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United States - 48098-2639

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 888 248 6423(Personal & Business Banking) 4 2
+1 800 968 7700(Loan Support) 2 0
+1 248 312 6500(Loan Support) 1 0
+1 800 393 4887(Home Loan Financial Hardship Questions) 2 0
+1 844 799 2993(Home Lending) 2 0
+1 248 312 4880(Treasury Management) 1 0
+1 888 254 5417(Government / Public Funds Banking) 1 0
+1 866 945 9872(Wholesale Lending) 1 0

Overdraft Lines Of Credit, Deposits And / Or Bounce Protection Payments
301 West Michigan Avenue, 4-501, Jackson, MI 49201

Construction, Personal Loans, Home Equity Lines Of Credit, And Mortgage Payments
P.O. Box 660263, Dallas, TX 75266-0263

Commercial Loan Payments
5151 Corporate Drive, E-203-1, Troy, MI 48098

Flagstar Bank Complaints & Reviews

Flagstar Bank / teller dawn bone

Sep 19, 2019

On Thursday, 9/19/2019 I was in the Flagstar bank branch listed above. I walked in and stopped to wait for my turn at the glass desktop they have at the entrance. There was a male teller busy with a customer and a female teller at the other end having a conversation with a lady who already...

Flagstar Bank / loan

Sep 17, 2019

My husband took a loan through Flagstar bank with the Assistant Branch Manager. Upon doing a quick signing with her, We had asked numerous of times! That will the payment stay at 100 per month as stated in the loan application since we are going through a very hard time. We both made it...

Flagstar Bank / mortgage loss claims

Aug 11, 2019

This company is horrible and incompetent at best. I filed a claim in april 2019 with my insurance company which totaled my roof and issued payment in May. Flagstar has lost the first check I mailed to them despite tracking showing it was delivered and who it was signed for by. 3 weeks of...

Flagstar Bank / mortgage

Aug 03, 2019

My mortgage was bought by flagstar bank and I wasn't notified cuz I was out of state. Now they want to charge me to make a payment. I didn't sign a contract with flagstar. And will not be giving my personal bank info cuz this bank is owned by a company out of China. I will not fund a...

Flagstar Bank / customer service

Jul 27, 2019

I have called time and time again trying to figure out issue I have with my account. I get told one thing by one manager and then told I was given incorrect information. Your employees don't know anything about the bank they are running, not even the managers. I was with Wells Fargo for...

Flagstar Bank / physician mortgage loan bias & discrepancy

May 23, 2019

Hello! I was searching for a physician loan in Texas that allowed APPs (Advanced Practice Providers) to apply as well. APPs include Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, we are commonly misidentified as mid levels which a term that does that properly identify us in any way. I...

Flagstar Bank / wells fargo transition

Apr 25, 2019

My mother had a trust acccount out of State (Indiana) with Wells Fargo. After the transition to Flagstar occurred, I was told it was a flawless transition "status quo". My mother is in a Nursing Home in Indiana. Today, April 25, The State of IN sends me notification of a $30.49 penalty for...

Flagstar Bank / billing and customer service.

Dec 06, 2018

My loan no. is [protected]. I called your customer service 8 times. The problem started when my mortgage was moved from Cenlar. I was on a bi-weekly payment with Cenlar and when I called Flagstar, the rep said that that would be carried over. My next draft should be on the friday which I...

Flagstar Bank / wells fargo transition

Nov 19, 2018

I've been told my checking/savings is moving to Flagstar Bank on 12/1/18 due to WF selling off branches - in Flagstar's area of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana..only problem. I live in Texas. Account was opened when I lived in California. I have no interest in banking with a bank that tells me my...

Flagstar Bank / mortgage

Sep 19, 2018

I received a letter informing me my account was to be accelerated. The resolution took over two weeks to even speak with a person other than a customer service representative (csr). I had been misinformed repeatedly by multiple csr's. Each csr told me a different and varied interpretation...

Flagstar Bank VISA / discrimination in advertising

Aug 10, 2013

I was in the branch office in Coldwater, MI yesterday. I live in the state of Michigan. I choose to be a fan of The Ohio State University Buckeyes. I am very disappointed and disgusted by the bad choice of advertising for the Flagstar Visa card. Having a team logo on your card is nice, but...

