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Resolved refinance mortgage

A friend has been going thru refinance with jp morgan chase since january, with an existing mortgage with the company. There has been ongoing communication with the refinance for a few months, with glitches in paperwork that included agreement that a couple of thousand dollars would be returned to the refinancee; when papers were brought for signature, there were conflicting statements in paperwork and a request for a couple hundred to finalize the loan. There seems to be something unethical and/or fraudulent about the path of this refinance. The final act that convinces me of this: chase notifies my friend that the home is in "default" status. What is baffling about this situation is that the mortage company was informed about the refinance, the existing mortgage and refinance is the same company and prior payments to the company have been timely. Has something like this happened to others in nc. The next course of action is to contact senator and atty general, but this economy, why are these companies still bent on wrecking the lives of us comsumers. I am hopeful that there is miscommunication that can be resolved quickly in the next few days, but this has been a nightmare for a friend that has already had a stroke in the last 12 months. I'd hate for the unnecessary stress to cause the onset of another.

  • De
    DeAnn Larson Mar 03, 2009

    I have belonged to Washington Mutual for several years, and have a accounts with them. Yesterday I took in a Collections draft for mineral oil and gas lease form Montana, and I was informed that they do not do that anymore. Now I have to try and find another bank that does it. This makes it very inconvenient for me as most of our accounts are with Washington Mutual. Do you have any insight on this. The draft if from Loan Tree Energy, and what do I do now. Guess that is why you do not have all of your eggs in one basket.

    DeAnn M. Larson
    Email address: [email protected]

    We went to the Washington Mutual on Sedgwick, and Bethel in Port Orchard, WA.

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  • Di
    Disappointed in Maryland Aug 12, 2009

    I tried to refinance my existing mortgage with J.P. Morgan Chase. I wanted to combine my first and second mortgage to get a lower mortgage rate and to lower my payments. I was told this should be no problem. I jumped through every hoop they asked. I was told my loan was approved and just needed the approval of the underwriter. I did not think that was a big deal because JP Morgan Chase owned my property. The only excuse they could come up with to deny my refinance was "They did not like the bank that own my ground rent". My ground on which my property is located is only worth $2000.00. In my opinion the bank would lose money if they refinance both loans together. The second mortgage was a revolving loan, which you could never see the balance decrease. I was so devistated with all that I went through, 3 property assessments, credit reports, documentations, and going through an emotional roller coaster. I am in the process of having my mortgage refinanced through another institution, no problem.

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Resolved home refinance

I received a letter from Chase, so I called the number. I ended up speaking with Kathryn R Daigneault (a...

Resolved terrible bank

Chase bank may have possibly broken predatory lending laws by reneging on their agreements with probable thousands of customers like me who accepted their generous offer of low interest for the life of the balance card deals. They have decided that the life is up.

They offered their customers 3.9% life of the balance loans on credit cards years ago. Now, after paying for many years at the agreed rate they have changed the plan and added a $10 monthly 'transaction fee' when no transaction was requested nor accepted, which makes the effective APR go to 6.5% . A figure they felt they could live with. As min payment shrinks the effective APR rises under the new accounting. When the amount paid is $10 the addition of a $10 transaction fee will make the effective APR 100%/month or 1200%/year!

They also decided to change the min payment from 2% of the unpaid balance to 5% of the unpaid balance. They told me, in a phone call, that they could take off the monthly service charge if I sign a new contract and agree to 7%. Isn't that extortion- adding a charge and offering to remove it for agreeing to higher interest?

Consumer affairs web site is full of similar complaints from scores of angry customers. At least one class action suit has been filed against them.

Could they change it again and increase the service fee to $1000/month and make the minimum payment 25% of the unpaid balance? They must not be allowed to change the terms of the original agreement.

We need an injunction on them barring any changes to the original contract that was to be in place for the life of the balance until a court can decide whether or not is legal for them to breech the contract, by changing the payments and effective APR.

  • Pa
    Patrick Feb 06, 2009

    They got me too! I've notified the BBB about it and they forwarded my complaint to Chase. Chase responded that they can do what they want but I rejected their response. What they are doing is unethical and possibly illegal. I've also notified my state's AG but haven't heard back from them yet.

