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11:12 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

David Stanley Chevrolet Tires for life

Do not purchase a car here. They will sell you these amazing "loyalty programs" like Tires or Engines for life. They then will make the hoops you must jump through impossible so that you can't actually use these "loyalty programs, that you pay for. The

"loyalty" is an ironic and hypocritical phrase to this

Brand dealership.

1. They refused to change the tires to new ones when it was time

2. They then allow the time to expire on the program

3. “Sorry someone else absorbed this contract”

They refused to charge the tires when it was time, they then allow the contract to expire and place the blame on you.

What a joke. Go somewhere, anywhere else.

Desired outcome: Tires to be replaced as was the paid plan:

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6:55 pm EDT

David Stanley Chevrolet New car purchase process

I went to David Stanley to trade in my car and buy a new Trailblazer. The Trailblazer I was looking at was $25,500. I was trading in a 2020 Ford Fusion SE that had 40,000 miles on it and Kelly Blue Book valued it at $20,000. I owed $26,200 on it so I was $6,200 negative. They come to me with a $680 a month for 72 months offer and say that is the best offer they can do for me. The problem with that offer is that the total on those payments is $48,000 so they wanted me to essentially pay for both cars. When I pointed this out, they claimed it was because of my negative equity on my car even though that math still doesn't add up to $48,000. When I said I was done and wanted my car keys so I could leave they made me wait 35 minutes before I got angry with them and demanded they give me my keys. While they were getting my keys, they ran my credit 2 additional times without my consent and then called me 4 times trying to still push that pathetic supposed best deal which is actual highway robbery.

Desired outcome: I would like an apology from the owner and an explanation on why they think it is ok to try and force a customer to pay $48,000 on a $25,500 car.

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9:35 am EST

David Stanley Chevrolet Getting my car fix

I'm have a complaint about my 2014 Chevy impala. I had led replaced before taking to the service department, they told me I had an led and another issue. I paid almost a thousand dollars to get car fix. Car still was cutting off. Now there is noise coming from my engine and they told me know I need a timing change replaced. In on disability.. I have no money to fix a problem that they didn't discuss when first brought vehicle in. I feel ok been single out because of may race. I just paid my car off with all I had to get rid of this high payment. Is there anything can be done too fix my car. I need my vehicle to make to my Dr Appointment. I had one kidney removed from having cancer. I need to make to all my appointments. Please help me resoveled my problem with my car.

David Jones

Desired outcome: Having my car fix at no cost.

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Is David Stanley Chevrolet legit?

Our conclusion: After a detailed review, ComplaintsBoard finds David Stanley Chevrolet to be a trustworthy company. Although there's a 33% resolution rate for customer complaints, which deserves attention, David Stanley Chevrolet is known for their high standards and safety. If you're thinking about dealing with David Stanley Chevrolet, it's wise to check how they handle complaints.

David Stanley Chevrolet earns a trustworthiness rating of 96%

Highly recommended, but caution will not hurt.

The age of David Stanley Chevrolet's domain suggests that they have had sufficient time to establish a reputation as a reliable source of information and services. This can provide reassurance to potential customers seeking quality products or services. has a valid SSL certificate, which indicates that the website is secure and trustworthy. Look for the padlock icon in the browser and the "https" prefix in the URL to confirm that the website is using SSL. has been deemed safe to visit, as it is protected by a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to help protect networks from online threats.

However ComplaintsBoard has detected that:

  • Despite a high level of trust, our investigation found issues with David Stanley Chevrolet's service, including poor customer service, lack of accountability, and responsibility to resolve complaints. Customers may face long wait times for responses, receive generic or unhelpful answers or no response at all. Only 33% of 0 complaints were resolved.
  • has relatively low traffic compared to other websites, it could be due to a niche focus, but could also indicate a potential lack of traffic and popularity. The may offer a niche product or service that is only of interest to a smaller audience.
  • David Stanley Chevrolet protects their ownership data, a common and legal practice. However, from our perspective, this lack of transparency can impede trust and accountability, which are essential for establishing a credible and respected business entity.
4:54 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

David Stanley Chevrolet Extend Warranty

I purchased a 2016 Chevrolet 1500 from David Stanley Ford Midwest city, in 2018. The first thing that happened was they tried to over charge us $8000, I had the price of the Truck and the agreement for our trade. They said this is the price, I said no and we will not be buying anything from this facility. They agreed to correct the purchase price. We agreed to purchase a extend warranty, which was 4, 500. This wasn't the problem, this truck has been in the shop multiple times, the last time was Aug 2021. The transmission needed to be replaced, which again we were turned down by the warranty company. Come to find out your facility didn't check the box with the lift and modify tires and wheels. So I guess we got it stuck to us in the end. We had to paid David Stanley $4650 today… it's not good business if you ask me. I'm angry and very upset that we had to pay for something this company didn't complete correctly. We did our part. I'm sorry but moving forward We will not purchase vehicles from David Stanley, you couldn't or wouldn't even make it right… as I said before we got struck in the end.

