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auto loan being placed into default for not paying for a duplicate title and sending it to the bank

When I originally purchased my car last November, I financed my car through the dealer, and my loan wa...

double debit, overdraft fees

In June of 2008 Chase double debited my checking account and stated it was my fault because I had made two payments online, one for instant pay and then scheduled one for three days later. I explained to them that I had not done this and wanted one payment credited back to my account. Also, I wanted to be reimbursed for the overdraft fees they had caused. I was given a laundry list of things to fax them (and I did) but got no where with this. Well, after double debiting my account, they sent me a check for the overpayment BUT THEN refunded the two debits to the bank!! Two payments out then three payments refunded!!
And now they say I have a negative report on my credit history for 30+ days late!! I can not use my checking account because Chase keeps taking and returning odd amounts. So, I thought that I should use auto - debit and made arrangements with chase ofr this to start --------- well, when the date came for the payment to come out automatically I was told it couldn't happen as we had agreed because my Chase account was delinquent (???) The will tell you anything on the telephone but will not stick behind it. Plus, They never paid the full balance to the former car loan company and it took me over three months to get them to do after being told several times it was taken care of. This was another derogatory credit rating I did not deserve. It's just not a group you can trust with something as valuable as an automobile or your credit. In a word they are crooked.

  • Er
    Erin in NY Nov 20, 2009

    So I actually just went through the whole overdraft issue with Chase. They took longer than expected to post a deposit, and as a result my account when in the red. Instead of posting transactions in the order the occurred, they reordered 5 days worth of transactions to benefit them self.
    Outraged that a bank was allowed to do this, I actually took them to Small Claims court and WON!!! I just received a phone call from a woman in their legal department informing me that the ONLY reason I won was because they didn't show up and thus defaulted. They had every opportunity to arrive (it was scheduled 6 weeks in advance) and didn't. They also can not assume that they would automatically win the case.
    Chase is an example of a bank that says they focus on customer service while in the background, tries to come up with ways to extract more fees from their customers. I plan to close my account as soon as possible.

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onerous charge for paying a bill

Apparently Chase Bank charges $14.95 for a person to PAY a credit card bill online from your Bank account. Isn't that outrageous? I paid THE ENTIRE $1000+ BILL EARLY since I was going out of town -- I paid it online from my Bank Checking account, as I do all my bills. I then got a bill with this $14.95 charge. When I called "Pier One" -- really CHASE BANK -- they said if I didn't pay it, my credit would be affected because it would be reported. NO OTHER INSTITUTION I KNOW OF CHARGES YOU FOR MAKING A PAYMENT. (It even costs less to process a payment online than it does a check)

harassing calls to wrong number

I received the first call asking for a name I didn't know - told her she had mis-dialed; I'd had the number for years. She treated me with disrespect; as if I were hiding them. Got a similar call a week later; this time with a taunting tone. I complained to Chase Auto Finance. They claim there is nothing they can do unless I provide information on the collector calling! The third call I tried to get a name - the woman suddenly realized I was trying to track the call and hung up instantly.
That Chase hires a person such as the one by whom I was harassed, and is indifferent to their actions is unconscionable.
I tried to reach senior management at Chase Corporate to let them know their Auto Finance division was in need of attention - I was blown off with a "You can send your concerns to this address.".

  • Ch
    christina Aug 20, 2008

    i have been fighting with this company for years about my old car loan. this company needs some serious customer service training. The representatives and managers are dispicable, and should not be dealing with the public. I have spoken to several manages regarding my problem and they just tell me to sue them. the problem is that. Chase reported to credit bureaus that my car loan was a charge-off / paid in full. my problem is, is that chase does not know the correct definition of charge-off. which means: profit loss, accounts will likely remain uncollectable, written off. I was 60 days late on my car loan in March, I forget what year. I recieved calls and I told them I was sending the payment to them. I ended up Paying off the car in full In July that same year which ended up being 2 months early. the final payment was do in september and I paid it in july. they reported to the the credit bureaus that it was a charge-off. Not that i was 60 days late then paid in full, but a charge off. I've done some research on this and found that :COMPANIES DO THIS SO IT SHOWS UP AS AN EXPENSE ON THEIR INCOME STATEMENT, THUR REDUCING THEIR NET INCOME. SO FOR THEM TO SAVE ALITTLE MONEY MY CREDIT GETS NAILED WITH THE CHARGE-OFF. THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED BY THE FEDS. AND TREASURARY DEPT. BECAUSE US SO CALLED LITTLE PEOPLE NEED TO FIGHT BACK. WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER AGAINST THIS DISPICABLE COMPANY AND PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS. LOOK AT ALL THE COMPAINTS AND HAS CHASE RESOLVED ANY? dO THEY EVEN CARE.NO!!! OTHER WISE WHY DON'T THEY HAVE A CORPORATE NUMBER FOR CUSTOMERS TO CALL WITH OUR ISSUES.I'LL FIGHT THIS TILL END. IF TIME HAS EXPIRED ON MY ISSUE AND GOT REMOVED FROM MY CREDIT REPORT AFTER 7 years. IAM STILL GOING TO FIGHT BECAUSE OF THE PRINCIPAL . THEY HAVE NO RIGBHT TO DO THIS TO PEOPLE.