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  • Da
    daisy23 Aug 27, 2009

    I just received my statement from Chase, and my minimum payment went from $198 a month to $497. I too consolidated my debt at 3.99% interest, thinking I was doing the right thing. I have never been late or missed a payment. When I called to complain, they stated that if I didn't make the new minimum payment then my interest rate would go up probably to 22.9%. After much talking they agreed that I could continue with the old minimum payment, but the interest would go up to 7.99%. After one year at that rate it would rise to 22.% or higher. Who is to say that they won't change the terms again and again. This is so unethical. I had a great credit score and had been a responsible consumer. A class action lawsuit is needed to stop this mess.

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  • Vc
    V Crowe Sep 11, 2009

    How does a company like this stay in business? People need to spread the word better of this companies unethical practices. They seem to have no concern about keeping customers happy or keeping them at all.

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Resolved fraudulent basis for lowering credit line

I've been a solid customer of Chase's for 12 years. We received a letter from them stating that they were lowering my credid limit (to $14, 900.00 from $20, 400) based on "Too few accounts paid as agreed"; and they quoted Experian (TRW) as the reference.
I phoned Chase, they said contact Experian, but they recommended I buy a credit card protection plan...

I phoned Experian, which recommended I get the info on line.

I entered all the info. on line, and the Experian (via stated that I had a- 797- 'plus' score, which meant that less than 1/2 of 1% of U.S. consumers have a better credit rating.

Hmmm. The letter and the decreased credit line had NOTHING to do with Experian; it could only be connected to my wife calling Chase three weeks ago and asking for a better interest rate. We have carried other amounts into their care at a good rate some years back, and now they are jacking up the rate and adding $10.- monthlys. She was told that inorder to get the rate reduced she would have to cancel the card and yada yada yada.

I called Chase again with the info. ; I was told that (the office I was talking to:Charis M, Customer Support Division, did not know why the letter was sent; her department didn't send it. She said only in writing can I contact the department that sent it. Also, I asked if it was OK to record our conversation, she said absolutely not.

  • Al
    Allison Apr 19, 2009

    Chase credit cards are the worst. After carrying a high balance due to medical expenses for approximately 6 months, I paid off 50% of the balance. Upon receipt of the payment, Chase lowered my available credit by thousands, therefore making my used/available ratio much higher which hurts your credit score.

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  • Sh
    shaco May 06, 2009

    I reccommend for thise issue to call in to customer service and request to speak to the "Portfolio Risk Review Department". They are the ones who can lower credit limits on account due to information reported on your CBR and they are the only ones that can put it back at the correct credit limit.

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  • Mp
    MPR May 07, 2009

    Chase credit cards are a bad choice... period.

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Resolved unsolicited phone calls

I took out a car loan with chase. I made my payments on time for two years. Everything was fine until the economy took a nose dive. I had no source of income my husband was layed off from his job. we have very little money coming in so I called and asked them if I could make weekly payments because It was easier for me to budget that way. they said that would be fine. my payment is 300$ I wanted to make payments of 100$ weekly, lets do the math 4 weeks x 100$ = 400$ monthly.

at first that was okay until one day I got a phone call and they said it wasn't okay and they will only deal with whole payments. so we make weekly payments until they said we couldn't anymore. In the meantime they were calling my family members harassing them and telling them I owed money on my auto loan and didn't know how to get a hold of me- that was a lie because they were calling me harassing me because I was a couple of days late on that months payment- a couple of days!

I didn't end up receiving any money for two weeks SO of course they called daily and told the person assigned to my case I would need to make the payment late but it would be made. was threatened with repossession for being a week late, next day someone different called and said that person was not my case manager and I again was threatened with repossession, so after the daily calls, the daily threats they are inflexible unruly, ignorant, and most of all rude.

I became upset with them threatening repossession and if I didn't tell them just what they wanted they would come get my vehicle. sounds like black mail to me. So as it is now I am 19 days past due on my current months payment and they again are threatening repo. With the economy the way it is and everyone losing jobs left and right to threaten everyone that has lost a job seems counter productive.