Desired outcome: Correct your Mistake

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9:34 am EDT

David Stanley Chevrolet Service employee patty at i240 location

I called trying to get my "free tires" for life that you guys promised me when I bought my car 4 years ago. My tires havw never been replaced. Patty tries to tell me that "she will decide when I get new tires not me" and then she hung up on me.

My tires are so worn that I have a prontout from firestone from last week saying how bad they are to drive on right now.

Ive bought 3 vehicles from your company. I dnt deserve to be hung up on and patty has always been a rude, condescending, hateful and not helpful in any way awful employee. I know im not the first to complain about her.

Now my question is, are you going to replace my tires as stated on my paperwork. Theres 34, 785 miles on them as well as fhey are 2017 tires.
Ive had my car since august 2017 and your company has not ince replaced them.

And you should get better employees.

Desired outcome: Tires replaced

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9:00 pm EDT

David Stanley Chevrolet Service Department and Customer Service

COMPLAINT ACTIVITY REPORT Case # [protected] Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma, Inc.

Consumer Info: McVay, Jerry Business Info: David Stanley Auto Group
15505 Red Oak Ln 614 S.W. 74th Street
Newalla, OK 74857 Oklahoma City, OK [protected]
- [protected] [protected]

Location Involved: (Same as above)

Consumer's Original Complaint :
Viscously attacked and aggressively berated verbally by TRACY STRAIN, Service Department Director. Will not address his negligence.
It saddens me greatly to know as an Air Force Veteran of 23 years defending our freedoms that I must file this complaint for I was treated so viscously, abusively and unprofessionally by TRACY STRAIN, Service Department Director. Following is a gisted account of the events. The actual very detailed letter describing the events file in a BBB complain with General Motors ID #[protected], is 7 pages 19, 351 characters (w/spaces).

TRACY STRAIN Service Director: I was viscously, aggressively and horrifically attacked and berated verbally the one and only time I have ever met or attempted to speak to him, for NO cause on 5 December, 2014. I had never met him until this day.
On 26 April 2014, I purchased a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 High Country. On or about 1 May 2014, the service department installed a defective chrome gas cap door. On or about 28 August 2014, I informed the service dept. of the defective gas cap door. Service Dept. opened the gas cap cover door causing damage to the paint on the pickup bed. I was informed it would take 3-5 business days to complete the repair. The service dept. paint shop had my vehicle 2 weeks. The paint shop caused damage to the fuel fill hose and returned my vehicle in dirty condition with paint dust for sanding. I attempted a temp. fix to the fuel fill hose damage to put fuel in the tank. As I was putting a temporary fix on the fuel fill hose, my cell phone glass screen was damaged. This was caused by the negligence of the Service Department. Fuel poured out through damaged fuel fill hose on to the ground. This was an environmental issue-the fuel spillage. Service Dept. scratched the rear bumper. Service Dept. did NOT inform me of ANY of the damages they caused. This is outright negligent behavior. Also, I did not file a complaint about any of the damages until I was viscously, aggressively and horrifically attacked and berated me verbally by TRACY STRAIN.

TRACY STRAIN Service Director: viscously, aggressively and horrifically attacked and berated me verbally for no cause on 5 December 2014. His unprofessional and aggressive behavior was such that I fully expected a physical assault! It was a rudeness that I have never experienced personally from a business or person. Especially coming from a person in a director position. TRACY STRAIN NEVER ALLOWED ME TO SPEAK. When I attempted to speak, he interrupted me--6 times. Two interruptions in front of Mr. Haines, Customer Service.

May 1: Defective fuel door installed.
Aug 28 Informed service dept. fuel door defective, Serv. Dept. damaged paint.
Oct 30 Drop P/U off for fuel door, paint, and molding repair.
Nov 18 Pick up truck, repairs completed. Returned in dirty condition.
Nov 20 discover damage to fuel fill hose and gas cap lanyard not reattached. Cell phone damage due to Serv. Dept. negligence. Request to speak to TRACY STRAIN. He was on vacation.
Dec 5, TRACY STRAIN: viscously, aggressively and horrifically attacked and berated me verbally for no cause when I attempted to discuss all damages and phone damage.
Dec 5, Vehicle returned from regular scheduled maintenance with significant scratch on rear bumper.
Dec 5; Spoke with Customer Service, Mr. Haines, about TRACY STRAINS gross behavior.
December 12, Sent customer service survey and filed a BBB complaint to GM.
Dec 12, GM customer relations contacts me about TRACY STRAINS gross behavior.
As of 5 January 2015, I have not been contacted by David Stanley Chevrolet about TRACY STRAINS VICIOUS behavior to resolve the issues.