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fraud and scam

About 5 years ago, my mortgage was sold to Chase, I did not choose them. I have paid every single mortgage...

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bad service

Lee kevin deutsch, vice president & general counsel of chase auto finance legal department, wrote, thi...


I received information about great fun and I thought I might try it, but decided not to. I contacted them after I received a check from them and told them to cancel me. '
They asked if I had cashed the check, which I told them I didn't.
They said had I cashed it, I would have been locked in on the deal.
I tore it up and threw it away.

I received my chase visa bill today and they say I was late on my great fun payment. (Which I do not have) this has increased my apr 3.00 points higher. I want my 5.99% back!

This is outrageous!!!Can I get help!!!

homeowners insurance fraud

We purchased our house in 2002. Our loan has been moved to several different mortgage companies (not at our...

mishandling of account

There seems to be a pattern with this company after reading other complaints. I have worked with this company when it was under Unicorn with no problem. My account was paid on time and I paid more than what was required at the time. Two months ago they switched to ChaseHealthAdvance, since then my first bill came late and the second one never came at all. No problems for a year and now that they changed companies there have been two problems in two months. They seem very unwilling to work with me to correct their mistake and keep giving me the delay tactic. I call at the beginning of the month was told that someone would look into the matter and get back to me. No one did!!! I have called multiply people; I get voice mails, but no return phone calls. There has to be a law firm out there willing to look into this matter, maybe a class action. It seems like this is common practice with them. When you get to the end of your contract that is when they screw up your account and hit you with fees. Could this be the reason why they switched from Unicorn to ChaseHealthAdvance. Are they trying to stay one step ahead of the Better Business Bureau? DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY... Dentist offices should not tell their clients to use this company. It reflects badly on them for recommending such a shady company.

  • Ma
    Mary Tompkins Jul 03, 2008

    Adjustments/corrections can be made by ChaseHealthAdvance. After many phone calls and redirecting, ChaseHealthAdvance stated that they would adjust my account. After dealing with some of the customer service people at Chase and reading many of your blogs I was sure that it was the end and nothing would be done to change this situation. I sent in my PAID IN FULL check and figured I would have to contact the State Attorney’s office and BBB regarding this issue. I paid it off because I did not want this to effect my credit rating. I was surprise when I receive a phone call from Caesar(a manager in the service department). Not that he had called, because he did state that he would call, but after speaking to a few service people yesterday I figured I was be given the slip. I try to treat others with honesty and I am not always sure I get that in return. Caesar stated that he reviewed my case and that Chase would cancel the financial charges. Then he also apologized for any misinformation I may have received from the service staff. He explain that it is a new company and that they were trying to work out any problems whereas to better serve clients in the future. He stated that a refund would be made to me regarding the charges. I am entrusting that ChaseHealthAdvance upholds their end of this agreement and does refund my finance charges. I hope after writing this blog that there will be a honest, good faith effort by Chase, as a result myself and others can continue to work with them and their loan department.

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  • Ne
    NeverAgain Aug 20, 2008

    When they even bother sending my statement (which is not frequently, as I've gotten about five total in the last nine months), it usually arrives far too late to mail the payment in with the statement. I've had to just priority mail them a check every month. Add that to the fact that they don't offer any kind of online payment or bank draft, and it's pretty clear that they're just waiting for you to forget one month so they can slap you with a near-criminal 30% interest rate. I signed up with this company because it was the one my orthodontist offered, but honestly, you're better off getting a credit card from a reputable company with some kind of no-interest promotion.

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  • Ph
    Phyllis F Aug 28, 2008

    I totally agree with you in this matter. If there is something that I can do to make this go away, I would. I just went through the exact same thing, the company sends me a bill and I have not even got the paperwork on the loan. I just received my first bill and it says that I am behind in my payments of two months and I just received my first bill on yesterday, how crazy is that...

