Honda Motorservice

I was promised the world when I bought 2 brand new crv 2018. My car has an issue with the AC and after only a few hours after dropping off at service they tell me to pick it up that the AC is fine and that I'm the problem because I drive the car on eco mode and that's how it works with the fan going up and down by itself (not on auto) and with the car scolding hot from the sun the vent speed stays on minimum regardless of pressing the fan to max. I told them why has this never happened to my identical crv or why if I stop and turn the car on and off for 4-5 times it usually starts working well again. Since the car is under warranty and it's free they barely looked at the car and since it did not duplicate the issue then it's my fault and come get your car. It occurs sporadically about 75% of the time but since they won't get paid since warranty they treat you like an idiot and blatantly tell you it's your fault for driving on eco... and that all Honda's hace this AC issue when driven in eco but they add extra insult by printing you a guide of eco driving function for us to learn how I'm the problem. Since they sell lower income cars it doesn't mean lower income people are ignorant. They should respect people buying $20, 000 cars or $100, 000 cars equally. I have to work on Monday but I can't use my car because the AC will most likely fail again because it's a Honda??? Thats what the AD should say about Honda cars on Eco. I want to get rid of my two Honda's but not sure if I have to tell buyer that AC does not work on eco??? I should have never stopped by a Honda dealer. Amazing disrespect

Sep 28, 2019

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