NOTE: The Service Department NEGLIGENT in NOT informing me of ANY of the damages. I discovered each one of the damages.

NOTE: The fuel door replacement, paint damage, fuel fill hose damage were all satisfactorily repaired.

Consumer's Desired Resolution:
NOTE: Scratch on rear bumper not repaired yet, because this is the first notification to the dealership. Did not inform the dealership for fear very possible PHYSICAL ATTACK and continued VISCOUS verbal abuse by TRACY STRAIN.Expected compensation:1. TRACY STRAIN, publicly apologize, on the show room floor, to me for his disgusting behavior toward me. He needs to recognize his horrific behaviors.2. Written or verbal apology from Shane Downs and David Stanley, taking responsibility for Tracy Strain's disgusting behavior .3. Scratch on rear bumper repaired.4. Reimburse cost of cell phone glass face repair ($130.00) caused by the NEGLIGENCE of TRACY STRAIN.5. The fuel cap lanyard reattached.As always, I am very willing to discuss these items. However, I will not have any discussion with TRACY STRAIN, other than his apology to me.As always, I am very willing to discuss these items. However, I will not have any discussion with Tracy Strain's, other than his apology.

BBB Processing

01/05/2015 web BBB Complaint Received by BBB
01/09/2015 AMR BBB Member or MIP Case Reviewed by BBB
01/09/2015 Otto EMAIL Send Acknowledgement to Consumer
01/09/2015 Otto EMAIL Inform MIP Member of Complaint
01/26/2015 OttO BBB No response to first notice to business
01/26/2015 OttO EMAIL Consumer - Have You Heard From the Company
01/26/2015 OttO EMAIL Second Notice to Business
01/26/2015 AMR BBB RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : Please be advised we are in receipt of your correspondence in connection with the above referenced matter. I personally interviewed Mr. Strain and he adamantly denies the allegations of Mr. McVay and states he conducted himself ethically and professionally at all times. While we regret that Mr. McVay is not completely satisfied with his experience at our dealership, we cannot agree to compensate him for the cost of replacing the iPhone since the damage thereto did not occur at the dealership and was not caused by any employee of the dealership. If there are other issues in connection with his vehicle, we will agree to review same as the dealership will stand behind the quality of work performed on the vehicle. Since lodging this complaint, Mr. McVay has scheduled an appointment with the Service Department to have his vehicle serviced. In light of this complaint, and the discrepancy between Mr. McVay's version of events and Mr. Strain's version of events, we feel that it is best if Mr. McVay choses another dealership to service his vehicle. This will avoid any further issues between the parties. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call on me. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.
Toby G. Flowers
General Counsel
David Stanley AutoGroup
01/26/2015 AMR EMAIL Forward Business response to Consumer
01/26/2015 WEB BBB RECEIVED CONSUMER REBUTTAL : (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Thank you for responding to my complaint. I am appreciative and glad to get some type of response from David Stanley Chevrolet. I'm not happy or glad that it came to a BBB complaint.
Regretfully, I can not accept your response. Tracy Strain has now put you and David Stanley Chevrolet in a very bad light. It begs the question of the integrity and professionalism of the executive leadership.
My wife and I have already called to speak to the executive leadership and you. I called four (4) times, of which I only spoke to the executive assistant's voicemail. My wife called at least 3 times, of which, she spoke with the executive assistant, Ms. Roxy twice. Only one call was returned. That call was to my wife by the executive assistant, Ms. Roxy. All other calls received No attention or return service call.
It is disconcerting to me that the executive leadership is wiling to accept a BBB complaint being of this nature, unsatisfied or not accepted all for a few dollars and a simple apology.
I did "NOT ASK" for you to "Replace" my cell phone as you state in your response. Apparently, you were told I have an "iPhone". You were mislead. I say this because, had you actually "Read" my complaint, you would have clearly read that I asked for assistance with the "Repair" of the "front screen" of my cell phone, "NOT Replace" my phone. I do not have an iPhone, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. Again, I asked you to "Help/assist" in the "Repair" of my cell phone "Front Screen", that was, factually, damaged at the extension of the dealership premises due to the negligence of your service department.
You state "the damage did not occur at the dealership." Since the scratch on my vehicles rear bumper was damaged at your dealership, I hear you are agreeing to repair the scratch or willing to at least discuss repairing the damage.
As for my Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone front screen, was effectively damaged on David Stanley's premises. The fuel fill hose was factually damaged at the dealership from the negligence of the service department. When I had to put a temporary repair on the damaged fuel fill hose, to put enough fuel in the vehicle to get it back to the dealership, I was affectively a temporary employee of David Stanley, that effectively made wherever I was located, an extension of the David Stanley dealership. Your service department was negligent in the damage to my vehicles fuel fill hose. Which, was the third (3rd) time they damaged my brand new vehicle.
I asked for a very simple, but very warranted, apology from Tracy Strain for his viscous attack, unethical, and unprofessional behavior.
I am very satisfied with how I was treated by the sales and financial departments at David Stanley Chevrolet. They respected me and my wishes from the minute I met them.
I have been exceptionally patient and forgiving through this entire incident and ordeal. No customer should be put through what Tracy Strain and his service department have done to me and my brand new vehicle.
When filing a complaint with the BBB, I thought it odd they gather information on veterans.
You did not address the negligence of your service department damaging my vehicle four (4) times. Which, one of the damages has still not been addressed until your statement in your response.
I fully expected Tracy Strain to deny his viscous attack and unprofessional behavior. A person who has strong integrity, strength, and fortitude to own up to their actions and behaviors would be well thought of. It takes a very strong person to own up to their mistakes.
We would not be communicating through the BBB, had management responded to my requests to discuss the incident with Tracy Strain and the service departments negligence. I am still very willing to briefly discuss with upper management a resolution to the incident with Tracy Strain, assistance with the repair of my cell phone Front Screen and the significant scratch on the rear bumper of my brand new vehicle. You should have my phone number from the messages I have left with Ms. Roxy.
