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11:57 pm EST

Honda Motor Honda Accord 1.5 TCP

I am very frustrated as my problems are never ending with the new Honda Accord purchased in May 2022. I purchased Honda car for the brand reputation which is known for quality and a trusted brand. I am an existing Honda owner (BRV) so I purchased a second Honda car due to the brand loyalty. However, this is no longer true with the new car I purchased. This has caused me to spend more money and time as well as mental stress. I had to travel many times to the service centre and spend so much money and time as well as taking days off from work to solve this issue but still not resolved.

Honda Accord is sold at premium price in Malaysia and is the highest priced Honda vehicle in Malaysia. Chasis number is in the attached invoice.

14 May 2022 - Purchased and collected Honda Accord with plate number BQX3105 from Sumber Auto Edaran dealer in Malaysia

9 June 2022 - First service for the car

23 July 2022 - The car key was not working and I had to change its battery. How can this happen just 2 months after buying the car?

6 September 2022 - Appointment made and brought the car due to I have a knocking sound on the rear part of the car during driving and brake pedal noise. The service centre is Kah Motor Puchong. The service advisor mentioned that the sound is caused by the rear seat lock (child seat) knocking and they have adjusted it. The brake pedal was also adjusted

9 November 2022 - I have brought my car with plate number BQX3105, Honda Accord, to mileage service and raised two issues. Firstly, there is a squeaking noise in front each time the car is driven on a speed bump. Secondly, there is a constant knocking sound on the rear part of the car when we drive the car. This sound was also complained about during my first service. The service centre is Kah Motor Puchong.

9 November 2022 - The service advisor said that they might not be able to do an inspection during servicing and I may need to make an appointment for checking. I called Honda Malaysia Customer Service to report about this and then the service advisor agreed to check the issues. The service advisor mentioned that they have adjusted the lock and also told me that the squeaking sound is caused by the car seat and they have adjusted. However, the squeaking noise was still there when I drove back home and on a speed bump. On the same day, Honda Malaysia customer relation officer, Mr. Nasri, called me and spoke about this issue. I have also further highlighted paint finishing issue to him but he suggested to handle this issue with the car dealer where I purchased the car since below 6 months. He suggested to have a test drive with the technician at Kah Motor Puchong to clearly identify the issue. Kah Motor made an appointment for test drive on 15 November 2022. At the same time, I was asked to go to the showroom dealer, Sumber Auto Edaran for the paint issue on 22 November 2022.

15 November 2022 - I went again to Kah Motor for the test drive and the technician confirmed he can hear the same noise during driving. After further checking, the service advisor claimed that the issue is due to the low arm on the right side of the car. He mentioned that they need to submit a warranty claim to replace it. The replacement was completed upon warranty claim

27 November 2022 - I reported on car body paint and finishing issue to Sumber Auto Edaran for inspection but was informed that all Honda cars assembled locally having the same issues.

16 January 2023 - Upon few weeks of driving after the low arm replacement, I have observed that the same noise is still heard while going up and down speed bumps. As Kah Motor could not give an early appointment and also due to past bad experience, I brought the car to Honda Banting Star. The technician checked and informed that there are absorber issues and need to submit report to Honda Malaysia

26 January 2023 - The service advisor called and requested to bring back the car as Honda Malaysia requested to retake the video for front absorber issue.

27 January 2023 - I brought the car back to Honda Banting Star and had to leave the car there to be collected on next day.

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9:16 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Honda Motor Honda overcharging labor

On 1/7/23, my Honda vehicle was serviced by the Honda Rosenthal dealership in VA. 1st I was disregarded by 1 associate because of being a Hispanic woman & previously asked questions in a prior service appointment. I was left waiting for over 15 minutes to complete check in. After checking in late (time after my scheduled time at 8am) because of bad associate service, I was provided an estimate of about $550 for oil change, change in transmission fluid & change in transmision fluid. I was told that it would take about 2 hours wait.

At 9:15am, the Representative assigned to me called me to discuss the inspection completed, stating that the break pads for the front were in red color and needed replacement, that the estimated cost was $547. He said that the rear break pads were in the border line to become 3, and he gave an estimate of an additional $597 for the rear break pads. I requested a AAA discount, and he said the only thing he could do is provide $50 discount, so instead of $597 it will be the same ESTIMATE of $547 for the rear break pads. I was told that it will take an extra 2 hours. No description in detail about the charges were provided at the time, meaning no labor cost, parts & others were shown or described or itemized. Only the amount was disclosed as an estimate for the change in break pads.

After researching in several sources, including HONDA dealerships, the MAXIMUM amount to charge for replacing the break padsn, for the type of Honda vehicle I've, should be a charge is $357 per axel; the average in the VA area is $232; this includes labor AND parts.

When receiving the bill and questioning the total LABOR CHARGE of $1,242.46. The Honda Representative stated that the Labor rate was $175 but they charged based on whatever the system says. The Honda Representative also confirmed that only ONE individual work on the car.

I asked if there was a manager to talk to, and I was told no that nobody else could assist me. It is convenient that NO Manager is present to discuss the items and to OBLIGATE the customer to pay for the charges otherwise the customer could not get the vehicle back. There should always be a Manager preseny;but nobody wanted to assist.

I was obligated to sign 2 different copies showing the $1758.89 total charge prior to be able to get my vehicle. Otherwise, I could not get my vehicle back... I asked for the contact information to discuss the situation with the Manager on Monday, and I was given the business card of a new Service Manager.

The bill also included miscellaneous charges of $78.99 for a job not disclosed/described.

I contacted the Service Manager via email & requested a call for Monday 1/9/23. No call was received on that day but a response, indicating that the situation will be investigated. On 1/12/23, on a call with the Service Manager, the Service Manager went on a tangent about how great the Honda Service is for my vehicle, talking about a prior incident not in question or related, how many machines will work in the vehicle & time stamps supposedly a team complete when working in a vehicle. The Service Manager did not address any of the questions & did not support the charges. No refunds or adjustments were provided. The Service Manager requested to write back with a different request... After responding, no acceptable or reasonable resolution has been provided.

