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Complaints & Reviews

lied about accident free vehicle

I am sharing my story so others don't get screwed! In May of 2015 I purchased a 2013 Chevy Tahoe with le...

car had very bad tires

I brought car from dealership visually look at it .My credit union purchased it for me on 6/20/17.They ship it to dallas but I was supposed to pick it up at dealership.Car had only 9500 miles on it.I got the car from my credit union at my house on 6/25/17 didnt know that they didnt inspect it are the dealership either.My son went to college in it when the tire on the passenger side rear need some air.He goes to south fla and was almost there.I told him to get it check when he get there.He check all the tires and they said that they all tires are bad.So i said when you get back we can go to dealership and ask why did your sell me car with bad tires on it .Did yall inspect the car. He couldnt answer are show paper work to prove.When my son came back, I call dealership on aug 2, 3, 4, an talk to custom support on it.They check car on aug 9 and said the tires was bad but it was time an mileage my son was in south fla. i know it was over 30 days

repairs not paid for.

we recently bought a 2016 Ford F 350 from Texas Direct Auto. There were some gouges in the bed liner and scratches on the passenger rear fender which they agreed to repair. They said they would repair both items if we wanted to wait 5 hours. We said we would rather start our 18 hour drive home. They touched up the bed liner before we left their facility and told us to get estimates for the fender. Two hours after leaving Texas Direct Auto we ran into rain. The rain washed away whatever they used to repair the bed liner. Now that we are home and received two estimates for the fender and paid $40 to get the bed liner repaired., Texas Direct Auto thinks the estimates are too much and a refusing to pay the true amount it costs to have these two items fixed properly. The paint is a tri coat paint and is a long process to repair properly. How did they plan to fix it if they said it would take 5 hours. Think twice before buying from Texas Direct Auto!!!

Automobile fraud

Close to 6 weeks ago, my wife and I purchased a 2015 cadillac escalade (Black) from texas direct auto..Just...

Do not buy a used car here!

Do not buy a car here!!! I purchased a 2007 audi q7 with 68, 000 miles. No warrantee. I had the car less than...


Purchased a 2008 mercedes benz s63 that i found on ebay. After contacting them via email i received a...

Poor Customer Service

The deal: The final price was perhaps a little high, also driven by unexpected charges for an inspection (in...

false promises

Found a truck on eBay to buy, truck did not have a GPS and the salesman said they would add it. Bought truck...

Ml350-$4k of repairs 2 days after purchase

Bought a 2007 Mercedes ml350 a few days ago. Took it to a dealership- there's a power steering pump leak, rear shocks are leaking and font and rear pads and rotors are in major need of repair. $4000 of repairs- . Mine came with a 3 day buy back guarantee so I asked it to be repaired or I will sell back. Haven't heard yet but I will update my review if it changes... Just saw my car posted back online for sale so not likely. Car is listed for the same price - watch out!


To Management, For whats its worth. I just want to pass on to your management team that I had a very...

Deceptive sale of pre-wrecked vehicle

I purchased a 2008 Lexus ES 350 from Texas Direct Auto in May of 2011. I went to trade it in In May of 2012...

Vehicle in poor condition

I purchased a car from Texas Direct Auto via ebay. When the vehicle arrived, it wasn't as advertised as it had very little oil in it, the keyless remote was smashed (per the sales rep, the vehicle had keyless remote), the hood would not stay up, it was missing the CD changer and the interior was in bad shape with a very bad odor. This vehicle was a 2005 model with only 66, 000 miles. I strongly suggest that you purchase locally or from a private owner. I found out that they have an F rating with the BBB after the fact. One additional comment, the carfax came back clean with one owner. I write this complaint to avoid this from happening to you..

  • Ma
    Mary McAleer Jul 29, 2009

    Bought a car from them after seeing on EBAY. They claimed it was certified ...turned out it has cost me almost $ 2, 800 in repairs in the last 3 months... had brake problems, a rotted tire, computer prblems, etc...a total rip off and they will do nothing about it. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM...YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!