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  • Je
    Jessica Nov 24, 2008

    hi, I had a similar problem with ChaseHealthAdvance. One of the worst comapny to deal with. I signed up with this company because my laser doctor only offiered them and i never dealt with them before, but the customer service at chase is really bad and will never asnwer any questions. First i didn't recieve my statments because according to them they were sending at wrong address and i called in to get them emailed so i won't be late on my payments. So they added $39 dollar late charge and when i called to explain the situtuation they were very rude and unwilling to help. I would never do bussiness with Chase and their late payments department is one of the worst. I really wish this company gets out of bussiness .

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  • Ol
    Olga Apr 02, 2009

    I just got a phone call from Chase and they are terribly unprofessional. Pretty much same issues as above. So how do you do it? how do I tell them that they are not going to get $800 + out of me for finance charges?
    I need help, Please!

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  • Ro
    Robert May 12, 2009

    I just paid over $850 in extra fees and interest on a loan from ChaseHealthAdvance. Beware of questionable business practices including delays in processing of your payments, extra fees, changes in your loan due date, huge interest charges if ChaseHealth considers a payment late, non-response to complaints & disputes, poor customer service, and the list goes on. It was like pulling teeth to get a copy of the loan terms and by then it was too late. Be sure to do your research and check for complaints, and the BBB rating before signing up for a loan from ChaseHealth, Unicorn, ChasehealthAdvance or any other name they may use.

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  • Li
    Lin Jun 15, 2009

    I definitely agree with you Robert since I've gone through a similar situation my self. I was overcharged extra interest even when they have received my full payment for the balance on my loan. It is very unethical business practice and dentists and patients should definitely do their research well before they get themselves into thier trap.

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  • Jf
    J. F. Jun 30, 2009

    Agree, chasehealthadvance is taking advantage of every customer and keep charging extra fees. I fell behind on my payments and they put me into a program that it will extend my payoff balance to 24 payments but they have charged me about $175.00 in three months for late fees even though I have never sent a payment late since I got into this program. they are charing $35.00 for phone conversations and $39 for late fees. They are really taking advantage of my situation.

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  • Ge
    gena mack Jul 22, 2009

    I have had the same problems with this company. I made extra payment in a month to cover the next month and they wouldn't except it. I was told I was a month behind and that extra money was just deducted from my balance. I was charged $35.00 for .82cents. I asked to change my payment date and I was told that it would cost me $15.00. I called to speak with a supervisor and was not given the right. Instead I was told that I had contacted them on July 10th about some charges . They called me, and I wasn't given the right to speak to a supervisor. even after I told them I would put it in writing to the Better Business Bureau, nothing was done. This company is a rip-off and physicians that use them should stop, its says a lot about their business.

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Rude bank manager

Tracy L. Buchheit is a very rude Bank Manager. I went to the bank to inquire about using a coupon for new...

harrassing phone calls and rude reps.

my auto loan is 3 wks late due to hardships that everyone has experienced and now so more than ever with the resession. I started getting calls from Chase a day after the payment was due. I received over 10 calls automated daily since. I never called back right away, then i received a call at work for payment. The person that called me at work said that he worked for the recovery side of chase wanting to know detailed information on why i am late an behind etc. I told him when I would be able to pay, but the inpersonal questions kept coming and rude as ever. He said all I had to do was call him back in the first place and he would had made arragements because he see's I have been a good customer, and when I told him that every time in the past I would call back I would get the continued calls even after making arrangements. He said that I should not judge him due to the past experience with other customer service reps. Things got heated when I told him I would not post date a check, I explained to him it was because most of the time when that is done, the check gets cashed before the date arranged and causes all kinds of problems and extra fees with the bank. He said that is illegal and I should once again not judge. He told me if that was the case he was going to look at my payment history to see if that was the case. He said that I should not be making excuses. I told him he should not argue and talk to the customer like he is. His responce to me was - "you are not a customer when you are late!" wow did he get me upset.. then they wonder why we don't answer or call back... this is exactly why... why do we have to deal with a ego driven a-hole that is probably behind on his own bills and gets a kick out of making good people in bad situations and struggles feel worse.

  • An
    Andrea Cukier Aug 17, 2008

    I have been a JP Morgan Chase Bank costumer for over eight years, with an impeccable record of balances and timely payments.

