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Family Dollarhiring

I applied for the assistant manager position at the store in Maiorty NM, I have years of experience and the store there is ver unorganized, disgustingly dirty and understaffed. I overheard the tell someone they got the job over the phone while I was shopping there. A few days later I get a call from the store manager asking if I wanted to go in for an interview which I did, apparently the person they had given the position to didn't show up for the drug test, go figure. The manager offered me the job and said her boss would call me that day for a phone interview but I never heard from him, so I called and asked the store manager what happened she said he wanted to interview more people. Really? I have years of experience and I'm not even from Maiorty, I came from Albuquerque and I recently moved to Edgewood. I've never complained about not being hired for a job but after seeing who I'm Competing against I couldn't believe this bs!!! You'll try to hire someone women who wouldn't show up for a drug test but not someone who would have your store looking like a store? I can do matrix, planagrams, inventory, truck and alot more and according to your store manager your current employees there don't know how to do any of that, which explains why it looks like a tornado hit it. That's fine good luck finding someone to get that store in shape!

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    StoreManager Aug 26, 2019

    Your lousy attitude is why you weren't hired. You're bragging reeks of incompetence.

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