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finance charges

Today I received a statement in the mail detailing what I owed, what was due, etc. I was very surprised and...

back dated interest

I experienced this company's unfair business practice...after 27 payments, the final one mysteriously was late [although sent on time] and they back charged me interest from the start of the plan. I found out from a local credit / debt lawyer that this is unethical...find your old statements and if the charges were not on those statements, they cannot 'post date' them. Good luck...I am about to start my challenges to them.
DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!>...write to the ADA and dentists supporting them.

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    Unsatisfied customer May 05, 2009

    I agree. They use unfair practices to add interest payments before you are almost finished paying the loan in full. I will never use Chase again for anything.

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    VLG Oct 01, 2009

    Definately agree! For starters, i never received my statements in the mail or they were late. When i questioned them, their response was 'that my mail man was taking the statements'!!! Then to pay on-line is such a hassel because either your sign-in name or password never works, so you have to request a new password everytime. Which of course you need your acct#, that i don't know because i don't have a statement. The customer service people are very rude (one even hung up on me!). I paid this account off as soon as possible. And definately will NEVER use Chase again!!!

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    Freemanlindal May 02, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree! Do not let your dentist or doctor finance your bill through this company! I never received my first statement and therefore didn't know who to pay or how much to pay. I received my first statement with a late fee stating I was over 10 days late. I paid the bill immediately and then a couple days later received a letter stating since my bill was late, the agreement to finance for 12 months interest free deal was off. I called the company and explained that my dentist in VA (I live in NC) didn't give me the details of who he was sending the financing thru and stated that I would receive a bill in the mail. I waited, but it looks like they intentionally sent the bill out late to accuse me of not paying on time. The customer service people I spoke with were rude and they would listen to the fact that my credit history and score are excelletn. Do not have anything to do with this company!!!

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  • 78
    78vette Aug 20, 2010

    I paid my bill faithfully, in fact, I paid more than the payment due. However, my bills stopped coming. Then, I got a call from Chase telling me that I had 24 hours to pay before my account went to collections. I asked the woman, Belinda, who was very rude, what the pay off was. Sent them the entire payoff by express mail. We'll see whether I hear any more from them. Since I have a very good credit rating and always pay my bills on time, I think this is a shoddy business practice used to ensure that they can level higher interest rates rather than the 0% promised. I will never use them again and recommend you notify your dentist of these practices.

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Intrest rate

We closed our business on 12/6. On 12/5 our credit card payment was due. Chase called me before I even got the bill showing a past due balance and started badgering me about a payment. When I got the bill I notice they had raised my intrest rate from 9.9 to 27.99%. I called them to arrange payments close the card and get the intrest rate reduced. They did set up payments and change the ongoing rate to 12 %. I asked that the current intrest amout be ajusted for the current month. They said they could but only after the first payment was made on 1/5/2009. The payment was made and I called back to get a credit for the intrest charged over the original rate 9.9 or the new rate of 12%. I was told now after I had made payment arragements and made the first payment they would not do it. Ms Williams was the representative that checked with her supervisor when I made arrangements for payment. She told me they could do it. Jennifer was the second representative I called on 1/8/09 that refused to adjust my intrest rate.

I will never do business again with CHASE bank. After what each American citizen has done by bailing these banks out they pay us back by charging 27.99% intrest. I think that is criminal! They tell you one thing to get you to pay then do another.

overcharge dispute

Like others complaining about Chase Visa, I too pay my balance regularly. I use the card for everyday expenses to take advantage of the perks. Nonetheless, my wife and I spend modestly. However, over the past year we have found how inept and incompetent their customer service, if you want to call it that, is.

I needed assistance with an overcharge dispute of over $1500. I contacted Chase immediately in November 2007 and was advised to dispute the charges and was sent the proper paperwork. Four months later I contacted them to check on any progress and was told that it looked as if I were at fault. The Customer Service representative recommended I challenge the charges again, my information was updated and the paperwork sent again. I resubmitted in April 2008 and seven months later received a letter stating that my case was closed because I couldn't be reached for additional information. What? Once again, we pay our balance every month and my info was on the paperwork.

