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Aeroplan Travel Services reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jul 29, 2007. The latest review 65% binus miles - fake was posted on Nov 10, 2020. The latest complaint lost esso gift certificate was resolved on Feb 13, 2018. Aeroplan Travel Services has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 180 reviews. Aeroplan Travel Services has resolved 20 complaints.

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Aeroplan Travel Services Complaints & Reviews

Nov 10, 2020

Aeroplan Travel Services — 65% binus miles - fake

I booked four tickets to South Korea this June. But We cancelled them because of the pandemics. When I...

Aeroplan Travel ServicesMisleading promotional materials on aeroplan website

I purchased 2 aeroplan tickets under the "get 50% back" promotion that was ending July 1st 2020.

I live in Western Canada, and purchased the tickets in the evening of July 1st. At the time of purchase, the promotion was still being advertised on the aeroplan website.

Now I find out that I am being excluded from the promotion because the promotion ended at 5:59pm MST, and I purchased the tickets after this cutoff (yet still on July 1st).

This is extremely misleading advertisement.

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    Aeroplan Travel Servicesreward booking - booking reference needed for star alliance partner

    Trying to contact Aeroplan Center to get a booking refernce for our reward booking. We made several calls and lame excusss message of aerpolan contact director cuts the phone off. It appears the corna verus booking of some 30 million canadians was done through the aeroplan center. Rubish excuss as I had no difficulty to speak with the other airlines servicing Canada.

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      Aeroplan Travel Servicescan't get through on phone to aeroplan

      We have been trying to contact Aeroplan regarding some required updates to a reward file that needs to be completed. Air Canada tells us that because the flight is a reward with Aeroplan, they can not update this file and we have to contact Aeroplan and get them to update the file. We have called literally hundreds of times over the last 3 days and only receive a fast busy signal. We called every 3 - 5 minutes. What is Aeroplan doing making themselves inaccessible to it's members? There is no way to contact them by email either. Air Canada should be ensuring customers get better service through Aeroplan.

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        Aeroplan Travel Servicescompanion ticket with aeroplan amex card

        I've called Aeroplan repeatedly, and I have never had the opportunity to speak with a human. Today I was on hold and a voice came on and said "Due to technical difficulties we can not take your call" I believe this has now happened to me 5 times. I have an AMEX Platinum Aeroplan. With this card comes an annual companion ticket which I've been trying to book since November. I can't do it online. I'm told it must be done on the phone. Any help would be much appreciated.

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          • Me
            Melissaclark Jan 29, 2020
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            I have been trying to trace a deferred ticket for 5 months. I have called 5 times and each time I have been put on perpetual hold for over an hour at which point I simply have to get on with my life. There is no email available, no live chat, there is simply no way to get in touch with this company. Is there no reasonable standard to which they can be held? HELP!

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          Aeroplan Travel Servicesmiles deleted incorrectly

          My name is Phil Gellis,
          Last year in 2019 500, 000 miles were disqualified incorrectly as there was activity on the account during the year. I have gone online several times to resolve this matter and to indicate that 1 flight was omitted.
          In this case it is United Airlines dated 5/17/19 Air Can 0011 YUL- PVG ticket # [protected].
          Air Canada miles should be kept active, please reinstate miles deleted substantiate that was not double claimed.
          I have enclosed a letter from United Airlines supporting my claim.
          I may be reached at [protected].

          Thank you

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            Aeroplan Travel Servicestried changing my flight

            Booked a fight using my aeroplan points on Dec 30, 2019 and today (Jan 12, 2020 needed to change the flight next week as my associates I was flying into see changed the appointment by 1 day
            Called into aeroplan, went into holding pattern waiting for the next avalable agent, apparently and finally hung up after 1 hour and 55 minutes.
            Air Canada has destroyed Aeroplan and unless your an Elite class flyer they do not care about you as a customer, just ask their Air Canada personnel next time your at the airport.

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              Jan 06, 2020

              Aeroplan Travel Services — online hotel booking

              On December 26 2019 I booked at hotel during Aeroplan's boxing week promotion. The hotel I booked was Hotel...

              Dec 30, 2019

              Aeroplan Travel Services — aeroplan miles

              On 25th November I had a business trip to US and Canada. I was booked on Air Canada. Problems started when I...