Had Tracy Strain not viscously attacked me. Had he been as respectful as I am, we would have discussed the issues. Unfortunately, I've only spoke 6 words to Tracy Strain in his office. I think 12 words spoken to him in front of Coach Haines, customer service representative, in the Coach's office.
I realize you think my complaint is an allegation, but, what Tracy did is sickening and fact. Even if you take it at face value, one of your customers was treated extremely poorly and very disrespectfully. You have not personally spoke with me about the incident. To make a conclusion based on Tracy's verbal input and only my report is not a quality investigation. If you had spoken with me, I feel you would see that I have done nothing wrong and did not deserve the abuse from Tracy. This incident and the damages to my vehicle warranted a phone call from the executive leadership. There has been some real untruth spoken to you.
If you wish to put this behind us positively, please respectfully contact me through my cell phone number listed in this report or you may get it from Ms. Roxy's voicemail messages. I have given you a written version of the events that took place. I respectfully request a written version of Tracy's view of the events.
Thank you again for responding to my BBB complaint. I say truthfully, I diligently attempted to keep my complaints in-house (your house). I am glad to have the chance to communicate with you directly.
Very respectful,
Jerry McVay
01/28/2015 AMR EMAIL Forward Consumer Rebuttal to Business
02/07/2015 BBB MORE INFO RECEIVED FROM THE CONSUMER : Sadly, Toby has not contacted me from our last communication here. Toby offered for me to call him to resolve the issue. I have called 4 times and not one call has been returned by anyone from David Stanley Chevrolet Management.
Tracy Strain has yet to apologize for his "unethical and unprofessional" behavior or his "physical threat" to me. He has stated that his viscous attack and physical threat are ethical and professional behavior.
So, to date, Toby or anyone from David Stanley Chevrolet has NOT contacted me about repairing the scratch on my bumper caused by Tracy Strains negligence. Nor have the discussed assisting me in the repair of my cell phone screen. Which was damaged due Tracy Strains negligence.
I'll continue to update this file as long as I am not contacted by Toby or any executive management from David Stanley Chevrolet for them to repair the scratch on my bumper and assist in the repair of my cell phone screen. Both, damaged due to Tracy Strains negligence.
02/09/2015 OttO BBB No Response from Business re: Consumer Rebuttal
02/27/2015 AMR EMAIL FORWARD CONSUMER REBUTTAL TO BUSINESS : No word since Mr. Mcvay last entered information.
03/10/2015 OttO BBB No Response from Business re: Consumer Rebuttal
03/10/2015 AMR BBB No Consumer Response- Assumed Resolved w/o Letter
03/11/2015 AMR BBB REOPEN THE COMPLAINT : New complaint filed by Mr. McVay.
03/11/2015 AMR BBB RECEIVED CONSUMER REBUTTAL : Refer to BBB Case #[protected] for complete details.
Failure to honor extended service contract of which I paid $400.00.
UPDATE 10 March 2015
Toby Flowers has not returned my calls.
I paid $400.00 for an extended service contract with David Stanley Chevrolet. David Stanley will not allow me to request or make an appointment to honor the contract. Today, 10 March 2015, I had to pay $63.00 to have the oil changed. David Stanley Chevrolet has cost me over $100.00 to "repair the front screen" on my cell phone and now, $63.00 for an oil change I've already paid for.
David Stanley Chevrolet has breached the extended service contract with me. I paid $400.00 for the service that is not being honored. In fact, Tracy Strain threatened me to keep me from making an appointment.
Sadly, after nearly 4 months and multiple attempts to work an agreeable resolution with David Stanley Chevrolet Executive Management for the unethical, unprofessional, and negligent behavior of Tracy Strain, Service Department Director. The first time my vehicle was damaged was on 26 April 2014. All repairs have not been completed as of 10 March 2015.
BBB CASE#: [protected]
Tracy Strain refuses to acknowledge and apologize for his viscous, extremely aggressive attack, unethical, and unprofessional behavior.
Here is a gist of the events that took place (not necessarily in the order presented):
All damages were NEVER brought to my attention. I discovered each of the damages (5 total).
1. Extreme "unethical and unprofessional" behaviors and a direct physical threat made to me and to damage my vehicle again by Tracy Stain, Service Department Director. (Strain denies this; QUOTE "adamantly denies the allegations and acted in an ethical and professional behavior at all times." END QUOTE. This could not be more further from the truth!
2. Defective chrome fuel cover door installed.
3. Service department extreme damage to paint. (2nd damage)
4. Poor communication: 1. I was not informed of the defective door, 2. I was not informed of the damage caused by the service department; 3. I was not informed they required 3-5 days to repair the damage; 4. I spent from [protected] at the dealership because of number 3 above, my service agent was not informed I was waiting.
5. Excessive delay in completing repairs.
6. The service department paint shop held my vehicle for over 2 weeks to repair the damage to the paint.
7. Fuel fill hose damaged.
8. Negligence of service department caused damage to my cell phone glass face.
9. Failure to complete all repairs.
10. Vehicle returned dirty with dust from sanding during the paint repair.
11. Viscously and aggressively attacked and berated by Tracy Strain, service department director.
***Would have physically assaulted me had I not left the situation.***
12. Rear bumper damaged during regular maintenance by the service department (5th time damaged).
13. Tracy Strain gave a direct physical threat to me and threatened to damage my vehicle, again.
14. Cell phone glass face still not repaired as of 7 February 2015.
15. Damage on rear bumper still not repaired.
16. I have not been contacted to discuss these issues.
17. Customer Service failure to answer phone calls and status reports.
18. No investigation in to these events has been made by the dealership.
19. As of 7 February 2015, Executive Management has not responded to my 4 calls to discuss resolution of these issues.
These are true facts of the events that have taken place.
Tracy Strain can deny his viscous, aggressive, unethical, and unprofessional behavior for lack of integrity, honesty and strength of character, however, he CANNOT deny the damages to my vehicle nor can he deny his direct physical threat and threatening to damage my vehicle, again. I have those threats in an email sent by him.
No attempt to return my phone calls is unacceptable at minimum. Now, you are not upholding a signed and paid ($400.00) for extended service agreement.
Please contact me so we can resolve this issue and closeout this complaint.

