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penalized for early payment

On December 10th my 70 year old mother had to go in for knee surgery. She is the type of woman who always has paid her bills early and always has paid more than the minimum amount required. She has excellent credit. On December 9th she went into Chase bank in Rochester NY to pay her credit card bill early (before she had received her statement for her January). She told the teller that she wanted to pay her credit card bill early because she was having surgery and knew she would be out of it for the month of January. She asked the teller if it would be okay to pay her January bill early. The teller at Chase bank told her it would be fine, so my mother gave her one of her old statement with her credit card bank account number so the teller could put her payment in for January so that she did not have to worry about it while she was recovering from her surgery.

At the end of January she received her billing statement with a very high minimum payment due saying that she was past due on her January payment. My mother called Chase bank customer service immediately and explained to the Customer service rep that she made her January payment on December 9th because she had knee surgery on December 10th and she knew she would be out of it so she went to the bank and paid early.
The woman Customer Service rep at Chase bank said "Well you didn't call use to tell us you were doing this", my mother explained that she went directly to Chase bank and spoke with the teller and she told her she could pay for her January payment early and that it was fine.
The customer service representative said "You are supposed to call us, you can't just go to the bank and pay early without calling us to let us know".

I can't imagine why my 70 year old mother would do something so CRAZY as to go to the bank the credit card is issued from, ask an employee who works for the company that the credit card is issued from if it's okay to pay early and actually believe the employee who works for that bank is giving her the correct information when telling her that it is fine.

Are you following me so far? She went to the bank to pay her January 2009 payment early (In December of 2008), was told that was fine by a Chase bank employee at the bank and she made the payment thinking she had paid her bill early for January.

After going around in circles on the phone with the Customer Service representative, she was kind enough to understand what had happend and told my mother in the future she will need to call the credit card company to let them know if she plans on paying early, my mother agreed that she would and told her she didn't know she had to do that, seeing as the CHASE employee at the bank told her something different.

She told my mother she could just send in the minimum payment for her February payment and to ignore the extra amount for it being considered a late payment. My mother said I would like to pay extra as I do every month. The Customer Service rep said that's fine, but not necessary. The Customer Service rep said she would keep the fixed interest rate where is was when she signed up for the card. She even sent my mother a letter stating that she took care of the issue and that is was fully resolved.

My mother thought that was the end of this ordeal.
Today 2-21-09 the new statement came for the March payment. To my mothers surprise Chase bank wanted several hundred dollars more than the minimum payment, plus she noticed the interested rate when up a substantial amount.

My mother called Chase bank to speak to a Customer Service Representative; she was on the phone for over an hour being transferred from one rep to another explaining over and over again what had happend.
Finally she was transferred to some man who claimed to be the HEAD SUPERVISOR who explained to her that because her payment wasn't made between such and such date in January (but made early- in December) it was considered not paid.

He told her that her early payment counted towards the principle, but not towards the payment because... (even though it was paid early & even though the teller at the bank told her it was okay to pay early at the bank and that she credited to her January payment) Your gonna loves this... it wasn't paid between such and such a date in January, so it doesn't count!
Let me just explain this... because she paid early and not on the due date it was considered late and she is now being penalized because she went to the bank and paid early and because Chase employees are not educated enough to know that the information they give out at the bank is incorrect.

Lets put aside the fact that she has excellent credit, has never made a late payment and always pays more than the minimum amount. Lets put aside that the teller at the bank told her it was okay to pay at the Chase bank and that it was okay to pay early and... the customer service rep she spoke to on the phone the previous time she called sent a letter and told her she fixed the situation and it was all taken care of, this man said all of that is not true.

The man who she spoke to tonight after being on hold told her that according to the "fine print" on the contract she signed when signing up for the card it states that the bank has the right to charge her a higher interest rate and increase her minimum payment because she did not pay the extra fee for the late fee the previous month and she didn't pay between such and such date in January.

Wait a minute... I thought the Female Customer Service rep from the previous time she called Chase told her to disregard the bill and that she didn't have to pay the extra amount. I heard my mother tell the rep "I would like to pay extra, because I always do" and the rep told her that was fine and that she would adjust the account and she even sent her a letter.

Now if you're really confused about this situation, how do you think my 70 year old mother is feeling?

I am furious! I watched her face turn red as her blood pressure increased as she spent an hour on the phone being passed on from one rep to the next because no one at Chase bank seems to know what the hell is going on. Except for the man who thinks he is a GOD who calls himself the "HEAD SUPERVISOR".

