FlightHub Complaints & Reviews

Flighthub / flights

Apr 13, 2019

My husband and I contacted FlightHub to request information regarding cancelling our flights to Beijing, China on the 9th April 2019. We were reassured by customer services that we could pay $400 for the 2 tickets and get our money back of $1200 ($600 for each ticket). The following...

Flighthub / flighthub

Apr 12, 2019

I have booked flight ticket from Toronto-Amsterdam-Delhi on May 30 2019 and from Delhi-Amsterdam-Toronto on Jun 29 2019 for me and my Wife. FlightHub Booking Number: 141-837-792. This flight is operated by Jet Airways. While booking the ticket I was told that for cancellation (if required...

Flighthub / altering date of flights

Apr 7, 2019

The absolute wort customer service I have ever received. Pathetic excuse for service really, just a waste of my time trying to deal with these people; was hung up on 3 times while on hold with themwhich was over an hour on 2 seperate occasions, was blatantly lied to me several times about...

Flighthub / wow airline

Mar 23, 2019

Hello sir/ madam, my name is Daljit singh. I recently book the ticket through filghthub for wow airline under airline reference 123-605-551. 1.bad customer service from supervisor Rachlelle and anna.. there was a lot background noise ( people were laughing) ... supervisor rachel wa...

[Resolved] Flighthub / customer service unsatisfactory was an emergency

Mar 18, 2019

This deals with seat selection- preference Scheduled trip return fare YVR - Dubai Jan9/19 - Mar22/19 (1 stop in Seattle) I made an aisle seat payement - Sea - Dubai flight at time of ticket purchase, all flights Emerites Travelling frequently, I have always made bookings with Flighthub a...

Flighthub / flight booking

Mar 3, 2019

I purchased flights from Halifax NS to Tokyo Japan for March 7th to March 16th 2019. When purchasing my flights, I was instructed to select seats for the flights. My husband and I sat down together and mulled over which seats were best and confidently chose all of our seats for the 4...

Flighthub / refund, ticket change

Feb 25, 2019

I called FlightHub to check that everything was OK with my ticket to Singapore on Feb 17 days before the flight. No one told me that my name has to exactly match my passport name. I only discovered this when trying to get my boarding pass online the night before the flight. This has never...

Flighthub / customer services

Feb 22, 2019

Hi, I did a reservation for a ticket (1000$). 2 days later, I wanted to buy one for my child. Your employee told me that I need to cancel my ticket first for 100$ - in order to get a refund. I call again a spoke to 3 differents agents asking to speak to a supervisor and one hang up on me...

Flighthub / booking.

Feb 22, 2019

Hello I have just book for trip from phoenix to cebu and I have find out that I have been double charge and was been double reserved. I was wondering why that happen since I have just enter my CV number once. I call your hotline and your agent assist me to the cancellation process however...

Flighthub / flighthub online service

Feb 12, 2019

Dear Madam/Sir, I am complaining about Flighthub online service. First, they didn't tell that there is a cancelling fee when I booked a ticket of C$ 882.70 (Booking No. 135-090-812. Confirmation No. QNBJU5). They actually say free cancellation. Second, when I booked the ticket at 9:10... / flight arrangements and undisclosed flight policies

Feb 11, 2019

I purchased flight tickets for Puerto vallerta Mexico in January for my daughter‘s wedding four tickets in May I called flight hub the same day of purchase, to upgrade and fly out one day earlier customer service rep was rude and obnoxious and refused any changes or a refund I was told in...

Flighthub / illegal sale and no refund

Feb 9, 2019

Flighthub sold me a ticket that was ineligible to board the plane. They said would refund me the money and kept me on hold for almost 3 hours until the airplane left and then came back on the phone to say I was a no show on the flight while I was physically standing in front of Delta... / charged me extra fees, for a two way flight, book at jfk instead of newark

Feb 8, 2019

First off, i was charged extra fees on the credit card not disclosed while booking the ticket. Second it was a two way international flight, from syracuse, NY to entebbe, and back to the same destination. Instead of disclosing and notifying drop off at JFK instead of Newark airport. The dam...

