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Complaints & Reviews

f150 xlt paint problems

I purchased a F150 from Rodeo Ford in Goodyear AZ 1 year ago. Just after i purchased it, even before my first oil change, I notified the dealership of several chips in the paint on all four sides of the truck. I was extremely dissapointed at the fact that a 50K vehicle would have such a poor paint job. Had I known that i would not have purchased it. I have own trucks for over 45 years and never once saw such a problem. It is more unnrving when I'm retired and do not travel all that much. Other F150s in my neighborhood, same year, gravel same roads, do not have anything like mine. These chips are noticable and getting worse. Rodeo Ford explain to me that they contacted you right around my 5K miles and you stated in so many words, tough luck. I believed Ford when they stated FORD TOUGH, but that's not really true. It's extremely sad that a brand new truck, worth 50k would have such a problem. This has devalued the vehicle and is embarrasing to own. If you don't warranty the paint job, especially when i took out the VIP warranty dealership offered, at least be up front. I would be willing to share pics and more info, but I know I am barking up the wrong tree.

tires on my f150 2011 truck

I purchased new a 2011 F150 Ford truck, I have 30K on the tiores that came, on the truck. They Are Pirelle...

service department luther ford fargo nd

I called in to Luther Ford the end of December regarding my drivers side door wouldnt latch. The service guy said it was a recall and gave me a Jan 15 as the earliest I could get in. I told him that I would struggle to get it latched and sometimes if I would lock the doors it would work. I asked since it was dangerous and winter out that having the door closed was pretty important, if I could get it in any sooner and he said no.

The following weekend I had an issue with it early in the morning and ended up getting it latched after locking the door with the electric button on the door. I went to the gas station to fill with gas, never touching the door lock and ended up getting locked out.I hired a locksmith to get the door open, $100.

Today is the 15th. I dropped my F150 off this morning. I was notified it was done before noon. I picked it up at one oclock. When I got in it in the parking lot of Luther, I noticed there were parts left on the hood. I hand carried them back to the service desk. My guy was not there so I spoke to the first person at a desk. He took the parts and went back to the technician bay. He came back and said that we had to bring it back in to the shop to put the parts in that were left on my hood. I drove it back in. Once the service guy got the tech working on it he walked by me and said that I owe the tech a big thank you for helping me out, I looked at him and said " are you serious"? He stopped in his tracks and said "dont give me any [censored], your not my customer, take it up with Brian" This capped off how I was treated from the time I brought the parts into the service desk and showed him, which basically was terrible.

I am 57 years old. I have driven Fords my whole life.I average 55k miles per year and get a new Ford every other year. This will be the last one. There is not any other Ford options in Fargo. I had an individual in the pickup with me that said he has never in his life seen anything like it. He also drives Fords and purchased his last Ford out of Hawley Mn for the very reason that happened today.

Roger Haberman
VP Construction
Industrial Builders Inc

ford pass

I cannot Ford Pass to work. I tried the chat online. Waited for 15 min. She did not know what to do. She was going to transfer me. Never happened. I tried calling Ford customer service. Kept getting hung up on before reaching a person. When I click on the app it spins and says loading. It never loads. I have had it on my Escape since I bought it and it always has worked before. Is there someone that can help?

service refund

While on vacation in July my 2014 ford broke down. I took it to Pittsville ford in Maryland and they replace the throttle body. When I returned home to New York the problem was still not fixed so I brought the car to smith town ford where they told me that my car was still under warranty and I should not have been charged for the throttle body and I am owed a refund but it needs to come from Pittsville location. IlMy husband and I have called Stephen Townsend the service manager at Pittsville ford a dozens of times and he never answers the phone or calls me back. I am extremely frustrated and only want what I'm owed. The service was done under my husbands name Joe/Joseph Brode. Can you please tell me how I should proceed. Thank you
Christine Harman

