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1:39 am EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Red lights tickets law is not same as toll fee

I received a email and immediately thought it was scam and my credit card was stolen and I immediately locked. I report to the police department and federal trade commission and state government. I urge the commission to investigate this deceptive business practice which is a violation of corporate website guidelines which are under Enterprise Holding...

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3:08 pm EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Vehicle rental

Around 2 years ago i was in an auto accident (not at fault) and was placed in a rental truck from Columbia SC Spring Valley Enterprise location, Several times throughout the course of a month i was contacted by Enterprise Informing me that the vehicle was due back or needed to be extended, and every time i notified the insurance adjuster at State Farm and...

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9:58 am EDT

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Rental chargers


I am writing because I use a rental car through your company because of an accident repair with Moppert auto. Can you please tell me what the $109 charge is for ? I was told it would be six dollars extra a day which I complained about the day off because I did not want to pay extra I was refused to be compensated for the six dollars and the representative wanted me to go out of my way to go pick up another car that would be smaller and cheaper! (I specifically asked for a car within my insurance ). That would not have been convenient at all since I had an infant with me. The gas tank was filled to the exact point on which I took it. I vacuumed and cleaned the vehicle and returned it cleaner than , how I received it. I ended asked your rep if they could run it through car wash she said no. There were previous stretches and chips that I did not see her Mark down. Also the last time this happened and I was given a car out of range the rep was more than helpful in accommodating me for your mistake.

Please let me know and I would like a copy of a detailed receipt of the charges that were made. I appreciate your help, but I’m very surprised and extremely upset by the amount that was charge on my account.


Patricia Rechner

Desired outcome: RefundOf charges and an explanation

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9:48 am EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car False claim

This is horrid situation and once again Enterprise has no value in their customers. I have been a platinum member with Enterprise rent a car for a reason. I have driven thousands of miles all over the US. I have had instances locally where I have been mistreated with prejudice. I have had to swap out vehicles due to mechanical issues I felt unsafe and then months later accused of damage. I had swapped out a vehicle with expired tags at the nearest location to my traveling work site. The vehicle I was given didn’t allow me access to a military base. The location I rented from was over 200 miles away. The closest site was in Laredo TX. I called several times to ask if they could swap my vehicle out as it had an expired registration and also had warning lights for maintenance. I was told they didn’t have any vehicles s d needed to wait and would give me a call when something was available. Days later I went to that office and asked if I could please get another vehicle so I can get into base to complete my work. I was given a vehicle and drove it to my next site with my assist tech and back to my Airbnb the same day . I work at night and sleep during the day, my Airbnb contact noticed an excessive amount of oil in the driveway. I got up and checked under the truck and noticed a small chunk of which looked like hard putty, later showed my father and said it was jb weld. I immediately had the Airbnb take me to purchase oil to make sure the vehicle had full oil. The enterprise was 7 min away and called to let them know my findings and said the low oil pressure was on and I fill with oil and was told to bring it in to swap out again. The truck drove fine and when I arrived I showed the enterprise rep what I found and the photos of all the oil it leaked onto the Airbnb driveway. The truck was still dripping drops of oil with the enterprise rep beside the truck. He said maybe the plug was not on correctly or something else. I was swapped out and weeks later contacted and said the oil pan was damaged and needed a new motor. Apparently months later now in august 2023 I was sent a bill saying the engine had to be replaced. The vehicle was driven to a local Sames dealership and from a oil pan leak and had no issues when I brought in the truck other than what I found to be someone had previously had damage or plugged with jb weld and or didn’t have the oil plug in properly and after my work trip I woke up to a pool of oil. At most the replacement would have been the oil pan and not the whole engine which drove fine and was never driven without oil. To me it seems a fraud charge and ridiculous for them to make money. I was never shown proof and the old motor or serial number to s new motor. Something is definitely wrong, as I know when we do an inspection no one looks underneath the vehicles because I’ve witnessed this and why I always photograph before pics for my own sake. This is very wrong and I’ve exclaimed the issue to the company and all I got was rude and did not want to hear my whole experience. This is appalling with how a seasoned platinum member is being unfairly treated.