They repo tons of vehicles, ruins everyones credit, there stuck with vehicles that no one can buy at auction, seems like everyone looses, so why not work with the owners who will take better care of them? Dealing with chase auto finance has been frightening, horrible, and aggravating at best and I don't have words for what it has been like at its worst.

  • Ja
    JAIRO HUERTAS G. Sep 14, 2009

    I'm dealing with Chase autofinance in a situation like yours. I asked them to re-negotiate the term of my car loan, I offered a voluntary reposs of the car. I offered a new co-signer with over 800 fico score and they rejected everything !. I made the firts 40 payments on time, and then I loose my job because my company went into a bankrupcy. They promissed me to send me a letter letting me know where to drop the car. They lied. A month ago, at 1:00 AM they came as thieves at my home, in the middle of a pacefull night and made an scandal as nobody has idea. They towed my car, and for a month this has been a real torture.They guys who took my car did not let me take the car plates, my personal belongings. Car registration, insurance card Nothing ! I have talked to at least 1o different officers. Every time I call them, they ask me different papers.Today, Sept. 14, 2009, I have talked to 5 different employees. The last one, told me that I ruined my credit for 10 years. That I'm going to get a number, That they will sell my car in a private auction, that they will accept only the pay-off of the loan ! They will auction my car for no more than $ 1.000. I owe them $ 5.000. I'm current on my payments. I have a big problem with the Motor Vehicle Office and I have no car. This has been stresfull, is not fair, looks abusive, illegal, and this caused me severe emotional distress. Repossesion experience was a unnessary humiliation. Chase treats its customers as thieves. I never on the rest of my life will make a bussiness with chase. Not anymore !


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Resolved disaster relief from hurricane ike

Chase bank solicited my wife and I at the beginning of October offering to defer our monthly payments for two months becuase of Hurricane Ike. At first I declined this but after much arm twisting I finally said ok as I thought the extra money would Help me with my deductible on our damage. I asked if they were going to defer the payment to the end of the note and the person named Rose said that is what they thought would happen. They were going so much of this and it happened so quick, she says that they will have all of this ready when I call back on December the 13th to work out the plan. So here is what has happened.
I called back and they wanted 3 payments as per them I was past due. If I could not make the 3 payments my options were Forebearance or loan modification that I would have to qualify for (which I did). she said they would start that process and told me to call back every week for updates, which we did. I ask her about making a payment and she says don't make a payment until February 1st. I told her that would add 4 months to the note and I did not want to do this. I sent in my December Payment and it was returned. I sent in my January Payment and it was returned. I finally got through to the Analyst who was handling my modification and he says that he was not the person handling this. Jason says, is that what you want? Duh!! He says he will send it to the anlylst named Yanet. Well I call the next week to discuss this with Yanet and she is on Vacation from Dec. 26 through Jan. 14. This is sitting on her desk. I call after leaving Countless messages to supervisors, Yanet and the Disaster Relief Team and noone knows what is going on and they won't return any phone calls. Out of nowhere, I receive a phone call from Yanette on Jan. 21 while I'm at the hospital while my daughter was giving birth. She tells me that they don't want me to make a payment until April 1st. Now we are adding 6 months to the modification, did not lower the interest and now the added $15000 of forced Escrow to the back end. Total add is now at $29000.00 I paid my own escrow but they said they had the right to do this since they were doing a modification. My monthly note went from $2486 to $4300. this does not include our second lean of $1300. I ask her how many people can afford a bump like this? I told her that I wanted to pay the February and March payments. She said they will be sent back.
Now I've sold my home and cannot get them to call me back with a payoff. What a scam. Our family dealt with Hurricane Ike better than Hurricane Chase. They compounded my debt, raised my note to an unaffordable amount and won't take my payment and they did send my Feb 1 payment back. this way they can collect more interest and put me deeper.
What turned out to be Disaster Relief turned into a Disaster Nightmare. And on top of all this, they took the goverment bailout money and raised my credit card Interest rates to 24%. Wow!!!