Per many sources, the labor rate for dealerships nation wide will range between $45 to $170, maximum $180. Labor rate in a dealership is a rate fee for the time work on the vehicle not per item work on the vehicle. Since the rate of $175 labor rate was confirmed, why Honda is charging 7+ hours on a vehicle that was worked on less than that? Would Honda hire a mechanic that takes 4 hours to replace break pads? It is my understanding that the change in break pads should take less than 2 hours. If the machine takes 4 hours in changing pads, how efficient truly is the machine & how the service provided by Honda is better than others? Is Honda re-inventing the definition of labor rate & charging extra because the items are required for safety issues taking advantage of customers? If the car was only worked on for approximately 4 hrs why the excess charge?

Estimated charges must be adjusted for actual. Just because a system says something, it is not a supported reason for charging the customer as everyone pleases. The system should allow for adjustments as necessary. Honda Representatives should disclosed ALL charges itemized instead of providing the charge as an estimated total cost for break pads or just 1 big figure. The dealership

or the Representative should provide options for the customer to be able to make a well informed decision. Services & items not disclosed should not be charged to the customer. The pre-authorization should be for the items discussed in detail, not undisclosed items. Honda Representatives or Associates should not discriminate because an individual is woman and should provide equal treatment.

I've taken my vehicle to Honda dealerships believing in the brand's reputation. It is dissapointing to experience that the brand is taking advantage of customers because of missinformation or undisclosed information.

Desired outcome: I want the dealership to refund the miscellaneous charges & the extra time of labor it is charging (at least $400 back). I do NOT want a credit to the particular dealership on future service.

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10:17 am EST

Honda Motor CRV 2019 MY 9494 Malaysia

Dear Mr. Hironobu Yoshimura,


I sent my car MY 9494 HondaCRV 2019 mileage 33 k on 18/12 to HZN service and collected the car the same day

The car did not move form 18/12 On 27/12 all the sensing system as blinking and the car was sent back to to service Centre The mechanic asked me to change the battery which I did

Subsequently the problem persisted at the worshop where they called me in early January saying the front camera spoilt

They have informed me that the part will arrive on July the second 2023

I have requested for a courtesy car failure which I will take legal action

This is a HONDA It’s getting worst than BMW

Honda is a reliable car Japanese cars are reliable

Kindly please investigate this as 6 moths ridiculous





Desired outcome: 6 months is to long for warranty

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9:32 am EST

Honda Motor Maintenance charges

I purchased a 2022 Honda hrv November 2022 from Fox Motors Auburn NY.

I had the Maintenace done for 5K and 10K (without the 4-wheel brake calipers service) I was told by one of the Fox motors service clerks it wasn't really needed.

I fell behind due to covid and was late on getting the 15K service and took my car in on 1/4/2023 to get it done at that point I had 19,343 miles so the grouped the brake caliper work that I declined on the 10k Maintenace schedule the 15K and the 20K Maintenace all together for a bill of $509.68. At that time JoAnne the clerk at Fox motors advised me that I needed to get all work done for my warranty to stay effective. I asked her to have them review my brakes to see if the calipers were rusted and did I need to pay all the additional money. When the job was competed, she said everything was in great shape with my brakes a tiny little rust on the calipers (why would there be any rust on a brand-new car)

After reviewing my maintained menu I have a hard time accepting that my bill would be so high on a new car.

Desired outcome: i don't believe all this work was necessary to keep my warranty active. I would like the work done to be reviewed and acknowledged it was a condition of my warranty to be performed. i would like refund

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5:00 am EST

Honda Motor I have got a fake Mail from Honda Motor Company. Ltd.

Yesterday on the date 03-01-2023, I have got a mail from (Nit Agg Acc) to bcc: me. mail contains the following information.

File Honda Motor Company. Ltd.

Cain Road, Bracknell,

Berkshire, RG12 1HL,

United Kingdom.

Congratulation we are happy to inform you that your Email ID has been emerged as one of Honda Lucky

winners for the Year 2022 which you were the sixth position winner among the 20 lucky winners. (Your

Honda Batch Code is HD/06/22UK).

You are hereby advice to contact our Honda Claim Officer Mr. John Edwin on ([protected] to get your Claims of £600,000.00 (Six hundred thousand, Great Britain

Pounds Sterling), a Mini Microsoft computer (laptop) and Honda I-vtec 2020. You are to contact our

processing officer to guild you on how to claim your funds and your Honda i-vtec 2020.

1. NAME: _


3. AGE: _

4. SEX: _





8. STATE: _


Contact processing officer email:- [protected]



CEO UK Honda.

Office line: +44 (87) [protected]. — I want to congratulate you In Advance and Please Do Not Forget to Help the Poor in the Society When Honda Company

Makes You a Beneficiary Of their World Wealth. name: TFS. Global — . dot, THis

Desired outcome: I would like to know whether the information is REAL or FAKE, why I am getting Mails like this Please help me. If it is FAKE please inform me .Thanking You

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4:45 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Honda Motor Product - Activa 125 cc disc model

I have purchased Activa 125 cc disc ( Top Model ) in September 2022. In just 3 months, the silencer came out of my scooty while driving. What kind of scooty is this. The top model is of such low quality. And now i am stuck in rudrapur just because in none of the showroom the silencer is available. I need to wait for 15-30 days in order to get it replaced. I am totally dissatisfied with the service and the product. To be honest, this is the worst scooty i have ever seen in my life.

Desired outcome: I want a new silencer within 3 days. Otherwise a new scooty....

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10:44 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Honda Motor CRV 2013 using too much oil

For the last year my CRV has been using oil, what started has needing a quart before new oil change has gone to needing oil every couple of thousand miles. I no longer feel i can trust the car on trips cause of always watching the oil. After checking on line i see this is problems for several model years. This should of disclosed up front since it is a known problem when i purchased the car. I want to see the oil problem fixed since it is a issue with Honda.

