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Family Dollar reviews & complaints 2041 - 1806

Family Dollar complaints 1806

Family Dollar - refund or exchange

I have been a longtime customer of Family Dollar i purchased a 3 pak of hanes boxer brief underwear and mistakenly chose the boys instead of men underwear i did open the package but did not wear or touch product the manager at the store #[protected] S. Commercial, Chicago Ill. 60617 refused to refund or exchange said product his name is Derrick Staples my phone is [protected]

Family Dollar - general and constant filth and mess

Although now avoiding this Family Dollar store because it is always so messy and filthy, as it's just one block from my house, I popped in once again and was more appalled than ever by the shocking...

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Family Dollar - customer service

Cashier name Corina send inappropriate pictures to customers while at work. Took a inappropriate bathroom selfie during work hour exposing herself. Very disrespectful and unprofessional. It appears she has the tendency to send inappropriate pictures to all men customers. When confronted she sent it was her. Clearly you can see the Family Dollar logo and the color of their employees t-shirt.
7369 Alameda El Paso Texas 79915
Family Dollar

Family Dollar - manager at store 01524...

On 7/9/2018 at 2:27 pm i went to Family Dollar store located on 9430 cullen houston, tx 77051.I was returning some shoes so i put my bag down. I proceeded to shop for the right items. I got 2 pair of shoes and a towel which wasnt part of the transaction. The manager was the only register open. So i presented my merchandise to her at that time she asked me what was i doing? I told her "remind you she had 1 line open n 8 ppl behind me. I let a lady go in front of me cuz i didn't have the reciept. She then looked at me and rolled her eyes. I retrieved the receipt and dats when it started. Will explain everything. This the 5th time she's been disrespectful and destrimanationing against me. Im gay n her words where very disturbing. This isn't the 1st time but last. Im taking legal actions against Family Dollar and her in which she wouldn't give me her name. I then called cooperate and talk to Mr. Ivan n he also was rude and NO HELP at all. Smh it's sad because i stay 5 mins from this store and can't even shop in peace without embarrassed disrespected and less then. She said some ugly words that hurts me so bad to even repeat. I want something to be done about this. Im not the only customer had this problem my other friend gay and she did the same thing to her. So i know its discrimination. Please conract me at [protected] before i take legal actions. Thanks Rosecina Evans

so i haven't heard from the dollar store as of today, still got my complaint about my refund. send it in on the12th of july 2018?

Family Dollar - family dollar coffee

What happened to the family dollar coffee you had in stores medium roast you don't carry it anymore this is good coffee why would you take it off the shelves it seems like every time something i...

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Family Dollar - harassment

I had a horrible experience at this location I walked in shopping for laundry detergent I was rudely approached by the assistant manager he came up to me yelling at me stating I'm not allowed in the store he stated he saw me before I stole from that family dollar and he recognized me I was shocked from this behavior especially for a assistant manager he was pointing at me and was yelling aggressively at this point I didn't feel comfortable or safe in the store anymore he went on to talk behind my back to the cashier when I got my item and walked back in line I was stared down by the cashier I asked to speak to the manager and he approached me again rudely and aggressive and stated that he is the assistant manager and that the main manager will be there the following day but it wouldn't matter because she will recognize me too for stealing from the store the cashier asked my age and realized they may had the wrong person she gave me a $0.50 cent discount and the manager made excuses for his apology honestly this was the worst customer service I have ever received in my life I was to the point of calling the cops for harassment and discrimination the Assistant manager name that acted so poorly was Jerome and the cashier Delilah these people caused a scene in front of the customers and embarrassed me I suffer from anxiety and I was to the point of having a panic attack

Family Dollar - wise va. family dollar stores

07/08/18 Hello Tonight I needed to run by Family Dollar Store in Wise VA. 24293. I was trying to get to the store before it closed and I had 7 minutes to spare when I arrived and they had already...

