Cub Cadet Complaints & Reviews

Cub Cadet / xt3 46 inch snow plow positioning cable placement

Oct 17, 2019

I'm going on my 3rd year of having my XT3 GSX Tractor and have had nothing but problems with the snow packing in the positioning release arm on the plow, "That shuold have a Cover to protect it and make it usable ! Also, the "Release Cable" for the plow positioning arm on the back of the...

Cub Cadet / rtzl 54"

Oct 08, 2019

I like my Cub Cadet Zero Turn, except the rigid frame on uneven ground. I am currently exploring making the front axel pivot. The rigid frame is very dangerous and can cause the operator to loose control of the mower on uneven land. I don't understand why build a good piece of equipment and...

Cub Cadet / 3224 power wash

Sep 16, 2019

Purchased power washer about 2 years ago. Was looking at Stihl and Generic as well. The reason I chose the Cub Cadet was the warranty and the quality of the water pump. The water pump stopped working so I brought it in. After 2 weeks the Service Team Leader, Adam C. said the pump isn't...

Cub Cadet / model rzt 42

Sep 02, 2019

I purchase my Cub in July 2012 and within the first two years had to replace hub bearings. Worked good until Aug 2016 with 115 hours the clutch and hub bearings were bad again. It was covered by unknown, Cub says they did not cover it and my dealer said warranty covered it. I asked at that...

Cub Cadet / Cub Cadet Riding mower/lawn tractor (applies to all, this one is a 46")

Aug 19, 2019

The following is LESS of a complaint and MORE of constructive suggestion(s) - input. 1. Cadet's web site has a chat button on the bottom R. I tried using it last Fri. around 3:30 PM CT, again on Sat. & Sun. then again after 9 AM CT today. NADA never worked! The web people / Cadet NEED to...

Cub Cadet / 2019 cub cadet fuel injected mover

Aug 11, 2019

Purchased a new fuel injected riding mower an I questioned about fuel injectors ones I was was told never any problems an what a lie that was. Having nothing but problems with mine. Warranty work I have to bag to get it fixed. Bin driving it like that using more then twice the amount of...

Cub Cadet / last year’s cub cadott 750 challenger

Jul 16, 2019

I only have 618 miles on my new cub cadet I bought last year. The utv unexpectedly stopped running. I took it to the dealer I bought it from Farm and Home in Medford and they informed me that the crank shaft is bad and the engine needs to be replaced at a cost of $5, 500.00. I'm very upset...

Cub Cadet / 21 inch 159cc 3in 1 high rear wheel rwd gas walk behind self propelled mower with push button start

Jun 06, 2019

My cub Cadet Mower is in the shop at Wellington Implament in Medina Ohio [protected] or 2. I purchased this mower in November of 2017. It is not yet 2 years old. I have had other issues since the purchase of this mower which makes this insitend even more troublesome. ( Dead Battery that...

Cub Cadet / bagger for model xt2 lx46

Jun 03, 2019

I just bought the tractor in May 2019. The tractor is a very nice unit. Not as high quality as my old model 2130 (not manufactured by MTD), but it is good quality tractor. I purchased the "Fast Attach" model bagger for the tractor. I am very disappointed with the overall quality of thi...

Cub Cadet / cub cadet rzt s42

Apr 19, 2019

No real problems with the mower the first season. The next year, while turning left, the steering would stick in the turned position. I've pulled it all apart and found that the hydro-link for the left side tranny was bent and the metal was splintering. There were no bushings for the...

Cub Cadet / 50" lawn tractor

Mar 17, 2019

Cub CadetAfter safety checking over my Cub Cadet XT1 LT50 (50") 24HP Kohler lawn tractor on March 4, 2019, I started it up to cut a small part of my yard for 15 minutes. 10 minutes into cutting the grass, the engine started backfiring. I stopped the tractor and turned it off. After lifting the...

Cub Cadet / cub cadet

Feb 04, 2019

Purchased a cub cadet 750 challenger eps...Because of it not having a back window with it, it pulls mud and slop into the cab all over riders and the front windshield...We bought this to avoid getting covered with mud on the 4 wheelers... The back window costs $350!!! I cant afford that...

Cub Cadet / riding mower will not start

Dec 30, 2018

I purchased a Cub Cadet from TSC in the summer. I kept it stored in my garage and it would not start the following spring. TSC would not help with anything, I contacted Cub Cadet and they did not help even though my mower was less than a year old. I had to contact a service man myself and...

