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2:25 am EDT
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Honda Motor Honda vezel

Hi, I have buy your Honda vezel from Singapore parallel importer. I buy this car in 1st March 2023 and now the car has a big problem. The problem is that the hand break pump given problem and the workshop has no spare part as this is the newer model. Could you kindly advise? The car has been in the workshop for 1 week already. Hope you can respond to this email-: [protected]

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4:55 pm EDT

Honda Motor Navigation system charge to update

I own a 2016 Honda Civic Touring four door. It has about every possible option beyond the full list of extras that are standard on this model.

My complaint is the ridiculous charge to update the navigation system. I have tried to get College Park Honda to upgrade my system for years. They tell me that I must bring the new s/w with me because Honda doesn’t supply them. I’ve tried to do it myself, but now it will cost me anyway. What, don’t we pay enough for the device. My friends can just updated their aftermarket units for free. You have made the system so extensive and difficult and time consuming it is no longer something that can be accomplished in less than a few hours. If Garmin can include it in the purchase price so can Honda. My system won’t work without WiFi when seeking an exact address, because it requires internet access to look up information. I buy a top of the line Civic and Honda decides to money grub the owner which means I have very limited access to navigate my car from place to place. That’s shameful. The very least that should be available is a dealership that isn’t to cheap to provided the s/w. At least if you’re going to rob customers you should have the tools to provide the service.

Desired outcome: Free navigation updates, or at a minimum, be able to do the job if charged

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10:43 pm EDT

Honda Motor No Stock for spares in Australia

Hi Team,

Hope you are doing well.

I would like to raise the concern for unavailability of spares of HONDA, in all over Australia.

Spare : 15826RNAA01

Just a simple gasket with mesh.

I have been calling most of the dealers (Honda). Pathetic condition and do not even clearly know when is the availability of the stock.

For a reputed company this is was really unexpected outcome.

The iconic model of all year Honda civic have no spare in Australia.

Please do the necessary. Ultimately we customers are suffering.


Desired outcome: Please stock most of the spares in Australia for Honda.

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8:57 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Honda Motor Manufacturing problem and offered Customer service


I am Jeeves Ragaven, the 2nd driver of Honda City PNY 6327, which is initially under my dad's name. Lately I have been facing multiple issues with my car and as I bring it to the service center, in the beginning they give me irrelevant reasons such as the noise is due the things i kept in my car but it was eventually from the dashboard.

But during my last service in February, I told them and they said they fixed it but I had to bring back the car the next day due to the sound. The sound still exists and the previous week also i have brought the car and the same things repeated. I can't be doing this over and over again. This has been going over and over again, every single time after the slight changes in car within days the sounds occur again.

Worse cases are when the sound occur in the same day, as I have to rush back to the Service center the next day. No relevant actions have been taken and the last solution they gave was that it is the manufacturing defect and we can’t be doing much about the sound. If its manufacturing defect and they themselves declare that it is the manufacturing problem and I need compensation for that.

And lately as day by day, the sound is getting worse. When I currently bring back my car to be fixed for the sound, the technician said he could not identify the problem. He himself said it's a manufacturing problem and I can't do much about it. He keeps saying he couldn't detect the problem, and we can't do much.

I have been send my car back and forth since 20 000 mileages approximately, I am slowly losing the trust and reputation I had for Honda Cars and its company. I believe Reputation and good service is mostly priorities in Japan, Could the authorities help me to solve this problem once and for all. I could not find better ways to express my worries and feelings when your dream car which I have spent my savings on is now causing so much problem which is classified under poor manufacturing. When I can't be dealing with temporary solutions as I need the car to travel far for my job which I'm still under probation.

The technicians keep doing the same thing and I have to travel all the way to deal with the same problem. Even now on the coming 17th of July 2023, I have to send my car to the Service center as I have a new issues joined with the old issues. There are weirder sounds coming from both front doors while driving nor waiting for the traffic light. Even after text drive, the technician still claims that they only can fix the sound they hear 1st.

The problem is when too many passengers are in the car the sounds are reduced due to capacity and body weight, if single driver the sounds are very loud, clear and stronger. No companions were given for the money and time I spent while facing this problem yet there is no final reason and solution found. My family and I are very disappointed and unhappy on this issue.

