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S Dec 01, 2019 Review updated:

I went to buy the same combination of tide simply detergent and arm and hammer that I always buy. Today I went to the store and saw that the tide simply was on sale again so I tried to purchase and it rung up for $3.50 so I asked the cashier to check with me because I just saw it. Some guy named Rashad walked up to me and said no it's not and when I asked him to come check with me he said "I ain't got time for all that" how rude of a store employee. And then told me "and my name rashad if you needed to know". Like who hired this man to work with customers. Very young and very ignorant. I will not support family dollar anymore I don't care how close it is I'll take the extra drive to a competitor before I allow someone to treat me this way.

  • Updated by Shonb24 · Dec 02, 2019

    I’m commenting on the way I was poorly treated in a store where I’m spending money. So SHUT THE [censored] UP. Are you the store owner? Shut it nosey


  •   Dec 01, 2019


    3FIFTY for your NAME BRAND detergent and you are bi7ching about the price??????

    are you serious????

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  • K
      Dec 02, 2019

    That's a pretty stupid combination of laundry detergents. Sounds like a pretty idiotic person to buy 2 different laundry detergents cause they think there's something special about the combo.

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  • S
      Dec 02, 2019

    @Kmart 9459 Your dead mom is stupid now mind your business. Stupid. Wish your stupid ass never commented huh? Bye stupid

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  • K
      18h ago

    @Shonb24 Is that a threat to kill my mother? Let me just warn you my mother would absolutely destroy you so take your best shot. I just hope for your sake my mom doesn't hurt you to bad.

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  • @Shonb24 Its called punctuation, [censored]!

    how can a 'dead mom be stupid now?' she dead!

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  • @Kmart 9459 shon just cant fathom being stupid enough to combine these two liquid detergents thinking they will get the job done. what one offers is cancelled out by the other.

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