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Tesla reviews & complaints

Tesla complaints 28

Tesla - Tesla 2021 model x

Phone support screwed us from the start. To let you know what happen we left home and stopped in Texas first stop 15 minute charge raining but it went fine and we continued on to Lake Charles for...

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Tesla - Model 3 adaptive cruise control

Elon Musk,
I leased a Model 3 2021 standard plus. The car drives me crazy. The issue is the adaptive cruise control, which is unfortunately tied to the FSD system.
I have almost be rear-end 5 times in the last 6 months because of "Phantom Braking", where the car slams on the brakes for no reason. I have taken it into the shop twice and told to read the warnings in the manual and the car is fine. I have talked with other owners that have the same problem.
It will slam on the brakes for a shadow across the road, cars coming in the other direction, or just for no reason at all.
None of the other car manufactures that have adaptive cruise control have these issues. I really hoped your high tech car would show me it is great, but all I am is disappointed.
Can you PLEASE fix this issue?
Stephen Clark

Desired outcome: Car BUG fixed

Nov 08, 2021

Tesla - Non Refundable order Fee of 250


My name is Eunhye Kwon and my phone number [protected]. And, my email address is [protected]@gmail.com.

I was ordering Tesla Model X through their online website but my hubby ordered the model Y for me so I did not have to finish the order. So, I put my credit card information and saw the statement " Due Today
$250 Non-refundable Order Fee. By placing this order, I agree to the Model X Order Agreement, Terms of Use, and Privacy Notice" but I thought I could back out if I didn't finish ordering. After putting my credit card info, I went on the next page but did not finish ordering. But, Tesla still charged $250 on my credit card and now they are saying that it is non- refundable because I agreed to forfeit. Definitely, it does not say about "forfeiture when I don't finish ordering and I had no idea that I could still order such an expensive car only with turning my credit card number in" They have to make the statement more clear so no one makes mistakes like me. Even if I did not put any information other than the credit card number, Tesla says I have reserved my spot so $250 is theirs. As a customer I have a feeling like the statement below the payment method is so ambiguous!

The more funny thing is my husband was comparing Tesla X to Tesla Y for me and he ordered the Tesla Y at the end but he could not get $250 back for Tesla X. Meaning he got charged a total of $500. To see the final price, the consumers must go through the first page... We were just trying to see the final price!.. Please help us out.

Desired outcome: Refunding of $250


Tesla - Tesla Model S

August 15, window got stuck down, local repair shops can't get parts, had to wait 2 weeks for repair, August 30, during rainy season. September 14, 2021, front seat sensors failed; car doesn't shut off, have to use the unreliable manual process. $4k repair, had to wait one month. October 14, took car to service center in Tampa, one hour away. They could not give me a time estimate and recommended I use their Uber credit to resume my day. Left the car there, Uber'd back, only to be told the seat was not in stock, will be another month for chair to arrive. Service is totally detached from the customer. All service must be arranged with the mobile app, no way to talk to anyone, no lacla shops that can make repairs.

Desired outcome: None, they have lost a customer

Tesla - Quality of vehicle and service

I have had several issues since taking delivery of my vehicle, some with less than ideal resolutions, and others with no resolution as of yet. Starting with delivery day, I was told by my Tesla...

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Tesla - Employee “Johnny Dang” and refund request

On May 17th 2021 I applied to order a tesla vehicle from tesla.com and placed a used car order with reservation number RN114972044. However tesla did not approve my finance application and they...

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Tesla - Solar Inveters

I got my system working beginning of 2019 since that time I have had 4 inverters replaced. The first one took over 2 months to get repaired then 4 to 5 months later the inverter dies again. Another 4 - 6 weeks to get repaired. It makes zero sense you don't have backup inverters. Telsa is being held hostage by Solar Edge? 4 -6 weeks for a replacement is completely unacceptable. The fact the inverter dies every 4 - 6 months is a joke.

I bought the Solar for power outages. Fl has a lot of hurricanes. My wife has a medical condition and we need power.

