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While traveling I fell upon entering a Jack In The Box location. I have received nothing but the run around from the company regarding basic medical expenses. I have to complete medical treatment before they will consider my claim. I do not have the resources to pay for the medical tests that the doctor has ordered. The person handling this matter will not return my telephone calls.

It appears that the only way to get any help is to talk to an attorney. My is a simple request. My medical bills are under $100.00 at this point, but the company refuses to even talk about this matter.

If this is the way Jack In The Box treats their customers - maybe they should have fewer customers


  • Cy
    Cynthia Perez Aug 23, 2008

    I wanted to let the Mangager know of Employee theft
    I witnessed in a Houston Location on FM 1960

    Keep a look out

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  • Ty
    Tydude May 20, 2009

    I'm sitting in a jack in the box typing this on my iPhone. I came in and the place is a mess. Trash all over the floor. As I approached the counter to order a strong odor of cigarettes was coming from the kitchen area behind the counter. I ordered my sandwich and the when I got it it was completely different. I looked at my reciept, and apparently the cashier just typed in what she thought I should be having instead of what I ordered. The emplyees are now just sitting at a table in the dinng area having a hilarious conversation in Spanish. The place is still filthy. Chairs are tipped over.

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  • Bo
    Bonnie Smith Aug 31, 2009

    Dear Jack,
    I am truly upset by your latest commercial where everyone takes off their clothes. I take my family to your establishment, but not anymore. You have just lost me as a customer . I am encouraging everyone I know to boycott all the Jack in the Box stores in St Louis. Clean up your act and I may come back.
    Offended in St Louis.

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  • Pa
    passbynow Jun 07, 2010

    I went to a Jack in The Box in the City of Whittier on Telegraph Rd. I was mistreated immediately as usual by the manager. He makes the statement that he does not need someone like me at his restaurant and infringes upon my rights by calling nearby businesses and telling them that I should not be hired. He made a statement to me that those were his actions against me. Bad News Manager!

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  • Di
    [email protected] Dec 06, 2010

    I ordered tacos, and about three minutes after i ordered, six young ladies came in and ordered. They received their orders before i did and some of them ordered tacos like i did. They were gone by the time i received my order and then Jack in the box did not have my order to go and no taco sauce. Your employee do not pay attention to what they are doing. I don't blame them for flirting with the young ladies; however they must also thing of the other paying customers. I will never go back to Jack the slow pokes again. JACK IN THE BOX #805 LOCATED AT 303 SAN PEDRO, SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, 78212---210-223-5954

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  • Ph
    photographer girl 1975 Dec 08, 2010

    What's with all the sexually suggestive commercials? I thought for sure after the first one there would be complaints and they would stop. Now I have seen several different ones. I usually change the channel as soon as I see it's coming on before my kids get a chance to watch. It's ridiculous.

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  • Ml
    Mluzb Dec 28, 2010

    Jack in the box has awful service. I took my sister to spend the gift card she received for christmas. They ordered at an automated machine, and they canceled because they thought they made a mistake when the machine said card pending. The machine went back to the main menu and it took their money. The manager didnt give them their food and refused to help. They told them they had to call the card company. My grandfather had to bring them back home empty handed. After arguing with some evil supervisor named Marianna from corporate I finally got their money back.After all of this, the part that got me fuming was her unapologetic smug attitude. She even said it was my sisters fault. Never again Jack in the box. I have been a loyal customer for over thirty years, but not anymore. I am starting an online campaign against you and how you treat your customers.