I spoke to yet another person, this time in the dispute department. He said I waited too long to dispute the charges and, even with my file "on the computer in front of him, " he had no record that I had submitted my paperwork 11 months prior. When asked why I hadn't been contacted for the necessary information he said that there was an attempt made by phone. One attempt. I sent him the original submission from 2007, by now for the third time. Two weeks later, just in time for Christmas, we were notified that he spoke to a person at the company that overcharged me and their billing person found no error in billing. Apparently, they'll take anyone's word over their customer's.

Needless to say, my wife and I spent several hours not only dealing with the company that overcharged us, but with Chase who we assumed was taking care of their customers. Instead we lose, while they let the dispute languish.

Oh well, at least it wasn't identity theft. I just wish they'd stop sending us credit card offers for our business.

fraud and scam

I was ripped off by chase credit cards. I opened couple accounts with Chase credit cards, chase freedom, chase freedom plus, countrywide credit card from chase, and BP Chase cards. When I am working on the rewards based on the rewards terms of the credit cards, they suddenly closed my accounts and take my rewards, $60 for the chase freedom, $110 from the chase freedom plus, $20 from BP credit cards, and $15 from BP credit cards, without any notice in front.

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    barb a Jan 23, 2009

    I'm sure you were completely innocent in all this, huh? Not a missed payment or overlimit fee in your life...

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    norb brodzinski Feb 12, 2009

    hi, i was scammed by a company that bp must be paying to give out gas vouchers.."gasoline redemption center".. when i got my vouchers i had to pick a station on their list.. i chose bp, since that's where my family usually goes.. we live in the chicago area... i was to recieve a $25 gas card for 12 months by sending in $100 worth of gas reciepts each month.. i have done that for 4 months now and have recieved nothing.. i called & spoke to a person in dec. & jan., only to be given the run-around (cards in the mail).. i still have not recieved a card.. i called today (2.12.09) only to find out their phone is out of order.. i checked with the better business bureu.. numerous complaints and a rating of F..i sure would like a response from bp, before i switch gas stations. thanks norb brodzinski [email protected]

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  • Jane Holmes Feb 20, 2009

    Barb, whats up with the attitude. Nice jumping to conclusions! You're a big help here--NOT. Go elsewhere with your helpfulness, maybe push an old lady in the street or something.

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  • Jane Holmes Feb 21, 2009

    For those who are truly interested:

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payment protector

I was going over my credit card statement and noticed a 10¢ fee for a "Payment Protector" plan. While the amount of money being charged to my credit card is minute, I was pretty upset about the unauthorized charge, and being enrolled in some program I have never heard of and most definitely did not sign up for. I called Chase and asked them about it, and apparently I had been enrolled since June 2007. That was quite a while ago so I have no recollection, and this was my first charge for this plan, but I highly doubt I enrolled in any programs because I always say no thank you whenever Chase happens to be on the other end of the phone. The woman I spoke to on the phone promptly canceled the service after my complaint.

This is a rather small complaint, and pretty much harmless (10 cents is not a big deal to me), but beware of being enrolled into plans you have no interest in!

  • Mg
    MGP Jan 28, 2009

    Protector charges are based on your balance, the higher the balance the more the fee. You can cancel this service anytime. I would if you never signed for it.

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Chase modified my home mortgage for 6.625% in Oct. When I received my statement the interest rate said 6.6.25% HOWEVER my monthly payment was calculated at 16.625% This resulted in more than twice the payment amount I agreed to in writting. At Chase, I talked to 15 people in 6 departments across 5 states. No one would either explain the miscalculation or be willing to start any process to remedy. I will only pay these ### what I owe them on paper, nothing more. And I have paid, every month, on time ONLY THE AMOUNT I OWE IN WRITTING. So, now they are foreclosing on my home and I have to sue to get a clerical error corrected. No, this is not a joke. The amount of incompetance at this company will only be realized once you need ANY level of customer service. Stay away, go to a credit union if you can, borrow from a corner loan shark, you will be better off. Chase received 25billion of taxpayer money from the bailout. Can anyone find anybody who Chase is actually helping financially? Oh, sorry, yes, Chase is helping my Repubican congressional representitive Buck McKeon.

