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bill recived late scam

I have been with chase for a number of years and have used their promotional checks wich gave me 2.9 to 4.9 fixed. I used one last month to pay off another credit card and later that month when my bill was due i did not recieve a bill. I later recived the bill 6 days after it was due, convieniently for them this null'd all my promotional APR's leaving me with 18, 000 in credit debt at 24.99 percent. Their constomer service center would not do anything about it stating that i "could have gone online and checked and saw that it was due". In the past i have always recieved my bills from them 6 days after the post date, this time i recived it 6 days after the due date... Ive been scammed.. this is actualy the 2nd time this has happend to me through chase, I guess i learned my lesson the hard way.. DONT DEAL WITH CHASE

  • Ba
    barb a Jan 23, 2009

    Seriously? You honestly think Chase holds the statements too long, deliberately, to get another 6 bucks a month out of you? I know good and well that my credit cards are all due between the 15th and 22nd of the month. I have three cards, a toddler, a mortgage and all the bills that come with, a car payment, and I have never paid the bill yet except the one time after I gave birth I was in the hospital and they reversed my late fee and reset my promo APR. AND, Chase is there 27/7/265. Why didn't you just call and ask where your bill was? If you don't get your electric bill on time, does that mean you don't have to pay it? And who says YOU'RE not lying about whether you got your bill?Pay your bill on time.

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  • Ba
    barb a Jan 23, 2009

    that's supposed to be 24/7/365

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  • Ma
    Marcia Costa Jan 27, 2009

    Why didn't you pay your bill while you were giving birth? have you thought about that most people have more than 3 cards and all the other bills that you have! It is very true that Chase have been scaming everyone, they did't do for the $ 6 bucks like you mentioned but they will do for the 24.99 % why don't you google Chase and check out what they been doing with the promotional offers that they have mailed to customers, raising minimum payments, adding bogus fees and etc. once you accept any offer from Chase, they turn aroung and change the agreement without further notice or giving you the chance of opting out! not honoring their offer.

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  • Ba
    barb a Jan 31, 2009

    Oh and for the record, EVERYONE is doing this to their non profitable customers. Hell, Citibank is raising the minimum payments AND the interest rate!

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possible providian scam?

I have had postings of payments not credited for up to 2 weeks after they were mailed, and subsequently one week after due date. This obviously results in late charges and finance charges being added. The strange thing is that I have documented other items mailed at the same time are always delivered in a timely manner !

This seems strangely similar to the Providian scams investigated in the past. I got no resolution with Chase Bank and cancelled my account. Does Chase need to be investigated for thier banking activities ?

  • Vi
    Vienna VA Dec 15, 2009

    I experienced exactly the same thing this past summer but with an added twist. I actually made payments on two Chase cards on separate accounts on the same day with two checks in numbered sequence. One was credited, the other took three weeks to credit and incurred a late fee by one day. When I called to complain and explained the odd circumstances, they refused to admit that there was any possibility of their misprocessing the check. They went on to suggest that I had deliberately withheld mailing the one payment despite all other bills to a variety of companies/utilities paid on the same day being processed without incident. I have been a loyal and satisfied Chase customer for nearly two decades, but now I distrust them and watch every statement like a hawk.

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false charges

Found 8 months of "Chase Protection Plan" charges on my account that I never signed up for, totaling about $50. I Phone Chase Protection Plan and said I wanted a refund. They said they would investigate and get back to me in four months and that they had my signature on a $20. check which was false. I said check was fraudulent and asked for supervisor after being told refund was impossible. Supervisor agreed to refund the Chase Protection Plan charges. Will they? I have to wait and see. Lots or horror stories on the net about Chase Protection Plan. I think they sign people up without their permission as in my case

Resolved tried to cacel id plan

Dear chase card representative: On friday 02/08/08, I received my statement from chase. I had an...

errors and omisions

Chase Home Finance agreed to modigy my mortgage and that it postponed the foreclosure and Trustee Sale. They confirmed this twice to me and four times to the Home Savers company that I hired to hel me. I saw the "stop sale" on their screen. They went ahead and sold it. My property has 180, 000 equity and they just took it from me.

