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unathorized charges

I wish I had seen all these complaints before I tried Google Tree. Same song next verse. I wanted the "free" information, agreed to pay $3.88. I never received the email or the package then I got hit with over $72.00. They won't refund it. We need someone to help us take action. This isn't a fluke, this is a SCAM. It should be illegal.


Is google cash a scam? Yes it definitely is, google cash scams have existed for some time. The google cash scam is the newest addition to a long list of scams and is appearing all over the internet. They go by several different names such as google cash scam, googlecash, google money tree scam, google kit scam, make money with google and the list continues. So i am sure a lot of you out there are wondering how to make money with google and if it is possible. Well the short answer to that is yes it is very possible, that is if you are devoted into to putting the time and effort in to make money with google.
Do not give a penny to programs offering to make you money with google not even shipping.

Visit http: / / www. Google - cash - to learn how they scam, watch videos that expose their websites and learn the process to making money with google.

  • Ch
    Chantel Jan 25, 2009

    Ok so I have been SCAMMED just like everyone else on this web page...I called my credit card company and had to stop payment to this bogus company...they might have to cancel my card...if I ever find this "Danny Goldburg" he will wish he never ripped me off

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  • Ka
    katsprite Mar 27, 2009

    charged 39.95 unauthorized on my debit card after i sent a payment for 1.98 for cd.

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fraudulent charges

These people scammed me to. They are piggy backing on googles name. I called [protected] and recieved some reimbursment but not for all I was charged for. When you do call demand to speak to a supervisor, don't back down till you get some compensation, make sure they give you a confirmation #, and tell them that you are reporting any other charges by them as fraudulent to your bank if it is more than what they offered you back. They will send an e-mail to your bulk account so watch for it. Print it or save it to a word format to make copies if needed for dispute in future. They have several websites to lure you in to the same scam. I just found one to day. It is Don't fall for it. If you are looking for additional info and complaints about this issue check out You will be astounded as to how many people in the U.S. and abroad have been scammed; all the way to New Zealand. It is really crazy!

Amy Donnelly


Solution to get your money back! If you have (Like me) neen scanked by these... People, with the google...

I was ripped off for $72.21 without my approval

I never entered a search for this company, never ordered info. A charge of $72.21 just showed up deducted from my bank account. This is very scary!! I never gave them any of my banking info!!! I am very disappointed in google for letting this occur. I thought they had more scruples.
I cancelled my debit card immediately and filing a fraudulent disput claim. But I have to persoanlly make a trip to the bank which is over 45 minutes away and I am handicapped, making the effort difficult.

  • Cl
    Claude Gauthier Feb 24, 2009

    same thing is happening to me without my authorization and/or knowledge of this $72.21
    this is unauthorized . and may be a fraud.
    please put this money back in the same way you took it FROM ME.!!!

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  • Da
    Daniel Apr 08, 2009

    This is sounding a lot familiar with what happened with me I purchased a google kit for review @ 1.97 shipping and handling never got anything in the mail sometime later a guy called was not clear who he represented and wanted to pin me down a price I refused of course. We agreed he would call back never heard from him again after doing some follow up I realized the guy was from Thrive Learning Institue apparently they have bogus domains on the internet to doop people. Well long story short they drafted 72.21 along with the 1.97 frome my account the latter part unauthorized I will be calling the 866 n0. my bank gave me during buisness hours... If
    I can't resolve it thru them my bank told me they would fight on my behalf... We will just have to see what happens. I think its a shame when people trying to better their situation only to be preyed upon by greedy, buisness as usual con artist. What my granpappy used to say "Get a rope" these people are shady to say the least.

    Lucky Daniel:Austin, Texas

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  • Jo
    John Knapp Apr 15, 2009

    This company is not Google, it's Google Treasure Chest. It says on their website at the bottom, they have no affiliation with Google.

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To whom this may concern; Dear Sir or Madam; I"m writting this complaint about this companys practice...

fraudulent charges

I just received a pending charge of 72.21 on my debit card from google chest after receiving a 3.88 charge 8...

phone calls

i also looked at this scam, but at the point i would have had to give my card info, I bailed. Then they started calling, wondering why I hadn't finished signing up. After they called from one NJ number several times and were told I was'nt interested 3 separate times, we call blocked the number. within days they were calling from another NJ number, and again after several more calls, we blocked that number as well. Don't even look at this, my friends!