  • Ma
    MADASHELL Mar 11, 2009

    Chase Bank does rip off people. My soon to be husband was previously married and got a house and went through a bad divorce where it ended up to Chase doing his modification. They wanted a good faith payment of 1700.00 and the monthly payments for principal and interest would be 440.00 which was great we had no problem. We sent in the good faith payment, and the first payment that was due on March 1 way ahead of time. A couple of days after March 1 we receive a collection call saying that the payment due for March 1 is 1520.00. We had no idea what they were talking about. We never asked them to open an escrow account or anything. So after speaking to 10 different people that were rude I finally got a representative that took out the time to tell me that the modification was complete but their was an escrow account open with an escrow shortage of about 700 bucks and a tax lien that was to be paid every month along with the principal and interest. Not to mention we already had our own home owners insurance that they were charging us for. I am sooo mad because they have basically quadrupled the payment without notifying us or anything. We knew that we would have to pay our own taxes and insurance but they are now demanding the rest of the payment which is stupid. We don't even know what the lien is for...or how much it is...or how long we will have to pay it? No one seems to know all of the answers. They keep transferring us to a bunch of different people...This is a rip off and is very ridiculous!!! Anyone with any ideas???

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Resolved finance charge

I have been trying to straighten out a finance charge issue for months. Mt minimum payment due was 110.00. I...

Resolved overcharged

I just found out, as apparently other have as well, that Chase is now charging a $10/month...

Resolved unfair business practices

I have had my Chase Visa Credit card since 1995. As they say, do the math: [protected] = 14 years.

On my January 2009 Chase Credit Card Statement I observed that my minimum payment amount was increased from $85.00 to $235.00 per month even though I have been paying $250.00 per month.

My account also had a Service Charge/Finance Charge of $10.00 even though I have never been late for any payment and had this account for over 10 years.

I learned that Chase was increasing Service Charges from zero to $10.00 per month or increasing interest rates to 7.99% if a customer had less than a 7.99% interest rate. The $10.00 Service Fee would be billed each month regardless of the balance including a zero balance.

I paid over $4700.00 to Chase Card Services and closed my account. It seems that Chase Card Services only wants sub-prime borrowers ...those people that can't afford to protect themselves from such criminal activity as I can.

It seems that Chase doesn't want Prime Borrowers such as myself and only want dumb consumer cows for them to herd.

Banks, Credit Card Companies and Financial Institutions need to be regulated now ...not a year from now. Also, it is my opinion that what these CEO's and Upper Level Managers need to be investigated for criminal activities by all forms and levels of government agencies.

A limit should be placed on what these CEO's and Upper Level Managers earn and they should be prohibited from purchasing stock in the corporation that they are employed with due to an obvious conflict of interest.

Additionally, people such as Madoff should be tried, and if found guilty, given a sentence of life in a real prison.

The American Public is not a group of consumer cows (as the CEO's and Upper Level Management seem to believe). We are individuals with rights ...equal to them and no less or no more.

We the American Public expect these criminals to be brought to justice and for them all to be removed from office once and for all.

I recommend that any of your readers experiencing similar problems to my own to do the following:

1. Send a written letter of complaint to:

a. The Chairman of Chase Bank
b. Your Congressman
c. Your Senator
d. The SEC Chairman
e. Makes posts all over the Internet as I am doing.

2. If possible, close your account with any bank/charge card company and do not open any new charge card accounts.

3. Attempt to keep only automatic debit accounts for paying services such as your Internet Service Provider.

4. Reduce and pay off any credit card company that you possibly can.

5. Do not open new charge card accounts no matter how enticing they may appear.

6. We need to bleed these banks to fail and tell our government to let them fall.

7. New, more legitimate banks will be created and we need to remember the names of upper level management and CEO's that are currently running these banks today and ensure that they never get a job in banking ever again.

  • Hj
    HJ22 Jan 28, 2009


    I am also having a terrible experience with chase credit card. They have the worst customer service by far! From the first contact to the so-called supervisors, they are all extremely rude. Who trained these people? Do they understadnt there role?

    This is my story...