Can anyone help me? Does anyone know the name of their Insurance Company?

  • Bi
    bill1221 Mar 12, 2009

    You requested the name of the Chase insurance company. If you mean the company that they purchase insurance for properties on which they hold loans, it is American Security Insurance Company, PO Box 50355, Atlanta, GA 30302. This name and address was in a notice to me dated 09/06/2008, which notice told me that they had purchased insurance coverage erroneously, and charged the premium to me. I hope that this is helpful.

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Resolved overcharged

After receiving my bill from Chase with a minimum payment due of $107.00 I immediately sent a check for $110.00. The company charged me $100.00 saying that was the amount I had paid. They admitted that the box did say $110.00, but claimed the written line did not. They were unable to substantiate this because they had made an electronic withdrawal and destroyed my original check. How convenient!

They then charged me a late fee for the supposed missing $7.00 in the amount of $39.00 and raised my interest rate significantly. They also reported a late payment to the credit bureau opening me up to rate hikes from other companies. They did remove their fees, but refused to correct the late payment record, which was of course the bigger issue.

  • Da
    daydr3am Dec 27, 2008

    While I understand your frustration, financial institutions are supposed to withdraw the *written* amount on a check, not the numerical value.

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  • Pe
    pepsiman 2112 Jul 05, 2009

    My mom is 80 years old and in a wheelchair after having a stroke in 2003. She has a Chase Visa credit card that she has had since 1977. She always pays on time, but recieves a letter stating she has to pay 5% more each month. She can not afford that, and after many conversations with the customer service dept., supervisors, and specialty supervisors, they gave her a choice. Pay the 5% more a month, or close the account and pay the amount she is currently paying. I couldn't believe it she has been a customer of Chase Visa for 32 years and now they want to close her account because she pays on time. In a matter a fact a couple of years ago a representative contacted her and told her if she would take a loan of $10, 000 she would always pay the same amount each month at APR of 5.99%, never mentioning that their would be an increase in payments per month. Something needs and should be done about chase. Why punish a customer you have valued their buisness for over 30 years, how about rewarding them?

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Resolved fraud and scam

We have spent the last few months dealing with the same issue: Chase shows us as being behind on a payment...

$5.00 a day over draft charges unfounded

After accepting a new job I had to close my bank and move. I went in to the bank and made sure my balance wa...

unfair consumer practices

I am a very responsible person with a good credit rating. Never in my life have I felt so unvalued as a customer, as I have in dealing with this bank. They are utterly ridiculous. They have claimed they did not get payments, or received them and posted to my account 1 hour past the due date. They are in essence scamming the consumer's, and we are helpless to do anything about it. I recently received a letter from them saying they closed an account of mine (which had been paid off and had a zero balance) because they claimed I had too much outstanding debt. Since when do we as consumers need to explain to a credit card company why we needed to make a purchase?

We all have choices. The only way we can fight back is to close their cards, and never use theirs again. That will be the ultimate message that we are the little people who pay their big salary's. It's no wonder they are able to buy out failing company's. We are footing the bill with the interest rate scams they are inflicting on us. This is an example of greed, and customer service at its worst. Not to mention, a credit card company who is taking advantage of the average consumer during hard economic times.

The bigger you are, the harder you fall.

Resolved rip off

I contacted them on why the principle paid each month was different. I called them when I received a late notice and saw that the principle was a certain amount. If you times it by the number of months is was about $1000 difference from what they are showing. I have a high risk loan and if I want to trade in the vehicle I owe way more than what it is worth. They shouldn't be able to do this. Giving people high risk loans does not help the person. If they can a lets say a $250 loan note giving them more in interest rate may make it $350+ note. What makes them think someone could afford that then? Yes I do not have the greatest credit history but I know I would have been able to make the payments easier with a lower interest rate. They do not want to give the little guy an opportunity to prove himself. They are just looking for $$$ and that is the bottom line.