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1:01 pm EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Item losted in car

We have hired a car on 24th july (black ford focus) and returned next day 25th july 2023 at 248 Loughborough Rd, Belgrave, Leicester LE4 5LG. I have left my samsung earbuds in it. When i requested for return there is no proper response from service desk and branch team in leicester. Multiple time tries reaching them but there is no answer. Given request physically still havent heard anything. Really disspointed about tge service.

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4:24 pm EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Xqn4sg


Hello. And The reason I'm reaching out to you is my daughter went to the Roseville Branch to pick up a car for XQN4SG she went through the whole process, scanned her DL, credit card, she has Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, and was put in a car but it was extremely dirty and small, so she said something, was told it would not be able to be cleaned, the only thing they had was luxury but my insurance will only cover $30 a day. She asked for a manager, but Dontae Haley ignored her, she was crying & asked me what to do. She said he's not with customers. Then she approached and politely said, since there's no other vehicle, can you please just take care of me? He said he'll see, and made her wait 20 more minutes, she has a panic attack, and this happens at places when there is a long wait and other people and stress, He came back Tells her she would have to wait until Tuesday and to get a vehicle. She then asked his manager. Donta came back and began questioning her and asked her for her DL again 90 min later after she was processed, knowing of her disability Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, and told her she looks very older than her age and due to that he will not rent at all. She had to way home I was on speaker I heard everything and this is not okay.

After talking to disability that same night I was promised a call from regional also was told someone would bring a luxury vehicle to her & she would not have to go through the process. No one called & I continue to get the run around by exculation and Hopkins

Branch manager promised me that the regional manager would call me this morning and nothing Please call me at [protected]

There are disability laws for a reason & there's no excuse for this. For me to have to email you and I've spent 5 hours on this and I was in an accident, YOUR COMPANY SHOULD have PICKED MY DAUGHTER UP W/ A LUXURY CAR & REIMBURSED HER FOR THE UBURS SHE HAD TO TAKE & Something else for her stress.

Desired outcome: Bring daughter lop of line vehice as promised by 5, reimburse uburs for starters

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12:04 pm EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car False claims of damage

So, a drunk driver took out two of our three vehicles in front of our home, so we needed to rent a vehicle for my husband's daily driver to work until we could replace one of the vehicles. We rented the car on 7/11/23 and returned it on 7/26.

We did a walk-through and pointed out multiple dings, scratches, etc. only to be told that they would buff out, so no big deal.

We went to return the car two weeks later, but the person was at lunch, so we dropped the key in the box and came back an hour later to make sure they received the key.

The representative then walked me out to the vehicle and said that there was a crack in the back left bumper. We went and looked and there it was and someone had SUPER GLUED it. Who does that?! We knew that we didn't cause it, but the rep said that maybe someone did it and left. Left, but super glued it? No way. We are super frustrated because in the 15 years of us renting vehicles and not having to take pre-pictures (usually on vacation all over the country) we have NEVER had this issue and now they want to get money from our insurance. We believe this damage was already there and we probably missed it since it's a black car and black bumper.

I have asked now 3 TIMES for the manager of the site to send me the pictures they took before it left the lot, and have received nothing - not even an acknowledgment that they received my messages.

I am not doing anything with this until they send me pictures and have already advised my credit card company NOT to pay ERAC anything besides our initial rental charges at this time.

The more I read about ERAC, the more suspicious I am, especially since there are multiple people all over the nation with these issues and damages claimed that they didn't cause.

I will never use them again and will advise others to go with Hertz or someone else.

Desired outcome: An apology would be nice, but we shouldn't have to pay for damage that was not ours.

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4:26 am EDT

Enterprise Rent-A-Car deposit charges more, refund less from deposit

dear sir/madam, i hired van from 119 norwood road southall united kingdom.reserved number [protected] ref 1kQFS7 .hired from 5 august till 7 august 2023 .paid full price and check in myself on line , ticket given to desk agent,eneterprise says if you check in on line then less paper work at check in desk which i did ,he asked for the insurance , i reply i have bought insurance from outside ,i dont need that ,i dont want to pay more which i already paid .agent says sign here for deposit which will be refunded back and sign here our term and condition which i did as agent ask for .then i notice £69 short paid from deposit .i did email to customer service enterprise hire van company till to date no reply . please assist me in this , iam regular customer with enterprise so this happened first time with me ,that they took more deposit return less .please assist me with this .regards s biring