    There was a small balance ($ 107.45) that I never knew of, and was never notified of. Eventually Chase closed my account and sent the debt to Universal Fidelity, a collection agency. Because of this, my entire credit history and CREDIT RECORD GOT RUINED.

    The following is an explanation, step by step, of what happened:

    In May of 2007 I decided to go paperless, accepting Chase Manhattan Bank’s offer to view my statements online only. I stated checking my statements there and everything always seemed to be perfectly fine. Online, I could see my statements and activities for my checking and savings accounts, as well as for my credit card (there was absolutely nothing, no information, on my Overdraft Line of Credit)

    On January 18, 2008 I received a notice from my other credit card, American Express, saying that they were lowering my credit because they had received information from a credit report agency stating that I was delinquent. They did not specify the reasons.

    After requesting my credit History through Trans Union and Equifax I found out that my credit had been undermined by a long-standing debt with Chase Manhattan Bank’s Overdraft Line of Credit of which I had NEVER BEEN NOTIFIED. I REPEAT: by a long-standing debt with Chase Manhattan Bank’s Overdraft Line of Credit of which I had NEVER, EVER, BEEN NOTIFIED, I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT IT.

    In February of 2oo8, as soon as I found out what the source of the problem was, I went my closest branch of Chase Manhattan Bank, at 2219 Broadway
    New York, NY 10024, talked to Alicia Sang, the branch manager. She tried to help by requesting to take the debt away from the hands of Universal Fidelity. She put a request to Chase Card Services and to Chase Online department on my behalf to have my situation investigated.

    Immediately after I started receiving calls and getting letters from Universal Fidelity, trying to collect their booty. However, Chase Card Services never contacted me.

    Seven months have passed and I still don’t have an answer from Chase Card Services or from Chase Online department.

    My request is:

    To be able to pay the debt that I have and would have been more than happy to pay as soon as it appeared, had I known about it.

    A rectification of my credit history sent from Chase Manhattan Bank to all credit reporting agencies.

    An explanation and apology from Chase Manhattan Bank as for why, your online services never showed the balances on the Overdraft Line of Credit and I never got any notice that I had a debt.

    As you can imagine, after being financially responsible working hard all my life to keep an impeccable credit record I would not want it ruined by such a ridiculously small and evitable debt.

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accussing me of lying

My auto was towed by ILL sheffiff's police dept and I reported this to chase asking how much I would...

bad customer service

I have had an account with Chase for quite awhile now but I had a family emergency and when I needed help in...

irresponsible bank

i was deceived into believing my IRA was rolled over at this bank in November, 2006. through a pathetic...

chase id protection charge

I had my chase credit card june 2007. When I got the card, I called a number coming along with the credit card. - maybe this call led to my purchase of the id protection, but maybe not - I don't remember exactly. But very soon (June or july) when I found the id protection charge of $11.99 on my statement, I called them to cancel the service immediately, because I would just stay in us for 1 year and I don't need to build my credit history.

However, about 3 months ago (Feb. Or mar.2008), I found chase has been billing me $11.99 for the id protection since july 2007. I immediately called the number [protected] (Id protection department in chase) to cancel the membership again.

Yesterday (May 11, 2008), I found the bill is still on my bill statement. I called chase's customer service again to 1) cancel the membership again; 2) refund all the payment. But they told me that they don't have my records of canceling the service and only agree to refund me for two months. They said it's my fault that I didn't closely watch my statement.

Actually I seldom use this credit card. I trusted chase and its service in the past and didn't know they would do so badly.

I have no reason to have such a service for two reasons. 1) I will go back to my home country next month and don't need to build my credit history in us. 2) I seldom used this credit card. For about 3 or 4 months out of my past 11 months using this card, the only bill is the id protection.

I clearly remember I called chase last july (Or june), because I even joked to my friends that chase was a bad sales to sell to a wrong customer. I also clearly remember I called chase in feb. Or mar. 2008, because I was already angry that time.

I don't check my bank statement often also for several reasons. 1) I trust chase. 2) I seldom use that credit card. The payment each month is too small for me to get alert. 3) I set up an automatic payment from my bank account to this credit card.

  • Ma
    Mawuli Kodjo Agbovi Feb 10, 2008

    I have an unauthorized charge of $14.95 on my credit card. This is scam! Beware!

