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Travel voucher duration

Westjet is offering 2 years to use travel voucher.
We booked tickets with flighthub using westjet
Flighthub will only give us 1 year.
So tickets were bought feb 21 2020 - no we need to fly by feb 21 2021
Not going to work for us - we want the same 2 years west jet is offering.

We accepted the travel voucher have no issue - just the duration of it.

Plane ticket refund

On May 13th 2020 I have booked a Flight with FlightHub scheduled on May 14th 2020 from Toronto to Bucharest with one stop in Frankfurt, Germany (FlightHub Booking Number: [protected] / Lufthansa Confirmation Number: TM33W2). The price of the ticket was $5, 104.78 and I had to purchase it due to a family emergency - my father passed and I had to be in Bucharest for the funeral. (I can provide the death certificate if required). When I got to the airport the gentleman from check in told me that I cannot travel to Bucharest unless I provide a proof of Romanian citizenship. He and his supervisor explained that the proof of Romanian citizenship is required due to the fact that the flight from Frankfurt to Bucharest wasn't a regular flight but a special flight to bring Romanian citizens from Germany to Romania due to the COVID - 19 situation. I usually travel with my canadian passport and I was never ever asked to provide a proof of Romanian citizenship. On FlightHub website, when I booked the flight, was no warning whatsoever that the flight from Frankfurt to Bucharest was a special one and that are special requirements to board the plane. (I can provide the booking information and the itinerary from FlightHub where you can see that nothing is being mentioned about the nature of the flight from Frankfurt to Bucharest).in consequence, FlightHub provided misleading information and took my money causing me not only a major financial loss but also a massive emotional distress. Because of them I have missed my father;s funeral. I have contacted FlightHub and I spoke with a lady by the name of Jinky who obviously told me that the ticket is non-refundable and that was it!!
I am asking FlightHub to issue a full ticket refund in the amount of $5, 104.78 plus another $3, 000.00 for the emotional distress they have caused me.

Plane ticket refund
Plane ticket refund
Plane ticket refund



So our vacation from April 26, 2020 which was cancelled by our cruise line, air canada, Hilton Hotel, and now United also not charging fees for a flight, but FlightHub, has the audacity to charge us $25 per person (6) for a partial credit that at first wanted us to use by January 23, 2021! And when I called last month I was told that they are not doing cancellations on our flight that was booked in January 2020, and there would be a cancellation fee, to call 72 hours at least before, yet I kept getting emails of changes to my flight from Puerto Rico to Toronto, but when you select a call back you would get an error message to call customer service, but no number ever provided!!! And now the customer service rep Sophie tells me they have no legal department and none of their management are taking calls, and it's their policy to charge people in the middle of a pandemic, where millions have lost lives, loved ones, jobs, homes, livelihood and they are trying to make a profit on these people!! FlightHub is currently not frontline workers and if I thought they were risking their lives to save people, I wouldn't think twice! But because of GREED! I will clearly take this complaint to the Ombudsman's Office, BBB, CBC, CTV,, etc.. and clearly it's a civil suit that I know the same lawyers office that's handling air Canada's law suit will enjoy these complaints from FlightHub as well. You can rest assure, you have lost and will continue to lose many customers.

I am really disappointed with how flighthub is dealing with their customers during these times of crisis


Booking # [protected] flight hub
Air canada confirmation # M83PUZ

We were supposed to fly to Vancouver in April 17th until the 25th. We canceled our flight and we were refunded but it stated that we need to fly to Vancouver before Nov 6th, 2020. I understand that we have a year from when we booked to use it. But I don't agree with that or with the fact that we need to travel to same location. 1st we cannot fly anywhere so you really didn't give us a year, who know how much longer this will last. I think you should extend it by the number of months where we are/were on lockdown. 2nd, I don't understand why it has to be Vancouver, why cannot we fly anywhere flight hub and air canada fly. I didn't read in your policy about it being to the same location. It say same airline. It is not fair that you are forcing us to go to Vancouver. We will still be booking with you and with air canada so why no let us chose our destination. Should it be more expensive we pay the difference. We have been loyal customers but what you are doing is unfair especially since it is not our fault we had to cancel.

I hope you take my complaint into consideration, I am not asking from much except letting us decide where to travel. I am really disappointed with how flighthub is dealing with their customers during these times of crisis.

Hope to hear from you soon! If I don't hear from anyone within 48hrs. I will be filing a complaint with consumer protection and going to the media with our story.

