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We took our 1997 Mercury Mountaineer to Firestone service center at 14089 New Halls Ferry Rd. for brakes, we were told that we needed a left front hub assembly. This is a two wheel drive Mountaineer and has no hub assembly. I knew that and anyone putting brakes on would see that while installing brakes. We were told that it would cost $333.40 to have repaired. I had the service person put brakes on and no other repair. After the brake repair I was told of the hub issue again, that tells me that Firestone is willing to over charge knowing after doing repairs to the brake system that it had no hub. I have a copy of the recommended service paper. I took the same Mercury to Dobbs Service Center to see what they would tell me, I was told what I knew, I needed my bearing repacked or replace seal and bearing at a cost of between $60.00-$100.00 .. This is a fact,only four wheel and front wheel drive vehiciles have hubs. I e-mailed (consumer.[protected] wrote: Tracking number FT20050319_[protected] Reference #1004312 Tracking number: FT20050319_[protected] Reference #1004312) I was told to take my vehicle to another Firestone service center 530 N highway 67 to have it inspected to see if my truck was rear or four wheel drive.It was inspected by service tech. and vehicle had no hub. I later was told that it was a computer error. I filed a complaint with the Attorney General of issouri. Complaint#cf2005-06209. It is clear to me and anyone this was a ripoff waiting to happen. I know better,I would bet you others were ripoff big time. My wife took the truck in and you know what happens to ladies trying to get service .This was not a computer error this was misleading and not being honest. Contact me and I will tell it all


  • Ba
    Barbara D Hoffman Dec 09, 2020

    I took my car in for my back Breaks to be checked last week and today when I went to the car wash to go through I could not find my coupons that I had just purchased the week prior for $80.00 for 5 car Deluxe washes., that I always keep in my console. The only other persons that have been in my car are the people from Firestone.

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  • Pr
    Pretezl99 Feb 24, 2017

    Firestone and all of its employees, especially gil leon and stan guzik are a bunch of crooks!!! I had my car serviced at firestone in waterbury, ct and the tech never performed the services that we're paid for. Not to mention having the manager and their techs treat me like i was some piece of meat!!! They were rude, sexist and didn't care about my concerns regarding my vehicle. To top it off my old change was do incorrectly. The tech left my oil filter loose and a few days later my engine blew. There was oil all over the place as i was stuck in the middle of the highway. I filed a claim and the agreed to inspect my car. Long story short, the dealership where my car was towed to found the cause of failure to be the lack of oil. Gil leon brought in 3rd party firestone inspector which stated firestone was not at fault. After 2 months of chasing gil and stan around for assistance and justice without notification they towed the car to my home. My car was towed to me in pieces!!! There was oil splattered all over the inside of my car and it was hollow underneath my hood. The delivered my engine in pieces scattered around the inside of my car!!! Pieces of my engine were on my passenger, front and back seat!!! I will never in my life use firestone!!! They are criminals stealing from their customers !

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  • El
    Elias123 Jul 17, 2017
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    @Pretezl99 I'm currently going through the same issue. How did you go about it in order to get your claim resolved?

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  • Ro
    Robert Madsen Jul 07, 2016
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    I'm going through the same issue myself with Gil Leon. The Tires Plus forgot to put oil in my car and destroyed the motor. What was your out come.

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  • Di
    digum May 12, 2014

    My wife took our vehicle to Firestone Complete Auto Care, on
    2455 W Deer Springs Way, North Las Vegas, NV 89084, phone number [protected]
    to get and oil change, radiator flush and new tires and an inspection done to
    make sure it was OK to drive. During the
    radiator flush the tech broke the radiator inlet trying to remove the
    hose. The shop replaced the radiator
    free of charge so that was no big deal but leads on to the other problems. My wife was told by Gozde Shipman the brakes
    shoes and rotors needed changing and where worn out (they showed on the
    inspection that all brake rotors have excessive grooves and lips). My wife called me at work and I told her I
    would change them instead of paying $600 (I got the parts for only $167.00 not
    the $282 they quoted her for parts). I
    bought the parts, and went to change them but once I removed the tires, I saw
    there was nothing wrong with the rotors or pads. All pads were over ½ inch thick and only one
    rotor showed “slight” grooving. Since I had already bought the parts, I changed
    them anyway. Firestone personnel did a
    “Courtesy Check” and did not find any oil leak and checked the oil before
    changing it and showed on the inspection list “that it was OK”. No problems with reading the oil level. They also showed that the battery needed
    replacing so I check it with the hydro meter and the battery tester and it
    showed “Good on all levels”. Since I
    trusted Firestone personnel to replace the correct amount of oil, I never
    checked it. (I usually check the oil
    levels once a month).