I need a quick solution for this before things get worse, hope you will consider and help me with this matter. Do us contact me via (Ms. Jeeves [protected]), (Mr. Ragaven [protected]) and (Mr. Siva [protected]) Thank you and Good Day.

Desired outcome: Have major service checking of the car, compensation for the trouble or replacement

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8:01 pm EDT
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Honda Motor 2023 honda accord sport

I purchased a 2023 Honda Accord Sport from Garcia Honda in Albuquerque NM. The vehicle had a front-end issue where it would sway from left to right on the concrete interstate. I took the Accord to the dealer to have the vehicle check out. The service tech told me that it was normal for the Accord to sway back and forth as though I was turning the steering wheel rapidly from left to right. The whole vehicle would rock, My wife could feel it and it would upset her stomach. I made several calls to different front-end shops here in Albuquerque and they just confirmed what I already knew. It was not normal or safe to drive this vehicle. I contacted Toyota, CarMax and Garcia Honda, all were willing to buy the car for $30,000.00. I paid $32,338.00 for the Accord. I decided that I would steer away for the Accords. I highly considered a Camry or a Rav4 but decided to stick with Honda. I purchased a 2023 CR-V EL from the same Garcia Honda Dealer in Albuquerque, I feel that Honda should have refunded the total amount that I paid for the Accord since there was a safety issue with the Accord. I feel like I was cheated out of $2338.00 since the car was defective. I ended up paying an Additional $6505.00 for the CR-V. I am going to contact the Inspector General and the District Attorney's Office and file a formal complaint against Honda.

Desired outcome: Refund the $2338.00

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2:17 pm EDT
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Honda Motor Concern regarding unprofessional conduct at a honda certified branch

Dear Honda Canada Customer Support,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to bring to your attention a concerning experience I recently had at one of your Honda certified branches. As a long-standing Honda customer, I have always appreciated the quality of your vehicles and the customer service associated with the brand. However, my recent encounter has left me disappointed and concerned about the professionalism displayed by your certified branch (Destination Honda Burnaby).

On February 4th, 2023, I visited Destination Honda Burnaby in Burnaby, BC, Canada, with the intention of purchasing a 2015 Honda Accord coupe. Upon inspecting the car, I was pleased with it and obtained the inspection report and Carfax report from the salesperson, which indicated that the vehicle was in perfect condition. During the purchase process, I was informed that the car would be polished before I took it home to restore its shine and improve its overall appearance.

However, upon the day of delivery, I was disappointed to find that the promised polishing had not been done. Additionally, I noticed that the front passenger headlight was not properly positioned due to a damaged clip, although the manager later addressed this issue. Furthermore, there was a noticeable difference in the gap on one side of the hood, specifically the passenger side, compared to the other side.

Despite reviewing the Carfax report, which confirmed the car's clean title and no previous accidents, I decided to inquire about its accident history prior to finalizing the purchase. The salesperson assured me that the vehicle had never been involved in any accidents.

After approximately a month of ownership, I started noticing issues specifically on the right passenger side, such as unusual noises and the car pulling to the right when encountering potholes. Concerned about these problems, I decided to return to the dealership in the hope of receiving reliable assistance and guidance from their trained professionals. Unfortunately, my experience fell far short of my expectations.

Upon bringing the car back, the dealership checked it without providing me with a report and confidently claimed that there was nothing wrong. However, when I insisted on the presence of the noise, their behavior took an unprofessional turn. They began exchanging looks and laughing while dismissing my concerns, insisting that the car was in good condition.

On May 27th, I paid a visit to Destination Honda Burnaby to address an issue with my vehicle for the second time. The manager had approved a second inspection to investigate the matter further. During this inspection, they informed me that the problem was related to the passenger side control arm, which needed to be replaced.

This news came as a surprise to me because I had only purchased the car in February, and the inspection report at that time indicated that the control arm was in good condition (marked as green). Naturally, I requested that Destination Honda Burnaby take responsibility for the issue since the vehicle was relatively new, but they refused, claiming that I must have caused the damage and there was nothing they could do about it.

I explained to them that I hadn't driven the car extensively, as I have been primarily working from home. I also expressed my suspicion that there might have been an existing problem with the front right side of the car when I bought it from them.