  • Wh
    whiteice Jan 28, 2009

    Chase (anything) is bad news. We have been dealing with them on an escrow error for 2 years and have nothing resolve with a attorney and a chapter13 bankruptcy judge looking into their business practices. Hope after our hearing something will be resolve.
    The bank bail out is a joke and officials in DC need to know what these banks are getting away with.

    Frustrated in Wisconsin

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  • Yo
    Yogiho Dec 02, 2009

    I asked Chase for a payoff letter on my house mid-November, asked for the payoff amount as of November 30 so I would have time to get them the payoff. They told me their payoff letter had to accompany my certified check. So, guess when I got their payoff letter in the mail? NOVEMBER 30. THEY CAN'T EVEN HANDLE A HOUSE PAYOFF TO GET THEIR OWN MONEY BACK ... IF YOU AND I WERE THIS INCOMPETENT DO YOU THINK THE CRONEY CONGRESS WOULD BAIL US OUT? SOMETHING SERIOUSLY SUSPICIOUS WITH A SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT THAT TAKES FROM HARD WORKING TAXPAYING AMERICANS AND GIVES TO WEALTHY CROOKS.

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illegal repo and collection practices

Chase has been calling my friends and neighbors along with my Human Resource Department at my work repeatedly...

harassing phone calls

My brother got a loan from Chase Auto Finance and used mine and my 75 year old mother's names as references. Chase never contacted us for a reference about him, but now that he isn't paying his bill, they tell me it's my responsibility to get him to contact them. Neither of us co-signed for him (and wouldn't because we know he doesn't pay his bills). The collector who is named Miss Parker, who's phone number is [protected] ext. 1607, said that she didn't know her supervisor's extension or name and that I couldn't speak to them at that moment. I asked them to quit calling my mother, as it is very upsetting to her and has her calling me crying because she thinks she should do something. And this is impossible because she lives on Social Security. These people are heartless, blood suckers. I have given them my brother's phone number and address, and they still call us because he won't answer his phone. He's a loser, and their company is ###. I'll be filing a complaint with The Federal Trade Commission and would encourage anyone having trouble with this company to do the same.

  • Am
    ambrosi Jan 23, 2009

    I have had the same problem but was making my payments.
    Chase is a bad company with a lot of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. They got too big and now they suck.
    I would just forget about it and get your son to just hand over the car and be done with it, feels great when you get them off your back.

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  • Na
    narnia Mar 21, 2009

    I know I am about a month behind on my car loan I was down to working 2 days a week they should be happy they are still receiving payments
    These calls have got to stop I was at work and this lady went off!!!

    What a way to start my morning I was in shock ready to go off on her if she called back how unprofessional.
    Needless to say I will be filing a complaint with The Federal Trade Commission.

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  • St
    stormy33 Jun 30, 2009

    I agree, I couldn't make my payment anymore. At one time I was working two jobs to feed the kids make the house payment and aslo, make the truck payment. I am single incomed, and when it got to be too much I had to let something go. So I called Chase and asked if I could do a voluntary repo, the guy sugested that I take it to Car Max and sell it to save my credit. I agreed. Chase agreed to the amount for the sale and took the check, leaving me with a balance. The next month I received a bill for over a thousand dollars, demanding that I make a payment of that amount. I couldn't and said so. They wouldn't budge on the payment price. Now they keep calling threatning to garnish wages, repo the truck I co-signed on..which isn't even mine. And I have to listen to their stupid hinnies every day threatning. I have kids to worry about and keeping a roof over their heads and food in their mouths. This company needs to hold up to what they promise or at least work with people who are willing to do what they can.

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unauthorized charges

How chase bank and columbia house stole christmas

On august 8, 2008 I purchased some dvds from columbia house, the order came to $35.84. The order was shipped missing an item after many emails and phone calls to them I finally got my remaining item but they charged me an additional three times for that one item. After another round of calls and emails I finally chalked it up to a bad experience that I would learn a lesson from.

