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ticket and cancellation at covid 19 situation

I called 5 days before my flight date to request cancellation as the COVID19 situation was getting stronger...

No confirmation of ticket

Hello Sir/madam,
My Name is Fadare Moses, from Nigeria I purchased ticket from rumbo website on 8th of March 2020 with my family here are the family Names ( FADARE MOSES)FADARE (TEMILOLA AYOBISI) FADARE EMMANUEL ENIOLA) FADARE EMMANUELLA AYOBAMI) from lagos to Istanbul- Istanbul to Gatwick airport London. and they did not send me the confirmation of my ticket, when i got to my bank they said the transaction was successful and my money was deducted from my account here is my email. [protected] please kindly get back to me before i charge the case to court.
Thank you

free check-in made by rumbo

Dear Sir/Madam,
Me and my husband had a ryanair flight bought at Rumbo website. We would be flying from Luxembourg to Lisbon.
We didn't receive the boarding passes as promised by Rumbo as their free service check-in. We were all day trying to contact them in order for them to solve the problem and issue our flight tickets. The number [protected] was not available.
The ryanair booking reference written in Rumbo reservation didn't allow us to check-in directly on ryanair flight.
We ended up paying 55€ each to do the check-in at the airport.

We will like Rumbo to take responsibility for this extra payment.

Attached a screen copy of the Rumbo application where they say (in portuguese) they will issue the tickets in the next 20h

Kind regards,

Isabel Martins and Antonio Martins

free check-in made by rumbo
free check-in made by rumbo

I didn't get booking number and e ticket

My name Alexander Zaid.
I bought round trip ticket from Ben Gurion airport to NY for dates 13 on February to 21 on February 2020 by Alitalia .
Date of buying 21.12.2019 by Bravofly Rumbo Group number [protected]
Price for me was 470$.
I didn't have any booking number and any information and your company did send me e ticket.
Your company withdrawed from my Visa card 517.34$
I want have my ticket and amount the payment over.

el problema ha sido el no poder disfrutar de las vacaciones por anulación de vuelos a maderias

Micaela emma soto garrido, nif [protected]-r y ana teresa gonzalez martin, nif [protected]-v... a traves de mi correo personal [protected] contratamos nuestras vacaciones del puente del 5 al 8 de diciembre con un paquete id booking: [protected]... salimos desde lanzarote a gran canaria vuelo 0513 a las 12:45h. pero una vez alli nos informaron que el aeropuerto de funchal estaba cerrado por tormenta y aunque esperamos hasta las 19h. de la tarde nos confirmaron la imposibilidad de vuelo (nos ofrecieron salida al día siguiente por la tarde nos pareció muy poco sólo poder disfrutar el sábado en madeiras pues teníamos el regreso para el domingo por la mañana, y no era seguro que pudiéramos ir y volver a tiempo del trabajo).
Por tanto, perdimos el vuelo 0912 de las 16:15h. a funchal y el de vuelta del 0913 de las 14h. a gran canaria, asÍ como la reserva del hotel "melia madeira mare" a media pensión (al contactar con el hotel nos confirmar que ya tenían noción del tema de la cancelación y que tramitáramos con ustedes el reembolso posible!!!
Les adjunto foto de certificados emitidos por binter (que también nos confirmaron que habían informado a su agencia de dicha cancelación). asi como documentos en nuestro poder...
Muchas gracias por su atenciÓn y resoluciÓn a nuestro problema,... desde lanzarote un saludo emma
* les agradecería que me contestaran con mensaje a mi correo personal o al [protected].


I am trying to cancel or manage the reservation below since 28.11, less than 24 hours after I made the reservation by mistake.
Booking ID: [protected]
Flight -Amsterdam to Lisbon
I contacted Rumbo (by phone call) and first the costumer service nformed us that we could not cancel even if I noticed my mistake in less than 24 hours. So they promised to change my flight to the date that I really wanted for extra money...
However, they sent email explain the deal and the price but after I confirmed and accepted the deal, they change the price again and so far have not returned the call they promised to or changed my flight, as I requested.

Since I can't risk don't have the flight, I had to buy another flight myself.

I wish I had my money back, of course. I am not interested in a voucher and I cant trust any information from the customer care .. Anyway, I would you like to know how we can solve this problem?

incorrect charge

Dear Rumbo. I see a charge on my German Commerzbank statement of EUR 321.77 and a credit of EUR 28.42, but I do not know what it is for as I have not ordered anything from Last Minute Rumbo.
Please advise what this charge is for. I plan to contact my bank and cancel the charge unless you can clarify this immediately.

I have no booking number, just a charge.
Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

Danita Waterfall-Brizzi

  • Updated by Danita WB · Aug 13, 2019

    I have a charge on my German Commerzbank account for EUR 321.77 and a credit for EUR 28.42. Please advise for what this is. I do not see a receipt and should not have a a charge with Rumbo or Last Minute booking .

