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Complaints & Reviews

dynamic next dishwasher

I am very disappointed in my Hoover dishwasher, I bought it because a previous Hoover dishwasher had given many years of good service. This one has leaked from underneath after less than fourteen months a household of two adults, this has not been heavy usage nor has it been moved or damaged in any way. This experience has really shaken my faith in Hoover as a manufacturer.

power scrub model:FH50160

I'm very disappointed in this brand I have a older model steam vac ultra that still works just to heavy so I purchased this newer lighter one from HSN may have used it 6 times before the motor blow I reached out to hoover to see if it had a recall they told me no thought I could depend on hoover products l really believe I got a lemon and I know you lost a customer!

Hoover Wind Tunnel

I got rid of a high priced vacuum to go back to my old friend, a Hoover. I purchased the machine about 2 months ago and it has been a problem since. I try to vacuum and it picks up and then drops the dirt 2 feet later. When I turn off the machine all the dirt falls out. Using just the arm seems to work a bit better but still drops dirt when I turn it off. I am so disappointed and mam about to go out and purchase another brand and trash this one.


power path pro advanced carpet washer

I purchased this Carpet Cleaner in 12/18 and just over a year when using it again it started burning and smoking. When I contacted customer service they said I had to ship it to Tennessee and they would send a replacement. I would need to cover the cost of shipping it there and it woud come close to the amount I paid for it. Why would I have to cover the cost to ship it when it is still under warranty and its their product that broke? In the end, I am NOT spending the money to ship something when I can purchase a new one for alost the same cost? I will NEVER purchase another Hoover product again.

power path pro advanced carpet washer

hoover floormate fh40150

I bought this at Walmart with the purpose of being able to use it for many years. I am in need to a replacement brush block and Hoover does not have it in stock and can't tell me if it will ever be available. No dealers in town has it and no online dealers has it either, but Walmart continues to sells this same Hoover FloorMate FH40150 . Why? There is nothing wrong with my FloorMate FH40150 other than needing a new brush block that no one has not even Hoover. Please explain why this product is still being sold with no parts available for it. Thank you.

Barbara Rusan

hoover floormate fh40150


Hi, i had this item since march from since then i been sending the item back and forth every month for replacement. All i want is to have an item that is reliable and will last longer. I wanted to have a different model not this fh52002. Hope hoover can take an action on this issue. How can i pursue and recommend the product to others if myself is not satisfied.

199744 hoover - wdxoc 485a 8 kg washer dryer -

Dear Sir,

having recently purchased a new Hoover washing machine, we were highly delighted. I have always endeavoured to keep purchasing products from trusted white-goods specialists and have always believed that Hoover was at the top of the tree in this industry. After all, my mother and my grandparents had always done the same.

Now I find myself regretting that decision and wishing I'd gone with my second choice of a Turkish machine. Having lived and worked in Turkey for ten years I has Beko and Arcelik products and their same day repair service and customer care journey were seamless.

Sadly not in Hoover's case; one week after reporting a fault, and having to take a day off from work unpaid, the engineer turns up, tells me straight away what's wrong with it, and then states the service department will be in touch when they have the parts! Seemingly the fault is an everyday issue with your brand, so why do the engineers not carry the parts?

This now means a lengthy wait again, the expense of dry-cleaning and laundresses, another day off work unpaid. I'd rather you just took the machine back and let my wife and I purchase a more reliable machine from a supplier with a customer journey that is tailored towards the customer, not at the expense of the customer.

I await your response with interest.

hoover washing machine 8 kg

Hi I have purchased this washing machine less than 5 months, once imstlled I requested the service due to...

hoover washing machine dhl1672d3 1-80 ([protected])

I purchased this unit from Curry's on 14/2/19 and installed by them on 18/2/19.
over the course of the few months I have had this unit I have experienced the Drum
knocking with heavy load is having the spin after washing. I have been very careful that the dry weight of my laundry is corect by purchasing a luggage scales.
Yesterday 30/7/19 I had a hoover engineer out to look at my machine and I was told that the weight of the laundry goes by wet weight not dry even though the user manual that comes with the machine said DRy weight. today 31/7/19 I rang the hoover telephone line and spoke to Stacey and she reckoned I have the wrong manual for the unit I have and is going to post of the correct manual. Tonight I decided to go online and download the manual from you site and it appears the one available is the one I have already. I am completely mystified that I am going continual conflicting information. the washing machine is 5 months old and I am utterly unhappy with this machine and the after care I am experiencing I always thought Hoover was a good product from a good company but I am wondering if I have purchase a unit that is not fit for purpose. Please give me some proper advice and information that is 100% correct as I feel I am being given the run around.

vacuum uh74210

I will never purchase a Hoover vacuum again. Worst product and customer service ever! My vacuum that I have owned for 6 months is broken due to poor design and manufacturing. The part I need is on back order. The representative can not help me. I was told to take it to a Hoover dealer (30 min away) to see if they can help me. It should be covered under warranty, but will have to drop it off and wait weeks for an answer to see if it will or will not be covered! Also, since part is on back order there is no estimated time as to how long this could take. I guess I am not suppose to vacuum my house for weeks while I am waiting on an answer. Worst customer service ever! I asked the customer service representative who to contact with my complaints. She said they don't have a complaint department, and she had no idea who I should talk to. But, the phone conversations are recorded maybe someone will hear the complaint. What!? I mean ridiculous! Worst customer service ever! I will go back to buying Shark products. They last a long time, and parts have always been mailed to me if there was an issue with the product for convenience.