    I paid off my credit last month only to find out later that I owed a finance fee, even though I had paid off the entire balance on my credit card. Earlier this month I called and spoke with Margaret, the only decent person at chase, who understood my situation and waived the finance fee considering that I had paid off my balance. She informed me that my next statement would show a zero balance. To my surprise, Chase sent me a statement still showing that I had to pay the finance charge and that Margaret had no authority to waive the fee. Can you believe that? I think they got mad at me because I paid up the balance in full.

    I will never make another purchase with a chase credit card. NOTE: Please do not cancel your credit card with chase, keep it but don't use it. If you cancel your card, it will lower or affect your credit score. Chase is the worst I've ever come across when it comes to customer service. They have no kind of training dealing with customers.

    DON'T USE CHASE CREDIT CARD! They have the worst service in the world!!!

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  • Di
    Disappointed Chase Customer May 26, 2009

    My situation takes this one step further. They did not send me a statement for the finance charges until after they charged me a $39 late fee on $1.61 finance charges after I paid my balance in full. The customer service rep informed me that I should have anticipated what the finance charges were before paying my balance since my charges were incurred between statements. Apparently, you have to have esp to use Chase Card Services. The rep went one step further to accuse me of not paying my bills. I have excellent credit and usually pay months ahead of time. They really need to find better customer service personnel.

    I am canceling this card, my other card, and am refinancing my mortgage with another bank. I hope the $39 was worth losing another customer.

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  • No
    notsohappyacustomer Aug 14, 2009

    The Same thing has happened to me as well. I payed the entire balance in full before the due date and the end of the cycle yet I was still charged a finance fee for the time between the start of the billing cycle to the date my payment was posted. I was furious and called their customer service department who was no help at all at getting the fees waived. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was transfered to a supervisors voice mail box where I left a calm, detailed message and as of this moment have not been called back. I plan on cancelling this card as soon as I can and have no further dealings with Chase Card Services.

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  • No
    NoMorechase Dec 21, 2009

    Chase is awful. I have been forgiving in the past and let stuff slide. I just had another run in with them and felt like I had reached a dead zone of souless beings. The people they hire must go home to their one bedroom apartments and contemplate pulling the trigger. I will be looking to join my local credit union which is long overdue.

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  • Cb
    cbudz Jul 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Chase card servicess are "with out a doubt" unethical in they're buisness practices, after a payment was 4 days late interest rate was raised to 31.99 % after sending $2000 on a $3.600 balance to get the principal lowered, they lowered my credit line to $2000 and then still charged interest on the old balance of $3.600 instead of the new balance of $1600, when I called a customer service rep, I was told that if I looked at the agreement" which is made so small that one needs binoculars to read" that it is in the contract ! consumers beware !

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Resolved late fee

I too failed to receive the e-statement from Chase Visa. I normally pay the charge on the day it is received which is about 3 weeks before due date with an e-check but no later than 2 weeks before due date. I had never incurred a late fee of any kind in my 65 years, and I have had a credit card since the 1960's when they mailed the card to you without asking. When I realized I had not made a payment to Chase I checked the site and there was the $15.00 late fee due to the $43.00 bill I had not paid and due 3 days earlier. Talking to the customer service was a lesson in futility. The best way to describe them is polite, that being an overly generous description, and indifferent, that being an understatement. I believe their hands are tied in re the late fees, and working with computers most of you know if it isn't in the system it can't be done, so I believe them. That being said if I didn't receive the statement I think they should have provisions for that at least for one occurence. I can't help but think that this is a problem that isn't a problem for THEM due to all the needed revenue it generates and I for one would have to be convinced this was not intentional in some way on Chases' part. This is a company that has been (mis) managed bordering on illegal to the point of needing federal bailout money so their credibility just isn't there, and I know mine is!! So, Jamie Dimon, if this the best strategy you can come up with to justify your $55 MILLION compensation for 2008 I would consider it stealing.

  • La
    LAF Apr 22, 2009

    Oh, late fee is only peaches. I missed payment by ONE day and got slammed with $39 late fee and my interest rate went up form 12.24% to 29.99, highest possible. How is that for treating customers right?

