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So frustrated been trying to communicate with flight-hub for months, have called several times only to stay on hold for hours until the battery in my phone dies, I have also sent emails to customer support with no reply. I purchased 4 flights to Costa Rica for my family this past Christmas, I also purchased $19.99 cancellation insurance for each flight. I just want a refund which is impossible as speaking to a human at flight-hub is not possible. What is the point of purchasing insurance if you can't get reimbursed for cancelled flights due to COVID. I have been a customer for years but not anymore!!!


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    FlightHubFlight Cancellation in CoVID19

    I bought 2 tickets to Uruguay on March 1, 2020 departure was April 21, 2020. March 14, 2020, the Canadian Government issued a no travel recommendation because we could risk not returning. In the next days, Uruguay closed its borders to incoming flights. We decided to cancel our flights. It took me until April 18 to communicate with Flight Hub and speak to a customer rep who finally canceled the flight a day before departure. I had bought flight cancellation insurance, but I needed to confirm that Flight Hub would not be refunding the tickets' cost; that's $2, 230.
    I requested a refund, and they said it would take 10-12 weeks, so I waited. I spent a year calling and emailing without success enquiring about the status of my refund. Today Feb 19, 2021, I called again, and after an hour on hold and pushing buttons, I finally got to talk to a representative.
    I told her that I wanted a letter or email stating that they will not be refunding the cost of the tickets so I can claim a refund from the insurance. They had me waiting an hour more until the call dropped, and I couldn't reconnect.
    I'm so angry with this company they are completely negligent. Not only do they not give a refund, but they also don't want to give proof of not doing so. On top of it, communicating with them is virtually impossible.
    I recommend not doing business with them, and if you do, make sure you never need anything from them except your ticket because any change or claim will never move forward.

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      I have booked flight on May 26, 2020 by flighthub.But the flight cancelled by airline (Austrian ) due to covid -19
      Since then I have contacted tens of times for the refund and every time, the customer service advise that the the support team is working on it .
      It is now Feb 04, 2021.Now it is about 9 months passed.

      As per the advise of the flighthub (as per attached), the refund will be done in 12-18 weeks. Now it has passed 36 weeks. !!
      Still I call every week to flighthub and the same statement is said. ""The support team is working on it.""

      1-I want to file complain against flight hub. I have used my credit card . So for the amount of about 1219.74 CAD, my credit card is charging me interest. -The interest in my credit card should be paid by flighthub.

      2-They have deducted the charge of cancellation fee when the flight cancelled. They do deduction immediately but when they want to pay, it took 8 months..


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        FlightHubReturn passenger ticket

        The return ticket was supposed to be completed on Jan 14, 2021 but I called on Jan 4th, spent about 2 hours on phone being bounced from agent to agent, all asking me to repeat the same concern voiced to the previous agent: wanted to change return date because the lockdown noose around destination (London, Ontario), was tightening, especially around the university that my son goes to.

        Finally the 4th attendant took over, took my credit card number presumably for the charge to change the date to Jan 30, 2021, and asked me to wait for an e-mail update. Nada. Nothing was sent. Waited, and waited and called on the 19th Jan, at that time the return date (Jan 14) had passed. My guess is that it was an easy way to ignore those in my situation. It would look like I was the one who did not honour the return ticket but a good check of their logs will show that I did go through all these hoops.

        Called Air Canada, the carrier. They won't touch it because return date had lapsed. Came back to Flighthub's automated system. It won't take my reservation number for assistance because it navigates away from expired tickets. For 4 days dried to contact them, no luck. I believe there is a scam going on here and want a refund/credit for the return portion.

        Return passenger ticket

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          Jan 25, 2021

          FlightHub — My flight was cancelled due to covid-19. I paid for cancellation insurance and yet I am being refused a refund or even a rebooking.

          Your Trip to Phoenix, AZ, (PHX) FlightHub Booking Number: [protected] Booked: January 3, 2020 2:24 AM Print...

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          Jan 22, 2021

          Flight Hub — Credits from 2020 for unused tickets because of covid

          Last year my husband and I purchased flights in February with Flight hub departure on May 1, 2020. We could...

          FlightHubtravel credit

          I have been trying for 5 months to rebook a flight for my mother and myself that was cancelled last August due to Covid through flighthub. I have spoken to every person there at least once. To start with, every flight that I try to get us on gets a refusal for one of us with no reason why. It doesn't make any sense to me. We were on the same flight to start with so why can only one of us get onto a new flight. I have been on the phone with them for 4 hours at a time with no resolution. I asked to get a refund because I can rebook directly through westjet for $450 less but they say I can't get a refund, only a travel credit. To make matters worse, I have to pay them an additional $240 if it actually gets booked. We both had a $1005 credit and the flights are a maximum of $800 through westjet. This doesn't make any
          sense to me. They are blaming westjet and I have spoken to Westjet and this has nothing to do with them. They are not charging any extra for the new ticket so flighthub is lying about it. I need help.

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            FlightHubFlighthub made double transaction to my credit card

            I booked ticket on flighthub for my backhome trip.

            Flight dated: Thu 24 Dec, 2020 - Mon 18 Jan, 2021
            Flighthub Reference Number: [protected]

            I seen double payments on my credit card from aircanada.
            First I talked to aircanada, they said flighthub requested two tickets by mistake. They told me, aircanada can make refund to flighthub only.

            So I filled refund eform on Nov 11, 2020 but never received response from flighthub. Even I sent few emails to their customer care
            but never received response.

