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Went into local to is KFC at 530 pm (45 min drive one way) order a $20 fill up and 2 12 piece tender meals as feeding 12+people. Took over 10 mins to start getting my order ready and than was handed order and was looking over guy was very rude he was like it's all it was not the mashed potato x2 were not neither was a mac and cheese. Took another 5 mins to get just those! And than I said we are missing our drink and a cookie he essentially was like yep and threw them at me. Very rude and very slow! Ih yeah and they were out of biscuits and had to wait. Spend 80 and should have never should have ordered somewhere else! If you dont have food ready at 530 at night...dinner time there is a issue along with a issue with your staffs attitude and customer service

Oct 06, 2019
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  •   Oct 06, 2019

    Sounds like you expect special treatment because of the large order

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