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Complaints & Reviews


My husband has been laid off work for the first time in 30 years. We had one and ahalf years to go to pay it off. we contacted for, we let them know what was going on.we even tried to refince to get our payments down to make it easier. but the said they said they couldnt do that because he wasnt working. IF HE WAS WORKING WE WOULDNT NEED TO REFINANCE. is what is sad is they have the Goverment to bail them out . We dont. All i have to say if they get in trouble and need another bail out I hope the goverment say SORRY THERES NOTHING WE CAN DO.

  • Mc
    MCoy Mar 26, 2010

    yeah let her know WE DID NOT TAKE THE BAILOUT.by the way the reason you didn't get the refinance.. if your not working it makes no sence because you have to have a source of income, that means if we refinance you still have to pay, in if your not on the contract it makes it worst for you

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ford focus cassete

iam basem from egypt, i have big problem with the Maintenance Service in egypt, they dont want to exchange my cassete in my car ford focus 2009
once aday i put a cd in my cassete and it not play on then in another day i saw ( no cd ) in my casste tape so i put another cd with the first one because i saw ( no cd ) in the tape then i went to the service center of ford it called ( Fikry Ford ) they didnt agree to exchange the cassete although iam still in the guarantee time, they said ( bad using )
i want from u to respond me if u will call them or not .
i will complain them in my country and i will hurt the reputation of Ford if they didnt exchange my cassete
thanx for u
sorry for my weak english

  • Ta
    tarekmahmoud Jan 05, 2009

    I have ford focus 2007
    I want to complain in the Ford Alexandria Egypt Branch because of the weakness of their professionalism as they do not know how to deal with a lot of defects
    And they have change some parts of the car to try to address one of the defects, but my car is still a defect

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  • Pa
    passant turk Sep 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ford is a very good car they have to solve all problems becouse all peaple in egypt say be away and don't buy ford

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  • Sp
    spidy455 Nov 28, 2010

    i have another problem with ford egypt. they sold me car insurance for my ford fiesta 2010 and then they withdrew their part in the agreement after i received me policy, leaving me to deal with the ins. company and refusing to give me my car until the problem is resolved... awful after sales service...and i'm sure they will be losing customers and reputation as well..

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bad customer service

Dear Sir/Madam

MAKE :Ford Fiesta
MODEL (YEAR) :2009
ENGINE NO. (on license disc) :8T8471
VIN NO. (on license disc) :WFOJXXGAJJ8T8471

My name is Isabell Jones Contact no. [protected] E-mail - isabell.[protected]@vodamail.co.za Ford Fiesta 2009 YDS261GP 51000 km and not 55 000 as stated by Eastvaal Auto In Secunda Complaint about : Vehicle still not repaired. Date taken in: 09/02/2010 Date returned : 26/02/2010 Service Mananger: Jimmy Dealership Manager : Mr.Nokye Ref: no for complaint logged with Ford SA: [protected]

On 9th of Feb 2010 my vehicle had a breakdown. I was towed to Eastvaal Auto in Secunda. I was told by the service manager( Jimmy) that he would book my vehicle for Monday 15th Feb 2010. My partner called on Tuesday 10/02/2010, wednesday 11/02/2010 and thursday12/02/2010 and still nothing had been done.

On the 19th of Feb 2010 I went into the Dealership as my company had rented a vehicle for me and had given&me until the 19th to use the vehicle and were not prepared to pay another day. I was given a courtesy vehicle by Mr.Nokye on 19/02/2010 and on 22nd was called by my partner saying that thev dealership had called and said that the vehicle is ready. I was shocked as they had not called me in to get autherisation from Stanic prior to repair. I was aware that they would have a look then let me know what was wrong then advise me or let me know if it was covered under warranty. Furthermore they did not get autherisation from Ford.

I paid R4553.67 and when I started the vehicle it was worse than when I had left it there but Jimmy had told me that he had test driven the vehicle and it was all in order.

I left the vehicle with them and was called back the Thursday 25 Feb 2010 at 10H00 by the dealership. They wanted their courtesy vehicle back and they had not fixed the problem which they now say is the gear box. They further stated that they will not cover that under warranty as it is sequential damage.

I was not told all these things when they took my money. I was told that my vehicle is as goood as new.