According to him it doesn't matter what anyone at CHASE bank told her... "It's in the fine print".

I got on the phone with the BIG supervisor who was as cold and uncaring as they come! He didn't care about what anyone at the bank had told my mother, he refused to give me the name or phone number of the previous woman rep who said she took care of this situation and kept repeating how it was in the fine print if you miss a payment (which she did not do, she paid it early), your interest rate will increase and he cannot change it back to what it was.

I said to him "you've got to be kidding me, you're telling me that my mother is being penalized because she made an early payment at one of your banks!"

He said that's correct, it's in the fine print. I asked him to transfer me to someone above him, he said he was the head supervisor and there was no one else above him (We'll see about that).

I told him I would report them to the Attorney Generals Office, he said it's in the fine print. I told him that he is one of the most insensitive human beings I had ever spoken to; he didn't care he was cocky and thought he was a God with all this power. He didn't try to help out a customer with an outstanding record with Chase bank, a person who tried to do the right thing and pay her bill early BEFORE IT'S DUE DATE because she was having surgery.

This guy is a real winner! I will take this as far as I have to and tell the media and anyone who cares to listen that CHASE BANK HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS - EVEN THE ONES WHO PAY THEIR BILLS... EARLY.
I know that this man who was smug and rude will someday be treated the way he treats others. I am a true believe of what comes around goes around and someday (hopefully when he is an old man) someone will treat him with such disrespect as he did to my mom.

  • Jane Holmes Feb 21, 2009

    I feel for you. Chase has got me too. Last year they offer me something I cannot refuse. 2.99% for the life of the balance fixed -- not variable. I read the fine print, it was good. I spoke with the Chase bank manager about this and he shook my hand, saying, " no problem, it is as good as our home loans--only a better rate." He confirms that the only thing that would move my rate higher is if I paid late, I default or my credit tanked. No worries there, I'm at 749+ score with all 3 bureaus.

    Fast forward one year. Chase increases my regular APR from 7.99 to 29.99 (no reason, all of my accounts are in good standing.) Then they reduce my credit limit to just above my balances. Pissed yes, but no worries. I continue making payments on time.

    Now they send me a notice (Jan 09) that all my fixed for life promotional rate is going away. No opt out feature, its just going to happen in April 09. (says the customer service person).

    Chase took 25 BILLION in taxpayer money with the bailout. They were supposed to use it to pay bad debt, instead they bankrolled it (there is no supervision of the bailout money by the way). They are also using it to lobby congress to veto credit card reform.

    Chase follows the new credit model. They actively search for people who may have difficulty paying off debts and target them with balance transfers and debt consolidation offers. After getting in over their head, they bait-n-switch and frak them over. In an internal Chase meeting this policy was disclosed and the informant left Chase after he found out how crooked they are.

    Luckily, I am in a position to pay off Chase in full on this. A lot of people are not so lucky and this will be the straw that breaks the camels back for them. I feel bad that our government backed such a crooked company like Chase, but then again, it is our government. No stretch there.

    To all the flamers who would respond to this and with only the intent to tear up my comments: Go ahead. Maybe your a Chase Zealot in disguise, some CEO in his gold leaf pajamas who has to beat up on the person who got screwed by your company and has the balls to tell their story. Those reading posts after this will easily tell who is telling the truth and who is covering for Chase.

    don't believe me. Check out the hundreds of others complaining about Cha$e here:

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  • Sh
    shiryu22 Mar 19, 2009

    Oh my, what an awful story.. I'm fairly new to credit cards and am still unsure of what activities are "rewarded" and penalized (eg, paying early/paying late), so I searched "do you get penalized for paying early" in Google and ended up here. Huh.. I hope you get this all sorted out! Please keep us all posted, and good luck!

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  • Wi
    William J Jun 30, 2009

    The problem you are having is that you don't understand what Chase is attempting to do. They want to increase everyone APR and are looking for any excuse to do it. That are their marching orders. Once you accept that fact, you can lower your blood pressure. THEY DON'T CARE WHAT YOUR EXCUSE IS: THEY WANT YOUR MONEY (OR YOUR MOTHER'S MONEY.) They increased my APR from 11% to 30%. If you really want to get mad about something, think about the fact that Congress gave these guys $25 billion of or tax dollars to "bail them out." They won't give your mother a break, but they have no problem begging money from the government. Unfortunately, those clowns in Washington were "sympathetic" to Chase. How's that hope and change working for you?