            I have all proof for double payments

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              FlightHubReservation of flight from Vancouver to Delhi

              My husband and I booked tickets with FlightHub for Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Delhi on January 19, 2020 (booking reference number - [protected]). We had to make travel plans because of family emergency. We had to cancel that flight and reschedule it for January 22, 2020 for which we were charged handling fees. FlightHub would not give refund but only travel credit which we could not use it from our end to book another flight. We had to call them to book another flight for which we were charged $55.01 per passenger and we were asked to wait for confirmation. After waiting for hours for nothing we called back to follow up when they ask for proof that we paid $110.02 for 2 passengers as there was some error on their part. We were assured we will be contacted by ticketing team within 24 hours. We did not receive any calls till January 21, 2020. Meanwhile we tried contacting them 10 times just for confirmation all we were asked to do is wait. On thursday morning i.e. Jan 21, 2020 when we called again we were informed that the reservation has expired and we were charged $430 more per person. In desperate needs we even paid that still waiting for confirmation. Everytime we called them we requested to speak to supervisor or ticketing agent they would not transfer. We are still on call with agent waiting for confirmation and also for supervisor for like 3 hours no one is available for help. Is there anyone who could help us out here?

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                FlightHubTravel Credit

                I booked the ticket for my wife and son for december 17 2020 with flight hub (booking id [protected])from mumbai to saskatoon for $2415.20 one way fare, due to unforseen circumstances i have to cancel the ticket, i got the travel credit then on december last week i spoke to flight hub agent Joan for dates exchange for january 25 2021, she told me it would be extra $265.00 for both tickets so i agreed to her and told her to book the ticket for me, but they didnt book the ticket on that time for me and then i called them again and now they are telling me to pay extra $820.00 for that date, i am not paying that money, i told them please refund my money, i was informed air canada not doing refund.

                From december last week i am talking to flight hub to get the tickets done for my wife and son, but till todays date Jan 13 no reply and no tickets.

                Please help me on the above matter either issue me the ticket or get my money back.

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                  FlightHubtravel voucher expiry date

                  Due to Covid 19 I have had to cancel 2 bookings from last June 2020. I was given Travel Vouchers for these flights that expire on March 7 2010 and April 14 2021. Canada is in a lockdown for no travel outside the country unless necessary. I would like the Expiry dates to be extended until we can travel again . The Booking numbers are [protected] and177-499-792

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                    Dec 08, 2020

                    FlightHub — Refund request, Eghosa Ejegi (flighthub booking number [protected])

                    I am following up on Flight ticket refunds of $6, 111.71 for Flighthub Booking Number [protected]. Thi...

                    FlightHubRefund request still pending

                    We have a pending refund request (Booking Number: [protected]) with FlightHub since August 28, 2020. They stated it will take around 6-8 weeks to process. Today is November 20 and up to now no refunds had been received yet. I had emailed numerous times their help center but all they say is it's still in process and they are waiting on the airline on it. I had tried calling through phone and that was the most unbelievable wait time. I waited for an hour and then the line got cut afterwards. IF you contact the airlines directly they would ask you call FlightHub instead. There seems to be no resolution to this. Very bad customer service. Please help me get a refund... Ferdie C.

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                      Nov 18, 2020

                      FlightHub — No customer service, scam

                      The customer service for flight hub is nonexistent. There is no way to talk to someone on the phone who can...

                      FlightHubCanceled flight

                      My parents 80 years old had a flight departed from Toronto on June 15 and due to current situation of covit, all flights were automatically canceled. I received on July that airline (Alitalia) approved the refund, and till today no refund is made. Please refund urgently my account and confirm. Booking number [protected]. E tickets 055 [protected] and 055 [protected]. Thank you

                      Canceled flight

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                        • Di
                          Divya Gupta. Dec 15, 2020
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          I have been talking to flighthub about my flight past few days and their agents hang up on me. They cancelled my flight 3 times and when i try to contact, no one does their job. Agent submitted quote request which was declined right away. I am going to take legal action and complain about flighthub as they are treating me so bad and depressing me. My job is in danger coz of this company and they are being so unreasonable.
                          If company wants to contact me, email me on [email protected]

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                        Recently Flight Hub travel Agency at the time of refund our money because of cancelled our travel tickets by Airline cause of Covid-19, two times tried to abuse us by withdrawing money from our account without consent also they didn't want to refund or when requested to issue new tickets reduced almost %40 of our refund.

                        Flight Hub, it's not a trustable company and tried always as a cheapest advertise to abuse peoples
                        Documents are attached, self-explanation

                        Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information

                        *********** Kindly confirm upon receipt. *********

                        Respectfully yours,
                        Edward darban


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                          Oct 18, 2020

                          FlightHub — Cancellation request

                          I put this complain here because FlightHub stopped to respond emails and not able to resolve problem over the...

                          FlightHubUse my credit

                          I booked a flight for July 10, 2020 from Toronto to Barcelona and Lisbon to Toronto; due to COVID-19 this flights were cancelled. I have my credits and now I am trying to use my credits to rebook my flights and It has been impossible with flighthub.

                          I having calling since September 15, everytime that I called I have to wait aroun to hours and they dont give me any solution. They only answer is that I have to try to keep calling to see when they have a fair available to be able to use my credits. It is very frustrated because as a costumber I have all my rights to use my crdits anytime for my booking.

                          I have a friend that deal with expedia instead of flighthub and she received a solution in the same day that she called and not issues.

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                            Oct 03, 2020

                            FlightHub — Services

                            Hi this is the first time I am complaining about something on any internet forum. I am having my worst...

                            Sep 28, 2020

                            FlightHub — Useless voucher and unauthorized credit card charges

                            I was supposed to fly from Toronto to NYC on Thu 02 Apr, 2020 and back on Sun 05 Apr, 2020 (Reference Number...


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