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Poorly trained repair personal and trying to upsell you on service you dont need

Took my Rookwood fith wheel into Camperworld in Pooler Georgia Jan 1, 2020. No battery power to the main fuse panel. Service manager insisted I needed a new inverter. I said there was no power to the inverter and that could not be the problem. They removed my capture plate on my sliding hitch and try to pull the unit into their service bay with a tow motor. However the brakes were looked and they cut my brake release cable instead of hooking up a power source.
The problem was a reset switch under the fith wheel arm.
They charged me $ 188 to fix the brake and manually reset the switch. When hooking up the trailer to the truck I did not notice that the capture plate had not been re installed. The hitch spun around and went right through the tail gate of the truck and I am looking at $ 3, 000 in damages. Campers world position is that it is my responsiblity to insure that everything is in place before hooking up the fith wheel. I say that's BS. As Jay Leno says when I have a problem Itake it to the professionals, thats what they do. These guys are totally incompetent. I would would recommend that no one go there for any service work.

Poorly trained repair personal and trying to upsell you on service you dont need
Poorly trained repair personal and trying to upsell you on service you dont need
Poorly trained repair personal and trying to upsell you on service you dont need
Poorly trained repair personal and trying to upsell you on service you dont need

Camping World

service department and repairs on rv still under warranty, not even a year old.

We purchased a 2018 Keystone Laredo 5th Wheel at the end of April 2019. We have had some problems with the...

thor windsport 35c, 2017 model

Since the fall of 2016, when we bought the RV we have had problems... We have had in your repair off and on a...

work not completed after having coach for over 5 months

I will forewarn you now that this a rather lengthy due to the fact that our nightmare experience with Camping...

credit card

If you order from Camping World go to your credit card as soon as possible to check the charges. I order a product for $9.80 and was charged $279.92. It has been a week and I still am fighting to get credit for the overcharge. I was told it will be 5 days and still no credit. Please check every charge from Camping World to your credit card. Today I was tole oh it was not credited after I called about everyday for a week. We will hand credit today. Not trust worthly place.

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Took 5th wheel in for repair on October 14 to repair air conditioner (same problem as the previous year...

De Forest Repair Services


Well at least marcus is humble... [protected]@campingworld.com... Are you kidding me? I would think that hi...

service dept

We purchased a new Kodiak travel trailer on Aug 12th. We went 7 hrs from home, opened the canopy. Within hr...

service manager jason, and jeff

To whom it may concern. We had an issue with Russ Dean RV. Before C. W took over. We have been to C. W Pasco...

Camping World

sales and finance

I went in to dealer 11Sep19 to purchase a RV. Salesman Angel Duran I have no problem with. He was very...

thor ace

My 2017 Thor ACE has leaked since the day I bought it. Camping World has never fixed the issue and alway...

the way items are being rung up for purchase

I thought I purchased a 74.00 power cable, what I actually bought was a 43.00 power cable, a 29.00 membership and a 1.63 bucket. I was told they were giving away buckets. Cable did not work and only thing they would refund was the 43.00 cable. No refunds on memberships. I promise you I will never set foot in any of your stores again, ever. I will spend a large part of my camping trips describing your business and it will not be good. I am just glad you only got me for less than 100.00. You will not get another chance.

thor / freedom traveler

Bought MH in april and was excited about continuing our motorhoming adventures. We needed to downsize because...

repairs, theft and complacency and duration of repairs

I am writing with the hopes this will help others in making decisions concerning doing ANY business with...

service agreements cancellations

We purchased a 2019 travel trailer from Camping World of North Charleston, SC in May 2019. We notified...


Re: Service appointment Feb 13, 2018 order # 85121
We stopped in to correct a black water tank fitting leak. I had previously located the leak. A drain pipe had become disconnected. I spoke with Susan Willett at the service desk. She was very pleasant. She explained that first it would be $145 to locate the problem . I questioned the $145 fee since I explained what the problem was. She talked with other service people to find out what the service code would be, which was 1.5 hrs labor to repair (to tighten a clamp). I explained again it is a pipe that has come loose and it required putting the pipe into the rubber fitting and tighten the hose clamp, a 1/2 hr job at the most. She explained that she had no control of the fee's. Leaving me very frustrated by being taken advantage of and being legally robbed! In addition there are charges of shipping and handling of $20.00 and $65.25 for shop supplies? Would you please explain those fee's. Our total bill $454.09 for this repair that was not repaired!