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dubious recordkeeping practices

Balance transferred from Chase, but they won't let it go. After speaking with five separate CSR's and getting the run around--everything from I'll have to let you speak with my supervisor only to get dropped, to getting transferred to a department that is closed. I have had it. They want to hang on to the interest and charges and not let go. I'm getting charged by BOTH now for the same balances. Something tells me that should be illegal. They even have change their policies to post payments made after 1PM to the next business day. How can they post purchases made the same day, but not payments? How can they take five business days to transact a wire transfer, when it is instantaneous?

I know they are all bad, but choose your card carefully and get those balances down. Shame on the credit card companies! Take back control. You, the consumer, should be calling the shots, not them. Imagine a room full of a dozen or so smug tycoons rolling in your money! Stop the madness!

banking nightmare

i must say when i heard that my place of employment offered pay cards to their employees at no charge to be able to use if you did not have a bank account i was thrilled as i knew i would be able to get my pay check without having to spend money i did not have to be able to spend. at first everything was great or so i thought. i started seeing charges appearing on my card that were double and even triple charged. no big deal i thought. i was able to get ahold of the companies that had overcharged me and they were more than happy to oblige my request to have the money refunded. however chase on the other hand which is the company my employer uses had other ideas as to what would be acceptable. they have provided nothing but hassle when it comes to being refunded saying i have to wait 5-10 business days for the matter to be investigated and then the latest of wrong doings on their behalf. i had run my debit card at an atm at work. the transaction showed as processed but the money was never dispensed. i called the bank that the atm belonged to and they advised they would be more than happy to reverse the charges however rather than seeing the charges reversed i saw the next day 2 individual charges for $1.00 each and an overdraft fee of $15.00. i called chase about this and they said they did not have record of a transaction being reversed. they filed claims on these charges after much deliberation and argument from them. i had to go to 3 different supervisors before they did anything. not to mention the lack of communication skills their customer service reps have. they are located in india somewhere. they speak very broken english and have no empathy whatsoever to the customers troubles that have been caused at their companies expense. but i rest on that subject as that opens a whole new can of worms. we can discuss another time. i have had nothing but trouble since this last friday in getting the money that should have remained on my card back and am still awaiting any resolution from them on this. now if i had money to begin with i would not really have any trouble waiting but i am the average american just trying to survive in this day and age what with having nothing more than $79.00 a week to live on for food and anything else i need to survive after all my bills and child support are paid for. to me $20.00 dollars may as well be a hundred dollars or more. they are now stating that they have to investigate the matter and are now claiming it will be ten business day before i hear anything. meanwhile they sit in their tidy little offices and could really care less about what situation this has put me in and the fact that the overdraft charge which was charged wrongly is going to make my pay check this week even smaller. so much for food this week i hope i can survive with nothing for a week. thank you chase for starving me. i had spoken with the manager of the bank the atm belonged to and they are more than willing to send the records of the transaction showing it timed out and did not dispense the funds so as to have the transaction voided and the money put back on my card. chase stated they can not do that as their process does not allow it. a pathetic excuse to jab at the little guy once again if you ask me. my helpful advise to anybody that reads this is if you can at all avoid jp morgan chase please do so for your own sense of dignity and security as they obviously care not for their customers.

  • 24
    24st123 Nov 14, 2009

    Be extremely careful with this bank. Close your credit card account a.s.a.p. Customer service reps are rude and will hang up the phone on you.

    I paid off my final balance on my c.c. They didn't even send me a final statement. How cheap! I requested this 3 times already and still no statement. Will have to physically go to a CHASE bank in hopes of getting one. Don't trust their online banking.

    Selfish bank !!

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illegal practices

My husband and I leased a car through Chase Auto Finance, at the end of the lease we were slapped with $1400...

an unknown account in my name

Dear Chase Account,

I have just been informed that there is a Chase Account in my name somewhere with over $23, 000 on it. This is messing up my credit as I have been trying to apply for a home equity line of credit and this card popped up. How can I find out what to do about this Account!!!Please contact my e-mail at [protected] with any information.

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lease termination

I have a leased car with eight payments left. I have to get out of the lease b/c i hit the milage limit. So i bought a new car and needed to return the car to chase. Mind you Riverdale Jeep in NY would not take my old car. They were going to make the eight leftover payments. So I call Chase and they state (something not written in my contract) they cannot come to inspect/take the car before 180 days b4 it's due back. That's six months!!! I have eight months left and they are getting their money for all the paymnets upfront!! Why won't they take the damn car??????

