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Jack In The Box review: contacting Jack via phone

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I was going to complain about store #538 that was once one of my favorite stores.

However, now I'm complaining about corporate advertising a phone number to call direct and speak to a live person with your complaint...

What BS... Dial the number and you get this recording. something to the effect of "THIS NUMBER CANNOT BE REACHED AS DIALED"...

Really great public relations Jack... This franchise used to be my favorite fast food place. Now, fraid not.

Now might as well complain about #538. I had a Doctor's appointment at 1:05 maybe 10 minutes away. I asked the lady behind the counter how long for my order I have a 1:05 Doctors appointment. Reply 5 min, ok I ordered Bacon ult cheeseburger meal. It was 12:25. Went to bathroom to clean up, AND WAITED, AND WAITED AND WAITED, at 12:45 standing at counter asked when my order number would be ready, my reply was oh here it is, it's almost ready. The bad had been sitting there all this time. I made it to my Doctor right on time, right out of elevator. My almost cold fries when I opened the bag in my car B4 leaving. Finished me with Jack. I've thrown some locations under the bus and praised others over the years, but now Jack you used to be my favorite choke and puke stop. The fries SUCKED when warmed up and the burger was actually very good over heated, cheese melted everywhere. But service absolutely SUCKED... Bye Jack...

Desired outcome: I have several Jack's around NCal that owed numerous meals over the past 12-15 years, that I'll never collect, because I probably won't return to that town or city cause the slot car track has closed..

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