    Thank you for your assistance.
    Danita Waterfall-Brizzi
    [email protected]

I booked a flight

I booked a Flight from malta to cagliari, from the 13th of october till the 23th of october. You took me the money, but I don't have any flight or reference about the flight.l I want my money back and have explanation about that! I paid 81.99euros! And I have the payment registered on my Revolut account! I want to have my money back to have the possibility to book another flight!

flight - change of flights without permission.

I booked a flight and it was changed by the airline. I had no idea about that because Rumbo accepted the flight for me!
When I found out about that I immediately contacted customer service and demanded a refund, but they refused. I told them that they had no rights to change anything/accept anything and that they never informed me.

I have been calling back and forth the airline and Rumbo and Rumbo is not taking responsibility for it. My trip is coming soon and I need to find a solution.

If you can help me with this? I really need the reimbursement and then look for another flight as this option Rumbo accepted FOR ME is not viable.

payment taken no email

I have had amount of 32322.21 rupees taken out of my account on the 26/5/2019
Reference number from the bank [protected] but no email has been received
I am not sure what this is for as i was sorting flights and accommodation for my husband and son they are going to Perth and Sydney
Rumbo has not got a complaints service and no email address to contact them.
When phoning from India to England the phone is not connecting
Can you please find out what this is for
Thank You
Dalabinder Minor
+91 [protected]

payment back

Booking ID [protected] On 14th may I accidentally paid for a trip, I called minutes later to Rumbo and some...

my rumbo "account" / / My Rumbo, booking account

On or around April 19th I attempted to change a flight for May 3.
The website told me to go into my account and request a change. I did. The system asked me for a date that I wished to fly. I provided an alternate date and was advised nothing was available that date. I was not able to request another date nor was I able to cancel my booking. My Rumbo account would not allow any more requests or cancelations.

I had to fly home early, so I booked another flight.
I would appreciate a refund.

Also, does not have a toll free number or skype or whatsap or an email to make contact.

boarding cards

ID Booking [protected].
On the 8th of February I flew in the 15:50 BA 7058 flight operated by Iberia from Madrid to London. As arranged I expected to receive my boarding card within at least 22 before departure. I received it at 20:00 on the previous day. So, later than expected.
My return fight was the 16:15 BA 0460 from London to Madrid on 11th February. I didn't receive my boarding card at all. I had to go to the airport and get it myself. I phoned Rumbo just to hear an operator say they had problems with their computers and if I could phone later. I couldn't since I had to leave to the airport. I paid for a service that I didn't receive and I expect compensasion from Rumbo for the inconvenience and stress caused.

jgmfcl baggage

We have the reservation JGMFCL flight Sihanoukville to Ho Chi Minh city at 2th November at 10:45 am. We also have total cover insurance.
In the reservation info tells that we have 20kg each person to baggage. When we did the check in they force us to pay the baggage. 200 usdolars
We want your money back since the ticket includes baggage as it mention.
Send photo with the 20kg baggage inclued ticket and photo of the invoice of baggage payment

jgmfcl baggage
jgmfcl baggage

purchasing a flight

I was searching for a flight from Madrid to JFK. Rumbo was offering a cheaper flight compared to other websites. After I submitted my payment Rumbo changed my flight plan to: leaving JFK and flying to Madrid. They also added insurance which I did not ask for and charged me another 40 Euros on top of the original fee. They also added an extra 50 Euros above what they had originally quoted and all these fees were added while I was submitting my Credit Card info but did not appear until I received my receipt in my email. I call Rumbo and the representative said that this is common but that they wouldn't reimburse me for the insurance of the extra 50 euros they added to the quote but would reimburse me if the airline agreed to reimburse me. Fortunately the airline did reimburse me but I'm still out the 40 Euros of insurance that I did not request and I'm out the extra 50 Euros that they added to the original quote. DO NOT book a flight with this company.

changed my flight

This company is terrible and their reps are highly unprofessional and extremely rude! I booked a flight and it was cancelled by the airline. I had no idea about that because Rumbo picked another flight for me! When I found out about that I immediately contacted customer service and demanded a refund, but they refused. I told them that they had no rights to change anything and that they never informed me. But they called me a liar and claimed they've sent me several messages, so it was basically my fault! I asked to speak to a manager but no one was available. Well, I never received my money back! Just another scam! Stay away from Rumbo!

asking for photo of your visa card both sides and copy of passport before they will except visa payments

When you book your flight on line and want to pay by ccard they then send you the attachment to send back before they will take your payment
This is a security breach as they would end up having a copy of your ccard and passport its a scam that's got to be stopped

asking for photo of your visa card both sides and copy of passport before they will except visa payments

  • Um
    umayma Dec 28, 2019

    we had reserved two flights tickets to Batumi Georgia on the 29th of September by sky scanner my credit card was charged by your company but I didn't get any documents or tickets I couldn't find the booking number and I am about to loose my flight which is on the 26th of December please help me find my booking as soon as possible.

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