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12:33 am EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Durham, NC Store No. 7753 on 8/7/2023

On July 6, I was rear ended. I drive a hybrid. Insurance co sent me to Enterprise on 15/501 Durham, NC. $954 for less then a month. The first vehicle clean drank gas, Second vehicle a Corolla Ant Infested, the third vehicle a Nissan Kicks 4 cylinder clean drank gas. I rec'd my car back in under a month. Repairs were not done to the extent that I smelled gas so bad, when I entered my garage that I called the local gas company, found nothing, called the city sewer, found nothing. Went to my car the next morning, still smelled gas, my car wouldn't start, which I believe a safety feature (I Think), and gave this to the insurance company... DISTRAUGHT as I have had my grandchildren in the vehicle with me the day before. I believe we were all in danger and in a very hazardous situation. Insurance tells me that Enterprise would be to my home to pick me up, they showed up on time, nice man from NY. There was a nice tall gentlemen that helped me with all 3 cars the first time. SO... My debit card was hacked a 2 weeks ago, and had it cancelled.

I had not yet rec'd the new one in the mail. I told a guy at the desk at Enterprise this, and immediately he shuts down. Now mind you I had been there 4 days earlier, but nope, no dice, I explained how desperate I was to get into a vehicle, but he started to laugh at me, and my desperation went into rage. I asked him what he was laughing at, and explained that I was not going to take his disgust with me and my circumstances without telling him exactly what kind of clown he was. (granddaughter and car seat in tow), A friend picked me up for home, because they would not allow their driver to take me to Cary to my son's house, my son lent me his vehicle he's in the midst of moving to a new home. Once home, I see the mail lady coming, and approach her to get my mail to see if my new debit card has arrived. Yep it has. I go back to Enterprise, show them the debit card with yellow sticker I forgot to remove. Gave them the reservation number, and this other guy says he's the manager, when I asked, and that there were no cars available until tomorrow maybe. Livid, I said, but I have a reservation number, and he starts to laugh. I do believe these particular individuals are smoking something. I'm on my cellphone, because my granddaughter is now with her mother at urgent care as she turns out has a small case of bronchitis, this her third visit to doctor, and he waited until I got off the phone because he said he would check other locations, and not one single location had a car available. Then some other guy walks over and tells me "HE cancelled my reservation because he said he didn't like my behavior" and told me good luck renting a car anywhere. I let them know I didn't like their behavior at the outset, no consideration... they laughed at me. I will return to see if they are wearing name tags, but I do not believe I saw any so I can write another review with their names. Erie Insurance (Claimcenter) has authorized a rental for you with Enterprise-Rent-A-Car Reservation Number XQZ65M Claim Number A*******823

Desired outcome: Review what was charged to the insurance company of $954. I don't expect an apology. I'd like to know what determines what a customer receives for a vehicle. Are there hybrids available? How will these employees be reprimanded?

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10:09 am EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Received letter claiming damage when there was no damage when it was turned in,

Rental Agreement [protected]

Date of Loss 4/14/23

Vehicle 2021 RAV4-TOYO

Vehicle was returned on the 15th with no damage observed by Enterprise employee. On 07/24 we received a letter that there was damage on the vehicle, but the letter went into zero detail about what the damage was, the extent, etc.

It is our belief that the damage was caused AFTER the car had been returned.

Desired outcome: Enterprise should drop the issue as we don't see any evidence that it was our fault. In fact, we haven't seen any evidence that there is even damage to that vehicle.

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6:01 pm EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Rental

I have a rental due to my personal vehicle being hit. The insurance company is paying for my rental. Now my vehicle is still not ready and I just got pff the phone with the insurance company and they are extending the rental but enterprise was at my house telling my 85 y/o grandfather that i was going to jail because I still had the car. Mind you the rental was extended til today already and it was not end of business which is when I actually picked the rental up

At 230 no one from enterprise should be coming to my house and threatening anyone when the rented vehicle was paid up til today. I already have a lawyer and will definitely tell him we need to add enterprise in the lawsuit for undue stress on me, my husband, my 85 y/o grandpa and my child. Shame on you all for doing that. It was bad enough that the first time the insurance stopped paying for the rental we weren't notified for 2 weeks after but now the day of I get a threat! I will never do business with enterprise again. Not in my personal or business adventures