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Resolved service charge fee

Chase Card Services has started charging me a monthly service charge for paying my credit card bill on-time! I have a balance on my credit card that is set a fixed interest rate of 4.99%. This month, my minimum payment amount was raised from 2% to 5% of my remaining balance and I'm being charged a monthly $10 service charge fee. When I called, I was told that in order to have the service charge removed and minimum balance dropped back to 2%, I had to agree to have them modify my fixed interest rate to a higher unfixed rate! This seems illegal to me but I'm not familiar with credit card laws. Chase is basically trying to strong arm me into accepting a higher interest rate. Any advice or suggestions on what other options I have available?

  • Ke
    keith Jan 27, 2009

    Patrick, I have the same problem. I have the promotional 4.99% balance transfer rate also. Now they are charging me the $10 "service charge" and raising the minimum balance payment to 5% too. I have never been late or missed a payment. I called Chase and they waived the $10 fee for this month but in order to stop the service charge I have to change to the higher rate as well...which was 7.99%. They have received a lot of complaints in the last 2 days from their customer base. Not much we can do I'm afraid. We either find another bank that hopefully has a better rate..good luck finding one.. or pay the balance off as fast as possible. I will be closing my account once this is paid off. I've had it with chase.

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  • Pe
    Peter Feb 18, 2009

    Same here, $10 monthly service charge and 5% minimum payment. It seems Chase nowadays only cares about squeezing out cash from the old customers, even after all those billions they received from TARP. This one does seem illegal, though. And why stop at $10?

    Time to check transfers to the local credit union.

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Resolved interest rate increase

Today, I received a letter that they were raising my interest rate by 50%. Last year they offered a 'US...

Resolved promotional rate change

Like many other people who have posted complaints about Chase's unconscionable change in promotional...

Resolved chase auto=manipulative, dishonest, and bullies

I received a call today from a guy at chase auto finance...very untrustworthy and manipulative. I asked him for docs. related to my car that was repo'd (voluntarily) and sold at an auction by chase. and the tone in his voice changed!...he eventually said my 04 landrover discovery was sold for! a car that i payed 26000 for! less than 2yrs ago!..these guys are thieves and will be reported. he called to do ME a FAVOR...he wanted to SAVE me money...unbelievable. i got myself into a very very bad loan with chase auto finance and Luxury motors in illinois...these people have no morals..they are thieves that prey on people. a $26000 car, with credit score in the mid 600's was financed close to $46000 and for 7yrs...i cannot believe what i got myself in!

  • Ri
    Rich-AZ Jun 29, 2009

    I financed a 2004 Toyota Rav4 during a period when I was making 134K/yr. It was still a "pricey loan" at 11% then. AFter paying on it for several years, I suffered multiple hospitalizations/disabilities and ended up with a 42K job (which I'm grateful to have). Chase repo'd the car, and sold it at auction. Now trying to get me to pay the "balance" on the loan. Is this possible????? They have the collateral? They sold the car? I'm paying 53% of my current salary in child support, and I'm lucky to clear $616 every two weeks (child support is $809 every two weeks)!!! I rent, don't have any other means, do I just declare bankruptcy? If that's what they force me to do I guess I will, but I was beaen up brutally by the phone calls at home, work, cell threats and lots of things I assumed were illegal. This is crazy. I'm trying to get my child support reduced in this neanderthal state. I'm still paying on an emancipated child! Finally, a hearing on the 28th. We'll see, I have nothing they can take! Will a judge allow them to garnish my wages after they took the car. Also, there was a binding arbitration clause in the loan. Don't they have to follow that?

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  • Js
    jsmithee Jun 29, 2009

    Binding arbitration applies to you suing them, not the other way around.

    They sold the car at auction, and deducted the amount they got for it from the amount of your remaining balance. Someone still has to pay that remaining balance, and that someone is you.

    They don't care about what other expenses you may have, they are also an expense that you will need to fit into your budget. making that much money in the past, you must have gained at least a little knowledge of how things work. You can't just walk away from a loan.

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  • Ir
    Ireallyknow Jul 11, 2009

    I agree with Jsmithee. You signed a contract for specific terms. You also signed saying you read and understood the contract. You can't expect for them to give you money and then not recover the amount owing on the loan.