2019 ford f250 truck

On Jan.5 2020 my wife and I was returning from shopping at Walmart. We were on I79 and driving at a speed of 65-68 when the DEATH WOBBLE started with my truck for the first time. It was uncontrollable shaking and I crossed over into the other lane of traffic and was headed to the median when my braking reduced my speed to about 25 and the shaking stopped. It absolutely scared my wife to death. I called Mark Larose Ford in Gassaway WV on the 6th and Wes the repair shop supervisor told me Ford was aware of the problem but had no way to fix it until they get a shimmy shock and they are on back order so just drive it. My wife now scared to ride in it and will not allow our grandchildren to ride in it. Then 6 days later on January 11 I was returning from Parkersburg on I 77 and the DEATH WOBBLE happened again. I called Wes again on the 13th of an told him it happened again and asked if they wanted me to bring it in. He said no there was nothing he could do. I asked if he was documenting this he said no. It is said that I have a $60, 000 truck new and it has less than 20, 000 miles and it is unsafe to drive.

audio control module failure in my 2014 mustang convertible with only 27800 miles on it.

I was given an extremely high cost to replace the module of over 1000.00 dollars to replace the defective heart of the entire stereo, sync, CD, siris, and aux, system of my mustang that i was told was the best thing since sliced bread and the so call beauty of my driving pleasure in a tutorial at the dealership, no one informed me that it would only last for 27800 miles ! My wife drives a 2007 Lincoln town car I bought her for Christmas 13 years ago and in that time 5 f150 trucks and 2 mustang convertibles . We were in the process of getting ready to purchase a new Lincoln SUV . After Freddie at the Lamarque Ford Lincoln dealer customer service counter told me when I told him that I had checked into this problem and that it was a known problem ford knew about, he told me with a grin, that's the way it is ! well the new purchase has been cancelled and any other future ford purchases ! I'll find another brand of vehicles and another dealership that treats people with more respect and and appreciates their business and takes care of known problems with their products !

purchase of 2019 f-150

Dear Ford Official ; I am wrting to express my deep dismay with the treatment I received in attempting to...

2019 f 250

Hello i am trying to submit a complaint on my new f 250 the first and most important thing is the uncontrollable steering problem. Which is explained to me as a DEATH WOBBLE and i have had this happen several times to me. And have been told that there was no parts to fix this problem. I can and will not put my family in this vehicle as the problem is severe and i am in a bind over this as its my only form of transportation. and its been happening since the truck was bought and it is put excessive ware on my tires and equipment due to the severity of the shake this occurs at low and high speeds . I also am having more than one electrical issue. And they consist of my gauges will reset to different screens and options, The radio will reset itself to am or fm, and blowing fuses. Please any help would be greatly Appreciated Thanks MR. Fielder My number is [protected] please feel free to contact ASAP


I have owned 4 Ford vehicles and this is possibly my last. My truck has been at the dealership for a month and 1/2 waiting for a part. An instrument cluster part # AL3z10949bvb to be exact. I'm still waiting and the only explanation I am receiving is that there is no ETA. I find this totally unsatisfactory. Someone should be able to tell me when my truck will be fixed and I should feel at ease that this situation will be resolved.

2017 ford fiesta

Just had my 2017 ford fiesta in to have a noise in the transmission checked out. (Suppes Ford) Johnstown Pa. They said that they could not find anything wrong with it and that it didn't make the sound while they had it. I had a recording of it on my phone and they heard it. I have attached it to this email. I know that Ford has had a problem in the past with both fiesta and focus transmissions. I can't understand how they could not have heard it. It does it every time it is started and cold. I dropped it off the night before so it would be cold in the morning when they got in. Today is December 27th and it has made the noise for the last couple days. I was told that there are no Ford service bulletins for fiestas. I didn't make it out of the dealer parking lot before it started to make the noise. It makes the noise in park as well as in drive. Please reply I am concerned about the safety of my daughter when she drives it.


On vacation in the North Carolina, open the moonroof, went to close it, roof would not close! do to bad weather, my family had to cut trip short, went to dealership in north carolina they said, it would take seven to ten days! I checked website, their are complaints on the mooroof or sunroof! I am vey satisfied with my truck but very displeased at this time.