Desired outcome: You can respond to my email or phone number. Email:[protected] and phone number is [protected]

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3:36 pm EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Rental vehicle - San Bernardino location near San Bernardino Airport

My husband and I have been renting from Enterprise for years and have had a great experience each time until now. My husband is currently sitting at your San Bernadino location waiting for a vehicle he reserved a week ago. Not only did it take the Enterprise shuttle service 20 minutes to pick him up at San Bernadino Airport but he had to wait 10 minutes in line only to be told that he would have to wait 30 minutes before they had a car ready. They apparently felt it was appropriate to tell him that "the more flexible he was, the quicker he would get out of there". Not good customer service by any stretch of the imagination. This rental location not only should have had the vehicle ready for him when he arrived, since it was not a surprise that he was coming, but they should never be so unprofessional. Early this year, we rented a vehicle for 3 months through Enterprise in Puerta Vallarta, that experience was a pleasure in every way. Management in San Bernadino has to go back to school to learn about customer service. I want this note to be sent to corporate. I will be sending a copy. This experience may have cost Enterprise our continued patronage. Joan and Robert Linton [protected]/[protected]/[protected]. [protected]

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8:17 am EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Entire experience

I rented a car due to an insurance claim w/enterprise and USAA stopped making payment and I was not notified until a week later and now enterprise is billing me and put me on a do not rent list, and also attempted to file a fraudulent damage claim on me for "Hail Damage"with my insurance company that they dropped when I sent them a copy of the entire recording I had of the entire return exchange at their office and they had already re-rented the car out instead of following the policy and taking it into the shop if it was "so damaged"but they attempted to target me and now they are doing it again on costs I refuse to pay and do not owe.

Desired outcome: The company to issue a formal apology for attempting to commit fraud and got caught, and remove whatever they say I owe take me off any adverse Do not rent lists and stop blackballing me with other companies and leave me the hell alone

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6:29 am EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Customer service exeter branch and their area manager Shaun Crawley.

Where do we begin..?

Car was not ready, leaving my wife waiting for 2 hours and getting stressed out about running late to collect our daughter from school. Ended up giving us the only car available.

Paperwork was for just 4 days, despite repeated attempted calls and email, no response from Enterprise. We were worried that we could be pulled over by the police as we were not sure that we should have the car.

This car was part of an insurance claim, we were given a payout from our insurance on the Monday. On the Thursday, we had a voice message advising us that "the car was due back yesterday". Though the person didn't give their name, or follow it up with any written confirmation.

We called the Exeter branch and when we finally spoke to them we confirmed that the car would be returned on the Monday.

The branch manager was approached and she used an excuse that "We only have one phone and one computer as we are having a refit" Despite there being tablets and staff all having mobile phones. There was also shattered glass inside the back of the vehicle, thankfully our daughter was old enough not to touch or ingest this, but a younger child might have.

The Area Manager "reached out" to us a few days later via email. To summarise the email, he wanted to try and resolve it before the survey when it will be too late. Our interpretation of his reach out is that he simply wanted to avoid a poor review on the internet.

Over the next few days I asked for his line manager, who he has advised of his name, though despite repeated requests, has refused to give me contact information.

The Area manager wishes me to pass him all the information (which he has been told already by the team in his branch) and I want his line managers information.

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7:00 pm EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car picking up rental

I had a rental reserved through my insurance, USAA, under Ober, Tina. This is for an accident where someone else hit my car and caused damage. I am not liable for any expenses USAA is my insurance company, and they are paying for the rental because the offending party's insurance company refused to pay.