To gain a second opinion and double-check the situation, I decided to take my car to Canadian Tire. To my astonishment, their inspection revealed that the report provided by Destination Honda Burnaby was inaccurate and that the control arm was not the issue. Instead, the certified mechanic at Canadian Tire determined that only the front ball joint needed replacement, followed by a wheel alignment.

Filled with frustration, I returned to Destination Honda Burnaby to inform them of the conflicting assessment. As I arrived, one of the managers approached me and asked if he could assist me. I began explaining the situation and attempted to present the Canadian Tire quote. However, he rudely interrupted me, saying, "Oh, don't bother showing me papers. I don't care about that quote!" His unprofessional conduct and disregard for my concerns were deeply upsetting, and he even went as far as to accuse me of lying.

I regret to inform you that I have once again encountered a disheartening experience with the professionals or service providers at Destination Honda Burnaby.

I would like to outline the specific issues I encountered during my visit:

Lack of Respectful Communication: The staff members at the branch were dismissive and unhelpful. They seemed disinterested in addressing my concerns and did not provide clear explanations or solutions to the problem I was facing.

Inadequate Product Knowledge: The individuals I interacted with appeared to have insufficient knowledge about the Honda vehicles and their associated technologies. As a result, they were unable to provide me with accurate information or assist me in resolving the issue effectively.

Delayed Response and Poor Follow-up: Despite requesting an update on the progress of the repair, there was a significant delay in receiving any communication from the branch. When I attempted to follow up, my calls were consistently ignored or not returned promptly.

Overall Unprofessional Behavior: The conduct of the staff members during my visit was unprofessional, including inappropriate language, lack of courtesy, and a general disregard for customer satisfaction.

I believe that such unprofessional conduct not only reflects poorly on the specific branch but also affects the reputation of Honda as a whole. As a loyal customer, I have always held Honda in high regard for its commitment to customer service excellence. Thus, I feel compelled to bring this matter to your attention, in the hope that you can take appropriate action to rectify these issues.

I kindly request that you investigate this matter thoroughly and take the necessary steps to address the unprofessional conduct exhibited by the staff at the mentioned branch. Furthermore, I would appreciate your guidance on how I can have my concerns addressed and my vehicle serviced in a professional and satisfactory manner.

I understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise in any business, but it is crucial that customer satisfaction remains a top priority. I believe that by addressing and rectifying these concerns promptly, Honda Canada can keep its reputation for outstanding customer service.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I trust that you will take the necessary actions to resolve these issues and restore my faith in Honda's commitment to excellence. I look forward to your prompt response and a satisfactory resolution to my concerns.

Please find attached the supporting documents for your reference. Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Rayan Moussa

Phone number: (+[protected]

Address: 1005 Ranch Park Way, Coquitlam, BC V3C 2G9

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12:05 pm EDT
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Honda Motor Peeling paint on mirrors

I have a 2017 Honda civic hatch and have issues with the paint that peeled off of both mirrors, not to mention air bubbles in the rim of the windshield. I contacted a Honda dealership and they put a claim in for a warranty issue since all over the internet this is happening to other civic owners. My claim was denied, but others online have been filed and got theirs either painted or replaced. How can the paint be peeled and chipping after only 6 years and less than 80k miles? HONDA, this is not a new issue, multiple owners are complaining about the paint peeling and not being right on their cars. How are you not helping your consumers?

Desired outcome: Replacement of mirrors or repaint

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5:33 pm EDT
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Honda Motor Part needed is unavailable indefinitely

12/19/22 2015 Honda Accord was in a minor accident. We are needing Part No:78875-T2A-A80 to complete the repairs. This part does not have an ETA. Each month the completion date gets pushed back from the body shop. I was given #5 out of 26 on the critical back order list in late April of 2023. Today I was told #13 on the backorder list. We are making payments on a car that has been in the shop since December 2022. I have called Honda Customer Service 5/5 and 6/5 and I am still waiting for my case to be assigned a case manager? I always thought Honda had great Customer Service. We have owned numerous Honda’s. I do not think I will purchase another Honda or recommend Honda to anyone considering the way this has been handled.

Desired outcome: I would like the part ASAP so that we can use the product that was purchased.

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2:08 am EDT
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Honda Motor Unable to provide required parts

My car is a 2022 acura rdx, which is currently in production and sale, and there are no parts available.

