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Reviews and Complaints

KFCkfc worker tried to steal my credit card

KFC worker at the window Said that she gave me my card back but did not then I heard her talking to her coworkers about taking my card… Then she rudely said she didn't have my card and close the window... I then honked my horn and asked to speak to management in which he said they were going to look for the card and they found it under some napkins which is [censored] because she was trying to steal my card.

kfc worker tried to steal my credit card

KFCemployee eating

Employee had food in her mouth, and kept putting her hand up to hide it. She's said she was trying to eat her lunch because they didn't get to take their scheduled breaks. She then handled my drink and lid. It did not seem probable that I could get another drink without the same issue. I was honestly a little concerned for my food as well. This should never be happening behind the food line.