On october 11.2008 I logged into my checking account to find that I had two pending charges of $99.76 from columbia house! I immediately called chase bank 800 where I spoke to a wonderful supervisor pat, whom advised that as they were still pending she had been able to reverse them. As a caution she advised that they could submit again as long as they had my card number and provided me the number to the chase claims department.

Immediately I began trying to contact columbia house via their email process on their website - to this day they have never responded to the dozens of emails that I have sent regarding this issue. Calls are answered by someone not qualified to handle the matter, so a supervisor will need to return your call and that never happens either.

I tried to remove my card information from their site, which the site does not allow you to do! You also can not remove the check mark in the box allowing them to use that information for any future shipments and charges! In frustration I changed the billing information on the card to big bird, 123 sesame street, new york ny 10001

On october 14, 2008 they again debited my checking account for $99.76 which resulted in chase bank charging me $75.00 and $32.00 for insufficient funds fees.

I contacted chase bank filed a claim and closed that debit card (As they would not file the claim other wise). I provided them with screen shots showing no purchases, no shipments, no pending orders since the august fiasco and was advised by angel that chase bank would be crediting back the charge and any related insufficient funds fees.

Initially they did credit back the $99.76 and the $75.00 for insufficient funds. Chase refused to credit the $32.00 as donnell advised me because a previous request had been made (The $75.00) within a 12-month period.

On november 20, 2008 chase bank reversed themselves and took the $99.76 and the $75.00 from my checking account again. I contacted chase claims department on 11.21.2008 and was advised by judy that she would re-open the claim and I would receive that information shortly. Several hours later there was still no information received. Again I contacted chase claims where upon andre advised me that I would need to speak with a supervisor whom was currently on another call and would need to call me back.

To date there has been no communication from judy or andre’s supervisor, maybe chase has columbia house train the employees in their claims department!

Thanks to grinches at columbia house and chase bank there will be no christmas in our household this year. The theft of over $200.00 from my account by these two supposedly reputable companies has ended any possibility of a celebration of any kind in my household

Be warned and take your business anywhere else

  • De
    desgirl7330 Dec 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having the SAME problem except with Best Buy. I purchase an xbox for a gift. Everything was fine, they took out the correct amount, and a week later, I had called because two items that were supposed to be free with this xbox bundle had been backordered. They told me that they were not "free" and I would be charged for them once they had been shipped so I told them to cancel the items. For some odd and suspicious reason... they took out every bit of my checking. Everything is gone! Immediately I hung up on BestBuy when trying to confront them about this and called Chase to report my card number as stolen. If this was a mistake or on purpose, I am not quite sure, but someone at bestbuy took my money. Hopefully Chase can recover this on Monday since I reported the card number as stolen. The guy told me that these are connected in some way but regardless since I am reporting it stolen, I have to fill out some paperwork and send it back to Chase. Since it is pending on my account, I have to wait until Monday, the guy said basically after he reported card as stolen, I would have to wait. He said it will post to my account which then they can take it off. He said something along the lines of... it might not even post to my account. Im not sure and I know that first thing in the morning I am checking my Chase online and heading over to bank to speak to them first hand and tell them what happened. Best Buy was very unhelpful during the process, saying this was not even on my account, and they would have to take it to their claims dept. After then it would take 7-8 days to even get my money back.. IF they could. I had almost 600 dollars in the account and Best Buy took it all. Hopefully Chase can recover this and since I reported it stolen. We are hoping they should. I agree with it stealing Christmas though because until this is settled I feel like a complete mess.

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  • Mj
    MJM Feb 09, 2009

    The exact same thing happened to me with the New York Times in December, months after I closed my account with them (and I even had a statement showing a zero balance). It was a huge hassle; I was never able to speak to the same person at NYT twice nor was I ever able to get a last name of anyone. To this day, the NYT has no idea what the charges were for. I had to get a new card, and am now tempted to get a brand bank account because it happened yet again and they still don't know the cause of these charges. So, beware and only pay cash when purchasing the NYT (if you want to give them your business at all!).