Flagstar Bank / missconduct / bad business practice

Apr 03, 2013

with all the complaints on file this company should not be allowed to write any more loans... I have been making all my mortgage payments on time by auto pay set up from bank to bank, then one day I receive a foreclosure letter. I was shocked never behind my mortgage payments how could...

Flagstar Mortgage / fha loan

Jan 24, 2013

Flagstar mortgage is a garbage company. I flip homes in Illinois and have done over 40 in the past few years. My properties always appraise, pass all inspections, etc.. I recently was in the process of selling a property to a buyer who was using Flagstar. On 4 separate occasions, closing...

Flagstar Bank / insurance money being delt out in 1/3rds


On September 2, 2012 my husband and I lost half of our house due to a plumbing leak. We have followed all the insurance requirements and have notified our lender (Flagstar). Since notifying our lender we have since been informed that Flagstar will take full control of our insurance fund...

Flagstar Bank / loan modification


My husbank suffered a heartattack the end of Jan. 2011 he was unable to work due to complications to bypass surgery. He had great credit, but we got behind 8mnths on mortgage they said we qualified for loan modification so we went thru there process and we got approved this is what they...

Flagstar / refused short sale offer even though was the fair market value & instead bought our house in bergen county, nj for $100.00


After almost 2 yrs. trying to do a short sale with Flagstar because our mortgage was under water (fair market value less than what was owned) & with Flagstar constantly losing paperwork, hundreds of resending & turned down for a loan modification Flagstar was unwilling to accept a cash...

Flagstar Bank / loss mitigation/ foreclosure


I feel that I have been fraudulently denied the ability to short sale my home or receive any assistance through their Loss Mitigation program. In March of 2011, based on a host of medical issues and the very strong advice of my Doctor, I left my job. I was not able to draw unemployment so I had no...

Flagstar Bank Michigan / loan service


My VA home loan was sold to Flagstar bank in Michigan or PA, I'm not sure which. And was called a 'dumb***" by one lady and basically told they couldn't help me by the others. Horrible customer service and I hope there's a way to get my loan to a bank that actually ha...

Flagstar Bank / mortgage / rude and misread client's info all the timel


Flagstar increased my escrow monthly payment without notifying me last month. They called me late last month saying they put my last month's payment on hold because its short on escrow amount. I paid the escrow difference over the phone with additional $15 processing fee. They...

Flagstar Bank / mortgage payment process


I have a home mortgage got sold to Flagstar Bank. When I sent in extra money by check for "Principal Payment" only, they always use that principal payment money to pay for my regular monthly mortgage payment. (Even though I marked my check clearly with "Principal ONLY"; and I have...

Flagstar Bank / unreasonable charges


I would like to complain about the lack of communication regarding transfers of my own money between my own accounts(checking and saving in the same bank). I don't see why I should be penalized for moving my own money between my accounts at will. It seems another gimmick for them to...

Flagstar / loan modification


I requested a loan modification due to a divorce and my income being reduced by 60%. I couldn't refinance my loan because my property depreciated by 40, 000. I was told that I couldn't modify my loan unless I was 4 months behind on my payments. Once I was behind, my file wa...

Flagstar Bank / bank refuses to sign a certified on time payment


This institution is the worst I have ever experienced. I got sold to them in 2002 and my problems began in 2003. However, I'm fast forwarding to Dec 2011. In November of 2011 I received my escrow statement and it showed that it was short $495.90 and it gave me the option to either...

Flagstar Bank / overcharging


I just got off phone with Flagstar. I had called to inform them that my escrow analysis was incorrect as it had used the wrong insurance amount. I was told that since my insurance was only $135 less and not the $250 less they would do nothing and instead force me to pay and extra 10 - 20$...

Flagstar Mortgage / big mistake


Receiving a mortgage from Flagstar feels like I made a deal with the devil!! It is one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. They are unwilling to work with you, place you on hold forever their customer service is the worst!!! Their loan officer misled me in many ways. They demanded...

