Google fiber

R Aug 06, 2018

Eight days ago I started a request for service for internet and TV. My initial conversation was pleasant. Soon after that the service went downhill. Initially, the service request was to be expedited and noted with an email to me within 3 to 4 business days but that NEVER happened. I was told I could pick up the equipment needed in a Google store. The nearest is about 2 hours round trip. The agent at the store was most helpful. I explained how poorly this quest had been and she gave me a $25 credit to the bill. After getting the equipment, the red light never turned blue after numerous attempts over the weekend. Now I had to wait an additional 3 days for a technician to come and troubleshoot. Nope! I am sending your equipment back via FEDEX or UPS or whomever. They actually told me if I do not return the equipment back to the store I would be charged!!!
Not acceptable GOOGLE!

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