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Aeroplan Travel Services Complaints & Reviews

Aeroplan Travel Services / air canada travel

Matthew Carson on Nov 10, 2018

My name is Matthew Carson(aeroplan number 915-858-534). I booked a flight for my daughter, Bianca Trottier, on aeroplan for December 28, 2017 from Vancouver to Winnipeg for 49, 500 miles. A couple of days before the flight, we noticed that the ticket was registered under the name of my...

Aeroplan Travel Services / refund of points

Gaynor Dayson on Oct 19, 2018

I was suppose to fly from Comox to Calgary and then on to London Heathrow. I used my Aeroplan points to book this flight and booked a Premium Economy seat from Calgary to London. ( 112, 700 points + $653.46 tax) . When I arrived at Comox I was informed that my flight to Calgary wa...

Aeroplan Travel Services / aeroplan refuses to allow points to be used to upgrade

Sherrosen on Sep 27, 2018

Aeroplan does not allow passengers who have accumulated thousands of points to use these points to upgrade to business class or premium economy. They have been telling me this story for 10 years - "we have limited seats available". Upgraded seats are never available! In all the years and...

Aeroplan Travel Services / aeroplan miles

TDM22 on Sep 25, 2018

On May 15th, 2018, after 15+ years of collecting Aeroplan miles I checked my account to realize they have all disappeared. After a lengthy call with customer service, they inform me that my miles have been erased because me account has been inactive for more that 1 calendar year. 15 year...

Aeroplan Travel Services / flight availability and flight changes

Brent Donald on Sep 19, 2018

This message was originally sent on Sept 7, 2018. It just came to my attention that the message was returned as undeliverable to [email protected] The complaint I have was that on my booked flight through Aeroplan on Sept 7, 2018 (REF # KLBDRM). I booked a flight from Kingston Ontario to...

Aeroplan / service representative

Gayle Downing on Sep 12, 2018

Yesterday September 11 around 11:30 am I tried to book a flight. I continued to get a 400 500 error page. I was ablvve to get the entire booking done on my phone until the final submit & then the page continued to freeze. Upon calling Aeroplan I finally got through to perhaps the most... / medical emergency

SC2018 on Aug 6, 2018

Aeroplan sucks, I just called them to change my flight for a medical emergency, my son broke his arm and they are charging me $100 each way ($800) total to change this. When I asked to escalate it, they wouldn't. I basically have to write a letter to their executive management team. I'm so... / taxes on flights and changes to pricing

DFMartin on Jul 24, 2018

I tried to book 2 flights from Ottawa t Chicago using Aeroplan Miles. Quoted 30, 000 miles and $467 in taxes and fees. I decided to check the cost of the same flights on Air Canada and they were just over $1000 + $318 in taxes and fees. I contacted Aeroplan via Twitter and they told me that... / delivering damaged merchandise

Brandy Dowdall on Jul 9, 2018

Re Account #183 136 605 I recently converted 10000 aeroplan miles for a merchandise reward - a pair of earrings. After I picked it up, I opened the little package only to find that the earrings had NOT been placed in their box but rather, it was still flattened and inserted alongside them. The... / car rental

pjrlq on Jul 5, 2018

re aeroplan conf number 5y6ywa7 my aeroplan- [removed] i rented a car with my points (avis confirmation 03238580CA2) the agreement states pick up at Charlottetown and drop off at Charlottetown Avis chatrged me $100 to drop off the car there Phoned your customer service centre and they... / flight

Catherine Allard on Jun 26, 2018

On June 26th, I booked my flight to Vancouver. I realized that I made a mistake with the return time, 10 secondes after I called the Aeroplan and talk about my situation. I understand that when I revised my booking I pressed ok, than I realized I made a mistake. Unfortunately, I did not feel... / aeroplan reversal of miles

Phoenix Brill on Jun 4, 2018

This week I went to book tickets for myself, my husband and my four children and was made aware that my nearly 20,000 aeroplan miles had been erased. I was under the impression that aeroplan had cancelled the policy of wiping our people miles. (first it was 7 years) I am incredibly displeased... / website is bugged and forces you to pay fees

Dennis Tran on Apr 30, 2018

4/30/3018 Dennis Tran - 532 043 569 I tried to book an open jaw flight. You can book this online using the multi city option or one way flights. 2 one flights cost more taxes. multi city round trip had lower taxes. However, when I tried to put in multi city for my dates, it said there wa... / service fees for a change to one small segment of my flight

claude howell on Apr 5, 2018

we recently booked a flight from St. John's, NL to Tampa, Florida and we could only get one flight for the first short segment of our flight to Halifax, NS. My wife got a flight at 11:10am on April 16th and I could only get 6:10am, so I have to go to Halifax and wait for 6hrs 20mins. and then... / website and customer service

Big Daniel on Apr 5, 2018

I was trying to book a flight with aeroplan air miles. The website took me all the way to the payment for the high taxes and fees. I submitted my credit card and never confirmed my flight or credit card charges. I went through the process again and this time said aeroplan website had an... / expired miles

Julie Sharma on Mar 29, 2018

I have an aeroplan account which I misplaced as of 2013 however recently realised I had accumulated quite an amount of points 39, 193 to be exact, which were NEVER redeemed. I recently came across my account and hence am requesting if there is there any way to contact Aeroplan and have... / taxes, fees and surcharges

School Reunion on Mar 27, 2018

I was looking to book a flight to London, England and could not believe the taxes, fees and surcharges were $646.10. If I payed for a flight to London it would cost just over $800 which includes taxes, fees and surcharges. Why am I paying over $600 dollars. Are my points only worth... / change fees refunded

Jack Ungar on Mar 24, 2018

First I would like to say I have had some really good experiences with aeroplan and some experiences that were more challenging. Despite the more challenging experiences, the positive ones far outweigh the more challenging issues. We continue to select aeroplan as our first choice in a... / using my aeroplan miles rewards at lublin airport (luz)

HenryHajkowski on Mar 14, 2018

Hello Dear Aeroplan, My family and I are planning to visit our elderly parents in Poland in July. There is a new airport in the city where we live, Lublin Airpprt It provides service for big airlines like Air France, British Airlines, Lot... / aeroplan account

Sabreena on Mar 3, 2018

Hi, I am here writing to you on our Aeroplan miles. We have accumulated Aeroplan miles for last 11 years. It was taken from us on the first round in 2009. Later again last year. We called Aeroplan and Esso and now very frustrated with Aeroplan. I tried to speak to someone and she hung-up...