Suzy Torres

Flighthub did not notify us that the flight was cancelled which we just found out when we got in the airport

On April 4, 2020, Me and my husband has a flight under All Nippon Airways from Manila to Toronto. Flighthub did not notify us that the flight was cancelled which we just found out when we got in the airport. The same day, I called flighthub to tell them what happened and they advised me that I will get a FULL refund and to rebook another flight instead. So with a much higher ticket, I rebooked. At the same time I was told to fill up a refund form and someone will call me within 72hrs. I did not hear anything from them.

So today, April 9th, I called to follow up. Flighthub agent RIRI is charging us for airline penalty of $300. I told her that it was the airline that cancelled and not us and still insisted that i have to be charged. She even said that the other agent i spoke to on the 4th gave me false hope of full refund. She was also very rude and unprofessional by either holding without notification or straight up speaking to a colleague rudely about us while forgetting to mute her phone.

I am fighting to receive the full refund as it was the airline who cancelled and not us. Very unprofessional and rude! Definitely corrupt company as well.

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purchase ticket also with insurance and no refund no answer on phone call

This is very shame full, when trying to get ticket the answer phone right away and still wats to sell u what...


My boyfriend and I purchased a flight through flighthub with connecting flights through vancouver and hong kong towards Jakarta. Due to the covid-19 issues air canada changed our flight several times and so did Cathay pacific. Upon following flighthubs rule to contact them 72 hours prior to departure date The agent said no to giving us a refund and said that we have to send in a refund application through their website. So we did this. We also contacted Air Canada and the representative there even tried to do a FULL REFUND on her end but couldn't because our tickets were tied up with Flighthub. It is now April 2... our departure date was March 31... we sent the request on March 29... and Cathay Pacific sent us an email saying our connecting flight is confirmed for tonight?!
We called Flighthub to figure this out and she said they still havent received notice of our eligibility for a refund (fair I understand its busy because of covid). but nearing the end of the call she said we weren't approved when I asked her what we should do about cathay... but then at the end of the call she explained we still have to wait to find out if we are eligible for the refund. she said to call cathay because she cant do anything on her end. I called Cathay Pacific (very nice representatives) she said she can't do anything and only Flighthub can... I had to call Flighthub back again! When speaking to the agent this time she explained she's still waiting for the reply of our eligibility for refund from the airline... (who already told us they're happy to process it). I don't appreciate being tossed around like a ball back and forth. Flighthub is unprofessional and doesn't seem to want to be clear with us on the status of a refund that we are entitled to according to Air Canada's Refund Policy (that their representative showed us).

When the airline is the one making the changes to the flights we are entitled to a full refund. but if we're the ones making the changes then of course we get charged cancellation fee. Why doesn't flighthub understand this? or how to actually communicate with their customers?

  • Pr
    Pramod Sah Apr 04, 2020

    I have exactly the same issue. It's been about a month and Flight Hub is still telling that the refund request has been made to Air Canada and hasn't been approved yet. However, Air Canada informed me that Flight Hub has never contacted them. I have spoken with several Flight Hub agents and they all have different stories.

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  • Li
    lindafe Apr 20, 2020

    This company is beyond unprofessional! I have had nothing but issues with them from start to finish, starting with how they miss-spelled by daughter's middle name, something that any airline could have fixed in 3 minutes, I had to place 6 calls & 3 emails, still not being able to resolve it (each time being told a different story/line). I was even told that I would have to pay a fee for them to correct this. Really, to correct their mistake, I have to pay?? After all of that, the last lady told me that it's too late & I would have to wait til 72 hrs before my flight, to request again, with no guarantees hat it could be changed in time for the flight. She said I should have called right away. I did! About 30 seconds after the itinerary arrived. No one knows what they are doing and they are all trained on how to stall/lie to customers. Now with covid, the airline cancelled the trip. I am being offered a credit only, to be used by Jan 31, 2021. This timeline does not work for my family and our trip and no doubt the credit will be in the incorrect name anyway. They have my money and that is all they care about! I strongly encourage no one to every use Flighthub. Spend the extra money & go direct to the airline. At least they have some customer service skills.

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The service that I paid but didn't receive

My booking reference number is :[protected]
I purchased a ticket for my mother from Tehran to Thunder Bay on Oct 2019. Now due to the emergency situation COVID-19, the flights are cancelled and my mother as a holder of visitor visa cannot come to Canada because of the closure of boarders. Flight hub gave me a future travel credit til OCT 2020. I am an international student and I may not be here till October 2020 to use the future travel credit. I want a refund, even if you want to charge me a 65$ handling fee.
I also have submitted a complaint through the Better Business Bureau (Ref. No. [protected]) which have attached, flight hub replied to that and told to contact them through service department. But when I contact them they said me only future travel credit is available. I really don't want a travel credit. I need a refund.

I was on hold for 1 hour and 12 minutes. Redirected three times.