My car was sent to the maintenance factory for maintenance on January 30th, and the delivery of one of the airbag controllers was delayed, which was postponed to March 15th.(Control module - #77960TJBA04)

Then I waited until March 15th, which was again delayed to April 13th. I went to the website of acura and reported this problem to them. Their manager told me that my order ranked 13th at present and asked me to continue to wait. I waited until April 13th, and they gave me another delay until May 8th. Their case manager told me that my order was currently in the third place. It will be on May 8th soon. I contacted their customer service to ask whether the goods will be delivered. They told me that the order would continue to be delayed and they gave me an extension of 6/8. I'm just waiting for the airbag controller, without which my car won't be on the road, and I still have to pay my monthly insurance and car loan. They can't turn out three parts in a whole month for a business this big? They are producing and selling cars every day, but ignoring the after-sales service. I really can't accept it. All my plans are disrupted. They delay the delivery time and time again. I don't know if it's because I'm Asian. Discriminate against me, I hope you can help me, I really waited too long.

Desired outcome: Supply the required parts and send them to the body shop

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4:43 pm EDT
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Honda Motor Estero Florida Honda

I took our 2021 Honda to Estero Honda for service. I should have known that they have all the service records for our car since I was responding to a recall. I was sold a four wheel drive transmission fluid change that I didn’t need as this was now the 19873 mile point of service when I returned home and checked, I discovered that this service had been done by the dealer where the car was purchased in Ma. At the 15,000. Point of service. This dealer and the service person had to have known this since the had my service records.

Desired outcome: I want a refund of the charge for a service not needed. I was up charged unscrupulously, knowingly and inappropriately.

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Update by T n sever
May 04, 2023 4:45 pm EDT

I hope this is an authentic website.

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11:17 am EDT
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Honda Motor 2007 Honda Civic

In December 2022, after only driving 2 miles, my Honda Civic overheated. I immediately drove to the closet repair station which was Good Year Tire.

I was told about the engine crack and with my many tears they agreed to try to help me by adding "Blue Devil" which may help. I was told to continually check the engine and add antifreeze as needed, which I do. I have had other cars during my lifetime, and this has never happened to me and, I am extremely disappointed with Honda at this point!

I am no longer able to drive more than the 2 miles to shop or work as I am deathly afraid of being stranded on a highway.

I email Mr. Jeff Conrad twice in April 2023 and now it's May 2023 and I have never received any response from him. I find this extremely unprofessional.

I would like to know if Honda can repair this problem.

I appreciate your time in handling my concern. Thank you!

Desired outcome: I would appreciate a response from you and again, I thank you for reading my complaint. My email is: [protected]

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10:01 am EDT
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Honda Motor 100 month battery warranty not honored

My 100 month battery died. I was told that I had to purchase another one even though I had only had it half of that time. I was told that I bought the car not the battery therefore there was no prorated cost to apply, I had to purchase a new battery.

Reasoning: “many factors can affect the life of the battery, but when you buy a car, all the batteries are 36,000/3 year.” my response to that was “even if they say 100 month battery on them”? His response was “yes”. Nothing about that made sense to me. I asked: “what’s to say that this battery is going to last, is it not warrantied for 100 months?” his response: “if you buy a battery then it is warrantied for that amount of time, but when you buy a new car, no matter what the battery says on it, you bought the car, not the battery”. Again, this did not and still does not make sense to me. If a battery has a warranty that warranty should be honored and I feel a customer should be completely reimbursed through a new battery or probated cost at best. So I then informed him :”so then honda is technically giving false advertisement on batteries”. I will not repeat his response.


Desired outcome: prorated cost returned or complete reimbursement of the cost of battery I paid for

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Herbert Woodbery
, US
Aug 28, 2023 11:23 am EDT
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You bought a new Honda… a new Honda battery warranty is 3 years/36k miles whichever comes first. If you bought a replacement Honda battery then the warranty on that battery is 100 month (3 years free replacement) then it is prorated after that….

10:41 pm EDT

Honda Motor Honda financial services


Honda Financial Services is breaking the Covid19 executive order preventing auto repos until May 11, 2023! I work for the State of IL IDES and am off work per my doctor since 8/2022 for severe stress after all at work bullied, mobbed, and dumped all the work on me for almost five years while they sat and talked and ate all day! That is what caused me to get sick. I was working all the OT too and driving two hours round trip to the office in Effingham IL do 60-70 hour weeks! Treated me the same in the Mt Vernon IL offices too and another single mother. I am twice widowed.