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Misinformation, Failure to Deliver

Found Chevrolet Tahoe on Ebay and went to Texas Direct Auto on Monday, March 12th. When I looked at the vehicle everything looked as pictured on Ebay with the exception that the navigation/stereo system was missing. This was not mentioned on Ebay nor in the vehicle description. I was informed that there was a minor problem but was being repaired. I went ahead with the purchase after being assured that the vehicle would be ready for pick up by Wednesday, March 14th. I told my salesman that I would be back on Thursday to pick up but to call me when the vehicle was ready. I finalized my financing and everything on my side was complete. The problem is a severe lack of communication from Texas Direct and misinformation. You have to take the initiative and call them. I have been promised returned phone calls that were not returned. It is Saturday morning, March 17th and I don't have a vehicle or a returned phone call. I intend on completing this transaction and probably at considerable expense since I now have to rent a vehicle for now. I will not ever due business with Texas Direct again or recommend to anyone.

  • Te
    Texas Direct Auto Mar 20, 2012


    We're sorry to hear of the miscommunication - we will do everything within our power to rectify your situation quickly. Please send your grievances to and expect a response within 24 hours.

    -Texas Direct Auto

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Would not refund deposit

My son's friends father is the manager at Texas Direct Auto and my son was in desperate need of a car...

Stay away

I visited the Texas direct auto store online, and found myself a victim of the same scams as everybody else. Great promises that turn out to be nothing in the end. Throw in a few bait and switch ads that lure people in and you have yourself a profitable con job run under the name of Texas direct auto! I expected more out of this company because I’d found some good reviews online not reporting any problems. Now that I see clearly it’s nothing but complaints.

This is the biggest scam I have even seen

Texas direct auto advertises and holds auctions on ebay. The cars are also located in Houston Texas at a huge dealership. I saw a car on ebay and immediately contacted them. They said yes the car is available please come on in to have a look at it. I get there and then was told the car was at a remote location and wouldn’t be available until later today. However I was asked to put a deposit down on the vehcile so that it would not be sold under me. I thought well it is very resonably priced and the pictures showed an immaculate vehicle. I asked if the pictures showed the true condition of the vehicle and was assured as such. So I put the money down. I did not receive a call that afternooon so I contacted them, the vehicle is not there and no one knows where it is. Next day I receive a call, “Your car is here they proclaimed.” I hurried down after work and had to wait about 45 minutes for them to locate the vehicle and bring it for me to inspect and test drive. As it pulls up I said that cannot be it, the whole rear passenger side was sideswiped along a pole. My salesman said there you go. I immediately point it out. Upon further inspection every single body panel has multiple areas of damage, all very visible. The fron bumper is a different shade of silver and the tailight has a hole and several cracks. I get inside and the glovebox is broken and appears to be painted black to match as the edges are all tan. The TPMS is lit and apparantly the rear tire is almost flat. I bring this up and they say “It’s ok, just be careful.” The vehicle drives ok, but it is very misrepresented. I ask for a refund of my deposit and they say adamantly NO! “Either purchase this or choose something else we have, oh and you have seven days to do so or you forfeit your deposit.”

This is the biggest scam I have even seen. I will NEVER recommend them nor PURCHASE anything from them.

  • Ho
    Honkerdown Nov 03, 2011

    I purchased a vehicle from them on Good Friday of this year. I live in St. Louis, MO and found the truck i wanted on ebay from them. They knocked 800 off the buy it now price if i gave them a deposit. I did so, called an independant inspector to look at the vehicle and test drive it before I went all in. That cost 250 with an unbiased total report with pictures. It came back good with only 1 issue not stated on their ad which was no big deal. I bought my 300 plane ticket, they picked me up at the airport and took me to the dealership. I have never seen anything like it in my life, acres of cars and building. I wasnt expecting that personal touch you get from a local dealer and was treated as a number which I came to expect after seeing the size of that place. The process took longer than had hoped but all went smoothly. I bought the extended bumper to bumper for an extra 2000 and put 1000 woth of tires on it. After all was said and done, i still got the truck i wanted for 7000 less than anywhere else. Just like most big purchases in life, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Spend a little up front on an inspector and save yourself a lot in the end.