Feb 15, 2018 we are now in the Great Cyprus Park. There is a very strong urine smell around our RV. You can smell it 100's of feet down wind. This is very embarrassing! Reservations for this trip were made a year in advance so we are on a tight time schedule if we have to cancel we will be charged a fee. I called Camping World to speak to a service manager. I spoke with service manager Johnathan he knows of no one personally on the east coast that he can recommend for repair. If we get the repair done, send him the invoice and he will reimburse us. So we are on our own. My self and another camper blocked one side of the RV raising it 6" which allowed him to get underneath and see what was leaking. He found the cause a large rubber boot was loose and the clamp was not tight. Since then no leaking.

We only ask that you do an honest job at a fair price. My wife and I have been self employed all of our working careers owning several successful business's. Our business experience has taught us a good word travels slow but a bad experience travels fast. The RV community relies on others experiences when on the road.


Camping World

new 2019 coleman 1805 camper-8/22/19

Dear Sirs:
We bought a new camper in January, 2019. Found it at Gander Outdoors in Augusta Ga, close to where we live. We were told we would have to go to Columbia, SC to do paperwork and pickup camper, since Augusta store didn't have a Finance or Service area set up yet.
We are new to camping, buying campers, and didn't check to be sure the paperwork on our new camper had the correct Vin number on it. Thought the dealership would verify all that. Got everything done and went home.
Went to local tag office with paperwork we were given and registered trailer and got new tag from that paperwork.in April got a call from Summer in Columbia that the VIN number (4YTD1802XKM936601) was incorrect on the paperwork we signed and she needed new paperwork done. She emailed it, we did it and mailed it back. It got lost in mail, so she sent it by Fedex and we signed again and returned it.
Once I got the correct Vin number (4YTD18022KM937239) off the new paperwork, I got the insurance with Good Sam corrected to show the correct vin. Now have been in contact with the Georgia Dept of Revenue, and they STILL haven't received the corrected paperwork from Columbia. They just say the title was returned to Columbia in April. My registration renewal still has the incorrect Vin on it, and I can't pay it timely (due two days ago) since it is incorrect.
Please intervene with Columbia on my behalf and get this fixed!
Alyce Maurine Resch
[protected] cell
[protected] home
email: [protected]@icloud.com

dealership using every tactic they can to not refund the remainder of the good sams club seven year extended warrantees we paid cash for in 2017!

We sold our 2016 Jayco Greyhawk RV in April 2019 this year because my husband suffered a stroke and is no longer able to drive. I called them April 10th to ask what I needed to do to initiate the Ext. Warrantee refund and received an email with the cancellation forms attached. I filled them out and signed them and returned them to Camping World Oklahoma City. I emailed a few days later and asked what the timeline was for a refund. I was told via email by Justin that the forms had been sent and it would be 4 to 6 weeks to receive a check. Phone calls were never returned. It is now August and Justin has transferred to a Camping World in Richmond VA. I finally called Good Sams who informed me that my call was the first contact they had received regarding the warrantee cancellation request. No they had NOT received any paperwork. Then I emailed Justin at Camping World, OKC to find out what was going on. I was told that their finance person was on vacation so it would probably be next Friday when the check would be mailed. So, we waited, and waited. Another couple of weeks went by and I called Good Sam's again and they had not received the paperwork and still had not heard from Camping World OKC. (My contact had said he had called Good Sam's - He had Not and made yet another promise the check would be mailed ‘next week' ) Good Sams asked me to send in the forms with our signatures along with copies of all the emails sent between Justin at Camping World and myself. Once they received them they would send a request for Camping World OKC to sign the forms as their signatures were required for processing. It's been two weeks since that call to Good Sams. I'm calling them Monday for a status update. Good Sams said if they can't get Camping World to sign the forms they would send a letter to Corporate CAmping World. So I'm back to waiting but I am done waiting much longer for this to be resolved and CW OKC to refund our money.

customer service; need new awning

Camping World Bowling Green KY 725 Bluegrass Farms Blvd [protected] Thursday, May 30th 2019 - Lance Gordin...


Hopefully higher management gets this. I had a minor accident with my TT in October of '18. In Nov. I took my...