Home Depotflooring project

R Jul 31, 2019

Frustrated from the the start of this post . we started working with home depot almost 2 months back from now to get the flooring project done for our single family residence . there was a deal on installation that i wanted to get . i believe 89 c installation with some conditions which i went through in detail and was ok with it . the whole thing started with a wrong sku plugged in the system . numbers were all haywire since the sku were not punched in correct . the rep at home depot tells me that on the papers it would not show a 89 c install and he would adjust the price with the material .i admit we had some modifications made to the order to check which options suits us the best as per the budget and convenience . now when i get the quote it does not match what was said .. this is so frustrating . stop working like a mom and pop shop . you dont my business i will take it somewhere else but definately dont want to deal with business that does not care about their customers and keep customers in loop of false commitments and promises .. 2 months down havent got anywhere .. hope shannon would look into it .. south fontana santa ana home depot .. 92337 .. i wasted so much of my time ..everytime i was called we had to sit there for hours and again had to wait for quotation ... u lost me as ur customer .. not comming back .. friends and family and community members take your business to a place where people care .. ##Home DEpot # too BiG ## zero customer services ##

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