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Supposedly offers cheap air tickets. They appear to undercut other travel sites by cheating consumers with hidden fees.

**FRAUD ALERT** Flighthub appears to be a complete and utter fraud. I purchased 5 air tickets from their site and was careful to "unselect" the stupid travel insurance. But separate from travel insurance is a "price guarantee fee" of $20/ticket. I never "selected" or even saw this BS fee on their site. When my invoice arrived by email, I was surprised that the amount did not match what had been on the screen. Only then did I see this nonsense fee, with an explanation that if you want this option, you should "select" it -- i.e., consciously opt to take it. I never did anything of the sort. So I called the "800" number and simply got a recording.


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    Chart M Feb 06, 2014

    Same thing happened to me.

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    Chart M Feb 06, 2014

    What I wrote to flighthub:

    I was displeased to see that the amount I was charged, $210, was $20 in excess of what I had explicitly agreed to pay during the ticket purchase process. The addition of the price of the "best purchase guarantee" was the reason for this.

    No price was listed for the best purchase guarantee. This is misleading and, in my case, led me to leave the setting unchanged during the ticket buying process. I was certain that if a paid service was being offered, A) one would have to change the setting, rather than having the addition of the paid service be the default setting, and B) more importantly, the price would be explicitly listed.

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  • Nt
    ntj11 Mar 13, 2014

    The purchase guarantee policy is a total joke! They don't even allow you to change your flight 24 hours after only same day. Most sites allow 24 hrs and even for free. Such a waste of money, so uncompetitive and so misleading!

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    Mahendra S Mehta Canada Sep 14, 2014

    I am from Canada. I booked two tickets and my totoal amount charged was more than expected. When I called ther telephone line
    I had to wait next day. On enquiry I asked I didn't ask for purchase guarantee. He changed his reply that price were quoated in US$.
    All other web sight shows clearly namely Flight Net works clearly in block letters like C$ or Canadian Dollar. I suggest better not to visit this in future.

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    Bryan Johann Dec 04, 2014

    Next time be careful on accepting the best purchase guarantee there. You can just click on NO if you don't want it. Flighthub actually has a gentle reminder there to review everything first before you confirm and book. Now, you can cancel the Purchase Guarantee only before an hour you purchased it (if lucky) because this is really non refundable. That's what happened to me. They are not fraud. It is just YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to do review and decline every purchases you don't need on that site.

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  • Sl
    Slivia Jan 28, 2015

    I was trying to change my return date within less than 24 hours of my initial booking. After few line disruptions, the agent informed me that the 24 hours rule only applied to US customers "time difference". In my case I had only one hour and so till the 12 AM mid night
    options the following was offered:
    -cancelling option: $350 airline penalty+ 150 Flight hub penalty/ per person. that is total of 1000 for the two tickets
    -making changes: 300 airline penalty+150 flight hub penalty/ per person that is total of $900 for the two tickets.
    the total amount of transactions was 1603.
    I search through their website there is no mention of these conditions anywhere; I made my reservation on the phone, first time booking online, contacting their customer service. the penalty and other fees were not discussed at the booking time.
    Once I received my booking confirmation via e-mail these phrases were attached at the end of the booking confirmation:
    Changes: The minimum change fee for your flight is $250.00 CAD per passenger, as well as any fees or differences in price charged by any 3rd party suppliers.
    no mention to cancellation that flight hub applied of 150 per tickets even if you make changes they do not waive these fees under any circumstance. the agent told me they may loss their job if they do so???
    so think of it become aware of the penalty when the invoice is issued…the phrase used is this
    a minimum fee of $250.00 CAD per passenger is charged at the time of cancellation and an airline fee is applied at the time of rebooking. If permitted by the airline, the remaining funds may be available within one year of the cancellation.

    in my case it was more than two third of the ticket price.
    I am asking you do you think this is a scam or regular business procedure??
    I am posting this to ensure no one fall in the same scam
    The 150 processing fees is not mentioned, besides this information is given after the booking was confirmed not prior, as the agent forgot to mention the sever penalty.
    I had only one and half hour to cancel or change without applying the above sever penalty that cost me more than my ticket itself.
    I try re negotiate the processing/ cancelation fee of 150/ ticket as I am upgrading my flight and adding additional person. It was out of question. The agent stated they may lose their job if they reduce or waive any of processing fees.
    At this point, I am questioning the honesty and the integrity of this operation. I cancelled both tickets. I do not want to be associated with this business in anyway. I would like you to guide me on how or where to go from here to ensure no one else will fall in this scam.

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  • Si
    sighsigh Mar 26, 2015

    Man wish I read these before I bought from there. Air Canada cancelled our flight so we had to rebook. They said we had to pay a $350 rebooking fee...even though it was no ones ault. Air Canada and Expedia were both doing the rebooking for free. Just go with Expedia, it's not worth the extra hassle.

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  • Pr
    preetkalair May 15, 2015

    it is very true they are total fraud. their website shows 100 dollars and after booking i noticed they charged my credit card 110 dollars without even informing me about additional 10 dollars. called customer centre and total disappointment. their representatives are pathetic and rude.

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    travel op Jun 04, 2015

    Total fraud and misleading...bought the best purchase guarantee insurance and tried to cancel a few hours later at 11:45... same day cancellation. Live in Vancouver. They said sorry must cancel before midnight eastern standard time. This is not mentioned at the point of purchase. You must search through the website to find it. Fraudulent and misleading.
    Stay away!!!

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  • Ma
    manuji Sep 01, 2016

    flight hub call center had very bad service and i called on sep-01-2016 no one understand my problem and give me solution i call for my refund.,

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  • Su
    Sue Reynolds Jun 07, 2017

    After reading all of the complaints of being ripped off, I see I am no different and will NO LONGER use flighthub booking. When I saw an $11.95 separate charge, I was unable to get a hold of anyone to find out what it was for. I went on to the website and saw all of the same complaints and realized I was just another person they have ripped off. Stay away from Flighthub!

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  • Ha
    Harm Deckers Jan 23, 2019

    It is totally fine to charge customers for transport of luggage. It is not totally fine to not advise customers that you will do so, so that they only find out at at check-in. More transparency is absolutely required at the time of ticket purchase. What is next: an oxygen surcharge in case I wanted to breathe while traveling?

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  • As
    Ashley Thunder Jul 13, 2019

    Total for my flight was 120. 00 Flight hub didn't disclose they would charge me $12.00 and I still don't know why.

    Next time I will just go straight to the airline. At least they will tell me of the charges. Even if I pay a little more.

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