As I have already asked for:
A respectful mature apology.
Assistance with the cost of repairing the front screen on my cell phone or equivalent restitution in Chevrolet merchandise.
The scratch on my rear bumper repaired.
Refund my $400.00 I paid for the extended service plan.
I have already attach the gas cap lanyard. I did their work for them.
I'm not asking for much. These few requests can be filled immediately if David Stanley Chevrolet will honorably step up and fill them.
03/11/2015 AMR EMAIL Forward Consumer Rebuttal to Business
03/17/2015 AMR BBB RECEIVED BUSINESS' REBUTTAL RESPONSE : Please be advised we are in receipt of your supplemental correspondence in connection with the above referenced matter. The Extended Service Contracts sold by the dealership are honored at multiple dealerships and service locations. It is not mandatory for the service to be performed at David Stanley Chevrolet, so Mr. McVay can continue to enjoy the benefit of the service contract. If Mr. McVay would like to cancel the Extended Service Contract there is a cancellation procedure in place. Mr. McVay can contact Ms. Betty Hunt in the Accounting Department to begin the cancellation process. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call on me. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.
Toby G. Flowers
General Counsel
David Stanley AutoGroup
03/17/2015 AMR EMAIL Send Business' Rebuttal Response-New Offer

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12:14 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

David Stanley Chevrolet Poor customer service

Purchased a used ford F150 supercrew xlt. Vehicle broke down in 3 weeks after purchase. Our finance company would not finalize sale until vehicle was fixed. Called David Stanley to ask how they would remedy problem, they first told me they would fix the problem and then told me they would tow vehicle. I asked what was going on they told me vehicle was to expensive to fix. I asked if they could bring my car back to me Brian Becker told me no I would have to come and get it so I said I am at work for 48 nhours I will come and get it on Friday or saturday. He said it's here. I called Brad Anderson on Friday Oct. 16th and he sent someone out to physicaly put his hands on the vehicle to make sure it was there, and it was. We came up on Saturday the 17th and when we got there they informed us the vehicle was sold, We spent time trying to figure it out and it showed on there computers that it was sold that morning.. We now have no vehicle for me to drive to work that is reliable. Brian Becker was very smug and impersonable and did not seem to care that we drove 2 hours to get our car that we were told was still there. Our contract was null and void on the 13th. We feel that this was a disgrace to the hard working man. Please.. We just want this wrong to be made right..