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Family Dollar - corporate management

Ok I live across the street from one of your stores in Fort Smith AR, on N. O St. Store # 3920. I spend A LOT OF MONEY IN YOUR STORE. I am going to start going to General Dollar Store down the road...

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Family Dollar - employee

A man at the Lebanon Ohio family Dollar was very rude when i went to return an item that i had the receipt for and he had told me i can't return it because it's been opened, I've seen the return policy and I've returned electrics before. He told me it was a waist of time to contact you guys because you would tell me the same thing. That I'm not aloud to return an item that doesn't seem to work.

If an item isn't working right and has been opened you should be able to return it for your money, all stores do it. My item didn't work and I'd like my money back .
My item was a ihop speaker, the advertisement on the box lied, it wasn't as loud as it said it was. Doesn't hook to TV's properly, so why am i not aloud to get my money back with the item and the original receipt? That's an outrage. I plan to call corprate and i will never return to the store because the man was a complete an total JERK.

It is policy, no money back for electronics, only exchange. Thats with receipt. But they should've atleast told you that before you bought the item. Jus incase.

Family Dollar - manager rude and store filthy

Manager cursing customers and store filthy .employees standing around laughing about how this particular store was where they sent the people who didn't work well or get along with others. Most shelves empty .clothes all on out of date.employees saying they have weeks worth of trucks merchandise in the back yet to be brought out due to the run over rate of the employees.most cashiers and managers only there a few weeks and new replace them .

Family Dollar - returns (tracfone doubler card) exchange with (60 minute airtime card)

Store # 8794 Galveston Texas. I wanted to purchase a 60 minute airtime card. Customer pays and receives a pin number on the receipt. When I put the pin # into phone, no airtime was added. Tracfone...

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Family Dollar - manager

The manager that was the cashier was very rude and using profanity and pointing all in the other employees face. The other employee was very calm and processional she kept her cool and she apologized for her employees behavier. I be in this store maybe 3 times a week and every time I come to this location this manger is always sitting down or on her cell phone. I think the lady name is Benito that was calm and very respectable but the other young lady i really dont know her name. I really not sure if ill be coming back it the other lady is their. The store that i attended was 03149. This is not the first time the manager was being rude I attended last week and she refused to ring up a customer because of her coupons. I think the company will be loosing money with that manager..

Family Dollar - refusing to honor sales ad 06/28-07/07/2018

07/05/2018 have a sales on Rubbermaid Takealongs, 2/5.00 they ring up 3.00 ea, talked to the manager was told that what was in the ad was on corporate, and that it was up to them (corporate) to fix...

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Family Dollar - racial profiling

This happen 7-5-18 at 1 o'clock pm. John who I believe is a manager and another employee who refused to give me her name racially profiled me today. I was in the store address 3205 crill ave palatka...

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Family Dollar - 08846

Store #08846 Manager Sonya Davis
Sales receipt #[protected] dated 7-3-2018
I was overcharged $11.12 I called and brought sales ad, iPhone with app.
I am disabled and have shopped at that location for 7 years, the manager and associates knew me by first name.
The manager refused to honor the ad my sales app by Family Dollar, she reviewed my
information and offered $2.25 . the reason given was I did not mark the items on the app. When shopping I added several items to my cart.
She was rude and sarcastic in front of customers at the counter. I told her I would bring all items back and she stated that was fine she did not need my $54.14 purchase.
I want the sale price overcharge of $11.12 actually the full $54.14 purchase so I don't have to have any contact with her attuide.