Desired outcome: Fix the car

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9:43 am EST

Honda Motor safety issue

I am writing to you for your help regarding driver side power seat. All positions work except up and down button, stuck in low position. Can't drive very far now, too low, which is a safety issue. Purchased this 2016 Honda Pilot Ex-L new. Having only 54,000 miles I feel that there should be a goodwill credit. Dealer quoted me $2000,00 for the seat assembly with labor and tax could be close to $3000.00. It's probably a stripped internal plastic gear. I also own a 2022 CRV I purchased in April of this year making it the 3rd new Honda I've owed in 12 years.

Desired outcome: Please let me know if Honda would be willing to help with cost. When you can't adjust driver seat it becomes a safety issue.

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10:06 am EST

Honda Motor Known defect for VTC Actuator on Honda 2014 CRV but have to pay for repair!

I purchased my Honda CRV new back in 2014 from Honda on Grand in Elmhurst Illinois. It currently only has 63,000 miles. That is way below what it should be considering I only drive to and from work which is 15mins away. I keep the car in good shape by doing regular tune ups. One day going to work, it started to rattle and shake violently and shut down. I couldn't restart it and I was stuck in the middle of the street.

I contacted the dealership and told them about the issue, and they told me to bring it in. (I didn't not even get an offer from them to tow it to the dealership for me)

At my expense I had to tow it to the dealership. They diagnosed the vehicle and told me that the timing belt was stretched out and would need to be replaced at a cost of about $2000 with labor. They also, said the VTC Actuator had to be changed. Now I know there is a bulletin that was out in regard to a defective VTC Actuator for my car model, that causes the belt to stretch out as in my case. I mentioned this and they said to keep your receipt, as they do not compensate for that.

Ok, so here I am stuck with an unexpected $2400.00 cost. To make things worse, on the way home after paying for the work, my engine light came on. The next day I took the car back and they told me it was some type of emission sensor and was going to cost $200. They said they were not going to charge me for the labor as I had just spent a lot of money. (Well, I guess something is better than nothing) Kinda curious why this was not diagnosed in the initial check-up.

I am very upset about all this and will probably be considering another brand in the near future.

Desired outcome: I would like Honda to compensate me for this defect (VTC Actuator) because it is a cost burden I should not have to pay for.

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10:14 am EST

Honda Motor Honda pilot / honda customer service

On October 19, 2022 my 2020 Honda Pilot with less than 30,000 miles spontaneously stopped working leaving me stranded at work. It was necessary for the vehicle to be towed to the nearest Honda Dealership - O'Donnell Honda in Ellicot City MD. The vehicle sat at O'Donnell Honda for 5 days during which time we called to find out what might be wrong with the car and the service representative stated they were busy and trying to get to it. They denied a use of a loaner car despite the car being under warranty and the prolonged wait for assessment. They stated, "we don't have any and usually only give them to customers anyway. "I asked what we were, if not a customer with our car in their service department to which I did not receive an answer. On October 24, 2022, we finally received a call from the service repetitive who informed me that there was a catastrophic failure in the computer system, and it was "thought" that the Keyless Access Control Unit needed to be replaced. We were told this may or may not be the answer, but it is where they needed to start but that this part was on backorder, there was no estimated delivery date, and it could take months. We were once again denied a loaner or assistance with covering a rental despite my pleas that i need a working vehicle for my job and my children. I was told to call Honda of America at [protected] to open a case and see if they could assist with obtaining the piece sooner and a loaner. I spoke with Carla on 10/24/22. I attempted to open a case. She asked for the name of the part, the part number, the order date and order number. I offered her the service representatives name/contact information as he would be the expert on what was going on, but she insisted I gather the info myself and call back. I once again called the service tech and gathered the information. Called back, got a different Honda of America rep and was asked where the part was ordered from which I would have no idea of that information and shared that. I was told a case would be opened and a case manager would call me back in 1-3 days. I asked again about a loaner or rental as this had now been 5 days that I had been struggling with getting to work and my children where they need to be to which she stated she was unable to help and I had to wait for the case manager. On Oct 26, we finally spoke with the case manager from Honda of America - Alfredo. He reviewed what we already knew but stated that the part was put on "critical" backorder status and was expected to arrive at the service center Nov 8, 2022. I asked about a loaner or rental assistance and was told that Honda of America is not obligated to assist with that. He told me he would have to call the service center to confirm they also denied us a loaner despite me telling him directly what they said and that would take a day or so. I stressed that my car was not only under warranty, but less than two years old and less than 30,000 miles when this occurred and that the service center stated they have not seen such a catastrophic malfunction and that it had to be something defective, but Alfredo was insistent that there was no assistance. I once again stressed how this malfunction of an almost new car has negatively impacted my ability to do my job and get my children where they need to be, and he said it was not Honda's issue to deal with. He did state that we could rent a car at our own expense and then submit after for "possible" reimbursement as they will review a case after on a case-by-case basis, but he would not say what percentage of cases were actually reimbursed.

Alfredo called again on Oct 27 offering us a pre-authorize and one time only $250 toward a car rental. I explained to him that even looking at discount sites, $250 would only pay for four days and asked if I could request again after the four days and he said no this was a one-time only offer because if they authorize it again, they could get into having to authorize it again and again until the part came in to which I said, yes because my almost new Honda had a manufacturing flaw that caused it to malfunction leaving ME stranded and unable to work and now it is THEIR difficulty obtaining pieces that is making it impossible for me to function in my life and they are unwilling to assist a customer who has bought my last 4 vehicles from Honda. Alfr4edo stated once again that it was not Honda's policy to assist with anything other than fixing a car even if the process was unusually delayed due to supply issues on their end. The service manager called me on Nov 3 asking if I had heard anything. I told him the part was expected Nov 8 to which he stated surprise as he had not heard anything from anyone. I had assumed Honda of America would have called the Honda service center they had talked to previously to update them, but again, no communication. Nov 8 came, and we received no phone call. I finally called the service center at the end of the day to be told the part did not come in and was not expected. I called Alfredo at Honda of America and was told the part would now be delayed "until at least Dec 8, 2022" I asked him again about a loaner or rental assistance as this was going to be at least a month longer and it is making it almost impossible for me to keep working and getting my children where they need to go and he stated that the only thing that was or could be authorized was the original $250, but if we used it that was all that would be offered. I stressed again that $250 would only buy 4 days and they were telling me at least another 30 days with no guarantee the part would come in then or that it was for certain the part needed to fix my car. He was unwilling/refused to help me connect with a supervisor or anyone else who might be able to discuss the issue with me.

