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The Manager at #6580 is a unfair and dishonest employee of Home Depot. Home Depot is aware of this and has had to curtail her unfair and narcissitic behavior in the past. Her store at one time had the highest turn over rate of emplyee's in the entire company. She has used leverage and "dirt" to keep herself at the store for 18 years which is not normal for Home Depot Managers. She holds personal grudges against good and productive employees and sets them up to fail for reasons as petty as the employee is "prettier" than her. You are about to lose one of the best employee's you have because of this mentally unstable petty sorry excuse of a human being. You have a employee that YOU movedto a full time position over her because of hteir hard work and she has made it her mission to get rid of this good employee ever since just because Tina is a power mad crappy human being. This employee makes the company money, she is dependable, she is in her second round of going to Platinum. She has stacks of Homer awards and until yesterday she had a unblimished record with the company. I am a outside observer and I have been watching this play out for months. The employee does not know I am writing this and she would not wish me too. The absolute level of wrong going on in this situation is unbelieveable. The right thing to do if there would be a honest investigation of this store would be to fire Tina and prob prosecute her her and promote the emplyee with a raise. I have never witnessned such unjustifiable cruelty, lying and deciet as I have in this situation. Home Depot should be ashamed.

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Oct 05, 2019

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