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  • Ch
    CHARLIE Mar 17, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think columbia house should be turn over to the bbb . I think its wrong to go in someone bank count and get money. How would they like for someone get into there acccounts. I 've been having problems with columbia house club too. I done it twice should learned the first time. They don't listen to you. There right your wrong. Everyone should contact the bbb thats had trouble with columbia house club. If everyone took a stand maybe they go out of business. Show then they can't just step on people. It a shame this companies do this to people. One person can't do it alone. I'm not scared of columbia house dvd club. I' m just mad. I read all the complaints they have against them. Thats alot. Thanks

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floating due dates = late fees

I've had a chase acct. Since '06, with a due-date of 14-16 each month. Chase changed my due date to the 9th.

Since my statement arrived at the same time, and I pay my bills on time every month, I had no reason to expect the due-date for this account to change. When I saw a late fee on my account, I called to find out why.

Despite the fact that I had a mid-month due date for years, chase said they can change my contract terms at any time. They claim "notified" me of the change when my statement arrived. The claims representative snidley commented, & ldquo;you do read your statement, don’t you?”

For the record: i’m a aaa+ customer. I have a 760 credit rating, own a home, and haven't been late on anything to anyone for 20+ years. Chase upped my due date by a week, and then accused me of being "late" (By one day) ? I've incurred late fees, and my interest went from 0.99% to 22%. I'm confident it is because I have a 15k a balance at .99%, my account was "chosen" for a new due date. They offered no reason, no criteria for why I was "selected" for a new due date. Only that my previous interest rate was no longer available. There is no co-incidence here.

The answer is not to give chase electronic access to my checking account - do these guys seem like someone who should have electronic access to your bank account?

I’ll be writing to all state and federal authorities, and contacting others with similar experiences. Please contact me directly at [protected]

cashing savings bond

I tried to cash in my savings bond at this location. When I went through their customer service, they...

unauthorized charges

Chase sent us a 3% offer on all transfers for the life of the account, so we transferred the rest of our cards, and closed those accounts, to chase knowing we would not find anything lower than 3%. We mailed in our payment the day we received a bill. For nearly 6 months everything was fine.

One month we received our bill on the normal date and mailed off our payment the day after, like usual, two to three weeks before the due date. The next month we open our bill to find that our % rate had been raised from %3.00 to %14.99, we called to find out why, they replied that they had not received the payment until 12 hours, yes 12 hours past the due date. They had held on the check until the day after our account was due.

I asked them to please put the % rate back down and they refused saying that they had not received it until the day after the due date. The check was dated for two weeks before the due date and they refused to send me the postmarked envelope in which the payment was received saying they had lost it. Chase is a predatory credit company who should not be allowed to do business in this country.

  • Mi
    Mitchell Dec 11, 2008

    Chase sent us a 3% offer on all transfers for the life of the account, so we transferred the rest of our cards, and closed those accounts, to chase knowing we would not find anything lower than 3%. We mailed in our payment the day we received a bill. For nearly 6 months everything was fine.

    One month we received our bill on the normal date and mailed off our payment the day after, like usual, two to three weeks before the due date. The next month we open our bill to find that our % rate had been raised from %3.00 to %14.99, we called to find out why, they replied that they had not received the payment until 12 hours, yes 12 hours past the due date. They had held on the check until the day after our account was due.

    I asked them to please put the % rate back down and they refused saying that they had not received it until the day after the due date. The check was dated for two weeks before the due date and they refused to send me the postmarked envelope in which the payment was received saying they had lost it. Chase is a predatory credit company who should not be allowed to do business in this country.

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  • Af
    Afraid and Unhappy Jun 28, 2009

    I took an offer from Chase a while ago to transfer balances. They promised a low fixed rate for the life of the loan. I paid a balance transfer fee at that time. I have paid the debt down from $20, 000 to $13, 900 so far, always paying the minimum or more. They informed me today that my minimum monthly payment will be raised from $280 to around $700. I will not be able to afford this. I am a sole proprietor and a single woman. I have been just making ends meet recently. My credit is still good but this looks like it could push me into bankruptcy. I have read numerous accounts of other hardworking people who are in the same boat because of Chase's policy. There is no "opt out" clause. It seems that Chase is doing this to their customers who contracted with them for a lower rate and they are now breaking that contract with us. Furthermore, this could turn into a personal financial disaster for myself and many others and possible cause a second mass default crisis in this country, (this time with credit cards rather than mortgages). This move by Chase blatantly flies in the face of the spirit of the new law which is supposed to protect consumers from unfair practices by big financial companies. From the outside, it does not look like good business either. The amount defaulted by exhausted working people may indeed exceed the moneys redeemed by the extra fees and charges.