I am struggling. Without daily access to a working vehicle and an uncertain end time to the wait for parts that may possibly fix a catastrophic manufacturing malfunction, my ability to work and provide for my family has been significantly negatively impacted and it has been almost impossible for me to do the daily things I need to do in my life and Honda has not offered to help in the least despite the manufacturing malfunction and delays being on their end and no fault of mine whatsoever.

Desired outcome: A loaner or rental assistance guaranteed so I can get to work in order to provide and care for my family.

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7:35 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Honda Motor Purchased an ATV as new. Had shifting problem. Unable to fix while in Warranty. Even in extended warranty and 6months later still not fixed.

I will be brief as possible. Why isn`t this ATV subject to all lemon laws. It went in to be fixed Jan 31, 2022 during the warranty period the warranty date rolled around March 3, 2022 (beyond 30 days prescribed by law). The repair effort continued because it was still not working properly. Discontinued efforts by the Dealer and Honda in June of 2022 but the ATV was still not working. Why won`t American Honda recognize the obvious violation of the Magnusson-Moss Act The representative says that they did identify the defective part means they won`t abide with the Lemon Laws. According to the Dealership and a factory representative was tore down as far as necessary. This is something between American Honda and Motorsport Dealership and not me. There are more details from letters in the possession of you Service Mangement Team and a person named Ray.

Desired outcome: Refund of all payments made to American Honda. Total of $6,138.50 and the cancelling of contract

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5:50 am EDT

Honda Motor Honda civic 2022 oriel 1.5 turbo

Complaint regarding honda civic model 2022 1.5 oriel engine no. (L15BG7911689) chassis no . (NFBFE1655NR001694)


I have received above mentioned vehicle from sahiwal honda motors toward invoice no.(9253228) order no. (SA2-[protected]) Deposited the amount (56,60,500)rs upon bank lease customer no. ([protected]). Copies of above mentioned documents are also mailed to your office . Just after completing about 1600 km the above mentioned vehicle become out of order and shown following indicators. I have visited all your concernees but they aren’t ready to hear my voice hence i left no option to submit mail to you . Please pay heed and resolve the above mentioned problems. i am in perplex mental condition due to above said fault.


Ahmed bakhat

Contact No. [protected]

Cnic : [protected]

Desired outcome: Resolve my problem under warranty

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2:46 pm EDT

Honda Motor Not resolving my issue under warranty and very unprofessional behaviour

I got civic 2022 1.5 oriel .1600km driven under full warranty. Bought the vehicle in june . Then suddenly one day all caution signs show up on display. (Abs problem VA problem power steering problem and hand break button stopped working) . After such incident i visited honda gateway lahore to get rid of the problem. There behaviour was quiet inexperienced & unprofessional. They refused to resolve the issue by saying “we don’t got any professional to deal with your problem”. Afterward i visited township honda lahore and sahiwal honda showroom but all in vain.

Its my humble request please pay attention to my matter . Its been 2 weeks i have been wandering here and there .

Desired outcome: Resolve my issue under warranty asap.

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Update by abaid ullah
Oct 24, 2022 1:40 pm EDT

Pay attention asap

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1:34 pm EDT

Honda Motor 36803-TWA-A27 front distance sensor /adapter control

This part was order in March 2022 and my Case # is [protected]. I have been waiting still on this part and this have not been resolved. I understand delays, but I don't understand this type of delays. Likewise, I'm paying for insurance and monthly payment on a car that I can not drive because of this part. Not only that, but I call and file a claim 2 months ago and thought that it would be taken care of that I was priority. Sadly I did not receive my parts last month, and it looks to be the same again this month? How ridiculous it is to be paying for a car for months and not be able to drive it. I purchase 2 cars from Honda, but this will be the last purchase I will ever make if I can't get this part.

Desired outcome: I just what my part that was order.

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7:54 pm EDT

Honda Motor Howdy Honda Service Center (5519 E Ben White Blvd Austin TX 78741)

I am submitting a complaint against Howdy Honda Service Center, located at 5519 E. Ben White Boulevard Austin TX 78741, due to repairs not being completed.  


The issues pertaining to this complaint involve a series of events and other issues/repairs which I will also detail below as an attempt to provide you with ample history and background regarding this experience. 


Per Howdy Honda Service Advisor’s (Anthony Thorpe) verbal explanation of the most recent estimate, I paid $1,818.50 for 3 parts to be replaced:   — AC Clutch, Coil, and Compressor

Per the Service Advisor’s verbal explanation of the repair estimate, the estimate included 5 hours of labor. Surprisingly, they were ready to return my car to me in 3 hours; however, the repair work was not completed. 


After the repairs had been allegedly completed on 07/22/2022, and before driving home with the car that same day, I asked the Honda Service Advisor (Anthony Thorpe) if the Repair Technician had test-driven the car to ensure that the car had been successfully repaired and the work completed without issue. Mr. Thorpe responded, “I don’t think he test-drove the car, but he probably just let it idle for a few minutes”. 


Not only did the Repair Technician not test-drive the car, but I was not allowed to test-drive the car until after I paid. After I made payment, I asked the Service Advisor to join me for a testdrive around the parking lot to ensure that the work was completed without issue.  


Please note: this was my fourth return trip (including two tows) to Howdy Honda in the course of 24 days due to an unending string of issues I found each and every time after they allegedly made new repairs, and after I had already paid, and after I had been allowed to drive the car home over and over again without a test-drive. Because of the incomplete repairs and non-stop new issues, this time I asked the Service Advisor (Anthony Thorpe) to join me for a quick testdrive around the lot before leaving the dealership.  