The damage to my car has caused an issue with the stability of the driving vehicle, and it's now become downright dangerous to drive. Every time I drive it, I am taking a significant risk. Something disastrous is going to happen. I digress, my point being I desperately needed the rental TODAY. A $50.00 deposit was requested from me, which I think is ridiculous as I was not liable for any of these damages and did not cause this accident; therefore, none of these expenses should be at my cost. I was willing to pay the deposit. However, your company refused to accept what I had available. My Debit card is being replaced and will not arrive until August 5th, so all I had was a virtual debit card and a Cash App card directly linked to my bank account. Neither was acceptable. Also, USAA agreed to pay the $50.00. This was not acceptable either. My roommate said she would pay the $50.00. However, this wasn't acceptable either because the card has to be in the name of the policy holders, either myself or my husband, Kenneth Ober, who does have a debit card but works an hour away outside of the hours of business of your office location in Mandeville, Louisiana on W. Causeway. SO I have to get him to work late tomorrow morning and bring me to enterprise and pay the $50.00 deposit, which I still think we shouldn't have to provide. So I can have a car that won't fall apart while driving and die. The fact that no one, not the branch manager or the lady I spoke with at corporate, was willing to do anything to help is a complete lack of customer service and ensured that after this I will never do business with Enterprise again. and I'm going to tell everyone that will listen how your company doesn't care at all what happens to be people and has no problem letting them ride around in a dangerous vehicle. And I am not responsible for this rental. My insurance company is, to be completely honest, if I did try to steal the car, what the hell is a $50.00 deposit going to do anyway? This is a ridiculous policy, and you just lost a customer, and I'm sure when I'm done, many, many, many, more. Your company has the most piss poor customer service I have ever experienced in my life, and I worked in customer service, so I know how people should be treated.

My freaking insurance adjuster got on the phone with the branch manager and agreed to pay the fee, and still nothing. THIS IS DEPLORABLE! Your people, including the lady I spoke with at corporate, are complete soulless monsters with no concept of providing proper customer service. Also, I had to wait a bit while employees were walking around with their hands in their pockets. Do your people work or stare at the clock! I realize you have a policy; however, there are extenuating circumstances sometimes, and exceptions must be made. Someone should have done something. The fact that no one was willing to do anything sickens me.

Desired outcome: I should have been given a rental with no deposit, or the deposit should have been billable to the insurance company. This isn't my problem or responsibility as I did not cause the accident.

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1:46 pm EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Rental billing

Let’s just say I been through enough, with the tragic of being impacted of a tornado and some. On April 3rd, 2023 @9:44am I picked up my rental from Enterprise from Rodney Paraham in Little Rock, AR due to my car having to go to the shop for weather repairs. Now, I’ve paid my portion of my rental upfront and my insurance had to pay there part. On April 15th around 6:50, I encountered another incident from a storm which caused the rental I had flooded so there I was stuck in the middle of the highway while other cars proceeded around me through the water, one of the drains was starting to fill up the more I set there and the rental I had didn’t start. I’ve contacted the police department which whom never showed then I contacted a tow truck company just after contacting enterprise 1800number. Now, the phone lines for the original location where I picked up my rental from wasn’t working due to the weather conditions of the Tornado incident that had happen. Enterprise insisted that I get the car towed back to my temporary living resident and to see if the car just needed to sit to let the water dry out before seeing if the vehicle will start. Nothing happen the next day so I contacted them and they sent someone out to pick it up on Sunday, April 16, 2023, that morning as my rental should’ve been returned on April 15th. Okay, cool I understood that I was going to be charge for an additional day. Finally, I received a bill in the mail showing the date in date and time for May 09, 2023 @11:23. That’s 23 days after the truck was no longer in my possession. I move to Houston TX on April 29th with only what I could fit in my car after I got my car from the shop. I was already doing horrible bad after being scammed for a place I was trying to get, from the tornado issue and then there was the overcharged to my account totaling $1,409.96 with a supposedly amount due balance of $112.96. So, now I contacted enterprise in regards to this matter. They wanted proof that the rental was turned in on that day. So, then I uploaded a message from enterprise towing when they had the rental picked up and messages between my roommate asking if I was going to get another rental and I told him no because I’ll be now paying too much out of pocket. I went without my own car for two weeks which cause more frustration with getting back and forth to work until I departed to Houston. Enterprise assured me that the bill was correct even after the proof that I didn’t have the vehicle that long. I don’t know what to do at this point but I’m not letting this slip through the cracks until someone speak to me about this matter. I’m already struggling with PTSD just being home when the tornado struck thinking I was going to die and now this is just more stress to increase my mental state.

Desired outcome: Please respond and refund, I’ve called today and I had to leaving a voicemail.