The last person I spoke with provided a website to fill out a form. when I tried to type the information into my laptop and seek clarity, she literally said "I have provided you the information you need. have a good day" and HUNG UP.
I cannot find the site she was trying to redirect me to. flighthub. comrequest.

I am so frustrated.
Reservation# 160.066.902
please help

  • Updated by flight hub help please · Mar 29, 2020

    Reservation number: 160066902
    Flight March 14
    I waited literally 5 hours on March 13 to cancel my flight given the government of Canada's direction to stop non essential travel. When I got a voice, I was told to complete a form on line which I did.

    I called in today as I haven't heard anything. Redirected 3 times.
    The last person literally directed me to a website that I was attempting to type in my computer as we spoke. I could not access the site as she said it. FlightHub. Com request. As I was asking her for to clarify. she said " you have the information you need . Have. Good day. " and HUNG UP.

    I am beyond frustrated.
    Please help me process my request from two weeks ago? I understand these are extraordinary times. I am trying to work with you but do not at all feel that is being reciprocated.
    Please advise


at the most sensitive moment in the world this company cruelly robbed everyone of a lack of respect and consideration for others
i believe with 500 signatures we can sue this company please ask everyone who was injured by this company to send me an email so we can get together and get a good lawyer and get our money back [protected] or [protected]

Never received an answer

March 21 2020
On January 17 2020 I booked a round trip flight from Timmins Ontario Canada to Harlingen Texas USA Booking NUMBER [protected] and Air Canada confirmation number TQTFR8.
On March 15 2020 I tried to change the return date to March 19 2020 instead of March 31 2020 because of the coronavirus and the government request to return to Canada. We were told by yours employees that they would get back to us. We never received any email or call. We did call a few time but never received anything. On March 16 we were told that no request was made for a change of date. We have a record of the date of our calls.
So on March 16 2020 I decided to buy new tickets because of the pressure we had to come back to Canada. I got tickets for Harlingen to Toronto instead of Timmins. Our flight hub number [protected] and United confirmation A3H5CH.
I would appreciate to get the full amount of our return ticket booking number [protected] in the amount of 844.70. Also the price ticket of our return flight booking [protected] United confirmation number A3H5CH in the amount of 276.70.
I hope that this time we will get a response. I understand that the present situation give you an abundant workload but right now we are very disastisfied.
Roger Vaillancourt
Gaetane Vaillancourt

coronavirus europe travel ban from president Donald Trump

I was supposed to fly today to Alicante Spain from Philadelphia.
President Trump Banned traveling from Europe due to Coronavirus.
I have been on the phone on hold for hours, can not get a hold on any body.
Given the global critical situation I don't wat to risk my health and of the people around me. I want to cancel my flights and get either refund or credit to use in the future.
thank you
Mercedes Botella Cordoba

Flighthub booking # [protected]

My flight was cancelled by the airlines and flighthub is not willing to give me a full refund for the flight.

I began calling Flight Hub over the past 24hours. Waited for 3 hour intervals. The individuals answering were powerless !!! Everyone passed me along to another person who was powerless and ultimately passed me along and disconnected me. This happened 5x. I keep trying and no one is receptive. If they actually addressed the issues, there would not be such a long waiting time. This is unprofessional and terrible business. I will be telling individually widely to never use this service given there terrible business practices.

Cancel Trip

I am unable to go to Manila since it is on lockdown. Flighthub has refused to cancel or let me change my flight even though Philippines airline has offered a flight change. Westjet has also offered a flight change. Never book with this website. They have no customer service during this time either as phone calls are not answered. Filing a complaint against them.

Flight cancellation

The president of Phillipines closed the country - flighthub did not accept this as a problem apparently - they do not want to give me my money back - please never ever buy a flight ticket on them.

Penalty fees

Worst company ever. I booked a ticket montreal to sydney back in october 2019 for a trip leaving on April 27, 2020 to may 6 2020. I was supposed to fly through airchina. I received an email today saying that my trip had been changed to leave on april 29 from montreal and leave sydney on May 2. First, i called today airchina but i have difficulty reaching a rep over the phone. Therefore, i called flighthub and the first person suzanne right away offered me a refund i said that i will call back because i wanted to think about it she did not offered any other alternative. I called back an 1h ago and i talked to Larissa who told me that her supervisor understood the fact that i refused to stay in China because of the fact that it is airchina who changed completely my itinerary and the Corona virus but they will charge me $75 i said no that i will pay any canvelation fees because it is not my fault. Then after a wait of 1 hours she transfered me to a supevisor called mike who is telling that he will charge me 200 something for cancelation fees because i accepted the change online, i tried to explain that i viewed the option for cancelation online but i did not confirmed that is why i am on the phone with them. It is really rude to lye and steal money like that i called right away so i should not have to go through all of that. I should get my full refund instead because what is the point of me calling to cancel a second and accept online ? Worst and bad customer service ever . I hope my complain to Bureau de la concurrence will help and people will not buy through them. 6 to 8 weeks to get a refund it is way too much. I did not receive any cancelation email so I called back myself and went through the system to cancel they keep telling me about a $75 cancelation, I proceed to the cancelation and received an immediate cancelation email after my cancelation. Now my credit is charged $200 and $75 but I did not click on the acceptance button for the fees I just clicked on cancel