I started the car with Mr. Thorpe in the front passenger seat, and as soon as I turned on the AC, there was a loud whirring/vibrating/buzzing sound that had not previously been there. Mr. Thorpe acknowledged the sound and attempted to detach the glove compartment box so he could take a look and detect the source. He was unable to detach the box so I suggested we

drive it back to the service check-in for further investigation. He agreed.  


The Service Advisor and I immediately approached the Manager (Donald Sparks), and we asked him if he could assist in troubleshooting the sound, as it had not been there before. He reluctantly entered the vehicle and after I described the issue and the whirring/vibrating/buzzing sound the Service Advisor and I had both just heard, Mr. Sparks refused to acknowledge that

there was even an issue, and became defensive stating, “it’s not anything we did.”   


After a few minutes, the whirring sound started up again. Mr. Sparks stated, “it’s not that bad.” I questioned it further and Mr. Sparks flippantly asked, “Are you sure that sound isn’t the people standing outside the shop talking?” Again, I pointed the sound out to Mr. Sparks and this time he said “it’s your blow motor slowing down, stopping.. that’s normal”. I reminded Mr. Sparks that

the whirring/vibrating/buzzing sound we were hearing was not there before. Mr. Sparks argued, “we never touched anything” and “you don’t know your own car.”   


Honda products are great products and with great care, they can last a very long time. I am very conscientious when it comes to keeping up with my car maintenance, and I have been a loyal Howdy Honda customer for the past 12 years. While I am not a mechanic, I pointed out to Mr. Sparks that it’s my understanding that the drive belt not only keeps the engine running

smoothly, but that it also transmits power to a car’s peripherals — including a car’s air conditioner/compressor, water pump, alternator, and steering pump. It’s also my understanding that it’s possible that during replacement of the drive belt that these peripherals can be accidentally damaged. Mr. Sparks continued to dismiss my concerns with “It wasn’t anything we did” “, “you don’t know your car”, and “your car is old”.  


Finally, Mr. Sparks agreed to have the Repair Tech take another look at the car while I waited. Mr. Sparks returned shortly holding the cabin filter in his hand. He stated that the cabin filter was dirty and because there were bits of debris in there, it was causing the whirring/vibrating/buzzing sound from the blow motor…”because I parked under a tree”. While I can acknowledge Mr.

Sparks’ comments about debris on the blow motor, if my cabin filter needed replacing, Honda Express Service would have advised me to change it (as they have in the past) during my lastmutli-point inspection in April 2022.  


More importantly, Honda had my car in and out of the shop for 24 days and other than the catalytic converter initially needing to be replaced, the car was not in need of any other repairs and was not making that whirring/

vibrating/buzzing sound from the first time I brought it in —   so I found Mr. Sparks’ multitude of excuses and explanations presumptuous, absurd, irresponsible, and unethical. 


Since Mr. Spark insisted that the whirring/vibrating/buzzing issue stemmed from a dirty cabin filter, I asked him if he would kindly replace the cabin filter while I waited, and he agreed. According to Mr. Sparks, the new cabin filter would resolve the issue.  


Once the cabin filter was replaced, Mr. Sparks and I started the car up and the whirring/virbrating/buzzing sound started up again as soon as I turned on the AC – proving that the problem was not caused by a dirty cabin filter, as Mr. Sparks previously stated. I asked Mr. Sparks what the Repair Technician said upon rechecking the car, and Mr. Sparks replied, “he said there’s nothing wrong with it.”  Mr. Sparks went on to insist, again, that “we never touched

anything” and “you don’t know your own car.” 

It’s important to note that the Service Advisor (Anthony Thorpe) who had initially acknowledged

that the car was indeed making a new whirring/vibrating/buzzing sound, was nowhere to be

seen and had disappeared. I walked inside the shop and asked Mr. Thorpe to hand me my paid

invoice, to which I added an addendum in my own handwriting above my signature which

states: “I, Amalia Terrazas, do not accept the car as is, as there is a sound coming from the

vehicle that was not there before the AC clutch and coil were replaced.”  


Ultimately, Mr. Sparks refused to acknowledge that the car repairs I paid for have not been completed as promised. As all the other previous times, Mr. Sparks refused to acknowledge that there was even an issue, and instead remained defensive and unwilling to make a goodwill attempt to troubleshoot the problem and complete the repairs I paid for. 


To provide you with a history and proper context, please allow me to provide you with further details pertaining to the sequence of events that led to this dispute, as follows:  


Allow me to begin by saying that as each issue arose, I called the Service Advisor (Anthony Thorpe) immediately to report it and to see what we could do to get it looked at.  As each issue arose, I also followed up by with the Manager (Donald Sparks) to see if perhaps the Repair Technician could take another look to confirm that the work had been successfully completed.

My concerns about the ongoing issues were continuously dismissed and consistently met with “It wasn’t anything we did” “ and “your car is old”. Instead, the Service Advisor (Anthony Thorpe) continued to give me new estimates for more repairs, more parts they had to order, and more

labor charges.  


On June 29, 2022, I initially had my car towed to Howdy Honda to replace a catalytic converter (it had been stolen the day before). Please note that prior to the stolen catalytic converter, my car was in great running condition and had recently gone through a multi-point inspection in April 2022 with Howdy Honda and passed the inspection for my annual vehicle registration

renewal – with no issues.  

I was told by the Service Advisor (Anthony Thorp) that in addition to the catalytic converter being replaced (cost to replace: $2,388.73), I also needed to replace the drive belt, drive belt tensioner, side motor mount, transmission mount, and the water pump (cost to replace:

$2,516.50). Mr. Thorpe also mentioned that with regard to the drive belt, it had been “put on incorrectly”.

I advised Mr. Thorpe that I have been coming to Howdy Honda for 12 years, and the belt was a Honda belt and installed by Honda. I asked Mr. Thorpe to kindly look in to the drive belt issue, to see when if and when it was last replaced. Since the catalytic converter replacement had been so costly, I also asked Mr. Thorpe if these additional repairs needed to happen immediately – or if I could drive it home safely and bring it back at a later date. 