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unfair cancellation pratices

I have had this credit card for 15 years. Just received a promotional offer to upgrade my card to the Visa...

double billed / cancelled and still billing

I have been double billed by this service for 7 months. I cancelled the service in October and I am still being billed. I have faxed the proof of double billing 3 times and I have been on the phone countless times. I am actually on hold for 30 minutes as I am typing trying to get a supervisor on the phone. I called earlier and was told that the rep would not put me through to a supervisor and she hung up on me. I have never been treated so poorly. I have absolute proof of the double billing and they will not credit me. I don't know what else to do?

  • Cl
    Clark S May 19, 2011

    If you have been treated like you are nothing by these people, please friend me on FB so I can start a group to show these people and others, that are thinking about opening an account how awful they are. Please friend me if you have an FB account, or open a new one (takes seconds), as i did and friend me. Clark Stanford.

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deposit accounts

I regret having opened deposit banking accounts at Washington Mutual JPMorgan Chase WaMu. WaMu denied me timely access to collected funds in my demand deposit accounts, contrary to custom and relevant law. WaMu suspended my access to online banking without notice or explanation. WaMu executed a EFT deposit after telling me WaMu would not do so.

I found WaMu branch staff dismissive, disinterested, condescending and insultingly non-communicative. I came to conclude that Washington Mutual JPMorgan Chase WaMu is dishonorable, dishonest and an unreliable counterparty in banking relationships.

One regrets having opened deposit accounts at Washington Mutual JPMorgan Chase WaMu.

harassing phone calls

Due to a divorce in 2000 I had one outstanding credit card with chase manhattan that the judge in
court issued a judgement to my ex husband that he is liable to pay. I have that judgement. In 2001
I sent that judgement to Chase Manhattan and the credit reorting agencies to remove it from my
credit report and it has not been done as of yet. I have been harassed every day since 2000 from
collection agencies about this debt that is not mine per the judge and the judgement. They say they don't care about the judgement. I WOULD LIKE TO SUE THEM AT THIS POINT FOR HARASSMENT AND

run by thieves

Take this as a warning! Chase bank wants much more than to hold your money - this greedy, unprofessional...


I am a realtor. I was contacted by a couple who had a variable loan on a home financed by Chase. The husband had become disabled and their house had become uninhabitable. It had TONS of city violations on it and it is in horrible condition. The amount they owed was more than the house was worth. I put it on the market and got a couple of short sale offers. This was in June 2008. I spent hours and hours working on paperwork only to find that each of the 14 times (yes, I have proof) that I faxed Chase, they denied they ever got it or would give me a COMPLETELY different place to fax it to. They would also ask for an additional piece of information. Three faxes ago, I faxed 64 pages! I had to stand at the fax machine and fax it in two parts as the memory would not accomodate that. Each time I called, I was given the run around or they told me that I needed to call another number. I called one day four times and was put on hold for 45 minutes each time and then hung up on! DELIBERATELY. I would hear them pick up and then CLICK! They finally sent someone out to do a BPO. I arranged to get them in and again called for WEEKS afterward. When I finally got thru to the assigned negotiator, he told me that I would have to wait for another week for them to do a internal revalue. I called him back and he told me that they were rejecting the cash offer contracts that I submitted and countered with an amount that was not only ridiculous, it was higher by $20, 000 than what homes were selling for in that area! So now, after more than 5 months of work at MY expense, Chase is going to allow it to go into foreclosure. It will be assigned to another real estate agent who will spend months just like I did trying to get offers only to find out that they will get less than the offers I currently have in hand. It will cost Chase (and their investors) more money and they will end up with an offer no more than the current ones I submitted as the house is a train wreck! I will bet the investors in Chase would feel real good about their investment if they knew that Chase was sitting on homes that could have been sold except for the fact that thay have disorganized, unprofessional and people handling their affairs. NEVER AGAIN will I attempt to involve myself in a short sale if Chase is involved NOR will I ever take out a loan from Chase NOR recommend them.