    Three weeks later and less than 600 miles later, the oil
    light came on while I was on my way to work (I used the car so my wife could
    use my truck to help my daughter move).
    I was within 1 mile from work when the engine oil light came on, so I went
    ahead and dove onto the base. The
    Security Cop asked if it was a diesel, so I turned the radio down and could
    then here the chattering of the lifters.
    I then drove the car over to the base shopette to buy oil since it was
    0600 in the morning and the base Firestone was not open and I had a feeling
    that it would be low oil. When I checked
    the dipstick, the oil was not even touching it (very low). I bought two quarts of oil and put in the
    car. This brought the oil level up to
    within a 1/8 of an inch from the full mark, (still not full). I called my wife to contact Firestone with
    the problem and she called me back and said that Firestone said I could either
    bring it back to them or drop it off at the base Firestone dealer. Since I wanted the same shop to fix their
    mistake of not putting in enough oil, I went and got a large bottle of Restore
    20oz bottle at the advance auto right outside the base, to try and stop the
    lifter chatter with hopes it would solve the problem by the time I got to
    Firestone. I drove to Firestone and told
    them what I had done and that it was now about a quart overfull (it was showing
    1 inch above the full mark which is about 1 quart over). They put it up on the lift and drained the
    oil and showed me the oil, and was told it was about a quart overfilled but no
    shavings in the oil and the oil was not dirty either. They attempted to flush
    the engine a few times to fix the problem but couldn't stop the noise (we
    waited from 1:30 till 6pm while they worked on the car). I told the mechanics the lifters had
    collapsed because of lack of oil (I have many years rebuilding motors and
    transmissions and know that running low oil will cause the hydraulic lifters to
    fail). I was told to try the car out tomorrow and if it still makes the noise
    to bring it back in and they would put in heaver oil to try that to stop the
    chattering (they didn’t charge me for the times they changed the oil or
    removing the oil pan to check inside. They
    also told me that it was sludged up, but I told them (that was not the problem
    with the lifters collapsing, it was low oil that caused it, and they didn’t
    argue with me about it at that time?, but I looked into the bottom of the motor
    and there was some sludge but it was not blocking the oil from getting to the
    engine. The next day I drove it to work
    and it was much louder so I took it back to them so they could try and fix it. Later that day my wife called me and told me
    the manager Gozde Shipman told her it was because of sludge in the engine and
    (not the low oil) that caused the problem.
    I immediately went back to the shop and this time I talked with Shawn
    the person who had originally worked on the vehicle (and admitted he broke the
    radiator). Shawn tried to say it was
    sludge that caused the problem and not because it was over two quarts low on
    oil. He tried to tell me that because it
    was sludged up when I went to check the oil that morning it was making noise
    that the dip still didn’t show the right amount because it was clogged up. (I asked him “How did you check the oil when
    you serviced it then to make sure it had the right amount) He could not and would not answer that

    I took off work today to try and go talk with the manager
    Gozde Shipman about the problem. She
    said the engine was never under filled with oil, and it was the sludge that
    caused the problem. She tried to tell me
    that the oil inspection tube was clogged is why I didn’t get any oil reading
    (same song and dance Shawn tried to tell me).
    They went from being helpful the last two times I was there to being
    completely defiant that it was my own problem and not theirs.

    These guys tried to sell my wife brakes when they were not
    needed and tried to sell her a battery when it was not needed and now they have
    messed up the engine by not putting enough oil in it, so I will now have to
    tear it apart and fix it myself. The
    parts alone, (lifters, oil pump, gaskets) will cost me $400 plus my time to fix
    up their mistake.

    I contacted the HQ for Firestone in Nashville TN and a Mr.
    Gil Leon asked me to setup an appointment at the local Mitsubishi Dealership as
    a 3rd party person not connected with the case, where I called and
    setup an appointment for Monday the 6th of May. We dropped it off and later in the day Ryan,
    the maintenance manager called me and informed me the car needed a new engine
    due to lack of oil and he contacted Mr Leon as well. A few hours went by and Leon called me back
    and told me that Mr. Leon now wants another 3rd party person to come
    look at the car while it is still at the dealership. Mr. Leon has not contacted me about this case
    since I spoke with him last week. He did
    however, talk with Ryan and told him he thought it was because of sludge in the
    engine, so now it seems that he has contaminated our cause, by telling the
    mechanic what he thinks is wrong with the engine. Ryan seems surprised when I talked with him
    and told him about the car being over two quarts low on oil when I checked it
    and admitted that could have caused the problem, since being extremely low on
    oil and driving on the freeway will cause the engine not to get enough oil
    throughout the motor. Ryan called back the next day and said the engine has to be replaced! He is now waiting for the /Firestone rep to come out and look at it.

    Mr. Leon told me: The
    next step is having the inspector confirm the dealer’s findings. The inspector
    should be out to examine the vehicle today or tomorrow. Once I receive the
    report from the inspector I will review it with the management. I will contact
    you in the next couple of days to let you know how we will proceed with your
    claim. That was on May the 6th
    and it is now May 12th and no one has contacted me at all.