  • Ri
    Rich-AZ Jun 29, 2009

    How true...same position, see my comments on my 2004 Toyota Rav4, which I was upside down in, they repo'd sold at auction and are now trying to get me for the balance. I guess Bankruptcy is my only option! Rich_AZ

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  • Ir
    Ireallyknow Jul 11, 2009

    The reason the amount that goes to principal each month is different is because you have a simple interest loan. What that means is: When your loan is booked, it is only booked for the principal amount. The interest is accrued and added daily. This is calculated based on your daily balance, interest rate, and how many days between when payments post. So, if you make pymnts 30 days apart, you will pay 30 days of interest and the rest goes to principal. If you make a payment 31 days from the last payment, you will pay 31 days of interest and so on, and so on. If you have a high daily interest rate, this be as much as 10 differnce in the amount gong to principal. I hope that helps.

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  • Mo
    molly 12 Sep 21, 2009

    never had a problem with chase, good credit and paying your bills on time go a long way.

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student loans

My son is a freshman at college, and though we were willing to help pay for his expenses, he wanted to do this on his own. So he applied to three banks for loans: Wells Fargo, Chase, and JP Morgan Chase.

Wells Fargo declined his application without a cosigner. (They will soon be handling all my banking needs, by the way.)

The two Chase banks agreed to give him loans, although their website says "Private loans may require a borrower to have reasonably good credit, as well as have a co-signer in most circumstances, " and "a co-signer is typically necessary for undergraduate students to qualify." (It says basically the same thing at least three other times.) For some reason, my son was an exception to needing a cosigner. When I asked why, I was told that it was because he has good credit. My question now is: why, if he has good credit, was he given loans on these terms?

Here are the terms of one of the two (they are similar): he borrowed $16, 696.18 at 9.93% interest with an index of 5.00 and a margin of 5.50. Based on the total payment amount, his effective rate seems to be 18.9%. This loan is also variable, which--although I have been told this is the norm now--I still find appalling.

So near as I can tell here is what happened: My son walked into the bank (apparently with the word "sucker" stamped on his forehead), and sat in a chair, where one single bank representative assisted him in acquiring over $33, 000 in student loans over the phone. (So although these loans seem to be from two "different" banks, the person assisting him knew exactly how much he was taking out.)

Bottom line: my son, before even setting foot on campus, will owe over $120, 000 when he graduates. IF he doesn't take out any more loans. IF the interest rate doesn't go up. (Wanna take a bet on that one?)

My son is 19. Yes, he is a legal adult. Yes, these loans are legal. But when he walked into that bank, they took advantage of him in every possible way. A "reasonable" amount to take out for a student loan is $5, 000. (They actually TOLD me that at the bank the first time we went in.) But there is nothing "reasonable" about these loans. I don't know how they could have made them any worse.

My son will have to be accountable for being stupid. I'm not letting him off the hook. But I want to know if I have any recourse to holding the bank accountable for being UNETHICAL. Just because this was "legal" doesn't mean I intend to let them off the hook, either. Any suggestions?

  • Ch
    Christine Oct 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I work in a financial aid office at a private college and have just met with our Chase Bank rep. He told me that the highest possible rate for a student who applies for a Chase Select loan without a cosigner is prime plus 6%. If the student has a cosigner it could go as high as prime plus 5.5%. Are you sure about the rate that he was given? Was it called the Chase Select loan? They do have other private education loans as well. And it is true that 99.9% of private loans have variable rates. I did have a student who found a private loan through her own state's guarantee agency that had a fixed rate. You could always have him get another private loan elsewhere and have the Chase one returned. The financial aid office at his college can help him with this but they will most likely require that the new funds be there first before they will return Chase's funds.