They also denied my workers comp and disability while I am off to have had 0 income for six months. I still paid my car payments halfway through Dec 2022 and have paid them for the last five years the car will be paid off in Oct 2023!

Now Honda Financial Services has padded my account for $1000 in repo fees and marked it as a repo! Five days ago my payoff was quoted as $5,413.00 by Cedric and today Whitney in the Irving Texas office quoted it as $6,233.06 and said it could change! She was threatening and intimidating a government employee as were the bullies she sent to my door and the others I called who were verbally rude and abusive, all also lied about everything, with different answers and amounts from everyone, one would say all was fine, the next was sending people to try to take my car. I have filed complaints with the CFPB, FTC, and IL Attorney Generals’ contacted Pritzker, Biden, Durbin, and numerous Republican reps Bost, Miller, and Weideman, left messages or referred and have not helped!

No one is doing their job, no one is enforcing the laws and Honda Financial is breaking the laws by trying to repo my car and committing fraud by padding my bill! I need your help! I can’t even leave the house due to all of it! Please contact them and deal make them cease and desist all repo efforts and harassment, remove it from my account and my credit report, remove the fraudulent and illegal $1000 in repo fees they padded my bill with, and fine them! My credit is ruined due to all too! I cannot get a loan, have no savings left, cannot get a credit card, and cannot refi! They have also negatively affected my and all four of my parents and stepparents health who are in their 80s and 90s and have had cancer and put our lives in danger due to keeping me from being afraid to leave my home with their threats of repo and intimidation and harassment of a government employee!

Desired outcome: Cease and desist all illegal repo efforts and harassment, remove it from my account and my credit report, remove the fraudulent and illegal $1000 in repo fees they padded my bill with!!

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10:18 pm EDT

Honda Motor Owner's Manual Service Manual

Just purchased a WRV in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Can you explain to me why there is no Owner's Manual or Service Manual included with the car. Told I would get both in both Thai and English "three or four days" after purchase. Seven days later, discovered no such books exist in Thailand either in Thai or English. All other models have such books. If the cars have been available for five weeks now, the books should be included and "we don't know when the books will be available" is not a satisfactory answer. Why would you offer for sale a car that doesn't allow the buyer to understand how the car operates? Why would the salesperson first indicate that Honda Bangkok first indicated a three or four day delay and, then, after the sale indicate that the books do not exist? Shame on Honda! Moreover, perhaps Honda Japan can send me an Owner's Manual both in Thai and in English as promised to me.

Mark [protected]

Desired outcome: I need the Service Manual and Owner's Manual both in Thai and in English - immediately is preferable.

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3:05 pm EDT

Honda Motor Major services done by Honda service centre in UAE

Dear General Manager of Honda headquarter

I would like to draw to your kind attention that i had a bad experience with Honda service center in Abu Dhabi - Umm Alnaar, and want to rais an official complaint due to the poor services i had express while brough my vehicle last month for major service and some minor repair for the breaks and gearbox, moreover i been charged around AED 8,500/- expecting normal results and good services, wherein iafter collecting the vehicle i noticed a light error indicators on / off in the dashboard which is a new issue never occurred before bring the car to Honda service center ( Attached photo for clarification).

i was dealing with the Service advisor called Sharief, after few week i managed to visit the service centre to rectify the issue, and i been told that the modulator assembly of ABS system got damaged and need to be replaced.

however i was expecting professional practice's and services to rectify the damaged caused by the technical team in Honda service center, however i met the manager in charge to express my discontent due to the negligence of the technical team and the service center approach and attempt to evading responsibility against the damaged caused to to my vehicle, and i been told i must pay around AED 6,000/- to replace the damaged modulator assy.

based on the above mentioned brief, im seeking your support to handle my complaint in efficient manner and to do the needful in thus regard.

Looking forward to receive your favorable response.

