manager" at our local KFC...SIDE NOTE, THEY ALL LOOK LIIE KIDS RUNNING THIS RESTAURANT...supposedly wrote my name down to "make it right" whenever I came back in, because my lunch was terrible earlier this week. When I went through the drive through, she was there, came to the window, and treat Ed me very rudely! She said she could only replace my lunch order, and said can I get that for you? First of all, I will NEVER eat the cheetos popcorn chicken again! It might be okay tasting normally, but my whole order was petrified! It tasted so bad, that after one bite I could not continue! I tried my potato wedges...petrified, totally overcooked! My chicken little sandwich...OVERCOOKED! It was just aweful! I hope my call was recorded "for quality service" because she never apologized, though her tone wasn't as rude on the phone as in person! She only said, "I'll write your ur name down, and when you come back by, we will make it right". I'm very upset! She acted like I was only there to get my money back, and I that not ok? My order was horrible! I even offered, (the day I called) to bring it back and show her how overcooked it all was!

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