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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1 comment
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, US
Feb 15, 2023 6:55 am EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Warning Stay Away. They use Deceptive sales tactics. They try to trick you. Just google them and look at all of their reviews on all websites. Do not buy a car here. You should only deal with reputable dealerships. Kory love , David and Aaron Stephenson are all crooks. Buyer please be aware

10:40 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

David Stanley Chevrolet slander and unproffesionalism

On 7-15-09 I contacted Brad Cook in regards to purchasing a Camero for my nephew. I stated I would let my nephew know Brad had a unit in stock and would work on getting my nephew to commit to the color which I did and was in the process of contacting Brad to inform him we were on our way there. I called and the operator answered, I was informing her to let Brad know the situation and after the first 3 words she cut me off. I redialed the number and once again she cut me off, I called once again and started to kindly inform her I was trying to tell her I just wanted to leave a message, she rudely told me she had other calls to answer" what did I want". I proceded to tell her and she placed me on hold, she never returned. I redialed her and asked why she was being so rude; she disconnected me. I redialed and asked for a manager, she disconnected me, I redailed and she stated"WHAT DO YOU WANT", I replied I had tried to tell her and she once again disconnected me.

I called Brad Cook's cell phone and informed him of what just happned and he immediatly began to defend her not even knowing what just happned. He went over to the operator and stated that "she said I threatened to kick her ###" unbelieveably I told him she was not telling the truth, and that I have never used fowl language
nor have I EVER threatened anyone in my life time. He came up with a lie just as she did that there was another customer just called her that threatened her and she propably assumed it was me? Mr. Cook did not realize as a bussiness owner myself I also automatically record my conversations which will be an asset in my conversation with Mr. Stanley.

He then started getting an attitude with me, he stated "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME DO DO>>>FIRE HER..IF I DO WILL YOU PURCHASE THE CAR?" I stated I would do just that, he replied now; her kids can not eat!
Brad stated he had the calls on tape; I asked him to immediatly review them, he changed the subject.
I asked for a time to meet Mr. Stanley or a number so that I may inform him of the service that is being given to customers when they call. He refused, I called and kindly spoke to Zeak his manager which did not give me a way to reach Mr. Stanley but said he would review the situation. I informed him I "would" speak to David Stanley and inform him of the unprofessional and unbelieveable attitude and rudeness his dealership gives to customers with these two employees employeed there.

I will purchase add space in the Oklahoma City and surrounding area news papers informing potential customers to beware of such a bussiness. I am a bussiness owner and purchase vehicles by fleet for my company which I currently purchase in the Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex. I had hoped to find a dealership here in Oklahoma to do my purchasing, only to find one that I am happy to steer clear of; and hope to help others to do the same.

I feel this is a classic case of slander and allowing our attorneys to bring this kind of situation public, will also bring forth others to inform potential customers of this dealership to find a dealership with professionalism to do purchases with, if it starts with slander from the operator ;to cover up from management, what is next?

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jim butler1999
, US
Jun 30, 2016 9:41 am EDT

I tried to take a truck I bought at david stanley dodge in April 2015 30 minutes after I signed papers because Marvin one of the sales managers there did bother to tell me the truck was advertised on sale for 9000 less

11:15 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

David Stanley Chevrolet New Vehicle Purchase

I would absolutely NOT recommend buying ANY vehicle from David Stanley Chevrolet! My fiance and I just purchased our new 2009 Chevy Silverado from them this past weekend (7/3/09). His cousin (who used to sell cars) brokered the deal for us. When we went in the next day to fill out the paperwork, we did not know that they had raised the price of the truck $1, 000 from what they had quoted his cousin the day before. We found out only after we went to his cousin's house with the new truck. His cousin was extremely angry that they lied to us and we all went back up there to see if they would correct the problem.

Our salesperson, Brad Cook, told us to wait in his office and that he would be right with us. Thirty minutes later, we had to page him to even have him come speak to us. He brought in the sales manager who told us that the deal was done and my fiance's cousin told him to go get the paperwork because we weren't happy. He wanted him to go over the numbers again but they refused, saying car sales is "funny numbers" and they don't stay the same from day to day. They then went and got the finance manager who treated us horribly. He said $1, 000 isn't much money and we shouldn't even be worried about it. He told us my fiance's cousin that he wasn't speaking to him because he hadn't signed the paperwork. He didn't care if he brokered the deal, he wasn't on the paperwork and he could get out of the office. And then he had the audacity to tell my fiance (who is almost 30), to grow up, and fight his own battles. My fiance told him he wanted his keys back from his trade in, since by law, we have 72 hours to return the vehicle. The finance manager told us we didn't know what we were talking about and REFUSED to give us our keys back. He then told us to contact their attorneys on Monday and walked out of the office.