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illegal collection practice, harrassment, retaliation

I am a former employee of Chase Auto Finance Roseville, CA. I my employment was terminated for not participating in Chase Roseville's illegal collection practices (among other things, such as standing up for myself while working in a hostile work environment, retailiated against, discriminated against... etc... ).

I have retained an attorney who has been in contact with Chase's attorneys and Chase is emphatically denying that they have any illegeal tatics that have have come out of this office.

I am wondering if anyone has dealt with this office and can be of some assistance to my attorney and me.

Please contact me if you have ANY information at all regarding Chase Auto Finance, Roseville CA

  • Ma
    magdalpat Nov 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Im not sure where my office is located, but I would love to talk to your attorney and tell him a few horror stories we have had with Chase. We were only 18 days behind and they sent out 3 repo letters, and then after we paid it they still sent another one. They are constantly calling and making threats.

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  • St
    steve Dec 11, 2008

    Wow this is weird. I typed complaints for illegal collections practices in Google to complain about Chase Auto Finance and the weirdest thing occurred! At the top of the list was this complained about the VERY company that has been harassing us for sooo long to the point of insanity. CHASE!!! Not coincidence I would guess. They are horrible and completely out of all legal bounds at least one employee in Roseville that my wife and I constantly deal with. The threats she spews are not only discomforting but highly illegal and soon rewarding of a lawsuit if someone can not help me bury this employee. She has been warned TIME and TIME again to not call my wife's place of employment and she IGNORES every request and sometimes retaliates by zeroing out to my wife's manager and co workers to openly discuss our personal matters with third parties all while NEVER repeating the fair debt practice required by LAW. Please help me any one who can.

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  • Re
    RE Freno Dec 17, 2010

    Amber -
    Please contact me if you still need a witness!

    RE Fresno

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  • Re
    rebeb Dec 27, 2010

    I would love to file a lawsuite against these [censor], the only problem is each time I spoke to somone they gave me a false name. When I would follow up I was tols that person does not work there. Im not even sure what office I was speaking with. I called and to get a deferment because my wife was ill and in and out of the hospital which led to loss of wages. I spoke to a Kristy who said if I paid $400 they would defer the next month payment. the next month came and went and I recieved a knock on the door to reposess the car. When i called the collections department and explained that I had a deferment they called me a liar and said there is not a Kristy that works for Chase. A calss action law suite needs to be filed against these people. They should be investigated and the CEO should be locked up for allowing this behavior.

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Resolved scam and cheating

On july 11, 2008 I applied for a chase private student loan and was approved. I faxed them all my documents (Proof id, proof of enrollment, and loans docs) by monday, july 14. I thought all was fine until eight business days later when they told me my drivers license was unclear and I would have to refax it again.

I refaxed my license and it took them yet another eight business days to receive the copy and to tell me it was unclear. I offer going to a local chase branch and submitting it that way, only to be scoffed at and told that was absolutely impossible. Not to mention every time I called I was on hold for no less than 1 hour only to speak with less than nice customer service.

Anyways, fast forward to sunday august 23, 2008, merely days before I move in to college. I call chase, on hold for only 40 minutes this time, to find out when my check would be mailed out. I spoke with a rather kind man who informed me the loan was in dispersal status and the check had been printed, enveloped, stamped, and would be in monday's mail via usps.

So the waiting game then began, thursday came, I moved in to school. Then labor day and the beginning of september still with no check. I gave them the benefit of the doubt (Slow mail/holiday weekend etc...). I again tried calling but I just didn't have half a day to clear out in my schedule to hold for chase bank.

Friday september 5th was my breaking point. I called chase to check the status of my loan check, only to be told that my loan was canceled by my cosigner... Hmmm wait a minute... I don't have a cosigner. A few minutes of a very upset me trying to keep my cool the woman whom I was speaking with discovered that my loan had accidentally been canceled by the person whom I spoke with on august 23rd. 50/50 shot I would be able to get it reinstated. Yup, 50/50 to quote the supervisor I ripped a new * "if you had realized our error two or three days after it happened we would be able to fix it"

After about a week of constant blunt phone calls to the incompetent buffons at chase, several calls pleading to the office of student accounts begging to extend the tuition deadline, the great people at the new jersey banking commission and the new jersey department of consumer affairs helped straighten everything out in a weeks time.