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  • Je
    Jengerv Apr 17, 2011

    The jack in the box on Magnolia and LaPalma in Anaheim Ca., has absolutly pushed me to the limits of my patience. The first time that I went there, I ordered my food, it was correct on the little screen at the menu. I got home to find out that my order was completly inacurrate. The food that was recieved was so horrible that we were unable to eat it. We attempted many times to contact the restaurant to rectify the situation with no avail. Just this evening my husband and I were running errands and decided to stop at the same location. Once again hoping that last time they were just having a bad night. Once again we ordered and after fighting with the woman on the other end who didnt speak a WORD of english nor did she understand the simple things that we were asking for...everything was correct on the little screen. We recieved our food and realized when we got home that once again we recieved the wrong order. It was truely inedible. It smelled burnt and completely rotten. My husband I and tried for quite a while to contact the restaurant, if you can call it that. we finally reached someone who was reluctant to give us any information as to who the manager was and explained to us that there was no supervisor in the restaurant until tomorrow. She then hung up on my husband as he was trying to ask her for a number to talk to someone about the service we have received now twice. The phone line has now been tied up for over an hour. We walked into the restaurant and the phone has been left off the hook.

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  • Vi
    Vicki4141 Dec 01, 2012

    I don't usually do this but your store in St. Louis MO on Lindell at Sarah (JIB#4122) was so bad on so many levels. There was a couple in front of me who ordered 6 tacos and a burger, myself, then a couple after me (and there was no one in the drive thru). The first couple began to complain about the wait and then were given part of their order (they were 2 tacos short) and returned the sandwich because it wasn't what they ordered. The couple who came after me was apparently related to the lady taking orders. They began to complain and got their order (which consisted of 2 tacos, fries and a sandwich). I had ordered 2 tacos, fries and a soda for there. I finally went to the register and was given a sack with my food in it. While I was standing at the register waiting for my meager order a woman had come in ordered, got her order and left. The table I sat at as I watched everyone else get their food and waited for mine was filthy. When I stood to finally go and see about my order I stuck to the floor to the point that I could hear each step I took. It appeared that there were 3-4 people in the kitchen working (semi) and the person taking orders. I simply don't understand this kind of service as there was absolutely no excuse (i.e. overwhelming crowd or such).

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  • Je
    JessicaL34 Feb 24, 2013

    I can agree with the service on Lindell Blvd in Saint Louis, Mo. I have been going there for many years at different times of the day and I can say that out of probably 50 times I have been there I have only had 1 good visit and that was because the manager at the time had took my order. They have for the last 5 years I have been going there they are always pulling the cars in the drive-thru to save on their drive-thru times I assume. I have been asked to park on the side or pull in parking spot every time but once, and when they bring out your order they forget who's is who's, I always have to run back in because there are no condiments(even when I ask for hot sauce, ketchup etc.. ) its never in the bag and half of the time I get the wrong order. Today I stopped in at about 6:45am before work (had to be at work at 7am right around the corner). There was a sign on intercom in drive through stating to pull to window intercom is broken, I could heat someone speaking but couldnt understand, so I pull around and noone, NOT NOONE came to window nor did I see anyone in the store from where I was in the drive-thru, I sat there for almost 10 min but had to leave so I wouldnt be late for work, needless to say I came to work hungry this morning, I came to jackn box because mcdonalds was playing the same game of not answering the intercom and they are supposed to be 24hrs...Whats going on with fast food restaurants on Lindell Blvd?????

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  • Ej
    ejc213 Feb 22, 2014

    I was a regular customer of a nearby jack in the box. i normally order breakfast jack's with mayo. The store raised the price from .99 to 1.19. thought it seemed strange but did not think much of it until i went to another nearby store and the price was .99. i made this my new store and ordered breakfast jack with mayo and now the price is raised to 1.19.

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  • Sa
    Sadie19 Jun 25, 2014