We have cancelled our flight to your Agent named Miles, we called our number last Sunday March 1 at 10pm (alberta time). Miles assured us that the full refund will be processed after the airline send the cancellation code to flight hub. He asked us to wait 72 hours after the call.

Cancellation reason was due to flight changed made by the airline and its not acceptable for us. The reason why we booked it ahead of time and paid for it right a way, is to secure the times but the airline changed it. And I don't understand why flight hub was trying to charge us for cancellation fee of $200 where in fact its a hassle and inconvenient for us about this changed! We will miss this flight because we are flying from another flight.

After 72 hours, no follow email no call no update! I called the flighthub several times and waited 45 - 60 mins for my calls to be answered. An agent answered my call and asked me to wait again for 24 hours because of the airline did not respond to the email. I asked if anyone did a follow up during the 72 hours, and guess what, no one did! The agent told me, that they will send a follow up after the call. So, we waited again for 24 hours.

I called the Japan Airlines directly to check, and the agent told me that they already sent the email and its showing cancelled in their system, cancellation was made by the flight hub. JAL's system is no longer showing any flight except one flight from Vancouver to Edmonton under Westjet. So I called Westjet and she told me that the full itinerary is not fully cancelled and not properly done.

We are waiting for a week now (as of this writing) versus the 72 hours processing hours that was told with us.

The money that you are holding is not a small amount, we need our money back. We worked hard for that money and you are just holding it for no reason. Also, don't put the burden to your customers because you are waiting for the airline's email. The fact that we booked our flight directly to your website and you charged the credit card as fast as a snap of a finger, have a dignity to bring it back to your customers, specially if you were not able to follow the passenger's booking. You are stealing the money.

Again, we need our money back. We are still waiting for the cancellation email that has been promised to us since last last week.

  • Ja
    Jasmin Gines Apr 09, 2020

    Hi, I am going through the same thing. Wondering if you were able to get resolution from flighthub?
    Thank you!

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flight cancellation

I just want to express how frustrated I am with your cancellation process! I have been thinking about canceling my flight to the Philippines for a few weeks now because I just don't feel too comfortable traveling with the virus going around. When I cancelled my flight, I was told it's going to be $200 only. When I got the confirmation, I was actually charged $435.94.

Where did the extra $235.94 came from? If there is an extra charge, your cancellation page should CLEARLY state that there are 2 fees that would be deducted from your flight payment! You should not be separating fees as this could obviously confuse people who are considering cancelling their flight! I am beyond frustrated!!

I feel so cheated by your company and do not feel comfortable to ever book with you again!

I demand for my $235.94 back to my credit card, as this is not what I expected.

flight cancellation
flight cancellation


unethical behaviour/scam

Hello I present myself, my name is Lenda Hamdu-Seku Diarra my flighthub booking number is [protected] and Westjet confirmation number WZGSKD. I am filling this complaint to inform you that I have accidently purchase a non-refundable ticket on saturday night February 8th . While filling the information my computer started having technical diffuculties and eventually turned off by itself, which assume led to the purchase of the ticket. Around 24 hours later I notice that I received a purchase emaiI. I called both Flighthub and Westjet and I was consistently told to call the other company. As a result, I was advise to right this complaint as a last resource to this issue, I am optimistic that you will be able to help me. I would like to receive a full refund because purchasing it was an error. In addition, Being a full time university student does not allow me to waste my money. I know that you guys care and hope that you guys will be able to provide me with a refund. I consider this issue to be unethical because I did not receive the appropriate help while calling the company and a scam because I mentionned several time on the phone that I didn't agree to buy that ticket. I am a loyal customer this both this airline and ticket provider and hope that you guys really care about your customers and fix my situation.
Sincerely, Lenda Hamadu-Seku Diarra.

unethical behaviour/scam
unethical behaviour/scam
unethical behaviour/scam
unethical behaviour/scam


ethical practices

I booked through Flighthub and had made a booking error without noticing. the next day I called to speak to...

Saint-laurent Airlines

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