Chase left me in a hopeless state, canceling my loan by mistake and clearly not wanting to fix it. They have no accountability and simply did not care. To them I was nothing more than another poor 18 year old kid without parents that can pay for college in need of a loan. They pushed me around, they were rude, they didn't want to work to fix their error that nearly cost me an entire year of college.

Do not go through chase. They simply don't give a rat's * about you and won't want to help you. Their ungodly slow and completely incompetent when it comes to anything that may take a few seconds of thinking.

  • Di
    Discusted4 Jul 06, 2011

    Chase is horrible... They never intend to work with you... I had private student loans I've been paying to the best of my ability, which was not good enough for them... They are in humane and don’t care for mankind... And the people who work there are villains...I had three loans they were behind but I was paying what I could the best that I could... These idiots took my money and applied it to just one of my loans stating that since the others were behind they just went into default...Why wouldn't you take my money and distributed to the loans that were behind, as I thought they were doing. They are horrible and a night mare from hell. Don't EVER USE THEM... If I was barely making it paying you what the Heck make you think I can pay it in default…Think people.

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Resolved customer cheat

I would like to find an attorney that would be willing to file a class action lawsuit against chase bank and...


So my fiance and I fell 45 days behind on our car payment. The gentleman at the local office made arrangements with us and we were able to stop the repo. We let him know our next payments would be Sept 16 and Sept 23 due to the prev checks going towards rent. He said that would be okay, we just had to stick to it. These people love calling your references. They have called my mom, who has nothing to do with my finances, stating they could not reach us. They never call me. And my fiance is at work all day, he can't answer the phone. Today they called my fiance's dad, stating they needed to speak to us or our attorney? Excuse me? 1. We made arrangements. 2. Our payment is only 3 days past due. 3. Shouldn't you call US BEFORE YOU CALL OUR FAMILY!!!?? I can't stand these people. They are the worst creditor I have EVER had to deal with.

  • Un
    unbeelieveable_mom Dec 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have to second that. They are a total PITA. I'm sorry, but I send my check 10 days in advance of the pymt date to be sure it gets there and then they don't cash it for days. WTH is up w/that? We will be re-financing our loan on the 1 year anniversary date of the loan, I can guarantee you that!

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Resolved poor customer service

I am a case manager who works with the disabled. My client is receiving disability, which is to be deposited in his account at Chase Manhattan. Social Security issued the check to my client's account, but it is not showing up in his account. We attempted to get help from customer service. They were very unfriendly, and definitely not helpful. They actually ended up hanging up on us, despite the fact that we were very police and courteous. My client now has no money to pay his bills for the month, and we are getting no help from the bank at all. I personally would never consider utilizing this bank because of my poor experiences with them.

  • Ch
    Chick27 Apr 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Received two money orders for a treadmill i sold to sandra from craigslist. I was told to deposit the checks and then withdrawal the money to wire transfer the money to the moving company who will be picking up the treadmill. I decided to ask my bank if i could cash the money orders instead and the teller told me yes until she noticed that the watermark was not accurate. I contacted chase directly to very the routing number and it was indeed invalid! Please verify all money orders or checks before cashing or depositing!

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fraudulent loans - miscalculation of interest by 1000's $

Here is the direct line to Chase General Council - These people are inhuman ###! Boycott Chase!! They ripped me off for 1000's. I had to hire and attorney, then they beat him down with threats.

eMail; lee.k.deutsch AT TEL; [protected], FAX; [protected].