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  • Ll
    L Lambert Aug 01, 2008

    I have a similar complaint regarding the Chase ID protection. My wife and I called more than six(6) months ago to cancel this Chase ID protection. They advised me that they would cancel and never did. I must admit that there was an oversight on my behalf and the charge of $11.99 appeared on my statement every month. So I called Chase credit card customer service 06/2008, to tell the cutomer service agent that the Chase ID protection service was never cancelled six(6) months ago and I would like a full refund. I was advised that the company extends its apologies, but all they could refund was two (2) months of service. They also had no record of the prior call to cancel. Chase credit card customer service then referred me to Chase ID protection. They were rude and a joke. Chase ID protection customer service then referred me back to Chase credit card customer service. At this point it is a waste. I advised the rep at Chase ID protection that I would be writing this message and that I would tell all of my family and friends about the horrible service at this company.

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  • Le
    Leo Sep 29, 2008

    I am dealing with shameless Chase id protection charge, now. You know what we should record the name and number of the ID protection costumer service. And for sure I'll complain them for cheating me twice. I called them 2 times to cancel the charge, actually never be done.

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  • Ad
    Adeel Nazir Oct 30, 2008

    I have the same situation more or less but my charge has been going on since October 2007 (more than a year).

    I spoke to ID Protection, initially they told me that they do not have any proof of me authorizing this charge and also mentioned this information is "vague" on my account. I was then transfered to level to support and spoke to a representative who would not tell me her full name, she just told me her name was Deborah and wouldn't tell me her full name when I asked because she did not have to. Then, when I spoke to "Deborah, " she told me there was a phone call authorizaion and it would take about 8 to 12 weeks to pull out that phone call. Also, if they find out that I actually authorized it in a phone call, they will take all the credits that they have given me. I was surprised learning about the credits that they have given me because I had no clue about these credits. Upon asking, she mentioned the first representative that i spoke to had cancelled my "membership" and had given me the credit for last two charges which i i never asked for. Then "Deborah" put me on hold in order to get ready to do the paper for about five minutes. She came back on the phone, and asked me my billing address (which I gave to her at the beginning of the call) and then the phone number. This was all the paper work she needed.

    I felt humiliated about all this, thinking about why wouldn't she tell me her name. If I am trusting Chase with thousands of dollars and making my payments religiously, why can an employee not tell me her full name for my records. She gets loud on the phone with me when I insisted to know her name (right before she told me that she doesn't have to give me her name). I even asked her if I can go to the court and demand justice just to make an example so this doesnot happen to other people without their knowledge. On that, she said that I cannot do much, I can just get all the money back if they find out that there was no call from authorizing this. Obviously, something is fishy here.

    Then, I wanted to talk to someeone who can give me his/her full name for court purpose and asked for her supervisor. I was on hold for about 15 minutes, supervisor came. I asked him same question about his name, he told me that his name is John. I asked full name and he said it's John and gave me his extension number. I asked why wouldn't he tell me his full name, he said, "it's company policy." That got me even more curious, now i wanted to know the script of company's policy and he said I couldn't have it, that is also against their policy. He told me that I could get all this information from ""

    This is the story of my evening of 10/30/2008.

    I am currently looking for a law firm to take this matter forward, if anyone knows a lawfirm, please let me know by e-mail "[email protected]"

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Terrible experience!

I wrote a balance transfer check from a Citi credit card account and deposited it to my Chase account on...

fraud company!

The program that Chase offers protecting you against fraud is a fraud its self. Chase failed to contact me when they were the ones putting charges on my account for their "Fraud Protecting Program." When they first told me the about the service I said I was not interested. The refused to cancel it, saying I could not activate my BP gas card, and I could cancel the program at any time. I got my first (any ONLY) statement in the mail saying I owed $9.99 for this program. I called Chase that same day asking them to cancel it, and they claimed it was canceled and I could re-enroll at any time. From then on I never received any other statements.

The gas station I was planning on using my card at closed down, therefore I was never able to make a purchase with my gas card.

A year later I get a call from Viking Collection Agency in MN saying I owed $143.01 on my chase card and if I didnt pay it then it would ruin my credit. I explained that I never made a purchase with the card and asked what the charges were from. They werent able to tell me. So I contacted Chase and they very rudely informed that I was enrolled in their Fraud Protection Program. I told them that I had only gotten one statement which was when I first received my card and I had canceled it right away.

Apparently, they re-enroll you in the program with out our permission after a certain amount of time. They failed to protect my credit like they promised. They couldn't even call me, or send me anything in the mail, or even e-mail to inform me that these charges were building up. If I would have known anything about it I would have canceled the program again. They failed to inform that they re-enroll you, which should be illegal since they didn't have a signature or my permission. Then they expect you to pay the amount owed which is for "protecting your credit" when they are the ones ruining your credit!