I have a problem with them lying to us about the cost of the vehicle, but I have an even bigger problem with the way they treated us after we purchased a $34, 000 truck from them. If they had been helpful, even if they were unsuccessful in solving our problem, I would not have cared. But to be treated so poorly just speaks volumes of the way David Stanley cares for their customers. The second we got home, I peeled the David Stanley sticker off the back of the truck. My fiance is so proud of his new truck, and really, I'll pay the extra $1, 000 just to see the smile on his face every time he climbs in. But we will NEVER buy another vehicle from David Stanley Chevrolet...or quite possibly the entire David Stanley family of dealerships.


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Update by heather522
Aug 13, 2009 12:20 pm EDT

thanks LeoF! You're right, $1, 000 is alot of money in this economy. They have still yet to send us our customer satisfaction survey. Ha!

And Jerry, let me know if you want our complaint.



The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Katelyn M
, US
Feb 04, 2016 7:47 am EST

I purchased a truck from David Stanley I-240, OKC and received nothing but the same lies. I live in Norman, OK and had made a cheaper deal nearby, but was told I could buy the same exact truck in OKC for a $1, 000 more, but would receive oil changes and tires for free an long as I owned the vehicle. I don't trade in and purchase a new vehicle every couple years like some people, so I thought this would eventually pay for itself and I'll be the one coming out ahead. I purchased the vehicle and three years later- out of the blue, they have no idea why I would think I should receive free oil changes. I kept the paperwork stating I had the free oil changes for about a year and a half. I only discarded it because every time I went in for an oil change (the previous three years), I would ask the service attendant, if I was in their computer and confirm that I indeed was going to receive my free oil changes. I have yet to talk to Mr. Downs, but after reading the stories from above, I can see that upper and middle management apparently promote the culture of lying and, or doing whatever it takes to make the sale!

Oklahoma City, US
Apr 04, 2012 8:47 am EDT

I have to agree with the reviews of the customers below. This place not only treats their customers like crap but also their employees. After three years of working there and taking on more and more responsibilities, they advised me that they were going to have to "let me go due to cut backs". Three years of things constantly being added to my job description and not so much as a pay raise in that time frame and then to be let go without so much as a reason. I have no hard feelings towards their Owner or their GM Shane Downs. They do have some good sales people who truly care about their customers, and they have one desk manager in new cars who does. Their finance department is horrid, underhanded, shady and unethical under the management of Chad Morris. They have one Manager who hires and fires his own family on a fairly constant basis. I cannot count the number of times he has fired and rehired his own sister. They bribe their customers with free gas to bring in a perfect survey or write a good review for them as they know it is the only way that they can get these things with the way that they do business. I have been around the car business my entire life. This place is by far the WORST dealership in terms of service after the sale and the way to do business that I have EVER seen. They have no sympathy for employees who are ill. They terminate employees who come in every day even though they are suffering from a brain tumor and going through radiation treatments, and then have the gall and balls to accuse them of forging doctors notes for the FEW times they missed due to being severely ill. I had a heart attack while I was at work and was back within two days. I came in many times on my day off to handle various tasks that needed to be taken care of for the dealership, and my repayment was termination. They found a letter from my doctors nurse that had been emailed to me and saved on my pc hard drive. They found this after I had been terminated. They tried to misconstrue this letter as me having been forging doctors notes on my computer. Why did they do this? So that after three years of employment, and being let go for no reason, they would not have to pay me unemployment benefits and would be able to under cut me on my final vacation pay. Three years I was there and no so much as an I'm sorry were letting you go. No severance package, nothing. The only employees there that I can say anything positive about aside from the Stanley Family who are wonderful people are Jim Carerra, Shane Downs, and Wes Osborne. The rest of the management and support staff leaves alot to be desired

Oklahoma City, US
Nov 04, 2010 11:56 pm EDT

I love David Stanley Chevrolet I've bought 8 cars & trucks from them over the years nothing but GREAT service, But it sounds like some did not do research before they bought. Would you go to the store and buy coffee with out looking at the price of it, or would you just pay the cashier $20 for it if they told you that was the price. YOU SAY BUYER BEWARE, I SAY BUYER GET SMART!

David Alldredge
Oklahoma City, US
Sep 27, 2010 9:25 pm EDT

I am currently in a dispute with David Stanley Chevrolet over a new 2010 camaro. The issue has not been resolved as yet, but I will keep you informed on the outcome. We will see if they are trying to change their image or if all the bad revue's are still relavent!