Cub Cadet / xt2

Sep 27, 2018

my xt2 is less than a year old and has failed to start. it has been in the shop from july 24th 2018 to present waiting on parts. mean while I am still making payments on a barely used product 25 hours on meter. I would like to return this product for a refund. I am not happy at all with...

Cub Cadet / rt 35 rear tine tiller

Sep 17, 2018

I bought this tiller from Tractor Supply in April of 2017. After getting it home, I noticed that one of the tires wouldn't stay inflated. I returned the tire to Tractor Supply and was given a replacement from a returned tiller. I used the tiller to turn over my garden. The total run time...

Cub Cadet / xt-2 mower throws belt when deck at low height

Jul 23, 2018

I have a 2016 Cub Cadet XT-2 Enduro mower which I bought used with about 16 hrs. on it. It now has about 60 hrs. and has been a good mower for my 2 acres, but when I put the deck at a low height (1" +/-) the steep angle created by the belt on the deck w/respect to the engine drive pulley...

Cub Cadet / cub cadet xt1 enduro series tractor

Jul 10, 2018

Cub CadetIn September 2015, we purchase our Cub Cadet XT-1 mower from Home Depot. In 2016 the mower had no problems. In August of 2017, we had to have Niagara Lawn & Service align the front wheels and steering wheel. In June 2018, we had the same problem with the front wheels and steering wheel not...

Cub Cadet / unethical behavior

Jun 11, 2018

Jesse Pritchard 11 mins · Well, if you are in the market for a new mower, I highly suggest to NOT purchase a cub cadet. Zero customer support. Literally none. They won't answer the phone. Also would not purchase one through Birkeys that is not on hand. 5 different stories of what i...

Cub Cadet / cub cadet sc 300 hz 159cc

Jun 08, 2018

Bought a self-propelled walk behind lawn mower brand new two months ago. Used it ONLY THREE TIME on a 3/4 acre lot with fresh 100% pure gasoline. The fourth time, it wouldn't start. Finally had to get a have it serviced, and the independent service pro got it running. Went to use it, and...

Cub Cadet / ls25 cc cub cadet

May 27, 2018

Bought a wood splitter in the fall. One hour after use the exhaust cover fell off, then the hydraulic return line came off spraying hyd. oil over the yard. Contacted customer service several times spoke to Sarah, Scott, Tyler and Mickala. All gave me the run around saying that they require...

Cub Cadet / push mower.

May 19, 2018

These people could not care less about their customers. I bought a new lawn mower from them and it was missing parts when it arrived after shipping to my home. Essential parts, as in I can't use the product without them! Cub Cadet will NOT help me in getting those missing parts to me. The...

Cub Cadet / 2011 ltx1050

May 10, 2018

My first new tractor, biggest piece of crap I ever bought! Can't even climb side hill from back yard.! Motor has the power, but junk hydro is worthless. Always was. I see you recalled them for a parking gear or something. You should replace them all! I will certainly not be recommending...

Cub Cadet / belt constantly throwing off

Apr 28, 2018

I have a 2015 X T1 Cub cadet That keeps throwing its belts off. What is wrong with this thing. I've had it 2 years replaced the belt twice and had to put it back on probably 15 times in 2 years. I can't even get thru mowing g my yard without replacing g the belt 10 each time I mow! What a...

Cub Cadet / no help with from cub cadet customer service

Jan 22, 2018

I had purchased a brand new 2X snowblower for $800 this past year from Home Depot.I also purchased an extended repair program for $150 so I would not have any issues. I never used it after purchase and stored it properly as cub cadet informed me too. I went to start it for the first time...

Cub Cadet / 1045xl lawn tractor with sv601-3212 engine

Dec 15, 2017

Cub CadetI have now owned this tractor for three years, it is kept inside and maintained and is in "like new" condition. I have had numerous issues, all related to poor product design. This unit has been a constant source of problems, and finally after only 50 hours the engine governor has failed!...

Cub Cadet / 2012 cub cadet 1050 ltx kw lawn tractor

Aug 13, 2017

Cub CadetThis issue is a factory defect with the mower deck drive belt set up on my 2012 Cub Cadet LTX 1050 KW. I was informed by the Cub Cadet Dealer in Mt Pleasant Michigan that this particular model of Cub Cadet has a factory defect and will continue to break drive belts. I replaced the mower...