  • Ge
    German E Umana May 13, 2012

    I had 12 months less to pay my loam, then they finish the contract, to reposes my car
    because pass due two payments, and pass due, fees, I the co signed of this loam, and they do not wants to accept a deals from my parts, they want the all amounts pay of, I can not do so, because I have not address to send the payments.
    The bank where I was making payments in the pass they can not accepted not payments for the pay off of this situations.
    this is a 2007 toyota tacoma.

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late payment fee dispute

Received a late payment fee from Chase Credit Card even though the electronic bank payment indicated that I...


I received a call from Providian over a week ago notifying me of fraud. Over $600.00 in cash advances were...

demand draft not honored - no reason given

JPMorgan Chase is agent bank handling demand draft for my son's bank in Virginia. A week ago the draft (after a month of deposit) was deemed 'not honored'.
No reason was given to the local b ank in Virginia nor to the issuing bank in Singapore.
Why is this so? This action is akin to bullying.
How can an agent bank 'not honor' a draft after one month of deposit and then do so without giving a reason. My son is only an exchange student in the US.
Queries to JPMorgan Chase have been unanswered - is this the way how customer service works?

Harassing calls!! Calling neighbors and relatives!!!

I just lost my job a month ago and my car payment through chase is 18 days late. They keep calling me leaving nasty messages and then proceeded to call my brother in a different state with a different last name!!! They must have a payment no later than this friday before 4:00 PM or else! The woman that keeps calling is Cheryl from Tampa. She is nothing short of a harrasing abusive witch!

  • Ch
    chevyboy Feb 24, 2009

    hey dumb, dumb. The want their money, just like anybody else that has a loan out. I would expect the same treatment from a company that i owe money too as well. Thats why they have you give out other contact information when you fill out the loan, so they can contact those people too when you dont pay for something. DUH! Its called common sense!

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  • Ed
    Eddie Mar 19, 2009

    My wife has never been behind in her auto loan with Chase and yet the day after the payment is due I end up getting 3 calls a day both human and automated. I've actually gotten 3 automated calls in, no lie, 20 minutes. The bad part is actually prefer the damn machine over the total ### I and my wife, and my mom and her sisters and her co-workers have to deal with because my wife financed a car, that she has never been behind in payments on, with Chase Auto. I tried to tell them that they were being harrassing but gave up about a year ago! Now when I recieve my usual 10 phone calls on my weekends I am generally rude, but I figure they have it coming for calling before 8:00 am on a Sunday! I seriously hate this company!

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  • Mi
    Michael May 14, 2009

    Shoot, if you're one day late with Chase they can call you up to 15 times. I am currently two days late and have received 8 phone calls so far today and it's only 3 pm. And I agree having been unemployed recently that they have no compasion in situations out of your control. There should be a law about such harassment. I understand owing your payment, but one day late and 15 calls in one day, a bit extremem

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  • As
    aspen08 Mar 05, 2010

    I totaly agree. We have been out of work for close to a year. Savings have run out and now payments are late. 7 days. calls start at 8:22 and stop at 8:30 Called my mother in law and demanded that she make a payment or else. Told my wife to give the car back and get something she could actually afford, then asked her if she enjoyed driving it, then she should think about what its going to be like without it????? I mean calling to tell you your late and to please make a payment is one thing but these people are about to drive me over the edge. And to discuss my finances with my mother in law, tell her how much im behind and to discuss payment arangements?? I think that there is a law that was crossed and i suggest everysingle one of you here to do what im doing. Afford prepaid leagle for a month or so, sick them on their butts. They are the rudest bunch of people that i have ever dealt with. I could go on for hours. I would suggest that nobody should ever do buisness with chase in any form. It is quickly becoming my mission to drive this point home. After belittling my wife i almost dont want to pay them just because. If they do come to get my car i can promise you that the repossion will make the news. Watch for it. Nothing against the repo guy but news crew will be standing by.

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  • Ha
    Harasedenough Dec 06, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Blogging about this will not change anything. We need to get mean back at the harassing calls and let them know how you feel. If they call me 4 days after the first of the month I let'm have it. Why are you calling? You think this is some kind of a courtesy call? No, the only way is through reporting them as harassment and letting them know they are in the wrong. I am not sure who to call about this but you can bet your mortgage I will find out and I will remain determined...Chase is in the wrong!