              Aeroplan Travel Servicesnot being able to update my information about my card

              I went through a long process of trying to change the email and password of my card even though this was accepted and I received an email confirming my new password I was in locked out of my card i've spent many hours on the phone trying to get to talk to somebody about redeeming my card before points expiring I even went as far as trying to donate points to keep it going but to no Vale do I get any response So I would now like to please get some response to get my card reactivated and my points returned even though they have expired now due to lack of being able to contact the aeroplan contact centre and I would like to also have the use of my card back please

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                Aeroplan Travel Servicesif you are not a diamond member at aeroplan, you are out of luck

                I have been calling Areoplan for weeks, and not able to get through. The recording always said "we are sorry due to unexpected high call volume, we are unable to take your call, please call back another time. But, I been trying to call for more than a week and still receive the same message. You have no way to write and no where to complaint? What is this? Areoplan only response and pick up phone calls from their diamond member? Do you think this is acceptable?

                I purchased an air ticket with Air Canada before my miles expired. However, not good enough, you must fly with Areoplan miles then call them to reinstate your expired miles. However, if you are not diamond member, they do not answer your phone and you have no way to reinstate online?

                This is really crazy?

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                  Aeroplanexpired miles (trouble with your customer service and site)

                  I am extremely disappointed about my expired points.

                  I was trying to book hotel last week and not available so I tried again 2 days after then your system did not work so I called the customer service they advice to try later.Each time I called always says its busy called later never get a chance to get hold of your customer service,
                  then two three day I could not do anything because I was so sick . Today I tried to do my booking i see my points expired . When I called no one inform no confirmation regarding points expiry. we are seniors customer service rep should explain to me. Kindly add my expired points to my account . Points expired Nov 15, 2019 EXPIRED MILEAGE DEDUCTION -47, 668, , Please Add My expired Miles 47, 668 Miles. Thank you
                  Mrs Apsara Fernando.

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                    Nov 23, 2019

                    Aeroplan Travel Services — booking status help help... sos

                    Booking reference n8r2dx I hope you might be able to help us, we are in 80's and on wheel chair I booked...

                    Aeroplan Travel Servicescustomer service

                    I called Aeroplan for some clarification of missing air miles. The gentleman on the phone was not friendly at all. But that is not even my concern, I asked to put in my missing miles from last November to which he replied that it was not possible since the policy was for 11 months ( I may have missed that because I remember it being one year). Anywho, I asked for a written/email copy of that statement for which I was on hold for over an hour!!! I am attaching a picture of the call which I am still on. It is ridiculous that an agent is unable to find a statement that he believes whole heartedly to be true or he was messing with me. I understand your calls are recorded and I urge you to go look into the call made on November 13th around 10:20 Egypt time.

                    customer service

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                      • Updated by Mehwishjawaid · Nov 13, 2019

                        So this individuals mans name is KOJA I believe. I am again on hold because I simply asked him to speak to his manager. He wanted to know why and said he needed to have a reason to transfer me to the manager. He than immediately said he had my answer to which I replied I had already found it while I waited for him to return to the phone. He said there is a wait and he doesn’t know how long I’d have to wait to speak to the manager. So here I am, 1 hour 43 mins into dialing to solve a simple matter!!!

                      Aeroplan Travel Servicesflight change

                      I booked business class flight from Madrid to Miami on Aeroplan points and was awarded a flight via Zurich. 3 days before departure, I received an email informing me that we were rerouted via Frankfurt AND Montreal! Instead of a reasonable 14 hour trip, we were in for an 18 hour marathon. Multiple calls to Aeroplan resulted in call wait purgatory. A direct call to Air Canada sent me back to the same call waiting hell.

                      Air Canada and Aeroplan need to take better care of their customers.

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                        Nov 01, 2019

                        Aeroplan Travel Services — avianca flight av 626 - I don't show-up on 3 flights on this route over 5 months

                        I have taken AV 626 3 times in the last 5 months, and I do not get credit for the flight. My flights are...

                        Aeroplan Travel Servicescustomer care / telephone service

                        We have been trying to contact Aeroplan for a week now - daily - several times a day!
                        We have been unable to talk to a customer care rep, keep getting the message that "we are experiencing higher than normal call volumes - please try your call again later". We have gone to the help center, we cannot reset our password because the system has "temporarily locked out our account" - temporarily for a week!!! There is no possible way we can contact and speak to anyone or make our changes ourselves!!! This is getting VERY frustrating!!! If it's that busy maybe you should hire more people !!!
                        We are very tech savvy - we have no trouble making our own changes, but the website and the contact number has virtually made it impossible!!!