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  • Pr
    Pretezl99 Feb 24, 2017

    @digum I'm currently having the same issue u had. Im supposed to be in with Gil Leon and STAN GUZIK, however, I've had to chase after them . I've been feeling with this issue for almost 2 months with no results . All they have done is avoid me and say their techs never make errors. They charged me for services that we're never done to my car and They changed my oil and left my oil filter loose which caused the oil to leak and my engine to break.

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  • Ca
    candy5075 Feb 06, 2014

    The service took a little longer then I want it to but everything works fine and the desk person wad very friendly...

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  • Cp
    c_paul Jan 12, 2014

    On Jan 11, 2013 took my Nissan to Firestone car service in San Jose ca 95122 for tire rotation, balance, alignment and tire repair; I had purchase lifetime alignment, road hazer insurance so that I can get tire fix if I need. Yesterday, Andrew the store manager refused to perform any of the works I requested just because he couldn't sold me a new set of tires. The week before yesterday, I took my truck for an oil and filter change and when I got home I found out that they didn't change the filter and the oil looks very dark, I when back to the store and speak with Carlos another store manager about the oil and filter change. He call the mechanic and asked that he change the oil and filter on my truck, the mechanic told him that he forgot to change the filter and not sure if the oil got change so I got real up sad and told Carlos that I will file a complain so he refund me the charges, ...refund is not the point here but the work these people are performing, ..manytimes people don't if know. anyone know how to get my money back and not take my car there anymore?

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  • Ma
    matthews167 Nov 15, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I took my car into firestone to have the oil changed and to have 4 brand new tires mounted and balanced. When I received my car back it was missing the center cap in one wheel and another wheel had the center cap really banged up and cracked. I took this to the store manager and he told me that he would take care of the issue. That made me feel a little bit better. About 5 days later I got a call that my center caps where in so I stopped by to pick them up. When the tec attempted to put the center cap in the first wheel the one that did not have a center cap it did not screw in due to they somehow stripped the hole. The other one went in fine with no issue. So I had to contact the store manager once more. He said that they will just get a new rim for my car and I thought that finally they are going to maybe fix the issue that they messed up. Well the store manager told me that it was going to take a few days to get the money together so I was like why is it going to take so long? He told me that it was a very pricey rim. I went to the Mazda dealership to find out the price. It was around 1, 100 by the time everything was said and done. So I went back to talk to the store manager and I told him that I would let him fix a few issues that I have with the car if he would rather do that then have to save up for a rim and he agreed to do so. We agreed that he would fix the vibration in the wheel, the rear driver side brake caliper, the idle for the car that consist of the rpm and the air/ fuel ratio gauge, the aliment and the gasket. Now he fixed the brake caliper and the two front rotors. He could never find the gasket so I went out and looked and I found it and paid for it myself at orileys! He did put the gasket on. Now just the other day I had a blow out on my front right wheel. I found out that it was due to not having all of my wheels lug nuts all the way tight. It was wobbling. I called the firestone 1-800 number at that time because that is just crazy to not have all of my wheel lug nuts not tight. Then I went back to the store and talked to the store manager he said this is a never ending issues with this car, I was felt that that was making me feel like I’m doing something wrong. I mean I’m standing here and you are telling me that this is a never ending issue how do you thinkg I feel! This is my car that you are messing up! I have yet to get the refund on my tire like he said he would do since I had a blow out and it was the stores fought since everything was not tight. And they have not fixed all of the issues that they said they would fix! Also to add in two weeks ago I was at the store and they where fixing the front right wheel bearing and hub well they got the wrong part so I was told they where ordering the correct part again well a few days go by and I have yet to hear from them so I called and I found out that the manager Is on vacation and the part was ordered. Well I found out today the part was never ordered and I was told that he was not fixing anything else he is drawing the line…. Well what about you fixing what you told me you would fix?

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  • Fe
    FedupJess Oct 10, 2010

    Scam #1
    My wife took her car to Firestone (we were not married yet) for a oil change and was told that she needed a new serpentine belt...the old one had cracks in it (she was told). I took a look at it and told her that it was fine. Two years later I had to change the timing chain on the car, so I took off the serpentine belt and even two years later it looked almost new.

    Scam #2
    We were in new york and a tire blew out on my suburban. We called AAA and had it replaced. The fellow from AAA said that we had to take the car to Firestone, so that they could check the lug nuts...make sure they were tight enough. He told us that Firestone would give us a discount also. I thought a discount for what, looking at the wheel and saying "yep, the 1200 lb air impact gun that the tow truck guy used put them on tight enough". Needless to say I did not go to Firestone.