    I have been going to Jack in the box for MANY years now. I know what I like and how I like it. Apparently, Jack in the box at Francis and Division, in Spokane, WA, prides itself on hiring people who are not only deaf, but dumb. I have been there 3 times, and all three times, today being the last, I was not at all impressed. The first time was on my way to work, so no time to go back and get my order corrected. I had ordered a Jacks Spicy Chicken, with cheese, add ketchup. I even asked the girl to PLEASE DONT FORGET THE CHEESE. Well, I was certainly charged for it, but never got it, or the ketchup. The second time, all I wanted were tacos. That's it, nothing fancy. I got my tacos. I got my cold, rubbery, inedible tacos. At that time I SWORE I would never go there again. So today, again, on my way to work after leaving the Dept of Vehicle Licensing, I was hungry, and dang it if that Jack in the box wasn't the closest thing. So I decide I would give it a shot. I ordered a Ultimate Cheese burger and a medium drink. As I am creeping closer to the front of the drive through, the car in front of me gets its order, 1 bag, 1 drink. I thought the guy was taking a while to check his order out since it couldn't have been much in the small bag. Then I see the bag and the drink being passed back to the drive thru girl. After a bit of conversation between the customer and girl, a larger bag, with a larger drink gets passed back to the guy in front of me. Apparently happy, he pulls away. My Turn! But I had a sneaky suspicion, that it was MY order that had been given first, rifled through, then passed back. AND I was right. When the girl told me the total and expected me to pay, I asked her if that was the same bag that had been passed back and forth. And judging by the multiple grease marks on the bag, it had been. So that told me that the guy in the car in front of me not only handled my food, but unwrapped it to check it out, and they were going to now sell it to me. I told them never mind and drove away. I never complain about things like this, but 3 times, in a row, of poor service is ridiculous. sorry for the long story, but it had to be told!!

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  • St
    Stephen Parson Sep 30, 2015

    my name is Stephen parson and I been coming to jack in the box for 10 plus years and this it the first time I had to deal with rude people they acted like it was my fault that they got my order wrong I don't know it im more mad that they got my order wrong or the fact that I want all the way home thinking it was just like I order I cant eat onions and they put them on my food gave me the wrong order and acted like it was my fault

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  • Al
    Aleze Apr 29, 2016

    I purchased 10 taco's at the Jack In the Box on Bonnie view Road and I-20. They served me old tacos, just opened them up and stuffed them with lettuce and sauce, plus they were cold. The burgers very dry with very little sauce and the meat is very dry as well. I Have experienced this on a number of times. I let them no that the burgers are dry and ask for extra sauce but it seems like they are on a very tight budget or something. the food has become very poor there. food cost tooooo much to be old and dry. on this day of SICK OF IT. APRIL 28, 2016. I really wonder do these bad comments really matter to the owner to fix it or it don't matter, you still make your money either way it go. Fed up customer.

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  • To
    tom65464 Jul 01, 2016

    my name is Tommie posemato #2142082741. I stop at store # 155 in Greenville tx all the time I'm so tired of the ones working the drive up window that seem to have trouble speaking and understanding English they are constantly getting my order wrong. I like jack in the box very much but if this continues I will have to consider finding elsewhere to eat.

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  • Gi
    GingerTea Marie Feb 01, 2019

    This morning I visited my local jack n the box. Been for years. Today there was a woman walking passed my car in the drive thru area. it startled me since perris is crime infested and she came out of no where. I drove thru trying not to hit here as this drive thru is made for cars not employees trying to clean the drive way. This location on perris blvd location #136 is the only one where they have employees walking thru the drive thru making it difficult to focus and sometimes scares a person not expecting this. why 9am in the am. clean ur drive thru when customers are not present. I asked for manager rude employee name: on receipt Shivani said its her job i said it scares your customers for someone to walking behind or on the side of our cars. there is crime here and i didn't feel safe. the RUDE lade said well that is her job and oh well. i asked for the corporate/3 she said i don;t have it. i demanded the number or supervisor she then gave me this number 800-378-5225 gave me my change and said don't throw the change at me. I asked her to repeat that i was amazed i never thought of doing that! this place is rude and i won't go back there we need to feel safe and that someone is concern for our safety folks getting killed and robbed in drive thru. i am not happy and after all that my food was cold i didn';t trust your employees to even eat it. drive thru #136 date visited 2-1-19 at 9:08 in the am. she should not have a JOB there RUDE RUDE RUDE #263 107 503 913 65 coupon code 525 U SUCK JACK i took a screen shot and left my info on your survey line

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  • Gi
    GingerTea Marie Feb 01, 2019


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