[Resolved] Flighthub / travel credit

Feb 3, 2019

I booked a flight with jet airlines last april using flight hub. I had to cancel that flight due to some reasons and being unable to travel. Flight hub allowed me to cancel the flight and retain some of my travel credit and have said that I have credit for 1 year and haven't said anything...

Flighthub / ticket cancellation

Jan 31, 2019

Hi Team, I have booked a ticket for my travel to India for March 12, 2019. The flight name is China Southern Airline. Since we have checked the Government of Canada website where it is clearly mentioned the below. Attached is the screenshot for your reference. "China - Exercise a high...

[Resolved] Flighthub / can't use my credit to book a flight

Jan 30, 2019

I have been trying for two weeks to book my flight to use my credit (FlightHub Booking Number: 125-125-402). I call every day but no one want to help me. Flight Hub took my money and tell me to call airlines to find out the price of the tickets. I really called airlines and they told me to...

Flight Hub / unable to use flight credit

Jan 29, 2019

I booked a flight with Spirit Airlines last April using Flight Hub. I had to cancel that flight due to getting a new job and being unable to travel. Flight Hub allowed me to cancel the flight and retain some of my travel credit by paying a cancelation fee of $150.00 ($75 per ticket for 2...

[Resolved] Flighthub / can't use my credit for flight

Jan 26, 2019

I booked my flight on Flighthub (FlightHub Booking Number: 125-125-402 ) and had to cancel it with an opportunity to use my credit during the year. But when I reached them to book my new flight for the same destination I was told I cant do it. Each time I hear different answers on my...

Flight Hub / false flight fees and unethical behaviour

Jan 14, 2019

January 13 in the evening, I searched for a flight to dallas from winnipeg and chose a flight for $387.50 cad, but when they emailed my receipt and itinerary they charged me $543.92cad. I called them on it right away and was told by one of their representatives, trevor that it was us fund...

Flight Hub / travel ticket

Jan 8, 2019

Dec 31/18- I was trying to book my flight from Miami on Jan 2/19 to YYZ (toronto). When I was on the internet I put all information in that was needed. I did not click to buy ticket or complete travel and I had lost signal. The internet browser was not available and as I was concerned the...

Flighthub / not being informed about the fee of $ 60 for each suite case and that economy class has been booked as light economy class without our knowledge

Dec 28, 2018

To whom it may concern We asked FlightHub to book the flight below, with regular economy and do not understand how we got light economy. My husband Dieter Bay booked and payed over phone a day after we had received this offer below, the assistant person didn't inform us about light economy...

Flighthub / being charged after cancelling less than two days later with extended cancelling insurance.

Dec 27, 2018

I was not aware that there was going to be $150/person for cancelling 1 1/2 days later. We were a party of 4. Was not informed at the time of cancelling. Was booked Nov. 29th late afternoon I believe and cancelled Dec 1. Isn't that why you buy cancelling insurance, for this reason? You can...

Flighthub / flight reschedule run around

Dec 26, 2018

To whom it may concern, I started this process on December 18th when I visited your web site to double check on my flights to Grenada and back, booking # 090-448-993. There was a major flight change, that I was not made aware of, for my return flight. The original flight was to leave on...

Flighthub / refund

Dec 14, 2018

I am very very upset with way flight hub and its associates have tried to steal money from me.. lieing to me that refund of my taxes and 2 return flights were credited by air-transit as per policy and air-transit the refund is credited but FLIGHT HUB REFUSES to give it to me. very very...

Flighthub / cancelling a flight

Dec 12, 2018

On December 9th, we attempted to make reservations to Sao Paulo Brazil for a international bible convention. We secured two seats with LATAM and attempted get an additional seat for our 26 year old daughter who was paying for her ticket separately. There were no more seats available so we...

Flighthub / was given wrong information and was charged incorrectly!

Dec 1, 2018

hello! so my reservation number was 098978651 and November 20, 2018 i called flighthub to just double check with the baggage information so then there was this male agent that told i had no middle name on the reservation so then i asked if they can add or correct it for me then he called...

Flighthub / payment not received

Nov 29, 2018

My FlightHub booking number is 086-044-662 I bought a flight to Hong Kong and made full payment on 3 Jan 2018 (Receipt # 78506372), the company could not work out for the new plan and had to cancel. At the time of canceling customer service told me I was entitled for a refund and it would...

