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Complaints & Reviews

solarcity monitoring system

I have had my Solar City system for approximately 7 years and had a way of monitoring the output of the system until recently ( 2 years ). I do not think the system is performing at it's previous high level. Can you tell me how I can check the system from my computer.
This is a leased system.

Arnold Reed
16069 W. Roanoke Ave
Goodyear AZ 85395


solar panel live customer service

In June 2015 I purchasedsolar panels and service for my home in Glendale, AZ from Solar City. About a year later, I was informed that their company was bought out by Tesla. I am now trying to contact Tesla to obtain a copy of the original service agreement. All phone numbers for Tesla and Solar City keep sending me to which directs viewer to long page of frequently asked questions. NO WAY TO GET LIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I am frantic. How do I get to talk to a real live customer service agent? Bad way to do business!

solar panels

We contracted with Solar City five years ago, and their customer service was equal to none. Always prompt and efficient. Since Tesla took over, it has been a nightmare. We had an electric fire the summer of 2018, and Solar City came to disconnect the equipment as soon as the fire department called them. The company transitioned to Tesla during the repairs, and once we were ready to reconnect, we called and it took them forever to come back, so our summer electric bill was huge. When Tesla came back to do the re-connection, they were supposed to take care of the whole process. They called us a week later saying that one of the controls needed to be switched back and explained all sorts of technicalities that they wanted my husband to walk him through. My husband is 75 years old and we do not understand what most of the things they wanted us to do mean, so we requested that one of their technicians came to do it because we didn't feel qualified to mess with their system. It's been more than a year and even after repeated calls and conversations with supervisors, they still haven't come to fix it. There's a red light flashing on the outside panel. I wish we had NEVER signed the contract and we still get a huge bill every month. We are thinking of taking legal action for lack of service.

johnny dang (used vehicle sales advisor, remarketing)

Johnny hung up on me. I could not have been nicer! I only called after I got no reply to my email.

Johnny at first agreed to investigate marks in the last photo of the back seat of a car I was about to buy: .
Alas, he changed and said the marks as he saw them were tear/scratches and told me to NOT to buy the car before hanging up.

All I want is to have someone that physically saw the car tell me about upholstery marks. Surely a call to the SD storage place is not too much to ask when I am willing to spend about $80, 000 (for a car unseen). Or, at least give me their phone number.

Hopefully the other Tesla folks are more friendly and helpful.

Best...Fried Heyn (*___*) "choice=responsibility"

wzn.[protected] [protected]

tesla service department

My Tesla windshield was break by itself, the technician told me it was stress. So Tesla replace my front windshield. I just got this car at the beginning of the year and just got all tinted. So I ask one of the guy about my tint, the guy told me just have the front windshield tinted again, Tesla will reimburse the expense. After I got it tinted and submit my charge, the service department told me they don't reimburse third party tint!! Why did they told me they will reimburse the first time? They told the the expense was too much! This is the fourth Tesla that me and my husband owned. I am totally disappointed at Tesla. Probably will never buy a Tesla again.

solarcity customer support quality

I have tried in vain to find someone to talk to concerning removal of my solar panels to allow me to replace...

advertising jobs that do not exist

I applied for a job, under Tesla Motors, advertising a position of Channel Manager. In small print the the...

Solar panels not producing enough

I live in Oceanside Ca, my Electricity bill in the summer from SDG&E were to costly my wife and I...

Payment for services not received

Started working for this company from home as an appointment Setter.Signed a contract! Worked 2 weeks and wa...

Length of time to start .

Solar City installed the panel about a day or 2 after talking to the sales agent, there were no problem...

Customer service/bill

Customer service calls are horrible to get through. Wanted to make sure the forced automatic payment feature...

fraudulent tactics with deposits

tesla is trying to steal my deposit. I previously placed an order for one of there vehicles. I put my initial deposit but i canceled the order 6 days later well within there cancelation policy not to mention i never even confirmed my order on the site.
According to my sales rep she told me it was not a problem and i was able to cancel over the phone. I was forced to cancel due to false information provided to me about the vehicle pertaining to the charging stations that DONT exist yet and still have not been built. And i later found out these were plans to build and it was not something already done as stated by the sales rep. I live in a hi rise condo with no charger and it makes no sense to buy an car i cannot charge for the exception of charging the car at charging points that are not tesla stations there fore it would take a half of a day to charge as opposed to tesla claimed 60 min supercharging stations that are non existent in my city. Now am having to re-dispute my charge with american express a second time because tesla claims the deposit they told me was refundable was non refundable. This is nuts and completely screwed up that this company would even go that low for a car that was never confirmed or ordered nor was anything started with my order so no money was wasted. Hopefully this claim helps someone else avoid getting victimized by a company that seems more worried about the money then there own product.

  • Li
    Lily Lake Mar 16, 2015

    This person needs to learn basic English that is taught to children in about the third grade. Capitalize names. Capitalize the word "I". The third-person possessive pronoun is not "there, " which means over there, somewhere not near the speaker. Rather, it is "their, " as in "their vehicles." There is no such word as "non." This is only a beginning of a citing of this person's errors. It is very distracting to read something written so poorly. It makes the reader wonder if the writer does everything poorly.

    -4 Votes


This company is horrible, if you decide to go solar stay away from SolarCity. It's sorta like a Pyramid...

Useless and liars

I used the website in order to put solar panels in my house. I didn’t like the customer services, because the staff was rude and impolite. They couldn’t tell me anything precisely. I called them several times and argued, because they took money, but they were useless and lied about everything. I wonder if there are people, who had the same thing. Please post your ideas and comments. Thanks.

Pigeon nesting under panel not enough engery.

I called Solar City regarding a Pigeon problem under our panels, they replied they put up the guards around...

Unlicensed Operator and Overcharges

The owner of the business submits misleading quotes. Upon completion of the work the owner then advises the...

Fraud company

Want Our Money Back - Fraud company YULONG TRADING CO. LTD.
[ Tags: Fraud ]


We were recently been cheated by a Chinese company by the name of YULONG TRADING CO. LTD. We ordered 550 pieces of Non-Branded 2GB Micro SD Cards. The company assured us that the SD cards are of excellent quality and has full memory. First they wanted us to pay to their personal account (the reason they gave us was that the were trying to save on taxes). Then after quite a few discussions they agreed to give us their company's bank details (HSBC Bank in Hong Kong). Since we bank with HSBC in London, was really easy to send $ 836 for the 550 pieces. On receiving the goods, we were shocked to find out that they have sent us FAKE 32GB Kingston with only 120MB memory. We immediately asked the company to pay us back which they agreed to and gave us in writing. They were in touch with us for few days after our demand and now they are completely ignoring our messages on alibaba TradeManager, our emails and our phone calls. They have changed their name on TradeManager from Nancy Lu to Becky Lu and Erin Zhang (which we believe is the same person).

We have reported the case with all the evidence to Alibaba and waiting for them to get back to us. We need our money back. Can anyone help us in this regards? By the way they are Alibaba gold members and that gave us confidence to deal with them. To our shock they are still trading and maybe in the process of scamming some innocent customer of their money.