I have called Ford SA and they are not helpful in anyway. Mr.Nokye called Jimmy and he just said sorry he made a mistake. I have done reseach on the internet and dicovered that there are lots of dissatiffied customers. They say that Fors SA ha a non existant customer service. They have a non existant warranty on the new ford fiesta as everything is covered under factory fault and notwear and tear.

please help as I am broke as my company wont pay and neither will ford and my vehicle is still not fixed.

I do believe that I have tried by best to resolve this in a descent fashion bit I am now counting on you and your organisation to assist me.
Many thanks
Isabell Jones


I have driven 4 fords and never had so much KAK in my life with this one.
From the end of November I took my car to Galactic auto Polokwane until now(02/03/2010) for no less than 35 times and each time it comes back with the same problem. I really am beginning to think that this is a Factory problem as they have replaced a number of things on the car and cant get the problem sorted. Where to now?
I have spoken to the principal dealer at Galagtic and to the owner but the problem is still there.

defective intake manifold

I have a 4.6 L V-8 in my Mustang GT. The intake manifold cracked causing it to overheat and almost 1300.00 to repair. Ford had a class action judgement regarding this part - however the Ford rep said i had to reoprt the problem almost 3 years ag0. This problem was not well well known - so how could i fix it before it breaks? I understand the time line may not be what Ford wants - but there is a right thing to do. I am not asking for a full rebate, but i would like to have some of my costs returned. Way to go Ford - you are just like all the others - I wa a loyal customer, but since you behave the same as the others - I guess there is no need of my loyality, sice it is clearly a one way street for you. GOOD BYE FORD - I will be sure to tell all my friends and associates

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Traded in an old 2007 Ford Edge for a new 2010 model, thought I was offered a great deal. month went by...

unfair business practices

I had been a loyal Ford Customer for years, purchasing several vehicles from Ford. My latest, a 2007 Ford F150 Truck. In July 2008 I lost my job and was unable to continue with regular payments. During that time Ford requested help from Our USA Government and received money to help continue its business. Ford repossessed my vehicle but did not offer to help me at all.Ford has offered to help NEW CUSTOMERS WHO LOSE THEIR JOBS WHILE AT THE SAME TIME CONTINUES TO PURSUE ME FOR THE BALANCE OF THE LEASE. HOW FAIR IS THAT? WHAT IS THE PRICE OF LOYALTY? SHOULD I STILL PURCHASE FROM FORD? TELL ME IF THAT SOUNDS GOOD. FORD SHOULD OFFER AMNESTY TO LONG TIME FORD CUSTOMERS.

  • Ap
    a.piccioni Sep 15, 2010

    you have to understand ford motor company dont care, they are greedy, loyalty means nothing, im making payments on a ranger that i cant drive because to cut cost they use a small plastic part on the fuel line.we all know it should be brass or ss steel, so how did they save, they raise prices thousands of dollars every year, and my truck is a danger not just to me but to everyone on the road.ford dont care.

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very disatisfied customer

I purchased a 2006 ford fusion september of 2006, the car was great for 4 months and then the wiring harness went bad and had to be replaced, then with 51, 000 miles on the car the transmission went bad, the local dealer replaced that under warrenty, they had the car for almost 3 months doing that. I recently had to give the car back and i gave it back on volentary reposession. I couldnt afford the payment and the repairs on the vehicle. its the worst car ive ever had and ford credit is the worst company ive ever delt with. I was talked to very rudly and disrespected by qutie a few of the representatives through ford credit. And then to top it all off, i recieved a notice in the mail telling me where the car would be auctioned off and i would have to owe 200 dollars for them coming to get the car for reposession. I was never informed of this and im very unhappy and angry that i gave the car up to them and now things are being thrown in for them wanting more money. i know i am not completely right since i couldnt continue paying for it but at the same time i will not pay for something that i was not informed about and i had asked about when i let them take it. the car is the worst car ive ever owned, nothing but problems with wiring, electrical and mecanical problems. I will never buy another ford vehicle after all of this. thats all ive ever driven, i will now be going to honda or toyota and give a great company my business. Again im displeased and very angry with the way this company has handeled things in the past 3 years, I hope this email will shed light on how angry i am for having to go through this, ive been through enough with them and now im going to be charged after i was compliant and im fully disgusted and seeking possible legal action for all of this heartache.