Best regards,

Razi Swied

☆ Vehicle info: Honda accord 2014 ( V6)

plate No. AD 13 / 32165

Mobile: [protected]

Email: [protected]

Desired outcome: Rectify the damaged part caused by the technical team of Honda service center in UAE - Abu Dhabi

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10:51 pm EDT
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Honda Motor False advertising

Hello my name is Ernest Conley and I recently financed a car from lia Honda in Albany Ny about 5 to 6 months ago. I still owe a ton of money on my Honda accord 2020. My reason for contacting is because I trusted Honda when I saw the ad about the Honda I purchased, I literally purchased the car thinking the car had all the features the ad said it did which is apple air play, power everything, etc. I signed the papers without test driving car and now I’m unhappy because the ad was false advertising. I have the most basic Honda that doesn’t even have power seats. It was supposed to have remote start also but it doesn’t. Then when I contacted the salesperson who sold me the car about the features not matching up with the ad I was told the ad is done by third part so it’s possible to be inaccurate. That’s a crazy excuse. I’m so frustrated and confused and I need help from higher up’s in this situation. Don’t get me wrong I like the car but I would love it if it had the features the ad said it did. I’ve contacted the general manager of the dealership as well as sales managers about this situation and no one has reached out. I wanted to go to the news about this but I wanted to make sure I reached out to everyone I could before I start shining bad light on anyone. Honda is great, it’s just this sale didn’t go great. Please help me . Thank you and god bless

Desired outcome: I would like the vehicle that has the features the ad said it did. I’m very disappointed with this vehicle

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2:53 pm EST

Honda Motor I bought a 2017 honda ridgeline 17,800.00 before tax including tax over 20,000.00 and i paid cash

brought the truck in for a recall and inquired about my remote not locking the tailgate my saleman and 2 other empolyees tried getting it to work but could not so my salesman order the part i needed to get it to lock my appointment to have everything done was 03/08/23 at 7:30 a.m. then i was told that i had to pay for the part and the service to fix what never work and to top it all off my saleman told me i should have ask before i made the purchase because it was never working acording to him 03/08/23 if i had none it did not lock i would have never purchase it i wanted wanted the truck keep my sales item i sell and not have to unload to and from everyday no i did not get the lock fix because i understood honda would pay for it since it was not working when i bought it i had enough cash to make purchase on another truck with a tailgate that locked but your saleman tried to makle it work and after i got there to get it fix i was told the tailgate never lock

Desired outcome: i would like to get the remote lock on my truck they ordered if not i will always feel i was scamed and did not fully get what i paid number is [protected] email is [protected] my name is Theresa Gilmore

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2:29 am EST

Honda Motor Repair of 2015 honda accord sedan


January 29th 2023, at 0800

I took my car to Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos CA because my car would not pass the smog test. My car entered service at 0800 and I waited for it until 2:45 pm and ended up leaving it there . My car was in service for four days and had an additional 197 miles added to the odometer and they drove out a full tank of gas ($40.00) during that period. I was never called or updated on the progress of the repair until I call the customer service manager (Kevin Harris). I was the then told (Feb.10,2023) that the computer in my car had failed and the part needed to be ordered but was on back order. I was told that the part was to arrive on March 6, 2023, and that I would be contacted. That was today, I have not been called regarding any delays or arrivals of the part. When I got my car back several things were not working ie. Power mirrors, Car Alarm. I had the alarm repaired. ( $75.00). My car is still under warranty, but I can't seem to get the Super Store to fix my car in a timely manner. I have asked to be texted or called with any information as to when to bring the car in for repair. I have not gotten any information. My registration has been paid but I am still unable to drive my car without the tags. I have been without transportation for almost a month and have made 2 car payments on a car that I cannot drive. I would like to know where I can get information regarding this part or another Honda dealer that can fix my car. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You Ms. A White

Desired outcome: I would appreciate an investigation into this matter and an expeditious resolution.

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1:28 am EST

Honda Motor 2016 honda crv awd navigation - please read not a complaint

Hello, I have a 2016 Honda CRV AWD. Recently the screen on the audio navigation system began flickering and scrambled. I checked with the major Honda dealer here in Quezon City Philippines. They informed me the cost to replace the unit would be approximately P300K (about $6K US) they told me the part number is 3901TONP61. Is this right $6k US? I asked them if I were to get a replacement unit from the USA could they update the software to Philippine maps, they told me software update is unavailable, is this true? Hoping you may have better news than what has been told to me. Thank you My vin number is MRHRM4830GP020014, device #94XXP042, Application Ver.1. E301.10

Desired outcome: Hoping I can still get the part, and not for $6,000.00.