I would like to make a complaint about a dryer I bought and your staff thinking it's acceptable for me to have to pay for an engineer after a brand new dryer I bought has broken twice within just over 12 months.

I bought the dryer on 30th March 2018 for nearly £300 and by October it had broke so someone came out and fixed it and just over 6 months later it's now broken again and your company think it's acceptable for this to happen.
Twice within just over 6 months of each other it has broke and it's just wrong for a product of this price to do that.
Now I'm being made to pay a fee to get someone out AGAIN and then in another few months it will break again. To me this just looks like a money making scam on your company's behalf to make more money from people.
I've been researching these products for the last 2 days and there's 100's of posts in forums, websites and social media regarding your products and them breaking so easily.

I will not be letting this drop, your just scamming people out of their hard earned money and your products aren't up to a decent standard to match the prices.
Never have I heard of a brand new product breaking that many times within such a short timescale.

Please contact me regarding my complaint above.

hoover cordless vacuum

We purchased a Hoover cordless vacuum and have used it 3-4 times. The suction is absolutely horrible, the battery charge doesn't last long, and it flings dirt around rather than sucking it up. The bin that holds the dirt is not durable and any little tap on it and it dumps the dirt all over the floor. I have contacted customer service on multiple occasions and have not had any luck other than I can pay myself to ship it in to be worked on or go to a store that is two hours away to have them look at it. I paid a little over $150 which was an utter waste. I have never experience such poor customer service and a company backing their product. I will NEVER buy any Hoover product again. At this point, a refund is the only thing that would make me a satisfied customer.

hoover vacuum

My husband purchased this for me in december, I had asked for a new vacuum cleaner and told him I had only ever purchased hoover brand. It's cordless and it says 20 minutes running time, however it doesn't tell you the battery starts running out during that time and thus the performance worsened. I have several different types of flooring in our home and quite frankly, this vacuum does not collect the dirt from any of them! Unfortunately returns service does not have a part about the vacuum just being a dreadful product. It gets blocked too easily and what little suction it has got decreases in seconds. If I'm too use this for the full twenty minutes battery life then I'm emptying it at least three times and clearing the pipe entrance in the base. I have persevered with this vacuum for a few months now and I was mortified to see how much my friends hoover collected after I had done it already! I borrowed my friends when I forgot to charge my vacuum. After owning hoover products all my life I'm so very disappointed that I might have to defer to another brand! I now have a puppy and this vacuum is of no use to me at all! Whilst I appreciate that it's not the pet vacuum I would expect it to collect a reasonable amount up.

hoover vacuum

product return policy

We purchased a Hoover upright vacuum (UH70120) recently and want to return it due to excessive dust and usability issues. The Hoover policy is to return the product to their Tennessee location and shipping cost is not refundable. Considering we purchased this vacuum online their their Hoover Canada website, returning it to Tennessee will cost us half the value of the vacuum in shipping! Even if the product is defective the customer is responsible for the shipping cost. This makes their products more expensive than any competitor. Their Customer Service is not helpful and just repeat their return policy. Will not purchase from Hoover again.

vacuum cleaner

I called Customer Service today to have my 6 month old cleaner repaired. I was told I would have to pay to send it back and I would be without a cleaner in the mean time. I was hung up on two times and provided absolutly no customer service... Thanks for nothing Denise (hoover supervisor).

So let me tell you what I have done now Hoover... I employee 50 staff. I have written it into Our Employee Handbook Policy... If I find out that any of my employees own or buys a Hoover Product from today onwards... They will be fired, I have also included that If I find out any of my employee's family members own or buy a Hoover product, I will fire the employee...

Let me tell you what you have sucessfully done providing your crappy customer service... at least 50 people and all their family members (north of 500 potential customers) will no longer own your [censored] products.

Customer service, what a joke...

mfr# ch90040 vacuum cleaner battery

Oder number from Granger - [protected]
Battery ordered for our Hoover vacuum will not charge appropriately and displaying yellow caution light on charging dock. Noticed this error on 12/27/18.
The MFG code on the defective battery is: [protected]
If possible, we would like to receive a replacement battery.
My name is Bre Bruce and someone can reach me at [protected]

vacuum cleaner

We purchased a model number UH70930FDI Vacuum cleaner within the past year . My 90 yr old mother wa...

hdcn182wd/k fridge freezer

I bought this fridge freezer 14 months ago and have today had a reputable local engineer out to a leak on the...

store director mark

It's unbelievable to have a store director as rude and unprofessional as Mark. As a customer, I shouldn't feel like I'm being a burden asking for help, especially from the store director. This is not the first time he has acted as if it's beneath him to help customers. It is because of customers the store is even open. As much as I love At Home, Mark makes it impossible for me to spend my money there. HE SUCKS!!! Worst customer service ever from a manager.

engineer to fix my tumble dryer

I have booked an engineer for this afternoon between 13.00-18.00. When booked we was told we would receive a...