business practices

I am a single mother having a hard time keeping up with my payments. I know I cut it close each month but I make sure I get the payment posted before it falls 30 days past due to try and help my credit. I made a payment on a Saturday; I first went online and it stated it may take up to 2 business days for the payment to post to the account so I looked at the phone payment options which stated the payment would post the next business day for a fee. I did this at once over the phone. Imagine my surprise when the payment did not post until Tuesday, even when on the phone I was told it would post on Monday. This made me just miss the deadline and I believe was done of purpose. These people will not work with you. If I ever get rid of this car I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN AND WILL GO TO EVERY SITE POSSIBLE TO SPREAD THE WORD they are rude and tell you its your fault anyway for waiting till the last minute. This money, I might add, cleared my account a FULL DAY before they posted it as a payment and so did the fee I paid to make sure it posted the next business day!!! They are horrible and dishonest and will never admit to a mistake

reposessed vehicle

I was 60 days past due on my Mustang and I had another payment coming up, which would make it 90 days past due. Last Tuesday, tow truck shows up at work and hooks my car. I was able to get everything out. For over a week now, I have been calling Ford Credit Redemption department at [protected] ext. 32013, and every single day they have told me that my account information has not been updated yet and I need to call back tomorrow. My car was a lease and was going to go back next month. I just want to get some info on how much all of this is going to cost me. I am not looking to get the car back. Does anyone else have any idea who I could call to get some information?Thanks for the help. John

  • Ma
    Maria51 Mar 06, 2012

    worst company ever!

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  • Jo
    joertr00 Jun 14, 2017

    Ford credit had this repossessed and service coming get our vehicle on 6-13-17 our agreement with ford Credit was not due until 6-20-17 and I Repeat ford credit head are vehicle repossessed on 6-13-17 wasn't due until 6-20-17 and when we call they were rude and said what does it matter now on 6-13-17or on the6-20-17. the matter is we had an agreement on 6-20-17 we where to bring it back we were bringing it back on 6-20-17 as we agreed upon with Ford credit and get a new vehicle And we were going. we have all their emails we have all or documentation stating that we had a lease extension for 2 months so we figured out what we are going to do turn around and they said there was never no agreement whether we talk to they should never done it but we have all our proper documentation so for credit can break anything they want any time they want but customers can't without being charged what they can't be charged for credit in the rude rude rude and the way they handled whole situation is unprofessional They have no regards for their customers I was a Ford guy through-and-through but now I think I'm gonna change my mind for how rude In the way they treated us.Defamation of character profiling In the last time I check that is against the law to do-and they did it all zhan thinking about brezene charges on home for all of that and the service that they used the way they treated me when I went to go hand in the keys to get my stuff they were threatening they would not let me leave so is pretty much they were kidnapping me slander be legally and all that too with them where they hear this stuff is very unprofessional and I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau Defile formal complaints and figure out how to press charges and I will be contacting a lawyer for the slander the defamation of character to be literally the profiling the labeling Defamation of character Avenue come and pick up the truck 7 days early we are gonna come in and get a new one just goes to show you they don't care about their customers what so ever All they want is to get rid of the cars that they made so by the end by-then the next year they don't have to take pennies on the dollar and literally give him away but new cars out there idiots that are by a new vehicles burden my language people my new vehicles that don't last more than a couple of years they start To fall apart in for you pay 3040 50, 000 for the vehicle now you gotta put in another couple 1000 in you're still paying on that vehicle. So long story short for credit will be little you defamation of character slander belittling everything labeling profiling you and go against their word And when you call Bilson was the matter if we did it now or on the when your Contract is up what does it matter and I "from for credit will be called this morning All they do is come a knock on the door to gladly gave it over but they don't wanna do that They wanna pace of ignorant people the treat you like a criminal harass you surround you until they get what they want from you which we would have gladly and it over to them!!! Joe R.

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terrible experience

As a US postal worker, I believed in the idea of "Buy American." Then I bought a Ford Focus. In under two...

bad product

I have bought a Bantam bakkie March 2009. I have recently taken it in for its 30000km service and that is where I was put of Ford full stop.

They had to replace the front disc's, the thing that regulates the pressure of the brakefluid to all the brakes, the gasket on the exchaust manufault. Then there is more but is waiting for it to come because the parts is on backlog. They still have to change the back drumbrakes and the drive shaft from the engine to the right front wheel.