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  • Al
    albertop Oct 09, 2010

    Firestone replaced my left inner tie rod. I noticed that the rubber boot had a split in the middle. Is it supposed to be like that?, I asked the firestone rep and he said, "they come like that".Now that boot is leaking power steering fluid. Two different mechanics i took it to said it was supposed to be a sealed boot and not an open boot .Thanks Firestone for giving me a leaking rack and pinion and giving me a split rubber bellows along with hundreds of dollars in repairs and a big head ache .Thats the last time me or my family are going to firestone!

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  • Ji
    Jim 1/W Sep 14, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    2nd Letter

    I wrote you on 9/10/10 regarding brakes and rotors. At this time I am concerned that you have not answered my letter. I have two 2000 Buicks and I spent in the range of $300.00 each in replacing rotors and brakes. Now I am finding that you did not replace the rotorsu. I really need you to explain. I you did not replace the rotors that is like stealing. I need you to explain what happened. If I do not hear from you, I consider this theft and will take measures to remedy this.

    1st Letter
    This is to inform you that I recently had my 2000 Buick in the Longmont, Colorado Firestone Shop and they informed me that I needed new rotors and brakes. I informed them that they replaced the rotors about two years ago and I had my concerns about why I needed new rotors again. He seemed to indicate that they were never replaced. I decided not to take my car back to Firestone. I took my car to a local shop and they said the rotors were never replaced. I had new rotors and brakes put on my car at this shop. I kept the rotors and also have pictures of the old rotors on the car. My feeling is this is a Major Rip OFF. You charged me $165.98 for new rotors. What are you going to do about this.

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  • Da
    Dari Aug 03, 2010

    I took my suv 4 wheel drive into the firestone store in Lynnwood Washington because I felt a little slip when appling the brakes ...after the inspection and a laundry list of things they said I need to the toon of $1400.00 I was told that they could not let me out of there because the car was unsafe so pads and rotors cost me $973.00 and after the repair was told some of the work could not be done and there would be extra charges if I had all the work done we would be talking over $2, 000/ I did tell the store manager that they were ripping me off and that I would be persuing this with a complaint. He just kinda laughed at me and walked away.

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  • Sm
    Smitty Jun 10, 2009

    I just had a problem with the Firestone in Coconut Creek Florida who tried a 'bait and switch'. I caught on quick enough that I was not getting the sale tires the salesperson said would be set aside for me but tires at a much higher price. I left there and stupidly went to ANOTHER Firestone. I got the cheaper Primewell sales tires there but the whole experience was a nightmare. I had to ask to have the spare put on my SUV spart tire rack in the back and then he did not even put the cover on it!!! I called the 1-800 and while the regional mgr did call and was very nice IT DOES NOT MAKE UP FOR THEIR ACTIONS. This has most likely happened to many people. i will be reporting this to the consumer fraud division of the state of Florida and believe I should get every penny back.
    Anybody else who has had a similar experience in Florida please post back

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  • Bo
    bob Jan 27, 2009

    I was told the store manager goes by a " mark up " system. So if they can get a part for $200, likely the part will be listed at $550 or more, and they might show you some mercy and "discount" it a little, but likely will still be over 100% overcharge, and that is just the parts, not the inflated installation and "inspection".

    I start to suspect also that they "help" cars along for future repair... Can't prove it but knowing they are all about money grab, will not surprise me.

    There are still some honest mechanics left, you will not find them in Firestone.

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  • To
    Tom Mar 21, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Here are a few facts that many do not know. On the back of every receipt should be a 1-800 number located at the bottom, this is a consumer affairs dept. number and is an outside company that monitors the Firestone stores. Call this number and push the issue and many times your problem will be resolved there. Keep in mind that all of the managers within the Firestone company get large bonuses based on sales. Many times you will get a shopping list of recommended work that your vehicle doesnt necessarily need and they cover themselves by saying it is based on mileage or on the technicians experience. Flushes are recemmended at certain mileage intervals but not required to keep the car running. Many times the flushes will either not be done thoroughly or at all...simply drained and filled and not flushed, or the additives or cleaners will not be used to save time. Car count and how many they can get through in a day are big numbers to the Firestone company, so dont think that quality above the norm is a big factor to them. Many times an alignment will only be test driven and parked after a tire purches due to time..if it doesnt pull or drift in the testdrive it gets parked. The managers though process is that if it comes back with a complaint I will address it then. Be careful if you do go to them, and as always, its let the buyer beware!!

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  • Ch
    charlie Feb 25, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I have had the same experience with a Firestone Complete Auto Repair facility. I wrote my state AG and a scathing letter to Firestone Corporate. The state AG sent 2 letters to firestone corporate. Corporate did finally respond by crediting the labor and sending me $100 worth of Firestone credit coupons. Essentially buying me off. Like I want to be cheated again!.

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