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broke terms of agreement

I accepted Chase Bank's offer for a Life of the Loan on Balance Transfer which was 4.9% APR, at 2% against a Balance that I am averaging $30.00 to $35.00 a mo pymt. They BROKE the terms and now are charging me $96.00 a mo pymt and added on to that a $10.00 service fee that gets added into the 11.99% APR bracket(On statement Sent to me shows this) for a total of $106.00 a mo pymt. The way I was told by the Very Rude Rep when I stated why since I am in good standing and have an excellent Credit score and rating has my pymt jumped up so high? she stated "the economy is bad right now and we need to get our money back fast". she said you still have the 4.9% APR but we will NOT drop the pymt's back to original amt and you will pay the $10.00 service fee. I stated that I am on a strict budget and have a household and family to support and a good number of other debts and this would ruin me financially and since I have a total of 7 cards with you (them) that they bought from other banks, if they do this to the rest I will have no choice but to file Bankruptcy. I cannot afford this pymt as I demanded to speak to a Suprv she stated that she was the only one I would be dealng with, NO! these are the terms and If I did not have anything else to talk about she was going to hang up. I have filed Major Complaints with the FTC and the BBB and now awaiting Outcome. But pymt is due next week and if they continue on these Loan Shark type tactics and not work with me all that I have worked for over the last 30 years is gone as I out of Chase creating this Demonistic hardship will lose all to bankruptcy. I now will Contact the National News Networks. Towards the end she stated I will bring pymtn back down but will raise the APR to 7.9% APR good unitl 2011 and you will still incur the srvice fee, after 2011 you will inccur the purchase rate at the time which right now is doulbe digits which is only putting off the inevitable. I can understand of I was in default but on the contrary I am retired and suffering my own hardships which now includes being a 24/7 Caregiver for my Stroke patient Mother. Chase is not only unfair but acting like Criminals in their dealings with the public (me) and will not go with out due attention of those in Authority who Regulate the banking industry. I am researching the Dept of Treasury for a Complaint section to Notify the Feds of this.

  • Pa
    Paul Rea Aug 21, 2010

    I, too, have had Chase break a number of their own agreements. The local newspaper consumer watchdog has recommended that you contact the agency that regulates Chase Bank (which is perhaps the OCC). Chase has ignored inquiries from my attorney, state attorney general, BBB, and severak certified letters from me as well as several actual visits to the local Chase Bank.

    These people are NOT to be trusted, and they 500-lb gorilla-ing others (clients) around with apparent impunity. I didn't even open my account with Chase -- they inherited it from WAMU, then refused to let me close that account with a positive balance. They have allowed unauthorized debits from my account + low-balance fees & penalties that have now rendered my account negative even though I withdrew no money from it.

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unauthorized and fradulent charges from chase employees.

If anyone can tell me how I could have gotten unauthorized charges from anyone other than an employee from Chase please enlighten me because I have been going over it again and again trying to figure this out.

My story:

I opened a credit card with Chase because of a balance transfer offer they sent me. It was a fixed rate of 0% for 1 year but there was a balance transfer fee of 3%. So I transfered $1000 to this new line of credit and intended to pay it off within a year or less. I never intended to use it for purchases so when I received the cards in the mail I immediately locked them up in my personal safe at home. I didn't even show them to my husband or activate the cards. Then I continued to make $100 payments through the mail (not online) until it was paid off 10 months later. It was wonderful and I had saved money. Super!

Then about 2 years later I received a credit card bill in the mail with what looked to be website charges and since I had never activated the credit cards to begin with I thought it was really odd. So I called Chase to let them know that I had unauthorized charges on my card. They were helpful and reversed the charges and sent me some papers to sign and gave me a new account number and sent new cards. On the phone, I mentioned that I had never used the card for any purchases whatsoever or registered my credit card number anywhere online so I thought it was strange that someone had gotten my credit card info. All they said was "well, we will be investigating where these charges came from and you don't have to worry because you won't be held accountable for any fraudulent charges." When I received my new cards I again put them in my safe because I wasn't going to use them and I still thought something smelled fishy but I just went on with my life. Now it has been about a year and a half and I got fraudulent charges again (February 2009) from some wu-yi tea source website. Again I am baffled at how anyone could have gotten my credit card number. Based on my process of elimination the only people who have my credit card number is Chase and any of the employees who work with my account. So I decided to write this complaint and see if someone else can figure this out. I don't know how they hire their employees over at Chase but this time I told them that I don't even want any cards sent to me and I want to close my account. This time when I called about my fradulent charges the woman actually listened to what I said. She helped me reverse the charges, sent me paperwork to sign, gave me a new account number and then told me my case was "very suspect." I asked her what she meant by "suspect" and she said "hold on let me transfer you over to the fraud department." Now this first woman was clearly qualified to help me with my unauthorized charges so why did she send me to another fraud department? And why didn't she answer my question? (The first time I called 1.5 years ago only one person helped me with everything.) The second guy she transferred me to didn't even know what was going on he just answered "How can I help you today?" like I was a brand new caller who hadn't been helped yet. So then I had to explain everything again and he asked for permission to pull up my account blah, blah same thing again! Then he tells me "well it looks like your account is already closed and you have a new account number." So I tell him, yes someone already helped me with that and she transferred me to you because my charges were "very suspect." I explained again how I keep my cards in my safe and never used it online or anywhere etc, and all he said was "okay thank-you I will make a note of that on your account and is there anything else I can help you with today?" I said no and we hung up. It is very, very fishy. Although both times they were very helpful and always reversed the charges, I still think this company is fishy. If anyone has credit cards with Chase that they are not using, it might be wise to close the account because it appears that Chase's security has been compromised.