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11:00 am EST
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Honda Motor 2018 honda pilot ex-l

I have a 2018 Honda Pilot EX-L. We are located in Jacksonville, Florida and the dealer we are working with is Honda of the Avenues. A problem developed with the car requiring a Keyless Access Module. The Honda dealer as well as the service advisor have been excellent. We have been told the part will not be available for approximately one month. This is February 14th 2023 so we are looking at a possible date of availability of mid to end of March 2023. So, when you are a two-car family with both people driving in different directions everyday how is you supposed to do with only one car? The part is covered under the extended warranty, however, Fidelity refuses to offer any sort of assistance for a rental car. I have never experienced anything like this with any car I have ever owned. If Honda continues to have problems like this with parts availability and more and more people are inconvenienced like this, I am sure people will think twice before buying another Honda product. I am very unhappy with the car and more so Honda.

Desired outcome: The desired outcome would be for Honda to offer some kind of assistance with a loaner car or a rental.

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Honda Motor In-depth Review

Company Overview: Honda Motor is a renowned automotive company that has been in the industry for several decades. With a strong global presence, Honda is known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Product Range: Honda offers a diverse range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, motorcycles, and power equipment. Whether you're looking for a reliable family car or a thrilling motorcycle, Honda has a product to suit your needs.

Quality and Reliability: Honda has built a solid reputation for producing vehicles that are known for their exceptional quality and reliability. Their vehicles are built to last, with rigorous testing and quality control measures in place to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer Service: Honda is committed to providing excellent customer service. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff are always ready to assist customers with any queries or concerns. Whether it's during the purchasing process or after-sales support, Honda strives to exceed customer expectations.

Innovation and Technology: Honda is at the forefront of automotive innovation and technology. They continuously invest in research and development to bring cutting-edge features and advancements to their vehicles. From hybrid technology to advanced safety systems, Honda is dedicated to enhancing the driving experience.

Environmental Sustainability: Honda is committed to reducing its environmental impact. They have implemented various initiatives to promote sustainability, such as developing fuel-efficient vehicles, investing in renewable energy sources, and reducing waste in their manufacturing processes.

Pricing and Value for Money: Honda offers competitive pricing for their vehicles, providing customers with value for their money. With a range of models and trim levels available, customers can choose a Honda vehicle that fits their budget and offers the features they desire.

Reputation and Brand Image: Honda has established a strong reputation and brand image in the automotive industry. Known for their reliability, performance, and innovation, Honda vehicles are highly regarded by consumers and automotive enthusiasts alike.

Safety Features: Honda prioritizes safety and equips their vehicles with advanced safety features. From collision mitigation systems to adaptive cruise control, Honda vehicles are designed to keep occupants safe on the road.

Performance and Efficiency: Honda vehicles are known for their impressive performance and fuel efficiency. Whether you're looking for a sporty driving experience or a fuel-efficient daily commuter, Honda offers a range of options to suit different preferences.

User Experience and Comfort: Honda vehicles are designed with user experience and comfort in mind. From ergonomic seating to intuitive infotainment systems, Honda ensures that drivers and passengers enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Maintenance and After-Sales Support: Honda provides comprehensive maintenance and after-sales support for their vehicles. With a network of authorized service centers and trained technicians, customers can rely on Honda for regular maintenance, repairs, and warranty services.

Dealership Network: Honda has a wide dealership network, making it convenient for customers to find and purchase their desired vehicle. With dealerships located in various cities and regions, customers can easily access Honda's products and services.

Online Presence and Digital Services: Honda has a strong online presence and offers various digital services to enhance the customer experience. From online vehicle configurators to virtual showrooms, Honda leverages technology to provide customers with convenient and informative online interactions.

Comparison with Competitors: When compared to its competitors, Honda stands out for its reliability, performance, and overall value for money. While each brand has its strengths, Honda consistently delivers on customer expectations and offers a well-rounded package.

Overall Rating and Recommendation: Based on its strong reputation, commitment to quality, and customer satisfaction, Honda Motor receives a high overall rating. Whether you're in the market for a car or motorcycle, Honda is a brand worth considering for its reliability, innovation, and excellent customer service.

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