    I see a lot of complaints on here about this kind of thing. I just wonder where is the personal responsibilty.

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  • Ba
    baronjo Aug 23, 2009

    "personal responsibility"

    So does personal responsibility extend to not giving tickets to people when they speed? Should there be no enforcement of speed limits, because people 'should be personally responsible"?

    Should there be no laws for people abusing their children, because it is their "personal responsbility" to insure they're not abusing their kids?

    Should there be no laws for people abusing the welfare system, since "it is their personal responsibility" to insure they do not abuse it?

    Seems to me, there's a one sided view to people vs. govt/corporations when either of the 3 get themselves into messes.

    A person needing an auto to get to work with bad credit due to medical expenses, or other less 'practical' reasons has limited options for buying a car...the company that is offering such ludicrous terms knows full well the ability of a person to pay back extraordinary fees/monthly payments over a long term loan. Suing for the discrepancy that includes huge interest charges is immoral if the car would have been paid off from payments already made, auction proceeds, etc.

    The government gets in over its head, it just raises taxes or prints more tax payer money based on nothing.

    A bank gets in over its head, it begs money from the government and gets it, then gives million dollar raises to its CEOs who made the bad decisions in the first place.

    But it alllll comes down to the little guy, and his need for reliable transportation...he's eventually raped in a financial transaction and when he's set up to fail from the beginning there's no common sense approach to stop this cycle.

    You know what you can do with your "personal responsibility"?

    You can tell this kid that he'll have to ride around in a deathtrap on his visits to the doctor, or to school because his parents didn't want to get raped over a simple auto loan.

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  • Jl
    JLHernandez Oct 09, 2012

    Got a call Monday by someone posing as "investigator Garcia". A reverse lookup phone number check revealed the number is from the "campus Habitat" in Carbondale, Illinois. There is a huge university in Carbondale, Illinois. Why would an "investigator" be calling me from a "campus Habitat"...The initial message was just, "this is investigator Garcia, please call me at 618-319-4500 at ext. 114 regarding case # 238725. I tried to call back and did not get a live person. I was sent from the 114 extension to "dial 0" for the next available investigator. I never did get a human. I left a message. I called my local police to inquire if this as part of a scam. They had no notifications it was. So Investigator Garcia called me today at work. She said she was hired by Chase for reposession of our truck. I needed to disclose the location of the truck. I told her that my local police department advised me to get the company name of the caller, she refused stating that she was hired by Chase to repossess my truck. I again refused to give her any information and she would not relent to my request to identify what company she is with. I hung up on her. I did an internet search that alerted me to the fact that Chase Auto Finance Collections department (at least in several states) pose as police and harass people. When my husband called the collections department, he spoke with Kim and was advised our truck payment was past due (they say 73 days because they posted my last payment to "principal" and therefore it did not post properly, thus alerting that I did not make a payment.) They had left me several messages (let me just say they call, and this is NO joke 6-10 times a day from different phone numbers). I had spoken to a collections gentleman in September and made arrangements for payment; which he and I were satisfied with the plan. This lady went on to state they have me in reposession of my vehicle unless I pay $563.74 NOW, TODAY, over the phone, Not, tomorrow morning (it's 5pm here) NOW. I don't have the money until an electronic deposit hits at midnight. Nope, not good enough, I have to pay NOW. It was suggested I borrow it and call back tonight with a payment. Let me say again, it's 5 pm. My bank does not apply payments after 5 to the same day, it gets credited to the next business day. Needless to say, this lady was very unhelpful and unwilling to allow me 24 hours to get to the bank. I am a nurse and I leave at 5:30 am and get home around 4:00 pm. I have never tried to avoid my responsibility and have always paid, albeit late, but pay. The economy is bad and I just found a job a year ago. CHASE is using illegal tactics to frighten people into sending them money. Just beware!!! If investigator Garcia calls your house.