Michelle in Hawaii


I had the chance to get a home depot credit card for my kitchen purchase while getting free financing for 6 months. I remembered that a Chase Rep once called me and invited me to a special incentive program granting me 3% in the category I spend the most money with. I called to be assured that my kitchen purchase would qualify. To make sure that I get the right information, I even called twice. (They refuse to send any confirmations via email!) Both Reps told me that I am in the program and that my purchase would qualify. I went ahead with my purchase only to find out with my next statement that I only received 1% instead of 3%. Two supervisors later apologized that I was apparently not in the program and promised to send my case to the marketing department. No response. They were not even interested in investigating the representatives I had talked to. It is quite frankly appalling how they openly mislead their customers and don't take responsibility for their actions.

(1) Can I do anything about this fraud?
(2) Does anybody have a recommendation for a

chase raising rates!

I have 2 credit cards through chase and have had them for a few years. I have never been late on any...

inflated transaction fee

I have some revolving debt that I will occasionally transfer to another card it the terms are good. I look for a low interest rate (0%-1%) and a promotional period of at least 6 months. And, most importantly, a low cap on the transaction fee.

This offer comes in on my wife's Chase (Amazon) card for 0.99% for 7 months with a maximum transaction fee of $75. Not bad, so we went ahead and transferred $10, 000. I call Chase a week later to check on the transfer and the balance amount was $10, 300 and not the $10, 075 like I was expecting. $225 more!!! What the hell?

So I call chase and talk to a rep and tell her what is up. She tells me the maximum transaction fee on that offer is $900. I told her, "No it isn't. It says right here it is $75 dollars". Well strangely, she immediately connects me with her supervisor, and I tell this new lady the situation. She says, "No problem, I can take care of that for you". This leads me to believe that this happens all the time, and that they are happy to "fix" the problem for anyone who catches it.

So I started thinking, if no one complains about stuff like this, then they can just get away with anything. So I googled "Chase fee scam" and Boom, got tons of results, one that led me to this site. It seems they have been doing a bunch of fraudulent things.

I hope sites like this will eventually deter big corporations from exploiting good folks and taking their money away. How many millions does anyone need anyway?

- Paul G.

scam charges

In January 2009, Chase Credit Card sent me balance transfer checks so I could use my credit limit of up to $12, 500 at a fixed rate of 7.99% until balance paid off. I have a spotless credit history and have been a good customer of chase for at least 10 years. At the time the account had a $0 balance. and I had not used the account since January 2006. On the checks, a note was indicated that as long as the check cleared by 2/28/2009, I would get the 7.99% fixed rate. This attractive offer made me write two checks to pay off higher interest rate cards in early February 2009. (1) $9, 000 to Discover (2) $1, 100 to Banana Republic.

On February 17th, I received an odd folded post card (that appeared like junk mail) from Chase Cardmember Services with a note that the first check 'was declined because of a closed account. In accordance with you Cardmember Agreement, your account may be charged a fee for the declined check.' Sure enough, when I called Chase, a $39 fee had been assessed on my closed account. Imagine that. A fee added to a closed account. I first spoke with 2 customer service representatives who refused to offer help and hung up on me. On the 3rd attempt, the representative kept telling me that he couldn't refund the fee. I started demanding action. Finally, he connected me to a supervisor who said he will refund the fee over the next few days on my account. Still 3 problems : 2nd check has not yet declined which will likely post a fee, Discover card will probably assess a fee, and Banana Republic will assess a fee.