I know certain things needs to be replaced but not all of the above, where do you buy a vichile these days that will last and not on every service have to fix so many problems?

nasty representative

Threatening to reposses vehicle with less than 60 days past due. Service rep Renee ext. 33189 was extremely unprofessional, sarcastic, and deceptive. She would ask for my intentions then when I stated them, she said that they were not satisfactory. After going around and around for a few minutes, I finally was able to extract a payment schedule/ aggreement that was satisfactory to Ford Credit.

One would think that with the Government bailouts the banks and Auto companies are receiving in this terrible economy, that a little more reasoning and backing would trickle down to the consumer that has no help. What's even more frustrating, is that I do not even own a Ford vehicle!

  • Gf
    gfyu fy fyf yfgyfcg Jul 09, 2010

    stop looking for and making excuses. You are an adult. Pay your bills. Any bank would have repoed after 30 days,

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[Resolved] 2009 ford focus hatchback ztw 476 plate ocean blue

I bought a 2009 Ford Focus 2.0L Hatchback Ocean Blue last February 2009. After 2 months we had an accident where in the car tire rod was detached. My brother was driving and he said he heard something that snapped then the wheel started to wiggle and stopped to see that the tire rod was detached. Complaint about it and Ford Philippines said that it is my brothers fault and they think that the car bumped on to something first before it happened.

We accepted their findings and asked them to fix the car through insurance. After a few months we are hearing something on the car everytime we make a full turn thought it was normal then after a few months the I hear a noise from my front left tire brought to Global Ford dealership. I left the car there for 2 weeks and they said they changed something then when i took the car i can still hear the noise i was complaining about. One of there employee said that it is the wheel bearing. The car is not even a year old and I already have a worn out wheel bearing? Ok so i asked them to fixed it just to get and over this trouble and paid Php 24, 982.00 for the 2 wheel bearing and labor. I drove the car around and only to find out that NOTHING CHANGED... i can still hear the noise i was complaining about and the ABS light flashed which first time happened.

I am very disappointed now to the point that I want to sell the car and I don't know what to do anymore. The dealership of Ford Philippines does not want to take responsibility to whatever is happening to my brand new car. I would like you to see the final report from them but i cant attached is because it is too large. Please advise me on what to do and to whom should i ask help so that they can really look into this issue. I already wrote a letter to the person responsible for Ford Global Dealership but i am not satisfied with his actions. Maybe he is too busy to deal with this kind of problem where in my satisfaction and safety is at stake.

I hope you could help me with this.

Respectfully yours,


Ford fixed the issue which resolved the case. Went to DTI and filed a complaint and they resolved the issue.

  • Jo
    josefin Jul 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i think you can try writing the distributor or the plant they must know what to do since, they were the one responsible of the manufacturing installation of all vehicle parts etc.. or maybe call is better so you will hear the response right away.


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  • Al
    Alan Baylon May 22, 2011

    I'm so sad to hear that Jacqueline. One thing is that your vehicle is still on Dealers Warranty for at least 3 years. 25 thousand is not your cargo and that may be refunded.

    I owned 2009 focus and still i have under warranty on my dealer. My email: [email protected]

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  • Ki
    Kim J.T Feb 23, 2012

    My car Ford Focus 2.0 Tdli model has been stop the engine since 3 weeks ago. But I used car that days short time to parking at the streets and suddenly engine was stopped. And Ford engineer said Fuel injection system had diffective...
    I said this is not my fault but Ford branch said it can't fix under warranty. What a amazing Ford and unfortunately the parts price is 100k pesos...
    Hello all people what do you think about this situations?
    How can I do now?

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I have owned my Ford Focus for approximately 8 months. On 1-13-10 my left reat tire failed on the freeway. I drove to the nearest exit and put air in the tire and drove home. The next day I took the car to the dealer and was told that the tire had to be replaced. The service advisor blamed me for driving on a flat tire and ruining the tire. He advised me that the tire was not covered under the warranty even though the car only had 13, 000 miles on it. It was my understanding that the warranty on my vehicle was "bumper to bumper" and I don't understand why this is not covered.

  • Gi
    Gilder217 Jan 14, 2010

    Bumper to Bumper warranties in general do not cover "wear items" like tires, belts, brake pads and wiper blades. You sometimes get a "tire warranty" that covers tread wear, but it doesn't cover driving on a flat tire.

