Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]but, having visited the store twice this week,???

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The first visit my order number was 201. After waiting 15 minutes and hearing order number 209 being called out, I finally got the attention of an employee and asked why 8 others orders had been filled and mine had not been filled. My order was two items, K7 and a taco salad. I was told they were waiting on the salad!!! After finding a table that was the least nasty from previous customers, we sat and ate our food. I got the store number and told my wife I would report the store. Thinking maybe being a newly remodeled facility I did not contact with the complaint. WAS I WRONG!
Today we again visited the same store. A person named Davantae K took my order. His attitude was horrible, no personality and appeared that he wished he was elsewhere. The bill was less than $9.00 and I paid with it with a $100 bill. Counting my change, I had been shorted $20. Davantae left the register, and I waited until another person came to the register. She asked for my order and I told her I had been shorted $20 on the order that I had already placed. I was told to wait while she counted up his drawer.
Looking behind the cashier, there were KFC buckets layin in the floor, other food containers as well, and a fried chicken leg was in the floor as well. Today all the tables needed wiping down. Finally got my $20!!
In conclusion, the employees here are a disgrace to the quality of your company and the quality of food and service that I experience at other locations. Until I am contacted by company officials, I will NOT dine here again.


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      Oct 28, 2017

    THe worst thing about all of this is that I was so angry that when my wife said something that made me angry I punched her. She reported me to the police and is thinking of leaving me. She is thinking of pressing charges.

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  •   Oct 29, 2017

    Please do those poor employees a favor and DO NOT GO BACK THERE. People like you make me understand how people can go crazy and do bad things.

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