Obviously, the problem will likely become demanding refunds for 4 fees assessed because of Chase's fraudulent practices. This is thievery. Given that banks have been bailed out with tax payer funds, this has got to stop!! We need serious law changes on how credit card companies operate and more regulation to protect the consumer.

I have ready other scary complaints on here about Chase trying to change interest rates on low interest rates that were supposed to be 'fixed until paid off' which I have quite a bit of balance at these rates and have maintained perfect payment histories religiously.

If you experience problems, please report them as well so we can leverage the ploy of average Americans and take charge of these nasty banking practices, particularly in the current economic situation.

  • Jane Holmes Feb 21, 2009

    I commented on another post but I'll post here as this is even more applicable. They offer me something I cannot refuse. 2.99% for the life of the balance fixed -- not variable. I read the fine print, it was good. I spoke with the Chase bank manager about this and he shook my hand, saying, " no problem, it is as good as our home loans--only a better rate." He confirms that the only thing that would move my rate higher is if I paid late, I default or my credit tanked. No worries there, I'm at 749+ score with all 3 bureaus.

    Fast forward one year. Chase increases my regular APR from 7.99 to 29.99 (no reason, all of my accounts are in good standing.) Then they reduce my credit limit to just above my balances. Pissed yes, but no worries. I continue making payments on time.

    Now they send me a notice (Jan 09) that all my fixed for life promotional rate is going away. No opt out feature, its just going to happen in April 09. (says the customer service person).

    Chase took 25 BILLION in taxpayer money with the bailout. They were supposed to use it to pay bad debt, instead they bankrolled it (there is no supervision of the bailout money by the way). They are also using it to lobby congress to veto credit card reform.

    Chase follows the new credit model. They actively search for people who may have difficulty paying off debts and target them with balance transfers and debt consolidation offers. After getting in over their head, they bait-n-switch and frak them over. In an internal Chase meeting this policy was disclosed and the informant left Chase after he found out how crooked they are.

    Luckily, I am in a position to pay off Chase in full on this. A lot of people are not so lucky and this will be the straw that breaks the camels back for them. I feel bad that our government backed such a crooked company like Chase, but then again, it is our government. No stretch there.

    To all the flamers who would respond to this and with only the intent to tear up my comments: Go ahead. Maybe your a Chase Zealot in disguise, some CEO in his gold leaf pajamas who has to beat up on the person who got screwed by your company and has the balls to tell their story. Those reading posts after this will easily tell who is telling the truth and who is covering for Chase.

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  • To
    Tom in Utah Feb 27, 2009

    I wish I had a $39 fee. I have a large credit line and am constantly being sent convenience checks. They had always had a 3% FEE TO A MAXIMUM of $99 for each check. Without reading the fine print, I used two checks for $75, 000. I had a choice of using the $99 checks but I picked up the most recent checks I had and used them there was a 3% no maximum fee. I was given a total of $4, 500 to use the money for one month. They were unwilling to budge. That was a lot of money for my justing grabbing the wrong check.

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  • Da
    Dana Mar 27, 2009

    The raised our limit and sent us checks at the same time. Paid off the Chase account and used a check to transfer balance from higher card. After they received the payment and the check they decline the check and lowered my balance. All of this happened in less than two months.

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increased interest rate

In these times of recession, how can the credit card companies take such advantage of their customers!! I can barely pay the minimum payment, but I do pay it on time and they still hike the rate way an above the callof the fair act. We need to stop this type of criminal behavior. I want to be a part of the class action suit against these companies. How do I do that?
Thank you,

  • Ba
    bajaskier Feb 17, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why are you charging more than you can afford to pay?

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  • Re
    ReRe727 Feb 18, 2009

    Stop charging, and let the financial institutions know you're having trouble before it spirals out of control. If you're using your card to pay for groceries and can't pay it off in full every month, then you have been spending well outside your means. Talk to a financial advisor.

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refinance mortgage

A friend has been going thru refinance with jp morgan chase since january, with an existing mortgage with the company. There has been ongoing communication with the refinance for a few months, with glitches in paperwork that included agreement that a couple of thousand dollars would be returned to the refinancee; when papers were brought for signature, there were conflicting statements in paperwork and a request for a couple hundred to finalize the loan. There seems to be something unethical and/or fraudulent about the path of this refinance. The final act that convinces me of this: chase notifies my friend that the home is in "default" status. What is baffling about this situation is that the mortage company was informed about the refinance, the existing mortgage and refinance is the same company and prior payments to the company have been timely. Has something like this happened to others in nc. The next course of action is to contact senator and atty general, but this economy, why are these companies still bent on wrecking the lives of us comsumers. I am hopeful that there is miscommunication that can be resolved quickly in the next few days, but this has been a nightmare for a friend that has already had a stroke in the last 12 months. I'd hate for the unnecessary stress to cause the onset of another.

