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Chase Banklost mortgage payment

Chase lost a $1, 600 mortgage from me back in July and as of mid September has yet to find it or credit it to my account despite my showing them a cleared check (front and back) showing the money going into their bank and also sending them a bank statement showing the $1, 600 coming out of our acccount. They refuse to give a phone number other then their primary customer care (joke!) 800 number. And to make it worse, the 800 number routes me to the delinquent payment department where I get read the riot act and harrassed instead of being directed to their research department where my file is. Now they are harrassing me at work and threatening to ding my credit report if I don't pay the payment, which they already have. Unbelievable. Avoid this business at all costs is all I can recommend. wish me luck!


  • Ha
    Hasmik Gasjsyan Dec 26, 2015
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    I want chase to make my mortgage payment bank they say they don't accept my payment and they didn't even sendvme letter why they don't take it this chase bank is worse bank I wish I didn't buy house it headache

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  • Dana Shafman Dec 01, 2014
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    Dear dlib, badmortgageco and other violated Chase borrowers;

    While I find it downright criminal that JPMorgan Chase and other mortgage servicers routinely engage in unfair and abusive, if not illegal, business practices; rectifying these issues are extremely easy if you do two (2) things:

    1. Assert your consumer rights using a QWR
    2. File a complaint with the appropriate regulatory and government agencies that enforce your rights

    We routinely look for posts to answer in hopes that it will not only bring optimism to those homeowners and borrowers in distress but also some basic information to assist in fighting the banks like Chase that are "too big to fail" but yet don't appreciate the bailout that we provided in their time of need. The debt collectors like SPS, SLS, Green Tree, Ocwen and Nationstar are simply just piranhas but they can be beat at their own game too just like the big banks can be defeated. You CAN win this fight!!!

    Thank you dlib for shedding light for homeowners and borrowers in your situation with regard to the fact those consumers can go to the CFPB ( to file a complaint. With that said, you have overlooked the key aspect to your fight, which is putting your objections in writing in the form of a proper QWR and attaching proof of your consumer and constitutional rights; they have certainly been violated in this case since Chase has not only refused payment but also lied about the status of your payment.

    A QWR is an integral tool in getting what you desire and all of the aforementioned mortgage lending and debt collection companies MUST answer your Qualified Written Requests (QWR); if they refuse then you take your fight to all the regulatory agencies outside of Chase that assist in fighting for your rights like the CFPB; it’s a shame that these more than profitable and previously bailed-out companies engage in this type of consumer abuse.

    My firm and me would be more than happy to educate you as to how to fight for your rights. My firm routinely seeks out complaints online so that we can educate as to how to fight back on our weekday show called "The Daily Complaint” where we review a complaint and how to tackle it successfully.

    We reviewed your complaint on the show if you would like to listen, visit

    You can learn more by visiting the CFPB's website and becoming educating about the rights afforded you under the FDCPA, Dodd-Frank and RESPA via the CFPB. Here is a link to the current rules and stronger rules are forthcoming:

    In the event you have further questions, you can contact me via email at [email protected] or via the website at or via phone (my full contact information is below) as me and my staff would be more than happy to contact Chase on your behalf or with you to determine the status of your loan as well as what options exist for you as a borrower/homeowner!

    Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's END


    Dana Shafman
    Managing Member
    END Consulting
    [protected] Ext 101
    [email protected]

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  • Dl
    dlib Nov 26, 2014
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    Verified customer

    I am in the same boat as the lady listed above. i paid 2, 000.00 to my mortgage and chase has been unable to help me. i have sent them copies of my bank statements and told several times by different chase employees that they can see my mortgage was paid to a different account. there was supposed to be a reversal from someone else's account to mine, but instead chase closed the request and didn't notify me. i got a notice in the mail and called them back to find out the request had been closed. i opened a new request and sent more bank statements and a new case was opened, but they opened the wrong kind of case. i called again today and had to be told i had to start over from the beginning and it would be another 5-7 days. i have told many reps there that 5-7 days is unacceptable and that I'm very frustrated but nobody seems to care. none of them will give me a direct number, and like the lady above-every time i call they give me a full speech about losing my home and ask what the condition of my home is, i am stressed out and loosing sleep like crazy and nobody there seems to care. i finally contacted my original lender through first mariner mortgage and asked him for advice, he said you can report lenders to, on the first page you can submit a complaint-he says this will "stir things up". good luck to all of you,

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  • Ba
    badmortgageco Mar 15, 2011