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  • La
    layzgofer Dec 25, 2013

    Dealing with loan fraud from Chase for my Mom. Chase participated in loan fraud to get a loan approved by knowingly accepting falsified documents. AS expected with outrageous loan fees, the car was eventually repoed. They claim they only got $450 for a $6700 car at auction. That's a junk yard dump price. After "fees" this only left $125 toward the pay-off, and other fees consumed that, so she got less than zero credit for repo and auction. It would have been cheaper to dump the car in a lake or set it on fire than let these Chase A-holes repo it. Incidentally they also did an illegal foreclosure on m sister, and stole 10s of thousand in equity. It's easy to abuse people in hardship knowing they have limited option in defending themselves from their standard legal scams. Chase took a large part in creating these hardships due to their greed, lack of competence or no concern with following legal requirements except how to bypass them, and no concern with responsibility on their part beyond getting as much money out of people as they can. They are proven liars and thieves in many legal cases, yet they have the nerve to get on here and lecture others about personal responsibility. Chase reps should have a special place in Hell. DO NOT waste you time trying to work anything out with their a-hole phone rep people. Just get the legal info you need. Record the calls for proof, as they often lie on the phone and say illegal things, more-so than in writing. . Force all information to be put in writing. Have a lawyer check it out against your own true information. They count on consumers not being able to protect their rights.

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Resolved fraudulent charged on a credit card

I had never received a credit card from chase #[protected] which showed on my credit report from equifax, transunion and experian that I had a 60 days late.
I already sent the complains to chase bank they said thay will send to the credit bureau to fix this problem, since the know that I had never received that card. But until now equifax and transunion still had this problem on file, even experian
Already cleared this bad item from after receiving my letter.
I thought when you did have a bad item in your credit, all 3 credit reports had them in their records, then when a bad item had been cleared from one credit bureau the others should have the bad item cleared for you too, why the did not do that,
Then you have to send to 3 different companies for the same item to be cleared?
Please help me to clear my credit for something I did not do.


Mrs tuyet nguyen 1/22/09

  • Bl
    BlueLady Mar 17, 2009

    Do not allow anyone to tell you that they will take care of your problem for you. When disputing credit charges, always, always send a copy of your complaint to the business that committed the error, all three credit bureaus and the Better Business Bureau. I found out the credit bureaus allow my contact information to be sold to anyone claiming to be a business! I found out the credit bureau is the reason why I am receiving junk mail!

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$10 fee and minimum payment due

Beware all Chase credit card holders. Starting this month, Chase is charging a $10.00 monthly service fee and...

Resolved poor customer service!

I've had several banks servicing my mortgage loans and have never had any complaints till Chase Bank took over my loan!! Their customer service is awful. They do not want to hear you out, whether you're having a problem or just needs some questions answered! When you ask the customer service rep to transfer you to a supervisor they claim there is no supervisor available. They have a tone like they are going for employee of the month all the time! In these hard times they do not have any sympathy or care in the world if you are out of work or struggling to make payments. They need to send those people back to school. If I could get rid of them as my lender I would do it in a heartbeat!!!

Resolved all departments

No wonder the banks are failing. First of all I cant imagine how they will continue to stay open since they have worthless customer service reps. Lets just say when you call their customer service line you will be hung up on, transferred, or just plain lied to. It happens that I spent fifty seven minutes on the phone trying to pay my home-equity line of credit payment unbelievable I was hung up on, then transfered and hung up on and then when I finally got to the correct person they wanted to charge me 15.00 fee just to make a payment. I normally pay my payment on line with their website but the system wouldnt allow me something wrong with their upgrade in the system. "hello" you better beleive there is something wrong with their system its called (Ignorant customer service reps and rude nasty foreign speaking and american speaking call center reps. Oh yea no need to call them they have no one they can give you to complain to and beleive me you wont get a supervisor. I thought it was pretty funny when I ask for the president of the company's email I was told we dont have internal email?? Haha everyone knows better than that one. Glad to say I am closing my accounts with them and going with another business. I am sure I wont be missed I am just another account to them.

removing name from public documents as mortgage holder

REVISED 12/30/2008-2nd Josie Harris P.O. Box 608574, Chicago Il 60660 ; [protected]...

Resolved don't pay vendors and vendors go out of business

I used to work for a company in the accounting department that was awarded a huge account with Bank One now...