Thank You,
Bruce A. Wall

service appointment

I received notification from Anderson Ford on Tuesday, Dec 17 by email and again on Wednesday, Dec 18 by text...

tires (f150) lariat

I am writing this in a disappointment of one of your dealers (Lafayette Ford on Fayetteville NC. With nearly $150.000 of vehicles presently and over 300 total purchases from ford. I could not believe they could not assist me with tires on my newly purchased F150 lariat. I purchased this vehicle in January 2019. I noticed after a few months that there was a constant vibration at higher rates of speed. I returned to ford and explained the situation. They took the vehicle in and returned it within a few hours stating that all is well. a couple of months later after another road trip I noticed the same problem, I returned to ford mid-June and informed them of the same problem, again, they took the vehicle in and return it that evening stating the problem was resolved. In October I moved to Olive branch Mississippi. I received my vehicle a few weeks later, on a road trip to Nashville for thanksgiving the shaking starts again. I stop and Ford and they said it was tires, I returned to Olive Branch and went to ford and they stated it was tires. They both said that the dealership I purchased it from would have to take care of it. After contacted Lafayette Ford they said they would investigate it. I have since reached out several times with no reply. I am truly disappointed in Ford because I believed in their motto for so many years, this is the only truck brand I have ever owned. (satisfaction guaranteed. I am not sure if I should continue to recommend my friends and family to that location.

David Gardner

service of daly ford potchefstroom

Good day

I went for my second annual service at Daly Ford in July 2019. After the service i was informed that my vehicles brakes were worn and needed replacing. On the 29th July 2019 i had the brakes attended to at the same dealership.

2 months into replacing the brakes they started making a noise when braking. When consulting in the dealership i was told this was as a result of dust on the brake disc, and i should spray water on it to reduce the noise. The noise continued on at random to date.

On the 9th December 2019 I took advantage of Fords complimentary health check for the month of December to get a second opinion on the issue. The results found that both my brake pads and disc are worn out and need immediate replacing. I find it difficult to understand how is it possible that with in a 5 month period that i could have worn out my brakes having done less than 20 000 km. Taking into mind that the 1st set of brakes lasted a near 2 years before replacing, and that i have not had a change in driving style or habits.

I would like to see Daly Ford taking accountability for their mistake and fix my brakes the way they are suppose to.

My vehicle is a Ford Fiesta ambient 2017 model, Registration JVZ 402 NW, Color is race red.

Thabo Motlagomang
Email: [protected]
Cell: [protected]

reoccurring issues with heater and defroster year over year for 3 years

I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and have owned Ford cars for over 35 years now. My last purchase has been a nightmare. I bought the vehicle (2014 Ford Edge) in 2015 and ever since have had heater issues every winter. Last year they had my vehicle for over a week for the heater issues as they had given it back to me after 1 day said it was fixed and I was back in that same day with the same issues NOT fixed. This year I called them back once again to resolve the issue. I live in AZ so we do not have cold weather often but when we do I need to know I can drive my vehicle safely as I am raising my young granddaughter and need a dependable and safe vehicle. I was promptly told that "it would be 150 dollars to do the diagnostic and that they will not do it for free" They did not even take the time to look at the service history of the vehicle. (I take it to the same dealer I bought it from always - Earnhardt Ford in Chandler AZ) Who I have been doing business with for over 10 years. They said they would have the service department call me that same day within about an hour. It has been almost a week now with no phone call or anything. I specifically stated for them to leave a message as I do not answer my phone if I do not recognize the phone number. I cannot afford to buy a new vehicle and all I want is for Ford to make this right. As stated I have been a loyal Ford purchaser for over 35 years but this experiance is leaving a very bad taste in my mouth regarding the care and service that Ford claims they have for their consumers.
I cannot afford to pay the diagnostics and this has been an ongoing ssue for 3 years running.
Thank you for your time. I have also written a letter to Ford Motor and CC'd Earnhardt Ford and my Atty regarding the issue and I will be reporting them to the BBB for trying to take advantage of elderly senior citizens.
Kim Roy

parts backordered/ death threatening front, in shake (death wobble)