    I have several complaints, Recently I received a letter stating that I'm in default. Over 8 years of on time payments and now I am two behind. Some confusing facts about chase, they mail their tax info with there payment stub, hence one late, also they do not generate a new payment until they receive prior months payment, hence second late. Then they will generate two letters, the statement comes showing two late payments, and a default letter then comes. Returning the payment as soon as I realized the mistake, beating the second letter to my home. I called chase and couldnt find anyone to talk to, suggestion use 0 to get a live body on other end even if cold, rude and dispondent. I believe Debbie said my payment made it in on time, I will let you know how many charges I receive. The second complaint, I hold a home equity account with them, they can generate massive amounts of charges with this account. Several years ago I went to a outside mortgage company to refinace this account, they stated that it would be a no fee loan, I told them I DID NOT WANT CHASE TO HOLD THIS. Guess who holds this loan now, the loan then cost me 3000 dollars to complete. So basically paying chase 6000 for the same loan. The second loan was for 60000, the first was for 30000 and that is when this became interesting, I received a letter from chase that my loan had been reduced to 32000, and I was not reinbursed anything on the closing costs. I beleive this would be considered theft in most cases. I am currently pursueing legal action against chase. My suggestion is to not use a chase product, I know that is easy to say and hard to do since they are a mega bank. Maybe they will use my 3000 dollars to contribute to Vice President Joeseph R. Bidens campain(wikpedia) funding. Our goverment is in bed with this bank.

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  • Ag
    AgouraGirl Feb 11, 2011

    J.P. Morgan Chase refused my timely mortgage payments and assigned my mortgage to their lawyers to foreclose without a single notice of intent to foreclose. My home has been on the market for an extended period of time and I spoke with them about perhaps a Obama's program, didn't qualify because according to them there was equity in the house. They would consider a short sale and as I continued to make my mortgage payments after 16 years the refuse my payments...make sense of that. Maybe they're just liquidating all of Washington Mutual loans. less

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  • Ke
    kellch Feb 11, 2011

    I too have this issue. Chase stated that they lost 1 payment and we faxed in the bank info showing it was processed by Chase. Nothing. Then a few months later, we show missing 2 payments. Again, faxed in the proof that Chase cashed that check. Nothing done again. Then we were told we were missing 3 payments. This time it was a money order and I lost the receipt. So I agreed to repay that one. But they lost that check too!! Surprise!! We had not received a statement in over a year. They said once you are late, they stop sending statements. Don't you think if we had a statement to send our payments in with it would be less likely that they lost them? They put us in foreclosure without notifying us. The only way I found out is when I went to buy a car and it showed on our credit report. We are now in modification and stopped sending payments. I'm not going to keep giving them my money if it's not even going to my account and pay down my debt. As far as I'm concerned, if they can't help me, they can have the effing house!! This company is horrible, criminal, evil, and I refuse to EVER do business with them again. The people you talk to are clueless, barely speak english, and each person tells you a different thing. When you call and fax things to the numbers they tell you to call and fax they don't do anything with your info anyway. I think they want to foreclose your home. This is criminal, I am at my wits end, and I don't have time for this [censor]. As a single mom working 50 hours a week, I just don't have time for it. I've done all I can do, I can't afford a lawyer, and I'm tired of it. Take the effing house!!

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  • Li
    Linda Rowan Jan 27, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I did apply for a loan modification, and although it took a year and a half of re sending papers, lost papers, and other mis placed info, I did get it. So I am a happy camper . I guess Chase hires inept idiots off the street and pays them peanuts so the service sucks.

    I was mad though when Chase took it upon themselves to pay off my home owners insurance and add it to my payments...with interest. I never defaulted on my premiums and the payments were automatically deducted from one of my checking accounts.
    I faxed Chase a letter and the name of my insurance agent and her phone number so they could speak to her and she would vouch for my timely payments.Never heard from Chase.

    All in all, I guess it could be worse. I at least got to keep my home. It was built in 1955, needs tons of work and I paid 180, 000.00 for it and now its worth 80, 000.00. In 2005 my land lords gave me a month to either move, or buy the house. I have horses, corrals, and at that time a terminally ill bed ridden husband. So I had to buy this dump since there was no way to move in 30 days and take down horse stalls, pack up 6 years of stuff, etc.
    That was in 2005 when the housing boom came upon us. Greed all the way. Oh, and the house was sold, "as is", so I am in need of a new roof, and it is excluded on my insurance policy, plus I have old electrical un grounded, on an old septic system, and a myriad of other sub standard conditions.

    Hopefully I will win the Lottery and find a nice place and walk away from this nightmare.

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  • Li
    Linda Rowan Jan 27, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On Sept 3rd, 2010, I paid over the phone, 974.80.The payment for August.The gal was named Kindula. She gave me a confirmation #. I then made another payment on Sept 23rd, 2010. For Sept.The gal, Sarah, said they NEVER received my Sept 3rd payment?I called my bank and they said Chase processed my payment. I looked at my statement and saw my payment was taken by Chase but applied to a Joseph Pryore??????I faxed all my proof to the research dept. Each month when I made a payment over the phone, I got the same BULL [censor]!!! Chase did NOT find my 9/3/10 payment. During the year I faxed 4 seperate times, and finally sent via mail to the corporate office. I received a letter a few weeks ago that my papers wwere insufficiant? I sent copies of bank statements, and names of Chase employees I spoke to promising to find my money.
    Tonight I just made another mortgage payment and was told they have not found my 974.80:( I spoke to a supervisor and he said to fax all the info and he promised to look into it.
    I think I will contact the NEWS and see if they can get the ball rolling. I am sure there are many others in the same boat as me. I am ready for a nervous breakdown and am crying as I type this.