  • Ju
    jules Feb 16, 2009

    Does anyone have a valid telephone number to contact these people? I've trying to call the number that shows up on the credit charge, but all get is an autimated answer that takes me nowhere. Anyone have any idea who can be contacted about this?

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took money out of my account

I signed up to get a kit for a $1.00 but when I got my statement the $1.00 was taken out along with $29.95 for the same kit, $4.95 for securty and I just got my next statement and another $29.95 was taken out. I want my money back ASAP. I already emailled once before with no success but I am tired of you repeating yourself. I have a family to support and you do not help. I never did recieve any kind of kit from Google. I suggest you return the money or I will have to take furthere action for your false adveritsement.

Lori Winters

  • Am
    AmandaLynn Jan 04, 2009

    They took 29.95 out of my account that i did not authorize. I never even got the kit. This debit of almost 30.00 over drawn my account and I had an additional charge of 25.00. I will not stand for this, I want my money back

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  • Ra
    Ray Jan 10, 2009

    Money was also taken from my account I did not authorize. I too want my money back.

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  • An
    Anya Jan 12, 2009

    Moneys were taken from my account as well and you try to contact them the toll free number displayed on the account charge doesn't work. This company should be investigated and people behind this should be punished. I too want my money back period.

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  • Ll
    LL4 Jan 29, 2009

    i have gotten this charged as well and i didnt authorize any of it. My bank took care of the charges, hopefully within the next 2 days i will get my money back. I feel for everyone that has been scammed by this, in this trying economy for people to take advatage is just sickening!! BEWARE of anything that sounds too good to be true always is!!

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  • Ma
    mattsporter Feb 11, 2009

    I haven't signed up for any google sucess kit and £20 has been taken from my account so i have been intouch with my bank and they are treating it as fraud. they say the transaction came from a Food store in cyprus..

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  • Ma
    mattsporter Feb 11, 2009

    I haven't signed up for this Google sucess kit but £20 has been taken from my account and something called Identity Security as well i've been in touch with my bank and they are treating it as fraud. Plus they say they both come from a food convenience store in cyprus as well...!!!

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bull #

$1.00?? One dollar, the Google success kit advertises they can help you make thousands even tens of thousand...


Do not partake in the "google success kit" scam I am searching for a job. I search the illinois state job...

unauthorised charges

I signed up for the Google Success Kit for a one off charge of US$1 on Jan 2nd 09, along with this subscription I apparently received 'Free Bonus Memberships' to 'Fraud Protection Resources ' and 'Identity Theft Protection'...

Since then my VISA has been charged as follows
1/12/09 US$29.95 Google Success Kit
1/16/09 US$ 4.95 Fraud Protection
1/23/09 US$ 9.95 Identity Security

On top of these charges I have also been charged an International Transaction Fee of approx 3% on each purchase aswell.

After speaking via email to another person who was caught up in the same scam, I realize that the Complaints Board may be able to help me with this situation in recovering unauthorized charges made by this company ... Regards Matt Reeves


Well I just got off the phone with my bank filing fraudulant activity. I can see many others here are having this same problem with an unauthorized transaction of $72.21. After seeing all the other complaints, I will not bother with who ever this "Google Treasure Chest" is. The bank will handle these low lifes and I have my money back. Don't bother contacting these scammers, just close your card and alert your bank that it was fraud. Save yourselves from any extra aggravation. These people obviously do this for a living... and yet somehow, are still able to be at peace with themselves enough to fall asleep at night.

Now that's ###.

  • Je
    Jenny Jan 26, 2009

    I looked over the e-mail that explains this is NOT a fraudulent charge. I went on this site to get experience points for a game called 'Mafia Wars' on Facebook. The e-mail explains that this is for a website and is NOT an affiliate of Google, Inc. If you read the 12-font, red type below the intro, it states that "You will see a charge on your credit card for "Google Treasure Chest/GTC; this is NOT a fraudulent charge."
    You need to be careful what you sign up for on the internet, always read the fine print, and set up some sort of remider to cancel any 'free trial membership' info that you agree to. Otherwise, this sort of thing will occur and you will be stuck (just like all of us have been!) being charged an exorbitant amount of money for a useless service.

