Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]kfc tuesday special 12 wings with chips

S Aug 02, 2018

I have been to kfc 3 times since this special have been on air and not once could I get it, cashier always says they dont sell it the tuesdays I am there??? The advert should then spesify that its only some tuesdays? A special is a special and should be available as advertised, or not advertised at all!! the last time was 31 aug 2018, and yet again not avalable.

  • Updated by Samorayer · Aug 03, 2018

    Good day

    Do me a favour and read the corrections I've made after the first post, where I say 31st of July 2018. Not once did I mention that they are out of stock for that day, and mind you I went in the morning at 11h00 and another time 17h00, I said they don't sell it the 3 Tuesdays I requested the special. I am aware of the terms and conditions, but thank you for refreshing my memory - it still baffles because its one thing to run out of stock, and another to not sell it at all. I don't thing I am unreasonable?

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