Mr. Thorpe was not able to give me a definite answer, but stated that I would want to take care of getting the drive belt repaired before the other items. Again, I asked Mr. Thorpe to check my service records to see when the drive belt was last placed on the vehicle. 

On 07/13/202 (after 15 days without a car), Mr. Thorpe called me to let me know that my car was ready. Grateful to have my car back, I arrived at Honda and paid for the catalytic converter replacement — and I walked over to my car (which had been driven around and parked in the parking lot without a test-drive) and drove home.   

On my way home, I noticed that the car was making a very loud noise and the temperature gauge was at the “H” (hot) mark. I made it home and called Mr. Thorpe immediately. He said it was “probably the water pump going bad” and that they would need to order the part. I asked him why they let me drive the car off the lot if it was overheating, and he stated “it probably wasn’t overheating when the Repair Tech had it”. Again, if the Repair Technician would have taken the time to test-drive the car before letting me drive off with it, he would have seen that the car was seriously overheating.  Even on idle, the car would have quickly overheated.


The next morning on 07/14/22, I called Mr. Thorpe to follow up, and he said he couldn’t confirm anything regarding the drive belt, and now changed the reason for it needing to be replaced from “it was put on incorrectly” to “the drive belt is bad and needs to be replaced”. He stated he would need to order the water pump and would call me when it arrived.

Although I felt I was being taken advantage of, I really needed my transportation and had no choice but to agree to the costs to repair the following parts: drive belt, tensioner, water pump, and motor mounts. In short, I continued to pay for repairs on a car that was sitting in my garage – a car that was not driveable.

On 07/19/22, the Service Advisor (Mr. Thorpe) called to let me know the part arrived. The next morning on 07/20/22, I had the car towed to Howdy Honda (again). I waited at the shop, again, for my car to be repaired. A few hours later, I was told the car was repaired and ready to go. I was not allowed to test-drive the car before I paid the $2,516.50. After paying, I was given the

key, and I walked out to my car which was parked in the lot.

On my way home, I noticed that the AC was not blowing out cold air. Upon opening the driver’s side window, I also noticed that the auto-power function on the button/switch was not fully functioning (normally one quick press of the switch will make the window go down all the way.

This time, I had to keep the switch pressed down the entire time). I called Mr. Thorpe to report it, and he said it was “nothing they did” and “it’s probably the power switch on the door that’s bad”– and, “we will have to remove the door panel first to take a look and then try to order the parts”.

Mr. Thorpe said “we’ll be happy to take a look at it if you want to make an appointment.”  Needless to say, I was very upset by this point and advised Mr. Thorpe that I would be there first thing in the morning to speak with the Manager (Donald Sparks) about these mounting issues, and the fact that the repairs I was paying for were not only not being made – but there

were new issues followed by more repair costs each and every time.

As for the AC not blowing out cold air, Mr. Thorpe said, “it was nothing we did” and that “the AC was working just fine” when they gave me the car. Again, no one bothered to test-drive the car before they gave it to me, nor was I allowed to test-drive it before I paid for service. Sadly, I was making these discoveries while driving down the road on the way home.  


Because the auto-power window switch and the AC were both malfunctioning simultaneously, I decided to test the radio. I noticed that my radio station settings were all cleared out (which is normal when the car has been removed from the power source/battery). I reset one of the radio stations just to make sure it worked (and it did). Instinct and logic told me that perhaps this was

a simple “reset” issue. Since the car’s power source had obviously been removed at some point in the repair process, it made sense that certain things would possibly need to be reset (ie. the radio station settings, the power window switch, and possibly the HVAC unit).  

Since I didn’t want to pay Honda for yet another surprise repair to remove the door panel and needlessly replace the power switch, I google searched “how to reset the Honda Element power window after the vehicle has been remove from the power source”. Fortunately, I was able to find the information and resolved the issue myself that same evening. Power window working

again perfectly! And one less issue and expense to deal with in the morning. 


When I took the car in to Honda the next morning on 07/21/22, I updated the Manager (Donald Sparks) and let him know that the power window switch issue was resolved — and asked him if it was possible for the Repair Technician to take a look at the AC issue to see if there was a reset needed on the HVAC unit, or perhaps there was a bad relay, or even something left

disconnected somewhere on the AC. Mr. Sparks condescendingly dismissed my requests with “there’s no reset needed”, and there’s nothing to do”, and “your car is old, so things are going to go out.”

Shortly thereafter, the Service Advisor (Anthony Thorpe) informed me that I needed an AC Clutch and Coil. I asked him if my compressor was ok and he said “yes, but we have to order and replace ALL three parts together – the AC compressor, the AC clutch, and the AC coil”.

Needless to say, I was upset at the fact that I was continuing to pay for repairs that were not being made – and every time the Repair Technician touched my car, he caused a new problem that wasn’t there before. And now on top of replacing the AC clutch and coil, I was also having to pay to replace a perfectly good compressor.

I asked to speak to the Manager (Donald Sparks) again, to ask how and why these issues were happening every time they touched the car. Mr. Sparks advised me that “your car is old”, and “we can’t help it if we fix something and something else breaks.” This time, he gave me a repair estimate amount of $1,818.50.  The Service Advisor (Mr. Thorpe) said he would have to order

the part from Dallas and would call me when it arrived. 

The next morning on 07/22/22, Mr. Thorpe called to notify me that the part had arrived. I arrived at Howdy Honda and waited for the car to be repaired. Three hours later, Mr. Thorpe told me the car was repaired and ready to go.


Note: The $1,818.50 repair quote they gave me included an estimated 5 hours of labor (according to Mr. Thorpe). They were done in 3 hours, but still charged me for the 5 hours.

After Mr. Thorpe and I discovered the new noise when turning on the AC, my repeated attempts to appeal to Mr. Sparks’ sense of humanity and ethics were futile. Instead of listening respectfully and maintaining an open mind, Mr. Sparks was condescending, defensive, uninterested, and stoic as he vehemently stood firm in his opinion - that the noise coming from

the car AC was due to a dirty cabin filter. 