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Poor salesmanship / refuse to refund deposit

I got an appraisal on my vehicle for a trade-in, and my girlfriend was going to purchase a vehicle in her name, using my trade-in. We found the vehicle we wanted and put forth the $500 deposit / down payment on the truck. Then they called her saying that they would need MORE money down in order to get that truck. The bank that they used to approve her had a 24.98% interest rate. So we decided to try our credit union, and got approved at 13.9% with no money down. So we wanted to go that route, but unfortunately, either way we could not get the truck we originally wanted, and was not interested in anything else they had, nothing was in our price range. When we asked for the money back, they refused, saying that it can transfer to another vehicle, so long as we bought something newer that cost more. We said we did NOT want to do that and we wanted our money back, but they refused. The salesman, Eric Rosenman was extremely rude and disrespectful to us both. After this whole ordeal, I prefer NOT to any business whatsoever with TDA.


I saw the vehicle online and called a sales rep. I spoke for aprox. 20 minutes on the phone about the vehicle...


I bought a 2006 Nissan 350Z from these people 3 weeks ago. The day I went to get the car and test drove it, I reported to them that it was pulling hard to the right. They said they would do an allignment while I was doing the paperwork. Came back 20 minutes later and said it would be a 2-3 hr wait (we had already been there for 4 hrs) for the allignment. Instead they gave me a voucher for an allignment at the place of my choice and they would reimburse me. The very next day I took the car to Goodyear for an allignment. They informed me the car had been wrecked, had a bent subframe and rocker arm and couldn't be alligned. I called my salesman, Miguel, and told him. He said to get a certified estimate and they would see what they could do. I got the estimate which was just under $3000. Was informed that not only was the subframe and rocker arm bent, but the radiator has a hole that has been patched with epoxy, and the frame for the radiator is broken. Incidentally, the carfax report is clean, but the car has obviously been wrecked!! I emailed the estimate to them, and it took 3 days to get a response. When I got a response it was "sorry, you're on your own, there's nothing we can do". I finally got the car of my dreams, and they screwed me over repairs. My car is not safe to drive, and in return they got my 2007 Ford Ranger in trade that was in excellent shape and paid for. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! At least until you get an inspection from a mechanic NOT affiliated with Texas Direct Auto. They DO NOT inspect their cars as they claim on their website!!!

Worst Staff Ever

I was told by my company to find a good, used cargo van under $10k. I found one online at the TDA website, a 2006 Chevy Express with under 70, 000 miles. I was puzzled, as the salesman Rodney said I was required to put down a non-refundable $500 deposit. Apparently, if you don't like the car you want to see, they require you to pick something else, or they just keep the money! SCAM! Any rate, the van looked good, so he took my credit card info and said to come by around 4 so the van could be cleaned. I got there at 3:30 hoping it'd be done early. At 6PM they finally brought it around, and it was filthy! It had 4 dry-rotted tires, and one went flat on me during the test drive! The right turn signal was out and the cargo door didn't open. However mechanically the van was sound. I limped it back to the lot and told Rod it was a go if they repaired everything. I finished all the paperwork and Rod said they needed to order a part, the car would be ready by noon the next day. Having been burned by them before, I called at noon and guess what his reply was? "Van will be ready by 2, we are cleaning it" So, I roll in at 2:30. Between then and f'n 7PM, 3 people have come by to tell me the van is being cleaned. They finally bring it by at 7:30. I'm told to pull forward, so they can get me my paperwork. "Should't be more than 5 min" the guy said. Well I waited 5, and got outta there. As soon as I hit the highway, it's obvious the van is way outta alignment. As of yesterday, one of the "new" tires is cracking, and I still haven't gotten my paperwork. The front dest girls act like you are interrupting their day. Elania or whatever her name is, never stopped texting on her phone, and got real annoyed when I had questions. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!. I know the van wasn't a high priced item, but this type of disrespect is disgusting.