I turned my 2017 f350 into lithia springs ford in lithia springs ga. To have this life treathening shake fix (the death wobble)... First time this happen was on nov. 9th 2 different times both times at the speed of 75mph. I took it to the dealership on nov. 11. The dealership then replaced the recall on engine block heater core, replaced the bad upper oil pan and sealed the leaking lower oil pan. Eight days later I pick my truck up and on that same day the dealership inform me they could not fix (the main, most important problem I turned my truck in for) due to ford motor company has a back order on part #hc3z3e651f. I called 3 different ford dealerships as I was returning from a turn and burn from ga. To va. Talked to 2 dealerships in nc. And 1 dealership in va. All with the same response "that part is on back order with no release time. Well between va. To ga. That life threathing shake happen 4 different times with the 3rd time being the most dangerous, I was driving in the middle lane I came over the brigde at the speed limit of 70 mph and it happen so bad I could not hold the steering wheel and I went in to the right lane causing another truck to go off on the shoudler of the highway. And the only way to get the shaking (death wobble) to stop was to slow down to 20 mph all the while trucks and car are slaming on there brakes because my truck was in the right lane and my trailer was still in the middle lane. So I write this complaint for yours and mine record, in case of god forbid something happens to me or anyone else, the record will show that I reported this problem. I have owned 3 chevys and 1 gmc and never have I had this problem, I realllyyy love my f350, loved it when I first laid eyes on it... Please dont force me to trade it in for a chevy, just fix the problem so I can get back to work. Yes I have missed 3 weeks of work and can get pass that. I have fix my truck up the way I like it and the ride is 10 time better than the chevy so pleaseeee dont make me trade my truck in over a simple ford part... Thank you, carey h odom, [protected],"go dawgs"

  • Updated by Carey Odom · Dec 07, 2019

    Do not publicly post my complaint. I thought this was ford motor company complaint department.

2015 ford escape

On November 22, 2019 I was driving my Ford Escape and suddenly it would hesitate then suddenly move forward. Brought to mechanic who used computer to evaluate. No problem found. Left mechanic and less than 1/10th of a mile down road the service light came on and Escape suddenly stopped moving. Had to have car towed to mechanic. Was told it was a transmission problem and needed to be replaced and would cost $4000 for parts only. The car is only 4 years old with 82, 305 miles on it. This just doesn't seem right. I have owned a Ford F150 (2003) which I had for 15 years and a Ford Focus(2008) which I still own. Have always been very satisfied with Ford vehicles, but am very disappointed with my Ford Escape. When it is time to buy another vehicle in 2020 I will not be looking at Ford. Thank you, MJ Woods


For years I took the company truck to Performance Ford in Charlotte, NC. Never had any problems and felt they were honest and did good work. Then Felix Sabates bought them out and I've quit taking the truck there for service. Once they actually lost the truck, another time they lost the keys and another time they lost all the paperwork associated with the vehicle. Finally, I took the truck down for inspection and the check engine light was on. They told me they couldn't fix the truck. They said they couldn't find and of the parts needed for the repairs and essentially told me to take the truck somewhere else for repairs. I personally think they didn't want to fool with the older model truck and concentrate on the newer, under warranty vehicles and oil changes. Performance Ford had very few customer service people but they knew their stuff, waited on you promptly and you felt like you and your vehicle were treated properly when you left. Felix Sabates has many customer service people and none of them seem to have the time to speak with you. The rep assigned to me couldn't get off the phone long enough to speak to me and I finally went to speak with someone else. Felix Sabates is a great example of newer isn't always better. I won't be going back.

soy coated wires provide food for vermin so the buyer can pay outrageous costs to fix

I own a 2019 t-250 transit van.It has less than fifteen thousand miles on it.and have hade to pay over $800.00 for rodents eating at the soy coated wires in the vehicle witch is outrageous.Of course ford does not want to cover this under warranty.I will never buy a ford again in my life your company is running a racket out of selling people like me a product that has known problems with rodents specifically eating the soy coated electrical systems in the vehicles they produce.Just so they can have there service departments full with the same issues.People like me pay an outrageous amount of money for your subpar vehicles .Fix the issue or just keep loosing customers because I personally will tell everyone I know what ford is offering a overpriced piece of garbage instead of a vehicle worth buying.