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  • Ir
    irrated Jan 21, 2011

    I'm also having lots of issues with lost payments I have made to Chase . Been dealing with this for over a year now, they are about to try to forclose on me . I have all the proof that all the checks have cleared my bank, the problem just isn't being resolved .
    Now they have sent back the last 3 payments after they stamped the checks and cut me a check worth 1 payment as well, , What a shoddy place and way to do bussiness . Now I have started to receive letters from their lawyers as well about forclosure procedings . I guess I have no choice but to fight this to the end.. Whatever it may be !!

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  • Ge
    generalsolo Jun 15, 2010

    Chase is Greedy and not good for Oregon. It should be called chase your money. I had a tax lein- $448 was taken from my account leabing the balance at $453- they then charged 10 nsf fees or $320 because my account had a hold on it. They let nothing go through EVEN THOUGTH THE ACCOUNT WAS POSITIVE. They have given me the run around and the manager wont see me and Mica at Raligh hills can do nothing. Wall Street Bankers get maximum pay for the smallest amount of effort. Its bad for America. chris l. portland ore.

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  • Be
    beauxpurdy May 04, 2010

    CHASE is awful. Would not accept my payments and now I have to pay their lawyer fees!? They are horrible horrible horrible to deal with. They are making it impossibe to pay, l and won't even give me a figure on what I owe them. I wish I had a lawyer.

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  • Bo
    Bonnema Mar 15, 2010

    I too have had problems with CHase crediting me for payments that I have made. It is now 18 months later they are still "investigating my issue" I have sent bank statements a total of nine times as proof that the payments have been made. Some things you can do to get their attention. ( Not that it has helped but at least I don't have to talk to collections or customer care)
    Send a cease and desist letter requesting they no longer call you. be sure to send it registered and be sure to put all your numbers on it. In addition and I think most important file a complaint with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. This bumps your issue to the Executive Resolutions office where at least you stand a chance(I think). In fact the number at that office is [protected] maybe you can contact them with out having to wait for your complaint to be processed with the OCC. Do make a complaint though I think if enough complaints happen the OCC will investigate Chases business practices,

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  • Di
    DisgustedbyChase Jan 18, 2010

    On January 9 I received a letter from Chase stating that I had missed two mortgage payments and was in danger of losing my home! That's the first of many mistakes on their part. I had NOT missed two payments. I MAY have missed one. It appears my December payment never made it to them. My bank is currently researching what might have happeneed as I pay it through my bank's online bill pay service. My January payment hadn't been processed by Chase yet, but since they didn't have a December payment on record they ASSUMED I would be delinquent on my January payment too so sent me the letter before the January 16 'late' date? Can you say ridiculous?

    I called Chase immediately upon opening the letter. Obviously I'm not trying to avoid them. They said they didn't have record of a December payment. I asked why they would send a letter saying I had missed two payments when I hadn't...she had no answer to that. I told her my January payment was made and if they didn't have it already they should have it soon. My online bill pay records showed it was already transmitted!

    After the rep told me she could see I was a valued customer (what a joke!) she began asking me very delving question. Trying to get at something. She asked if I still lived in my home (yes and have for the past 14 years), if they can still reach me at my home phone (yes, I was calling from that number) although the best way to reach me is on my cell phone and gave her that number. I was being cooperative but it was a BIG MISTAKE since they are now harrassing me on my cell phone. She asked me if the account I paid my mortgage out of was a checking or a savings. What the heck difference does that make to them as long as I pay my mortgage?! I told her that was irrelevant. She asked me if I had a paycheck that went into that account. I was just about loaded for bear by the time she asked me that question. I told her I wasn't going to answer anymore of their ridiculous questions. I was not avoiding them. I called them immediately upon opening their threatening letter so I was obviously trying to resolve the mattert. In a loud but professional manner I told her I am living in the house I have the mortgage on; I have the same job I've had for over 22 years; I have an account that I pay ALL of my bills from, ON TIME. Said I'd contact my bank to see what might have happened. If I missed making a payment for the first time in 17 years of homeownership I would certainly see that is is paid forthwith. She wasn't satisfied. She wanted me to make a payment online with them right then and there. NO WAY! Who is to say the mistake was not theirs?! If it was, I'm sure the way things were going this early on I'd never see that money credited to me again. I told her I would contact my bank and get back with them.