Cub Cadet / riding lawnmower and customer support

Jun 26, 2017

I received a brand new cub cadet. Within 5 mins the blade was bent. Didn't run over anything. Right away it was giving me problems and would die out in reverse and thats when I noticed the blade was bent. I did not run anything over except grass. Cub cadet had me contact a local dealer who...

Cub Cadet / Mowers are P.O.S.

Apr 21, 2014

bought a Cub Cadet 3 years ago a LTX 1045, it's been a p.o.s. since the first set of bearing assembly for blades went bad from start to 19 hours. of course with no way to put grease inside the bearing assembly, for there is no grease fittins. and the only way to get grease in side, i...

Cub Cadet / Horrible Customer Service and Unfairly Voided Warranty and Sexism

Jul 30, 2013

Cub Cadet has been absolutely unprofessional and unreliable. Our business used to use three of their Cub Cadet® 18 in. 187cc Rear-Tine Dual-Direction Tiller on a daily basis. We have them professionally maintained on a regular, quarterly basis. So we thought that when we took one our...

Cub Cadet Tank Sz / Flawed steering design

Jun 06, 2013

If you bought a 2013 Tank SZ, your steering will stop working. The gears appear to be cast, which is a joke. What's more is that the bolts that hold the gears to the caster pull down on unsupported areas of the gears, causing them to snap. After 25 hours and meticulous maintenance...

Cub Cadet Voulenteer Utv 2008 4wd / Accelerator sticks

Jan 26, 2013

When the temp is in the single digits the UTV starts fine and when you depress the accelerator to go forward or reverse the throddle sticks wide open and all you can do is turn it off. you cant shift it out of gear to neutral. Once the temp warms up the problem goes away. Very Very dangerous

Cub Cadet Rtz 50 / defective equipment


I bought a new cub cadet RTZ 50 from tractor supply in The middle of may. The machine seam to run OK for about two months and didn't see much cutting do to an unusually dry summer. One day in the middle of august I was mowing and the left side of the mower started to make noise and...

Cub Cadet Lt 1045 / Do not buy it is money pit


Bought a new Cub Cadet ( CC ) lt1045 mower with extended warranty from Lowes...what a mistake. Did not use it but once and the drive belt came off. Told I had to take it to authorized service 4 hours round trip to get service. Local companies selling CC only serviced what they sold and...

Cub Cadet Recon / Faulty product


I purchased a cub cadet recon commercial brand new to cut about 3 acres of are grass i purchased a new mower so i would have years of trouble free service. About every 3 or 4 times i use this mower it quits working i've had this in the shop at least 8 times and i've only had thi...

Cub Cadet / hydro gear transmission on a zforce 60 zero turn mower


I have a zero turn mower and earlier this summer i had a transmission on left side break an axle. They covered that part under warranty and got me back in business. Not even 4 more hours on the machine and the same thing happened on the right side now they won't cover it is this the...

Cub Cadet Enforcer / Belts


I bought a cub cadet enforcer. When i got it home i tested it out on my personal lawn and with in the firs five minutes the belt shredded!!! So i went on like and read about all the horror stories of similar problems. I took the mower to watermans farm and machinery. They are a local cub...

Cub Cadet Ltx1045 Hydrostatic / Drive Belts


Purchased in early May 2010 new with a few hours registered??on odometer. Screeching when engaging blade lever. Pulling power diminished gradually after mowing every 10 days. Final seasonmowing today 11/10/2010. Traction stops at full depression of forward pedal resumes at half pedal...

Cub Cadet Ltx 1045 / Bagger


I just bought a cub cadet LTX 1045 and a bagger. The first time I tried to use the bagger I noticed a lot of grass and leaves were being thrown out from under the right front mower deck. With other mowers this usually means the chute is full. I mainly bought the bagger to vacuum up leave...

Cub Cadet / Buyer beware


I just was told at your south haven michigan store that my business is no longer wanted or needed there by your not so helpfull employees. just bought a cub cadet push mower last week, put oil and gas into mower, started to test mow a small patch. the adjustable speed control wa...

Cub Cadet / RZT 50 Zero Turn Mower


Purchased at Lowes for $3, 000. Mowed 3 acres for four seasons. Drive shaft broke, got it fixed at authorized dealer. Very expensive!! Now it is in the shop because of the left transmission. After $500 worth of parts, it is running as bad as it did when i took it in to them. They...