Desired outcome: I want to system to WORK! I want to different inverter installed. The Solar Edge is junk.

Apr 07, 2021

Tesla - 2021 model y - dublin service center

I was the proud owner of a new Model Y Tesla that I purchased new in July of 2020. My family and friends will tell you that I was telling everyone I would never drive another brand of car after...

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Tesla - A bait and switch event by tesla solar

Signed my agreement for Solar Panels and 2 batteries on Sept 9th of 2020. Received notification that I had been permitted on November 11/19 with an install date of January 11th, 2021. Upon crew...

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Tesla - Solar and power walls

We've been working with you for months. The problem is you don't send someone out to go over the plan - all done email and text. When I text back immediately you never answer back or a month goes by. This has created a very probable cancellation on my part as how can you trust you later.
It would be so simple to just send someone out to go over everything rather than spend months with redos. Why doesn't my planner not contact me back?

Nov 18, 2020

Tesla - Solar panels installation

Tesla's (Incomplete) Solar Panels project: (9 June - 18 November, 2020; five plus months and still counting!) I am in the midst of a solar-panels installation project with Tesla. I have chosen...

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Jan 24, 2020

Tesla - solarcity monitoring system

I have had my Solar City system for approximately 7 years and had a way of monitoring the output of the system until recently ( 2 years ). I do not think the system is performing at it's previous high level. Can you tell me how I can check the system from my computer.
This is a leased system.

Arnold Reed
16069 W. Roanoke Ave
Goodyear AZ 85395


Jan 08, 2020

Tesla - solar panel live customer service

In June 2015 I purchasedsolar panels and service for my home in Glendale, AZ from Solar City. About a year later, I was informed that their company was bought out by Tesla. I am now trying to contact Tesla to obtain a copy of the original service agreement. All phone numbers for Tesla and Solar City keep sending me to Tesla.com/contact which directs viewer to long page of frequently asked questions. NO WAY TO GET LIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I am frantic. How do I get to talk to a real live customer service agent? Bad way to do business!

Dec 19, 2019

Tesla - solar panels

We contracted with Solar City five years ago, and their customer service was equal to none. Always prompt and efficient. Since Tesla took over, it has been a nightmare. We had an electric fire the...

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Sep 10, 2019

Tesla - johnny dang (used vehicle sales advisor, remarketing)

Johnny hung up on me. I could not have been nicer! I only called after I got no reply to my email. Johnny at first agreed to investigate marks in the last photo of the back seat of a car I was about...

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Aug 09, 2019

Tesla - tesla service department

My Tesla windshield was break by itself, the technician told me it was stress. So Tesla replace my front windshield. I just got this car at the beginning of the year and just got all tinted. So I ask one of the guy about my tint, the guy told me just have the front windshield tinted again, Tesla will reimburse the expense. After I got it tinted and submit my charge, the service department told me they don't reimburse third party tint! Why did they told me they will reimburse the first time? They told the the expense was too much! This is the fourth Tesla that me and my husband owned. I am totally disappointed at Tesla. Probably will never buy a Tesla again.

Tesla - solarcity customer support quality

I have tried in vain to find someone to talk to concerning removal of my solar panels to allow me to replace the shingles on my roof. One time I waited half an hour for a contact on the telephone...

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Sep 29, 2017

Tesla - advertising jobs that do not exist

I applied for a job, under Tesla Motors, advertising a position of Channel Manager. In small print the the advertising said, The job is with SolarCity a subsidiary of Tesla, Inc. Two Days Later I...

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Tesla - Solar panels not producing enough

I live in Oceanside Ca, my Electricity bill in the summer from SDG&E were to costly my wife and I purchase panels from solar city in Nov. 2015 we had a contractor ENG, take a look and stated 18 panel...

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Tesla - Payment for services not received

Started working for this company from home as an appointment Setter.Signed a contract! Worked 2 weeks and was to be paid bi-weekly on a friday. On thursday night my supervisor called me and stated...

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