  • De
    DeAnn Larson Mar 03, 2009

    I have belonged to Washington Mutual for several years, and have a accounts with them. Yesterday I took in a Collections draft for mineral oil and gas lease form Montana, and I was informed that they do not do that anymore. Now I have to try and find another bank that does it. This makes it very inconvenient for me as most of our accounts are with Washington Mutual. Do you have any insight on this. The draft if from Loan Tree Energy, and what do I do now. Guess that is why you do not have all of your eggs in one basket.

    DeAnn M. Larson
    Email address: [email protected]

    We went to the Washington Mutual on Sedgwick, and Bethel in Port Orchard, WA.

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  • Di
    Disappointed in Maryland Aug 12, 2009

    I tried to refinance my existing mortgage with J.P. Morgan Chase. I wanted to combine my first and second mortgage to get a lower mortgage rate and to lower my payments. I was told this should be no problem. I jumped through every hoop they asked. I was told my loan was approved and just needed the approval of the underwriter. I did not think that was a big deal because JP Morgan Chase owned my property. The only excuse they could come up with to deny my refinance was "They did not like the bank that own my ground rent". My ground on which my property is located is only worth $2000.00. In my opinion the bank would lose money if they refinance both loans together. The second mortgage was a revolving loan, which you could never see the balance decrease. I was so devistated with all that I went through, 3 property assessments, credit reports, documentations, and going through an emotional roller coaster. I am in the process of having my mortgage refinanced through another institution, no problem.

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home refinance

I received a letter from Chase, so I called the number. I ended up speaking with Kathryn R Daigneault (a...

terrible bank

Chase bank may have possibly broken predatory lending laws by reneging on their agreements with probable thousands of customers like me who accepted their generous offer of low interest for the life of the balance card deals. They have decided that the life is up.

They offered their customers 3.9% life of the balance loans on credit cards years ago. Now, after paying for many years at the agreed rate they have changed the plan and added a $10 monthly 'transaction fee' when no transaction was requested nor accepted, which makes the effective APR go to 6.5% . A figure they felt they could live with. As min payment shrinks the effective APR rises under the new accounting. When the amount paid is $10 the addition of a $10 transaction fee will make the effective APR 100%/month or 1200%/year!

They also decided to change the min payment from 2% of the unpaid balance to 5% of the unpaid balance. They told me, in a phone call, that they could take off the monthly service charge if I sign a new contract and agree to 7%. Isn't that extortion- adding a charge and offering to remove it for agreeing to higher interest?

Consumer affairs web site is full of similar complaints from scores of angry customers. At least one class action suit has been filed against them.

Could they change it again and increase the service fee to $1000/month and make the minimum payment 25% of the unpaid balance? They must not be allowed to change the terms of the original agreement.

We need an injunction on them barring any changes to the original contract that was to be in place for the life of the balance until a court can decide whether or not is legal for them to breech the contract, by changing the payments and effective APR.

  • Pa
    Patrick Feb 06, 2009

    They got me too! I've notified the BBB about it and they forwarded my complaint to Chase. Chase responded that they can do what they want but I rejected their response. What they are doing is unethical and possibly illegal. I've also notified my state's AG but haven't heard back from them yet.

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  • Da
    daisy23 Aug 27, 2009

    I just received my statement from Chase, and my minimum payment went from $198 a month to $497. I too consolidated my debt at 3.99% interest, thinking I was doing the right thing. I have never been late or missed a payment. When I called to complain, they stated that if I didn't make the new minimum payment then my interest rate would go up probably to 22.9%. After much talking they agreed that I could continue with the old minimum payment, but the interest would go up to 7.99%. After one year at that rate it would rise to 22.% or higher. Who is to say that they won't change the terms again and again. This is so unethical. I had a great credit score and had been a responsible consumer. A class action lawsuit is needed to stop this mess.

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  • Vc
    V Crowe Sep 11, 2009

    How does a company like this stay in business? People need to spread the word better of this companies unethical practices. They seem to have no concern about keeping customers happy or keeping them at all.

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