As a paying customer, it’s not my place to have to research, diagnose and resolve car issues on my own…or to try to guess what may be wrong. That’s what I pay the experts for. I believe in accountability, and that’s why I only take my car to the Honda dealer for service. 

As a gesture of goodwill toward a long time loyal customer, the very least Mr. Sparks could have done before having me continue to pay for these AC repairs was to further inspect the car to see if there was a reset needed, or a bad relay, or if something leading to the AC was accidentally left disconnected. Mr. Sparks could have switched Repair Technicians after the first round of repair issues popped up. Had I not fixed/reset the power window switch on my own, I am confident that Howdy Honda would have taken advantage again and charged me to take the door panel off my car and replace a perfectly good power switch.

Throughout this entire ordeal and regardless of the blatantly-obvious issues, Mr. Sparks refused to acknowledge the Repair Technician’s failure to complete the repairs. By constantly refusing to accept accountability, Mr. Sparks continued to gouge me for $4,335.00 in new repair costs,

and took advantage of a great customer by not completing the repairs as promised. In addition to the unexpected financial burden this has caused, I haven’t even begun to describe what an incredibly time-consuming, stressful and mentally-taxing experience this has been.

As I mentioned before, after I paid I added an addendum to the invoice I signed that states: “I, Amalia Terrazas, do not accept the car as is, as there is a sound coming from the vehicle that was not there before the AC clutch and coil were replaced.”

After 24 days of being held hostage with all the back-and-forth with Howdy Honda management — and with no hope of resolution in sight — I finally advised the Manager that I am taking the car to another shop for a second opinion.

Due to a lack of anything more professional to say, he replied, "and pleeez take it to someone credible". (Hmmm... I thought I HAD)

Sadly, the Manager's dismissiveness and condescending remark says a lot about his disconnected, cold attitude toward his customers... which is why after many years of customer loyalty, Howdy Honda will never get my business again.

I am requesting that this complaint be properly addressed by Howdy Honda, the issues acknowledged, and for a refund for the unnecessary and incomplete repairs — and for Howdy Honda to make service update corrections to CarFax Report.

In the meantime, I have filed complaints with the Attorney General's Office, and the Better Business Bureau.

Desired outcome: Please refund for unnecessary and incomplete repairs, and make service repair update corrections to CarFax Report.

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5:19 pm EDT

Honda Motor Parts

Waiting more than 2 months for a body control module part for the 2017 Honda Civic. Apparently mine is not the only car that has a issue with this part. This summer we took the car to the dealer who ordered the part. This is actually the car that my daughter drives. She is 22 and just had a double mastectomy. I don't know if you have experienced cancer but all you want to do is get back to your life. My daughter goes to college 2 states away - this is her last semester but WE CAN'T GET FROM SOUTH CAROLINA TO ALABAMA BECAUSE THE CAR IS *STILL* IN THE SHOP WAITING ON A PART. We bought Honda because of your reputation but now I am regretting. I cannot drive the car, I cannot sell the car (and get another brand). I am stuck but what I can do is keep PAYING FOR THE CAR AND PAYING FOR INSURANCE. This car is still under honda warranty. I am completely frustrated because the car has been in the SHOP SINCE MAY. You don't even have an escalation path for when we call in to talk to the call center. According to the call center, NO ONE IN YOUR COMPANY CAN SEE THE CASE MANAGER QUEUE and even if they could she said they would never share that with a customer. Time for social media too to see if there are others ready to bail on you guys like you bailed on us. My daughter and I are stuck.

Desired outcome: Send the part asap so I can get my daughter back to school or buy this car back and free me up to purchase something else. Case number [protected]. We are scheduled to get her back to ALABAMA this saturday (she also has to go to work).

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1:06 pm EDT

Honda Motor Infotainment System Out of Service.

On May 31st 2018, I was not happy to buy my 2nd Honda Civic as I had a bad experience with my 1993 Honda Civic. The reason, I bought 2nd Honda Civic as my wife wanted this car badly. And the reason I did not want to buy the 2nd Honda Civic for the following reasons with my 1st Honda Civic

1. The Spark Plug Distributor was old technology whereas Toyota Tercel (which was cheaper than Honda Civic) had an electronic spark distribution system.

2. It was a pain to do regular maintenance compared to Toyota’s

3. Did not last as long as the Toyota Tercel which my friend bought.

4. Was expensive to maintain compared to Tercel.

Sometime in October 2021 the infotainment system started giving problems. It used to go blank for sometime and come back, touch screen stopped working, could not see the backup camera on the right- hand side camera.

Did some research on the web and and found out that lot of Civic owners had these issues? I tried some of their ways of fixing by resetting the system, replacing the fuse. Worked for a few months and then it totally went dead in the first week of January 2022. There was no recall on this issue but Honda Pilot owners had a similar issue and there was a recall on it after numerous complaints being filed with NHTSA.

I filed a complaint with NHTSA and contacted the Lemon Law lawyers. They mentioned that you have one issue with this car, but if you had multiple issues, we would gladly pick up your case and advised me to contact Honda.

In the mean time I took my car to the Honda Dealer and they charged me $2670.94 for replacing the power block behind the infotainment system. So, I paid 15% of the car price for replacing this part which was a highway robbery.

I contacted Honda Company in the last week of January and was given a case number. Honda contacted me a few times to update me about the case. Finally, they contacted me in the 1st week of July and implied that it was my fault that the infotainment was out of service and they cannot help me in any way.

If any of you Honda owners reading this and having similar problems please file a complaint with NHTSA, contact the lemon law lawyers and file a complaint with the Honda Company. If enough of you take the above steps, then some action will be taken and the consumers will not be left holding the bag.

Desired outcome: Pay back $2670.94 charged for the Infotainment System.

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12:37 pm EDT

Honda Motor Repair. Westchester County NY

Verbal discussion only.

Our family in need of a least one new vehicle, has decided never to buy a Honda again. After experiencing such incompetence at local Honda run repair shops, we decided our only choice is avoid the corporation altogether.

Both county shops have terrible customer reviews, if you cared to research.

Also since no executive can be reached directly, this shows your interest in customer satisfaction is non-existent.