  • Th
    The_Credit_Witch Jan 15, 2011

    The quickest way to get anywhere with Chase Home Finance is to contact Jamie Dimon at the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Office in NYC. Send CC's to all Board Members.

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  • Ba
    bad bad bad Feb 22, 2011

    I am a realtor has well, and I will be posting my full complaint, in just a few minutes. Its unreal what they are doing over there! to the credit witch more info for Jamie Dimon would be great!

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  • By
    Bye Bye Post Office Jul 19, 2011

    Chase Bank does not care one bit about their customers, the American people, the families they are affecting or the overall economy. The rest of the world could burn as long as they get their bonuses.
    After paying my 15 year jumbo mortgage down by more than $200, 000 in 7 years my business slowed to the point that I had to decide whether to skip a mortgage payment or feed my family. I chose to feed them. I sent faxes, letters and I spoke with Chase numerous times. I explained I am not showing enough income to qualify for a modification right now, but all they keep saying is apply for a modification. These drones have not minds and no brains. They continue to send paperwork about a modification.
    Nothing they do is for the consumer, it is all about what will be the most profitable for them. People that bought no income verification with no money down that are under-water in the value are being given a free ride because they can not foreclose and make money. I have equity in my home and I miss a payment and they are on me like flies on %$#@ and then when I hit 60 days down they start the foreclosure threats. NJ is a judicial foreclosure state ###s, it takes an average of 944 days to foreclose (second worst only to NY at 966 days) so by the time you get this property it will be full of mold, rat infested and falling down.

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bill recived late scam

I have been with chase for a number of years and have used their promotional checks wich gave me 2.9 to 4.9 fixed. I used one last month to pay off another credit card and later that month when my bill was due i did not recieve a bill. I later recived the bill 6 days after it was due, convieniently for them this null'd all my promotional APR's leaving me with 18, 000 in credit debt at 24.99 percent. Their constomer service center would not do anything about it stating that i "could have gone online and checked and saw that it was due". In the past i have always recieved my bills from them 6 days after the post date, this time i recived it 6 days after the due date... Ive been scammed.. this is actualy the 2nd time this has happend to me through chase, I guess i learned my lesson the hard way.. DONT DEAL WITH CHASE

  • Ba
    barb a Jan 23, 2009

    Seriously? You honestly think Chase holds the statements too long, deliberately, to get another 6 bucks a month out of you? I know good and well that my credit cards are all due between the 15th and 22nd of the month. I have three cards, a toddler, a mortgage and all the bills that come with, a car payment, and I have never paid the bill yet except the one time after I gave birth I was in the hospital and they reversed my late fee and reset my promo APR. AND, Chase is there 27/7/265. Why didn't you just call and ask where your bill was? If you don't get your electric bill on time, does that mean you don't have to pay it? And who says YOU'RE not lying about whether you got your bill?Pay your bill on time.

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  • Ba
    barb a Jan 23, 2009

    that's supposed to be 24/7/365

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  • Ma
    Marcia Costa Jan 27, 2009

    Why didn't you pay your bill while you were giving birth? have you thought about that most people have more than 3 cards and all the other bills that you have! It is very true that Chase have been scaming everyone, they did't do for the $ 6 bucks like you mentioned but they will do for the 24.99 % why don't you google Chase and check out what they been doing with the promotional offers that they have mailed to customers, raising minimum payments, adding bogus fees and etc. once you accept any offer from Chase, they turn aroung and change the agreement without further notice or giving you the chance of opting out! not honoring their offer.

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  • Ba
    barb a Jan 31, 2009

    Oh and for the record, EVERYONE is doing this to their non profitable customers. Hell, Citibank is raising the minimum payments AND the interest rate!

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