I am VERY disappointed with Chase, and I do not recommend them to anyone! They are the ones we need to watch out for, they are the culprits of fraud.

continual, harassing phone calls

I am sending a complaint on behalf of my father. He has been receiving harassing phone calls from Chase Card Service. The name the representative gave is Mike Whaley. The numbers that show up on my father's phone are [protected], as well as [protected]. This representative calls as many as five times in a row only to hang up. The calls are everyday. My father has already asked this man to stop calling but to no avail. Please help!

  • Br
    Brandi Kennedy Jul 22, 2008

    I liv with my fiance and get the same calls. Every day. He works long days-messe up hours. So he is rarely home during the time period in which they call. They also call from 210-586-0050. He has told them before that he cannot afford to pay this past bill. While we understand that he does owe them, tehre is nothing we can currently do about it. We have both asked them time and time again not to call, or at least not to cal as much. I recently started keeping a log of their calling. And I would also like to state that if i ask for name, or to speak to a supervisor, they hang up, only to call back shortlytherafter.


    8:06 am
    9:52 am
    12:06 pm


    8:12 am
    10:38 am
    11:56 am
    1:26 pm
    2:26 pm
    3:32 pm
    3:39 pm
    3:44 pm


    8:05 am
    8:36 am
    10:14 am
    12:06 pm
    2:01 pm
    7:11 pm
    7:40 pm

    Isn't this harassment?

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  • Je
    Jesse Sep 03, 2008

    Yeah, I experienced the same dilemma of 4-5 phone calls per day from Chase. Even if I told them at 8am my situation had not changed, they would call me several more times that day to "see if anything had changed." Perhaps I should look into suing them for harassment, but I finally filed for bankruptcy and ended the calls.

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  • Sa
    SAM Sep 23, 2008


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  • An
    anon Jan 24, 2009

    Chase calls us constantly as well. We are in a terrible financial spotdue to the economy. We have repeatedly told them this. This morning, the minute the clock struck 8am, I heard the cell phone ringing. It then rang again at about 8:26am. It seems like they have an autodialer set up to dial every 20-30minutes. I heard that if you ask them not to call anymore that they can only call every three days. I suggest you tell them that the person they are looking for is no longer at the number, ask them to stop calling, and give them a "new" number to call to reach the person. I think the next time they call, I will give them the number to the local jail.

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  • Ch
    chris densom Aug 13, 2009

    It appears Chase has targeted credit card holders that have a low APR of 3.99-4.99) to increase their minimum payment amount from 2% to 5% of Principal balance. This is I am sure is totally unexpected to a lot of consumers and appears their motive is to cause people to default in making their minimum payment so they can then charge them penalties and increase their rate. What a ripoff?What a violation of trust when consumers were enticed to use the checks they send out that promote low apr for the balance of the loan and then make such a dramatic change. I hope this becomes a matter of investigation by the State's Attorney Generals' office or a lawsuit.

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beware and look at your statements

I just looked at my Chase credit card statement and noticed a $12.99 charge. When I called I was told that is by Privacy Guard and I needed to contact them directly. They also told me the charge has been monthly for two years! I called Privacy Guard and they told me that Chase Customer Service had verbally authorized them to do so. Called Chase back they said, the customer is responsible for such a requests! Well, I am fuming because I was in banking for 12 years, have a graduate degree, work in finance industry, and was at one time a Consumer Loan department supervisor. In addition I have "alert" on my credit reports which nobody can pull one without my signed permission. I am out over $300 and Chase which I am sure is benefiting from this union, is not willing to pay me back. Beware and look at your statements.

  • Ba
    barb a Jan 23, 2009

    This one is completely true. They'll nail you for months if you're not looking. Sometimes on cards that haven't had activity in years! In their defense, it is a third party company pulling this.

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deceptive targeting

Chase Bank repeatedly sends our teenage college student checks that are apparently free money. The fine print (which a teenager is unlikely to be alert to) states that cashing this $9.25 check commits her to annual fees of $119.99 for travel discounts. Chase is effectively preying on the gullibility of a very young, inexperienced, and cash poor person. This is unethical! I called to have my teenager's name removed from the mailings, Chase refused, despite the fact that I am a joint owner of the banking account. Chase then refused to stop the mailings unless the teenager called personally to be removed from the mailing list. Ch

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