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consumer fraud

This site offers a free trial to earn money by posting links on It tells you that if you do...

customer service number

People, people, people! I have nothing to do with Google Money Tree but was interested in joining so I did a little research to make sure it wasn't a scam. Before doing so I did read the "Terms and Conditions" of the program. It says right in the second paragraph that they will charge you $72.21 if you do not CALL the number to cancel within 7 days of signing up. You have to call the number it is the only way to stop the non-refundable charge. The number for customer service is right at the bottom of the "Terms and Conditions". The number for all of you that failed to read is ****[protected]****. It is a valid number for canceling the Google Money Tree membership, I called to verify. They are a general "Customer Service" call center which handle the customer service calls for many different companies but I did verify with them that this is the number I call in order to cancel my membership with Google Money Tree.

I still didn't find what I was looking for and that is if the content is worth the money. All I found was people who failed to follow through with due diligence and read the fine print. You have to cover you but! No one else will

  • Ri
    rick dolen Feb 02, 2009

    My name is richard dolen and I just called google tree and they put the money back in my account, and the guy I talked to was very nice and gave me good info on the site. yes I thought I was ripped off at first and went to the bank to do a fruad thing but, I left to look into it further and found this site. then gave a call thats all it took. so take a chill pill and think. nothing is for free exept salvation and it seems that stupidity is at a discount price also.

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  • Gi
    Giz Feb 11, 2009

    Ok people. these people are correct. but I must add to this. here is the truth you must read carefully. paragraph 2 states:

    Upon submitting a request for membership, a member id and password are assigned to you and can be used to gain access to the initial shipping and handling charge of three dollars and eighty eight cents, includes the internet money tree kit as well as seven days worth of access to the online directories and training. after seven days, if you choose not to cancel, you will be billed your first monthly membership fee of seventy two dollars and twenty one cents for the membership fee for the membership. membership fees will be charged to the credit card used by you to complete the transaction.

    $72.71 monthly charge after 7 days

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I signed up for a free kit to work at home for $3.99 shipping. I immediatly turned around and click "cancel subscription", having changed my mind because I decided to investigate further. I put my info in the subsequent e-mail box and the response that appeared immediately was that mu input had been received and to pease note that it would take 10 days to process my cancellation. I immediately e-mailed again that I did not wish my card to be charged for anything at all and to reply on this. No reply was forthcoming. I called their phone number and the same recording is always on. I then called my bank to make an automatic deposit only to discover that my account was overdrawn by 79+ dollars because of 3.99 to google tree and 75 to google treasure chest. Now I can not find a site for google money tree nor google treasure chest and my bank is investigating. My bank says if they are unable to gather info I then have to place a formal complaint and they will decide on the matter in 90 days at the earliest. The gentleman I spoke to said he had heard of several sacams under the name google and handled a couple himself but had never heard of treasure chest yet. Isn't this illegal and who is doing anything about it? Pleae contact me and tell me if there is anything I can do.
my e-mail is [protected]
thank you,
Maria A. Lopez


dear sirs i signed up at the cost of $1.00 now i've been charged more ?i did not sign up for more money...

unauthorized transaction

Looking back on my web pages that i have saved on my computer. I guess, I had Google Tree send me a CD that I guess tells you about doing surveys online and getting paid for. I just got the CD last week. Number 1 the CD does not even work on my computer. Number 2, I went to buy something today, at a store and my card was declined. I thought, well thats impossible. So we ran my card through again. Same thing. So I then immediately went to my back. They looked in to my transactions, and I guess my bank put an alert on my account for $72.21 that was charged in Nevada. They thought it seemed weird, so thats why. They just had my old phone number, so thats why they could not get ahold of me. So my bank showed that $72.21 was with-drawled from my account on 1/4/09. So, I didn't have my Cd yet at that date, and I never agreed to pay that amount. So my debit card has been trashed. They are sending me a new one with a new number. When I called the Google Tree customer service, I had told the lady that I never agreed to pay that and I wanted a refund. She said that she could not, because the payment already went through. So now my bank is disputing it. The Google Tree lady gave me a conformation number to say that I decline all transactions, But she said that she can not email, or even mail me a letter.