Family Dollar - customer service

I went to store#06960 located at 455 Dumont Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11212. I visited the store on July 4, 2018. I was purchasing a grill, charcoal, lighter fluid and few other things. I saw that the charcoal was on sale for $5. and when the cashier rang it up, it showed it was $5.95. I showed him that the ad said $5 and he said he doesn't know why it says $5.95 and do I still want it or not. I told him that was a rude comment and asked for the manager. The manager came over (whom name was Max) and I explained about the ad and he himself said he doesn't know why it's ringing up that price. And not one time did he every apologize for the mishap and the cashier. The manager asked me as the cashier did, if I wanted the charcoal or not. I thought that was very rude of the workers. I did purchased the items but 20 minutes later I returned the items. And again the cashier was rude and didn't know to do a return, the manager as well didn't know to do a return. I waited for 25 minutes for a return. I've working retail for over 25 years and this is not how you giving good customer service. I really will not shop there again. They need customer service training and cash register training. My receipt information is...[protected]. My email [protected]

Family Dollar - employee

It is appalling that you allow someone who clearly hates customers and people to work in your establishment serving people. This behavior is disgusting and uncalled for. This is for store 08824 Louisville KY 40272. 13313 Dixie Hwy. This has been an ongoing thing. This particular employee has cussed in front of customers behind the counter causing a scene, has cussed at customers & employees. She is always disrespectful. It's really sad that the store manager was forced to quit because of the employees there.

Family Dollar - customer service

I visited store #02174 on July3, 2018 located on Mt. Rose Ave in York, Pa. I walked up to the front door it had no handle and no chimes to signify someone had entered. The front exit door had no handle and no chimes as well. The store was trashed. Stock was partially in the aisles.The stock crew made themselves approachable with their demeanor. I picked up my items.I approached the checkout located at the right side. I see the first customer just standing there.I look up to see the female cashier on her phone. A man was behind her slightly to her right with a cell phone in his hand.The female cashier took the first customer monies picked up her cell and started texting. The customer was made to stand there for about three minutes while the cashier texted.The cashier gave the first customer her receipt with no parting greet and no smile. The second customer was not greeted.The cashier again picked up her cell phone and started texting while the second customer's card was read by the card reader.The cashier again did not give a parting greet, she was not friendly and she did not smile.The customer was unhappy with her transaction by the look on her face. It came to my turn.The cashier picked up her phone read her text and dryly told me my total.The cashier shoved me my change and receipt as if to rush me off. The cashier again picked up her phone and proceeded to text. The team members are only as strong as the management.The behavior displayed while I was in this facility is very unacceptable. The uncleanliness is disgusting.The whole team needs to be held accountable.

Family Dollar - service

The store in federalsburg md needs a major overhall on employees. One we got to look at an employee with F_ _ _ _ Love on her hand next Stacey i guess is a manager well not only did she have custimers waiting she started complaining about how nobody rang the bell so how would she know theres customer an noy only that she puts the work before customers i came in to buy cigarettes right at counter i had to wait for her to finish writing something on a clip board then she stopped staighted up the papers on clip board then walked hung it up an then came back an asked what i need. Really no sorry for keeping u waiting no I'll be right there just like today instead of being like oh sorry for keeping u waiting she complains that the lady didn't ring bell so then i call you an not only did i have to look up number( because no one answered the phone because when i walked out she walked out smoking in front of store so when i call to get number no one answered) then i have to talke to some automated machine im already upset why would i then want to tell the machine an on top of that the machine says it will take 5 days to get a response come on family dollar you cant do better than that. I like the store but ill NEVER RETURN AFTER THIS. This is not the way to handle customers in store nor is this the way to deal with complaints.

Family Dollar - customer service

We stopped Into store #[protected] Lincoln Hwy Olympia Fields IL., On 7/3/18 at around 2:00pm. When we approached the cashiers to be rung out, the two of them were already having a personal conversation about an issue. Our cashier seemed to think their conversation was more important than customer service, since we were the ones to greet her. She didn't acknowledge us at all. No response or eye contact from her, just scanning our items. The conversation got a little bit deep between the two, as she even began to use profanity in front of us and even the customers behind us. Then she just handed us the receipt, AGAIN no acknowledgment. We told the two to have a good one. Usually don't do complaints, but I have about ten yrs in customer service, and some things are meant to be left for private.

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