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Reviews and Complaints

KFClack of customer service and products.

On 7/21/19 visited the Hudson MA KFC Store to pick up an order placed and paid for online. We got there after waiting the suggested 25 minutes. Not only was our order not ready, we were told that the KFC Cheetos Promotional items were unavailable and our entire $54.10 order (without tax) (just under $59.00 with tax) would have to be substituted. We wanted a refund but were refused. We asked why the items were still being advertised for purchase and received a shoulder shrug. There was a $2.00 less difference in price per item for the items without the promotional toppings but received no reimbursement or extras to compensate for the price difference. When they packaged our order, they place the gravy container on top of the boxes which was to heavy and caused the box to collapse tipping the gravy container over, spilling its contents over everything in that bag. When we got home we found they had neglected to put the sides in two of the dinner boxes. Completely unsatisfactory.