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  • pendleton May 13, 2011

    yes so waht you donig todayy we can hggout todayy if you want to
    okayy hit me back...]

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  • Sa
    Sadcustomer65 Dec 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same complaint with Ford, I'm getting ready for my 3rd set of tires at 38, 000 miles

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blowout of spark plug

I own a 1999 f 250 super duty truck with v10. I had a spark plug blowout on me yesterday. It seems to me this happens alot. Looks like ford should fix this problem. I own 3 fords. I think ill change to chevy. Spark plug blowout shouldnt be a matience problem.
Dont by a triton

  • Si
    single mother of 5 Feb 12, 2011

    im am so fead up with this i have replaced about 7 or more spark plugs on my 2001 ford expedition every 2 to 4 months they just seem to Blow out every time ... i need help to get ford to do something about it because enough is enough im a single mother with 5 kids and the 2001 ford expedition is my only transportation ... i just need help to get something solved about these sparkplug Blowouts...

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transfer of equity

We were forced to close our business which prompted us to try to get the truck into our personal names. We have tried to do a transfere of equity twice now and everytime we get the paperwork into Ford we are current on our loan but by the time Ford processes our transfer of equity, sometimes a month to 2 months later we are behind in payments so there fore we were unable to do a transfere of equity. Spoke to Bob today and he informed me that the truck was now in repo. we needed to pay so much by tommorrow to stop the repo. I informed him that we have been trying to get the name changed, because we have a refinace already set up to pay Ford Credit off but we can't do this until it is in our name. He informed me that I just needed to keep calling Ford to get it processed faster.


Let me start by saying that I am 68 days behind on my truck payment. Ford sends this to an attorney who sends me a nasty letter today... I call Ford, set it up to get caught up on the payment tonight in full. All is well, or so I thought. On my way home from work my wife calls me and tells me that they are there to take the truck (which is in the driveway). FORD CREDIT is by far the worst people I have ever dealt with in my life. They are rude, they lie and you can never trust a word they say. They even told me on the phone that someone showed up last Friday, talked to my wife face to face to make arrangements...funny thing is the truck was in the driveway the entire day with my wife at home and nobody ever came to the door...Merry Christmas to us!!! Dear Lord, please make it all stop!

  • Li
    Lisa43 Dec 27, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Now that was alittle harsh Mica1755. Credit companies can work with people if people get it all in writing! Companies are going Broke, credit and banks are doing desperate things. Next theses people will probably receive a letter in mail stating they owe the balance of truck that was not sold for as much as the loan was. This is what happens. We the People need to READ all the fine print before walking off the Lot with a new purhase. Are signature means they can sue us! Vehicles are the easiest to Get because, if you don't pay they will take! People always seem to think it is everyones fault for their cars to be repoed.. We know Are budget, and what we can afford, the dealers just trying to make a deal. Signing the paperwork states we will pay the payment for this vehicle.

    Hopefully you can work something out, these are Bad times for us all.

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  • Mc
    MCoy Mar 26, 2010

    I work with ford and lets just say.. it is you responsibility to let us know when you cannot make a payment. this will minimize phone calls it will also show that you're keeping communication open. when we see that your not calling us to let us know whats up we wont be able to help by extending you payment in which we skip a month or two or three payments. its simple, keep communication open and you will be fine

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  • Li
    Lisa43 Jun 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Totally agree with MCoy! I have been late in the past 20 years on loans and the finance companies work with you. But I have only dealt with the Bigger finance companies, I can't say what the smaller loan companies do with these customers that don't pay their payments. All I know is Yes we all have finance issues in Our lives, but Open communication is a Big Key factor with dealing with the finance companies that have your loans!

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ford pproducts

This is not a complaint, this is a way to contact Ford. My boyfriend ordered a truck in 2001. To make a long story short, he sold the truck to me in 2008 with less than 55000 miles onit. Anyway, the speed sensors went out, so no longer is there ABS. It will cost at least $500 for just the sensors. I wrote to Ford, I also talked to a woman at Ford, which was a thrill. I t was as if she were reading from a cue card. No recalls, no longer under waranty, etc. They didn't even have a rep look at it, and it is clearly a manufacturer defect. I have now contacted the Federal Trade Commission, and hopefully fet some answer.

internet add

last week I saw at auto trader a ford expedition xlt el 4x4 2010 on the add of city world ford lincoln...