    I contacted my bank and they began researching it. In the mean time, I called Chase back and told them my bank was looking into it. The rep starting asking me the SAME QUESTIONS AGAIN! I told her I wasn't answering them again. I was calling to tell them that my bank was looking into it, and if they think it might take some time I will consider sending another payment to make my account current. She was quite persistent but I can be just as persistent and told her I would not entertain any other questions and would not pay them on over the phone. I told her if I WERE to pay it I would have to transfer funds and it would take a day before I could make a payment against it. She would at least confirm that they did receive a payment from me on the 11th so she could see that I made my usual monthly payment in January. Ended that call.

    Two days later I called Chase again to let them know I hadn't heard back from my bank yet, and that I'd checked my records at home and had some doubts as to whether or not I had actually paid it, so I would send another payment through my online account. According to my bank, Chase should receive the payment by January 19. You'd think they would be as satisfied as possible at that point and at least wait until th 19th before decidinig I was lying to them. Nooooo. That's a bit much to ask apparently. You guessed it, she starting asking me the SAME QUESTIONS AGAIN. Are you kidding me?! I told her I have already answered their questions. Nothing had changed since I answered them yesterday or the day before, and if they dare to ask me again they'll get the same response from me. Get this...she then said she'd indicate I refused to answer their questions. I'm glad it was after hours at work because, as you can imagine, I raised my voice pretty well this time. I told her she had better not put that down as I most certainly HAVE answered their questions, a couple times over. There is no need to ask them each time they talk to me. They're trying to 'catch' people in a lie I suppose. Since I'm not lying I have nothing to hide but I will not be treated as a criminal, deadbeat, or whatever it is they think I am for MAYBE missing one mortgage payment. I reminded her that I HAVE BEEN CONTACTING THEM, not avoiding them. I asked if she had any indication of my previous calls. She wouldn't say if she did or did not. I don't know if they do and they just act like they don't so they have an 'excuse' to harrass you/beat you into submission or whatever their goal is. If they don't have record of all contacts with their customers, especially on matters such as this, then the ridiculous bonuses they pay their executives need to be reappropriated and put toward a system that benefits their paying customers.

    Two days later... I received a call on my cell phone, from Chase, and they stated again that I had missed two payments and was in danger of losing my home. Really? You just told me the other day you had received my payment in January. Nice. Is there any note that I talked to you the other day and told you the payment from my online account would reach you by 1/19? Again, no answer to that. I told them, loudly, again that I would not answer any questions again and I would not tell them anything about the additional payment I made a day earlier. What good would it do to tell them? They apparently don't note it anyway. They just keep reading their word track, cutting me off when I try to speak, and it matters not one iota what I have to tell them. They're going to read what they're supposed to read and threaten me once again with losing my home.

    Even if they didn't believe me you'd think they would pend it until the date I told them they could expect to receive it . Oh wait, pending somethin would mean having a system that benefits their paying customer. They have bonuses to pay.

    This evening, again, I receive a call from Chase. Before he could even start reading his word track I told him I would not answer any questions. They are harrassing me and I won't stand for it. I told them they would receive an additional payment by the 19th. He said they were not harrassing me. Oh, really?! That's your opinion. Others would probably agree with me. I told him if I receive even one more phone call from them I will take my issue up with the highest person at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. I have dates and times and names of everyone I spoke to and what was said. I said goodbye and hung up. Even if they receive my additional payment tomorrow, the 19th, I'm pretty sure I'll hear from them again because their left hand doesn't know what their right hand is doing, and most of their 'customer service' reps don't much care.

    If I could move my loan to another bank, prefererrably local, I would. That would be a very happy day. I will never do business with J.P. Morgan Chase again. Mark my words.

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  • Ih
    IHateChase2 Dec 09, 2009

    They have lost 2 of our payments of $2k each on our mortgage. Over 6 weeks ago, we faxed them copies of the 2 checks that they cashed, but nothing has been done to rectify the situation. Instead, we receive harassing phone calls and certified letters from them stating that we are now in default. One group has admitted that they have cashed the checks (obviously since we have records), but the customer care / collections department won't read notes on our account. I hate this company and will make it my lifelong committment to thrash their already low reputation.

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  • Ni
    nietschke Nov 20, 2009

    they are robots and incapable of thinking for themselves - gov is taking them over - none of them have a clue of what is going on

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  • Ni
    nietschke Nov 20, 2009

    I tried to pay off a loan and they won't answer my phone calls to them - have called over 20 times in the last week - house has Chase lien on it - THEY WONT ANSWER MY PHONE EVEN THO I HAVE $ TO PAY THEM - CAN'T SELL HOUSE, they won't help.

    Write to me at [email protected] - want to file a class action suit - CHASE WON'T EVEN ANSWER MY LAWYER

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