Flighthub / flight credit I couldn't use

Nov 28, 2018

My FlightHub booking number is 084-581-112 I bought a flight to New York on December 19th 2017 but had to cancel since I couldn't go anymore. At the time of canceling customer service told me I can use that credit to fly anywhere in the US as long as I book the flight within a year. November...

[Resolved] Flighthub / flight itinerary was cancelled for no reason and without me knowing it

Nov 23, 2018

I was at the airport for my flight this morning 23rd of November when upon checking in there is no reservation booked under my name on the specific flight itinerary I have with me, talked to 3 different person from flighthub customer service and they are telling different details. my...

Flighthub / nasty luggage costs for flight to portugal not explained

Nov 11, 2018

Recently we flew on TAP air to Portugal on tickets purchased from your company (Tap Air Portugal Flight 262 Oct 17 to Lisbon and Tap Air Portugal Flight 259 Nov 8 th back to Toronto ). When ordering the tickets it was not made clear that the cost was for only the flight with NO CHECKED...

[Resolved] Flighthub / no notification of connecting flight cancellation

Nov 1, 2018

Cathay Pacific cancelled connecting flight from Vancouver to Hong Kong CX837 and notified FlightHub, but FlightHub did NOT notify me so I missed my connection. As a consequence I arrived a day late for my tour departing Yangon on November 3. I was on the phone for MORE THAN AN HOUR and had...

Flighthub / flight ticket cancellation

Oct 30, 2018

I recently had to cancel my flight to a Puerta Vallarta due to a Category 5 Hurricane hitting Mexico . Given the reason I was cancelling, I asked Flight Hub if they could they waive the $150 cancellation fee, as Air Canada has waived it for my flight back due to the safety circumstances. ...

Flighthub / my flights were canceled without my permission

Oct 30, 2018

I bought my tickets June 28...paid in full. October 16 I called to try and change the return date. I agreed to the $150 service charge and $230 for the difference in the flight. In checking my booking I saw that the change didn't happen but as I'd been told it could take a few days I left it...

Flighthub / false information provided to a cancelled flight

Oct 26, 2018

October 26 2017, I booked round trip flights to Australia leaving January 31st returning February 28th. I unfortunately had to cancel due to a family member becoming very ill. I received travel credit which required I book by October 26, 2018 (today) that included my same travel itinerary...

Flighthub / tickets

Oct 25, 2018

Hi, my name is Roxanna Dume, I not happy with you guys, you company is fraudulent and you sales tickets from Iberia is not true, any to go the police I'm making complaints about you company because you never told me that true I think my flight is Iberia when I got to canter is level, end...

Flighthub / canceling my connecting flight without notice

Oct 19, 2018

I am complaining about our booking last July 23, 2017. I know its a little bit late but just now I receive the copy of my billing from my phone company. Last july 23 is our flight going to Colombo, from St. Johns Newfoundland. When we arrive at the check in counter at Air Canada at St...

[Resolved] Flighthub / excessive penalty fee & not honoring the 24 hour change grace period

Oct 17, 2018

I had booked a flight with FlightHub. Fifteen minutes later they sent me a confirmation email & I saw there was a one letter typo in my name. I immediately called them. Their rep said he could not correct the typo in my name. He said I had to cancel my reservations and re-book. They charged me...

[Resolved] Flighthub / tickets no available after purchase

Oct 14, 2018

Purchased several tickets for family members to go visit dying family member. During check in time it would not allow some of us to check in saying that we owed partial money on the ticket. Contacted flighthub could not figure out the situation, finally after several hours of speaking with...

Flighthub / reservation cancellation support

Oct 12, 2018

On 6/4/18 we booked two round-trip tickets from Denver to Lisbon, Portugal (FlightHub Booking Number: 104-668642). On 9/24/18 we forwarded a letter from my doctor, Dr. Bradley Duhon, confirming that due to back surgery I had on 9/20/18 I could not travel for 8 to 11 weeks, causing us to...

[Resolved] Flighthub / luggage charges

Oct 9, 2018

Can ry please explain why we were charge for checked in baggage at the airport when we were checking in at icelandair counter. We a have never been charged before for luggage on other flights when we were allowed 2 bags. The agent at the counter said since we booked the flight with you...