I wonder if a satisfactory reply will be returned? Can't locate anyone who will bet in your favor.

From 2 weeks to get a/c fixed to lost tickets to voice mail boxes full to being passed on to different employees to appointments delayed to unreturned calls.

Desired outcome: You tell me how lost person time, aggravation, missing work, stress, can have a desired outcome for two weeks.

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1 comment
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FL Miami, US
Jul 07, 2022 12:42 pm EDT

she buys a use 2018 honda civic they naver told her that this car was a leas car 18,000+14,972.24=32,329.72 for the bigest lemon we ever have from hunda this car was total they got pay sould to us the vave to fix the tier e oo tha back the car has the craks walk meanig the unit body is bent we have a car that not is safe to drive on the road

1:32 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Honda Motor 2022 Honda HRV

This vehicle was equipped with the frontal collision mitigation system and on may 13th 2022 the vehicle was involved in a severe crash and nearly cost me my life. The self braking sysyem was a complete 100% failure! The car never gave any warning, never slowed down or anything. Honda needs to accept some accountability as this vehicle was deemed totaled..

Desired outcome: Refund, Replacement vehicle, explanation of how and why this happened, so hopefully it doesnt kill the next person

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5:12 am EDT

Honda Motor my newly bough honda HRV

Im a one of the victim of honda inefficienct services. I had bought an Honda HRV 3years ago from Honda Pasir Gudang Johor. However, during hari raya this year my car had broken down (on 3th May) while I was in Seremban. Thus I had contacted Honda service centre Seremban 2 on 4th May and informed regarding my car’s problem. After a full thorough checkup, they informed my car had a gearbox problem. For your info my car is still under warranty of 5 years. They had asked me to sign the documents regarding replacement of gearbox for them to order from the Honda HQ, Kuala Lumpur. I signed the documents on 10/5/2022 and I was informed honda currently had no gearbox stocks for my car model. It requires at least 1 month to get the stock. After nearly 3weeks from the date I signed, I call back Honda Seremban 2 regarding my car update. Unfortunately, I was told the gearbox stocks currently still unavailable and I need to wait for another 3months. I had asked them whether do I get any car replacement since I had rent another car for me to use for the past 1 month. Without considering my current situations they simply said no. They was none. Later I call back Honda Seremban 2 on 8/6/22 again asking the same thing ; my current car updates, surprisingly they informed me my car will only be available on October this year which means I had to wait for another 4months. This would mean I have to wait a total of 5months duration for a gearbox replacement while my car is still under warranty. This is totally insensible and show how inefficient a well known car brand company had such service to offer to theor customer. I do hope you can address my issues to the higher authority as I could be able to find a better medium for me to raise my current problems and situations. This is such a burden for me as a consumer, as I still have to pay my monthly Honda car payment + my current car rental for me to continue my living. Please be considerate and solve my issues ASAP. Thankyou.

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Honda Motor In-depth Review

Company Overview: Honda Motor is a renowned automotive company that has been in the industry for several decades. With a strong global presence, Honda is known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Product Range: Honda offers a diverse range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, motorcycles, and power equipment. Whether you're looking for a reliable family car or a thrilling motorcycle, Honda has a product to suit your needs.

Quality and Reliability: Honda has built a solid reputation for producing vehicles that are known for their exceptional quality and reliability. Their vehicles are built to last, with rigorous testing and quality control measures in place to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer Service: Honda is committed to providing excellent customer service. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff are always ready to assist customers with any queries or concerns. Whether it's during the purchasing process or after-sales support, Honda strives to exceed customer expectations.

Innovation and Technology: Honda is at the forefront of automotive innovation and technology. They continuously invest in research and development to bring cutting-edge features and advancements to their vehicles. From hybrid technology to advanced safety systems, Honda is dedicated to enhancing the driving experience.

Environmental Sustainability: Honda is committed to reducing its environmental impact. They have implemented various initiatives to promote sustainability, such as developing fuel-efficient vehicles, investing in renewable energy sources, and reducing waste in their manufacturing processes.

Pricing and Value for Money: Honda offers competitive pricing for their vehicles, providing customers with value for their money. With a range of models and trim levels available, customers can choose a Honda vehicle that fits their budget and offers the features they desire.

Reputation and Brand Image: Honda has established a strong reputation and brand image in the automotive industry. Known for their reliability, performance, and innovation, Honda vehicles are highly regarded by consumers and automotive enthusiasts alike.

Safety Features: Honda prioritizes safety and equips their vehicles with advanced safety features. From collision mitigation systems to adaptive cruise control, Honda vehicles are designed to keep occupants safe on the road.

Performance and Efficiency: Honda vehicles are known for their impressive performance and fuel efficiency. Whether you're looking for a sporty driving experience or a fuel-efficient daily commuter, Honda offers a range of options to suit different preferences.

User Experience and Comfort: Honda vehicles are designed with user experience and comfort in mind. From ergonomic seating to intuitive infotainment systems, Honda ensures that drivers and passengers enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Maintenance and After-Sales Support: Honda provides comprehensive maintenance and after-sales support for their vehicles. With a network of authorized service centers and trained technicians, customers can rely on Honda for regular maintenance, repairs, and warranty services.

Dealership Network: Honda has a wide dealership network, making it convenient for customers to find and purchase their desired vehicle. With dealerships located in various cities and regions, customers can easily access Honda's products and services.

Online Presence and Digital Services: Honda has a strong online presence and offers various digital services to enhance the customer experience. From online vehicle configurators to virtual showrooms, Honda leverages technology to provide customers with convenient and informative online interactions.

Comparison with Competitors: When compared to its competitors, Honda stands out for its reliability, performance, and overall value for money. While each brand has its strengths, Honda consistently delivers on customer expectations and offers a well-rounded package.

Overall Rating and Recommendation: Based on its strong reputation, commitment to quality, and customer satisfaction, Honda Motor receives a high overall rating. Whether you're in the market for a car or motorcycle, Honda is a brand worth considering for its reliability, innovation, and excellent customer service.

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