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Firestone Complete Auto Care - poor workmanship

tried doing my own brakes to save money and install calipers on wrong side and bleeder screws where on bottom instead of top and was unable to bleed properly so after hours of frustration i took my vehicle to firestone while at work i got a call from firestone informing me that my master cylinder was gone and needed to be replaced and that my right rear drum was frozen which i just had off day before the man told me he was going to have to beat it off with a hammer and it might break i told him dont that i would be right down i get to firestone and ask if he backed off rear brakes he said he did and brought me over to vehicle in the work bay i tried to turn drum and it wouldnt move i informed him that shoes where all the way out he said they where frozen at this point he starts to back off shoes and i saw him turning wrong way told him he was going wrong way he said he wasnt finally turns the other way and wow drum comes right off with out the use off a HAMMER (tell me u wouldnt be worried at this point) well the mechanic breaks the other auto adjuster on left side and states it was that way but wont charge me to fix it what a guy! well long storie long puts calipers on right side and fixes the brake line i broke then he strips out bleeder in rear wheel cylinder after everything is done he tests drives vehicle and tells me im all set the brakes are rock solid i get home my vehicle is standard so u can see how important a emergency brake is that worked just fine b4 going to firestone and go to put it on because i do every day because i live on a hill and what do u know no emergency brake at all well i gety my paper work and thier phone # call and inform them of my problem and im told they didnt work on emergency brake well your emergency brake is your back brakes! and im rudely told im wrong and hung up on so if your in need of shoody workmanship un qualified mechanics managment trying to sell me a master cylinder the vehicle didnt need and a mechanic that wants to beat a wheel drum off with a hammer instead of just backing off shoes and taking drum off then firestone complete auto care wilmington massachusetts is your place to go looks like ill just have to bring it to midas hopefully this guy doesnt get fired and end up working there

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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