  • Ho
    hope Jan 22, 2009

    I have a truck financed with Chase Auto Finance they dont wont to work with you, the interest is not calculated the way you or i would it is compounded daily thta is what i was told today as i was trying to get help so i would not fall behind on my payments. What does it meaninterest is compounded daily who really understands that do they use different calculators than we do they bet me out of over $4800.oo in interest i am paying almost 100% interest on my truck The amount financed for my truck was $ 10, 275.00 when i purchased it. i have already paid $ 11, 063.32 and I still owe $ 6, 404.48 A Chase agent told me today my interest rate is 23.25% and its compounded daily so i thought the interest was $ 2, 389.00 and today i find out its really $ 7, 192.80 and i am the co-signer my daughter has became disabled and cant work she has no income till she gets disablity now i have to pay for this truck or ruin my credit so what choice do i have she said you can refinance im really wondering how that would help us at this point Chase is not a good company, Chase bets people out of money

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  • I am in the same situation as you. I ended up having the car repo'd. or be stuck for another 5yrs. these people are thieves. I plan to report them to BBB and consumer services. I also plan to hire a lawyer. These people need to be stopped!

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  • Ir
    Ireallyknow Jul 11, 2009

    If you read your contract it explains the way interest is calculate. Most finance companies use simple interest these days. Here is the short version.

    The interest is not booked as part of the loan balance. It's the principal only. The interest is calculated based on the daily balance, interest rate, and how many days there are between when 1 payment posts to the next payment posting. (not due date).

    So if your daily interest is 10.00 per day (just using round numbers), and you make your pymnts 30 days apart, you will pay 30 days of interest =300.00. The rest of the payment you made will go to principal. If there was 35 days between the last 2 payments, you will pay 35 days of interest = 350.00, and the rest will go to principal. The daily interest will go down as your balance goes down. The only way to pay exactly the interst on the contract is to make each payment EXACTLY 30 days apart. Keep in mind some months have 30 days, 31 days, and 1 with 28 days. All of these is written on your contract (probably the back that no one reads) in legalese.

    Hope that helps

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  • Tw
    twhite23 Aug 04, 2009

    I too would like to add my two cents about Chase!!! They have the worst customer services I have ever spoke to.
    I have been affected by the economic (Job loss), granted prior to my loss I had paided on time for the last three years on my car loan. But now that I'm unable to pay on time or a day late they (customer services) has made my life a living hell. I need to keep my car so that I'm able to find work, but I just regret the day I accepted financing through Chase auto. I think if every customer that has a auto loan through the company would make them feel the effect of the economic their attitude would change fast.

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  • Ch
    ChaseBlows Oct 14, 2009

    Chase was so horrible that when I lost my job and they offered me one at a high rate of pay I told my wife I would not be able to sleep at night working for a company like that.

    In addition to the many other poor encounters, including the 3 business acounts and two personal accounts we had. I asked for an extension on my auto payments, mind you I had never been late in two years and I asked because I lost my job and was seeking a new one. They denied me said unemployment is not temporary. My wife called back a few days later and asked for the extension on her behalf as the primary and having just started working as a professor at the University. Needless to say it took 5 minutes before the customer rep called her a lier! This was after she provided her work, phone, position etc. When they finished they said they call us back and let us know about the extension, my wife looked at me and said I rather die of hunger then have you work for Chase. Needless to say they didn't ever call us back and then when I called Chase Auto I requested the info they said they didn't have it, I gave them the info along with name and info for my new employment because I now have a job making 10k more then I did previously and their stuborn lazy CHase representatives denied me again and the lady was practically laughing that they would take my car. I have auto loans with a credit union and Ford, both of then granted my request no issue, Chase and Chase Auto are terrible avoid them like the swine flu.

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student loan bait and switch

My son's college stopped using sallie mae and went to usingcitibank and chase bank (jp morgan chase) for all...

Resolved rip off

After receiving last month's credit card statement, I noticed that there were fraudulent charges on my...

Resolved what does it take to pay off my card

On July 11, 2008 I called Chase and asked how much I needed to pay my card off, and close my account since I...