not requested / credit card charged

I gave my information for a shipping charge only. When the told me there was a 7 day grab back i asked for the number and called it as soon as we hung up so i would never be charged. They charged me three months worth at $71. 40 before i realized the line on the credit card invoice was not something else i was working with. I called them and they explained the process. I agreed with the woman that i understood the process however i cancelled the service on the day i ordered the cd. Since i did not received the cd until i gave them notice to quite i am now aware that this is a total out and out scam. Do not talk to anyone offering "work at home and make thousands each year". Many newly unemployed individuals are seeking reliable and honest employers who want to hire "at home" talent. Any ad that comes to your e - mailbox offering profits that sound too good to be true are suspicious. . . Especially these worms!!!

  • La
    larry waters Jan 09, 2009

    was also charged 44.93 and other small amounts ranging from .01-.45/100 all are for services i dont know and pages no longer excist!

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  • Bo
    boricuamom36 Feb 13, 2009

    I was charged for a product and never got anything on the mail...This is a scame

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  • Bo
    boricuamom36 Feb 13, 2009 took me for my money.

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  • Ka
    kathy Feb 13, 2009

    google tree...grovernment grants ... they are a scam for a bunch of junk. False advertizing.

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  • Ar
    Armando Feb 17, 2009

    yes i agree to it all. i was also scamed by googlepro and they charged me 72.38 for something that i never got or asked for. not only that they wont even refund me my money back for something that i never asked for.

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  • Br
    Brina Feb 24, 2009

    Yes, I agree that google pro is without question a scam. I recieved a telemarketing call from a woman who broken english (at best) explaining to me that she was in the process of sending me a google pro packet that would enable me to make money from home. At the beginning of the call even though she said repeatedly that it was free, I told her if she needed my credit card number to please terminate the call immediately because it was a mutual waste of time. After ten minutes, I finnaly hung up on her when she approached the fact that I would have to pay shipping of $3.change. I said "send it to me C.O.D.. I was ignored.

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fraudulent charge

The company has posted an ad on the website about making money working from home. They advertise it as being absolutely free execpt a $ 3.88 shipping charges for the materail on disk. I placed an order on January 2, 2009 at 5:00 PM. On January 9, 2009, I happened to check my On Line statement from my bank and to my surprise I found 3 charges for $ 72.21 which is in pending status and found 3 charges in the amount of $ 3.88 processsed for payment on January 5, 2009. I tried calling them but they had a wrong number posted with their charge of $ 72.21 but on further investigation I found their number [protected]. I talked with the customer service named Joe, who after a brief discussion and arguments stated that they had made a mistake of overcharging me and would make a request for refund for 2 payments of $ 72.21 and 2 charges of $ 3.88 but he could not refund the third charge. I requested that I talk to hia manager and he stated the managers are not wiling to talk to consumers. He stated that there is no free product and the cancellation terms in fine print states that orders have to be cancelled with 7 days. I have neither received a product nor an invoice or a phone number that I could use to request cancellation. The company is a total fraud.

I called Google customer service to comlain to them about this fraud and I was informed that Google had no connection with this organization. They have received sveral complaints abou them and that if I would browse the web I will see several complaints filed aginst them.. This organization needs to be reported to the Nevada Better Business Bureau and State attorney general to ensure that all victims be refunded their money. I have informed my bank and they will do the needful to protect my business rights. I have also decided to go to small claims court in Los Angeles and file a suit and sue them for damages


  • Ca
    Carl Jan 29, 2009

    Tahair, This same thing happened to me.. today dating. 1/29/08, , , , , , I am litterally made about this myself... This is my phone number.. 1-814-254-4782



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  • Ma
    Marta Hill Feb 25, 2009

    This website deducted $72.21 from my back account, and this amount I did not authorize. I have filed a fraud claim against your company for the amount mentioned above. I expect the monies to be credited back to my account within 15 business days or legal action will persue. Please email me with reference to this transation at [email protected]

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