Flagstar Bank / loss mitigation/loan odification


A year and a half ago, I applied for a loan modification from Flagstar Bank. (Two years prior, I had refinanced with them receiving favorable service, only to find out later that the bank officer who asited in this process was let go.) To continue, I was told that I had to be 3 month...

Flagstar Bank / 2nd mortgage


I tried to submit a payment to Flagstar Bank for the balance of my 2nd mortgage through my credit union's bill pay. Flagstar rejected it saying the amount was too great and had to be submitted through certified funds or a wire transfer. I then tried to submit a wire transfer through...

Flagstar Bank / additional insurance


Flagstar claims that my homeowners insurance is insufficient to cover the cost of rebuilding if there's a total loss or the amount of my mortgage. My homeowners insurance guarantees replacement at 150% of the homes value which is much higher than my mortgage balance. I have called...

Flagstar Bank / worst short sale department


Our company specialized in short sales her in the DFW area, that is all we do. After closing over 100 last year with a variety of banks I want to let every borrower know Flagstar Bank is by far the worst we have dealt with. After submitting the short sale in July 2010 and month updating...

Flagstar Bank / placed insurance on our property when we already have coverage


We refinanced our condo with Flagstar 1/2010. In December 2010, after submitting insurance documentation many times, they force-placed flood insurance on our condo and added the premium to our monthly mortgage payment. If i do not pay the "additional premium" part of the payment, they send...

Flagstar Bank / poor customer service


My husband and I have been trying to get a mortgage modification since 2009. We call them and all they do is string you along. Month after month you send in the requested documents and they don't call you to acknowledge they have the documents. When you call them they say we will...

Flagstar Bank / f*k them


I applied for a loan modification in September 2009 when my job was cutting back hours and I thought that would be a good temporary lifeline which I thought was available and I also thought the company would be willing to fix a minor problem. I was just told to send in the same paperwork...

Flagstar Bank / loan application runaround


After seven months of application review, Flagstar denied refinance based on an inaccurate determination on residency. Despite more than 35 years of stellar credit, proven ability to repay credit - and a cost of $700 for appraisal and subordination fees (which have yet to be repaid) - and...

Flagstar Bank / nightmare


After the sudden death of my co-borrower and love of my life to brain cancer, I contacted Flagstar Bank to see if I could get a loan modifacation to lower my payments so I could manage them myself. They have drug this process on for nearly 2 years. Asking me over and over for the same...

Flagstar Bank / overdraft fees


Alright, this is the FIFTH time in the past two months we've had to deal with this bank. They charge you overdraft fees when you have money in the bank stating that your money was 'on hold and not technically there' when they cannot tell us WHAT went overdrawn, what was on...

Flagstar Bank / waste of time


What a waste of time and money. Flagstar took my application. Appraised my home at $170, 000 below market. My rep tried to get the appraisal re-done, but after several weeks of wasting time, I went to another lender who appraised my home $170, 000 highter than the appraiser that Flagstar...

Flagstar Mortgage / poor service


Having business with Flagstar Bank - the worst esperience from 20 years of having a mortgage loan. 1. Refinancing stalled without any reasons 2. Illegal request for private information 2 days prior to escrow. 3. No information sent to the Customer after more than 2 months from the...

Flagstar Bank / foreclosed without notice


I am a realtor who was doing a short sale for clients who had their loan with Flag Star Bank. I have been working diligently to get them to look at any of the 5 or 6 offers that I kept bringing to them. never did they once look at anything! we also had gotten the foreclosure postponed...

Flagstar Bank / bank card scam call


I received a Fishing phone call on 4-19-10 from a phone number of [protected] with an automated voice claiming that, my "Flagstar Bank Card has been disabled. Press 1 to reinstate your card, press 2 to leave." I pressed 1 and it requested my bank card number. After several attempts to get to a...

Flagstar Bank / did not pay original insurance


°When we refi with Flagstar, I talked with the title co. to make sure they had everything and they said they did. Then afterwards Flagstar sends me letters stating we did not have Flood Insurance when we did, I sent them the proof, nothing was done, they purchases another one took out...