Pat Wilder
Oklahoma City, US
May 28, 2010 8:35 am EDT

David Stanley Chevrolet may have had a bad reputation at one time, but that is certainly not the perception I have after buying my new vehicle there. They were patient and understanding. Their Internet Manager, Thomas McCauley took the time to sit down with me and ask me exactly what I was looking for in my new vehicle. He found me the exact Equinox I was looking for and assured me he could have it on his lot within five business days. The Equinox arrived within the timeframe that Thomas has promised and was exactly what I was looking for. My Salesman was Wes Osborne. He was incredible. David Stanley Chevrolet if the first dealership that I have ever purchased from that continues to follow up even after the sale to see how the new vehicle is doing. I made my purchase nearly 4 months ago, and I still continue to get calls from the dealership checking to make sure I am still happy. I even recieved a birthday card and service coupons from my sales person. Now that is what I call service after the sale. In my opinion Thomas McCauley and Wes Osborne are a huge credit to the reputation of David Stanley Chevrolet and I will be giving them my continuous business going forward due to the courteous treatment that I recieved.

Bethany, US
Aug 13, 2009 5:41 pm EDT

I had horrible issues with the David Stanley in Midwest City! The are rude and hateful people. I had worked out a deal over a period of 3 days went to turn everything in and brought everything they asked me to bring and guess what, they didn't have any idea what I was talking about. The sales man I had been working with disappeared into thin air. The new guy had no idea of anything, then told me sorry we can't help you. Yet on their website it say no application denied. I am making it known DO NOT USE DAVID STANLEY ANYTHING!

Oklahoma City, US
Aug 12, 2009 10:42 pm EDT

My husband and I bought a 2008 Pontiac G6 from David Stanley used cars in South Oklahoma City on 8-11-09 the salesman Ozzie told us the price was 19, 000.00 and they would give us 4, 000.00 for my truck and sent us to the finance department where after telling my husband he had bad credit for 1 late house payment 2 years ago, he was offered free identity theft protection charged him $399 after all said and done he came home with an interest rate of 14% and none of the numbers even added up and no purchase contract and they had the car on the internet for $15, 000 so we contacted our credit union and the finance lady told us our interest rate was 5.9%, she had a meeting with rob stanley that afternoon and called and told us to go back up there and they would do whatever would makes us happy, all we wanted was to be treated fairly.When we returned finance to us to go back to the salesman and he would take care of us, but he was off to talk to Brad so we waited about 10 minutes, when Brad came in before my husband finished explaining he took the contract slammed it on the table and yelled thats the deal and I'm not changeing it, so i told him if they could't even add with a calculator they didn't need to be selling cars and i may be a woman but he is damn lucky my husband is very calm and made me leave after they threatened to call the police or I would have whipped his little punk ### all over the parking lot.If your going to use them be prepared because that is the worst car dealer I've ever been to, you should never have to put up with rude obnoxious idiots when your trying to purchase a product especially when bait and switch is illegal so everyone should make their complaints to the Better Business Bureau, Oklahoma attorney general, and the auto dealer commission, so Brad you should know God doesn't like and neither do the people.

Jerry Southerland
Velma, US
Jul 15, 2009 9:48 pm EDT

Yet another complaint with the operator at this dealership which hung up on me 4 times and I was a potental new car purchaser and a potential fleet buyer for the company I own in Duncan Oklahoma.

I brought this matter to the attention of Brad and his manager. Brad quickly went to the defense of this operator 7-15-09 which stated I had "threatened to kick her ###" I have never used that language with anyone nor have I threatned anyone. Brad said he had the phone conversations recorded, I asked him to review them he quickly changed the subject. He stated if he fired her would I purchase the vehicle, I stated I would, he then proceeds to to tell me "now her children can't eat."Brad then stated another customer had threatened her and she thought it was me, so I suppose yet another customer recieved her attitude as well as Brad's. I will purchase an add in the local paper and would like any other complaints forwarded to me to forward to David Stanley

I hope every internet reader will read this review prior to purchasing from this dealership. I also requested to meet with the owner and was told he "comes and goes as he pleases" do what I have to do.

Pass this on to other readers as I will purchase an add in the local news paper for potential customers to review.

, US
Jul 12, 2009 3:08 am EDT

i just bought a new G5 which i love brand new for 9250.00 from a dealership in NH and they treated me great ( i had a big GM card rebate) and i doubt they made much on that car..i sold my old sunfire to my mom so they didnt even make $$$ in trade... so i would say your stealership made at least 3k on your deal and they treat you like that?... "it is only a 1000.00?"...then great, give me my 1k back you ###. Anyways i work at a GM supplier and i want to thank you buying a silverado...maintain rig and it should give you a lot of good years

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