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                          Aeroplan Travel Servicesprice

                          It is very very frustrating to never have my calls answered. My colleagues who have 100K status have their calls answered straight away. I need to speak with someone who can assist me with some questions I have about my areoplan. I call in, provide my number, no matter what time of day and its always the same response. Higher than average call volume, which by the way no one believes. We have been loyal WestJet customers over the years but have recently changed to Air Canada based on the excellent reviews our friends and colleagues have given AC. While the attendants on the flight are excellent, customer service on the ground is zero!!
                          We quickly found out customer service is not the case for all members. I am missing 53K miles which apparently I booked a flight for. Also just travelled from Kelowna to Tokyo and back from Hong Kong. Business class and I receive NO air miles! I could have flown with another airline for less!!! I WHY, ask for my areoplan numbers when I booked the flights IF they we were not able to collect miles. In the upcoming years we have many over seas travels planned( 1 or 2 a year ) which we had planned using AC for. Now, unless I hear back from a friendly person we will change our loyalty to another airline as there are many out there.
                          I am not expecting a prompt reply, but I am expecting a reply to the questions above.
                          My areoplan number is [protected] Virginia Palma
                          My husbands is [protected] Peter Palma
                          If there was a goverment agency I could report the lack of Customer service too, I will. Its just difficult to find a contact for one.
                          I hope it does not come to this!

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                            • Me
                              melanie dages Oct 29, 2019
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              omg, I hear you! I am still on the phone, it is been more than an hour!! I am losing it...

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                            Aeroplan Travel Servicesprogram points redemption

                            18 months ago my husband suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. After 30 years constantly flying, collecting and using Aeroplan points when they came into play, he's been unable to travel or use his computer for said purposes. Today we learn Aeroplan not only cancelled his entire unused allotment of 140, 000 points, they are NOT cancelled if we pay over $1, 000 to get them back - just because he did not fly or use the account during his ongoing recovery. He has family out West who've been unable to see him for birthdays/holidays...this is the so-called great program which fills his email inbox with promos weekly - disgraceful! Best airline our foot. So disheartening to have insult, literally, added to injury.

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                              Aeroplan Travel Servicesmissing aeroplan miles and unacceptable customer service

                              REF AEROPLAN NUMBER [protected].
                              I am completely dissatisfied at the way Aeroplan has handled my recent missing miles claim, and the lack of customer service received when chasing it. This is the sequence of events:

                              August 2nd 2019 - re-submitted documentation by e-mail to [protected] for missing miles from Turkish Airlines flight TK1969 from Istanbul to Birmingham (England) on July 3rd 2019. I was already dissatisfied because the application had been rejected twice because there had apparently been no record of my being on the flight, even though I had submitted the boarding passes/ticket evidence. Nonetheless I was invited to re-submit the documents directly to the e-mail address given so that it could be dealt with directly.

                              September 3rd - my wife (Areoplan Number [protected]) received her missing miles (1, 144 miles) but I was only credited with 817 miles despite us having been on the same flight. I was now having to chase Aeroplan for a resolution for a third time. I e-mailed [protected] to point out the error and asked for an urgent investigation. I attached evidence at the time of my incorrect transactions courtesy of my Aeroplan account website page.

                              October 1st - other than the standard automated acknowledgement I had still not heard back from Aeroplan at all. I e-mailed [protected] again to chase and to advise that I would be calling them the following week if I heard nothing back.

                              (I was reluctant to telephone the Contact Centre as we are based in the United Kingdom which means we have to wait until mid-afternoon to call - due to the time difference. In addition, every time I have had to call the Contact Centre in the past to chase both this and previous missing miles, I have ended up going round and round the automated system as it does not recognise our PIN details, I suspect because UK post codes only have 2 numbers so I only type 2 numbers. So I always encounter problems calling the Contact Centre from the UK)

                              October 11th - still no response from Aeroplan. Called the Contact Centre, got sent round the automated system in the same manner as all the previous occasions, the system again did not recognise our PIN information and, when transferred to the Customer Services team, was told that there were a high number of calls so we therefore cannot take your call. No option for me to leave my number for Aeroplan to call back, simply "please try again later".

                              I therefore still have the wrong miles, have had no service whatsoever from Aeroplan since September 3rd and now cannot get through to the Customer Services team to complain. This is the latest in a series of issues we have had in our time with Aeroplan (less than 2 years). The final straw is that I cannot attached my e-mail evidence to this complaint unless it is in JPEG, GIF or other photo form. I am more than happy to forward all e-mails to you if you provide an e-mail address for me to do so.

                              Pleas re-credit me the correct miles as you did on my wife's account. Please also note my dissatisfaction at this repeated level of unsatisfactory service from Aeroplan.

                              An urgent and satisfactory response is awaited as I have now spent several hours chasing this and previous complaints.


                              Nick Hodgetts ([protected]

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                                • Updated by Nicholas Hodgetts · Oct 11, 2019

                                  Posted 11th October, awaiting reply.

                                • Updated by Nicholas Hodgetts · Nov 01, 2019

                                  Despite posting this complaint three weeks ago I have not had any response whatsoever. Please give this your urgent attention and respond to me as soon as possible. If I have not had a satisfactory response by Monday 18th November I will be escalating this matter further.

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