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12:29 am EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Car rental - loss of time and additional expenses

Below, the sequence of events of the entire car rental experience on July 4, 2023:

12:05hrs – Arrived at the Enterprise car rental office at Marseille, St. Charles station 25mins ahead of my booking at

12:30hrs. Not only was I informed that they did not have the car of my choice, but they did not have a car that has an auto transmission. I would have to wait until after 14:00hrs to get that car with auto transmission. Yet, this reservation was made 3 months ago. We were on a tight schedule and had no choice but to accept a car with a manual transmission that could only accommodate part of our luggage. One of our bags had to go in the back seat with the rest of my family. I pointed out that my original reservation had no drop-off fee. And yet in this contract, I was promptly charged for it. The agent then said to highlight this when I drop off the car at the end of the rental and they will take care of it.

The car was not cleaned and looked like it was just returned and the gas tank was almost empty (which the representative failed to highlight to me after the vehicle walkthru’). I noticed that 10mins into our journey and had to look for a gas station for a top up in an unfamiliar city that added another 30mins into our schedule.

13:10hrs. Got a flat tire (front right) on the outskirts of Marseille. Removed our backs from the trunk to discover that there was no spare tire.

13:28hrs. Called Enterprise 24hr assistance service and was told to wait for a mechanic that would arrive within 30-45mins.

14:20hrs. Almost an hour, despite several calls in-between and speaking to only a couple of agents on the line that were proficient in English, the mechanic/assistance did not arrive.

14:45hrs. Tow truck arrives, was instructed to call Enterprise 24hr assistance service again to confirm that the rental car needed to be towed to the nearest Enterprise approved garage for assessment & tire replacement.

15:05hrs. Arrived at the garage and was told by Enterprise that the garage did not have the specific tire that Enterprise required and thus the car could not be repaired and we could not continue our journey. We were then told to wait for a pick up that would arrive within 30mins to transport us to the nearest Enterprise car rental office.

16:15hrs. Despite a couple of calls in-between and no pick up arrived after an hour, was told that there was difficulty in locating a suitable replacement car and was told to wait further at the garage. Made the decision then to call Uber for 2 cars to transport my family and luggage back to Enterprise car rental office at Marseille, St. Charles.

16:40hrs. The manager at the office claimed that they were just only informed of our situation. He could only offer another manual transmission car (it was dirty, lots of scratches and had just been returned) even though there was a cleaned car in the parked lot that had an automatic transmission (that he claimed was newly arrived and not registered in their system yet). My son, the additional driver was not so proficient with manual transmission ended up not driving the car for most of the rental.

17:05hrs. After more paperwork, we were finally underway. It was a horrible start to our road trip and it impacted our appointments in our next destination, St. Maxime.

At the end of the rental, the agent at the drop-off said that the Marseille office should have taken care of the drop-off charge there & then and there was nothing she could do at that point. A lot of time was wasted in the miscommunication on the part of Enterprise internally as well as with the customer.

Desired outcome: Am seeking a refund of the drop-off charge and compensation for the emotional distress, loss of time and the additional expenses to arrange for my own Uber pick up.

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8:11 pm EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Upgrade to bigger vehicle that never happened.


I rented a vehicle from your company at the Parker, CO office on Friday, 07/21/2023 on Rental #XS2SQQ.  My car had severe hail damage and was considered totaled by USAA and was picked up on 07/19/2023.  So, I had a friend take me to the Parker CO office to pick up the rental and I got a Toyota Corolla LE.  Well I am a Disabled Veteran and use a cane for mobility.  Unfortunately, the vehicle is too low to the ground and the doors are too small for me to get in and out from and keep hitting my head getting in and out of the vehicle. The tech that inspected the vehicle offered to give me a better vehicle and was to call me back today around 4:30 PM but did not. I attempted to call several times (11) and no answer and went to voicemail that was not setup yet. I know that this office has been really busy with all of the hail claims and such, but not getting a call and not being able to call anyone, is in my book unprofessional.  I have rented vehicles from your company for years and was really happy with the quality of vehicles and service.  But I am having a hard time with this vehicle, it rides and drives nice and all, but accessibility is a different story. I need to speak with the office manager or higher to resolve this issue.  I did not know that I could make arrangements for mobility, but I am not in need of a wheelchair access vehicle. If I do not hear from anyone before noon tomorrow I will take the vehicle back and return it.  I will have to find another means of a vehicle until I can buy another vehicle. If someone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate that.  Thank you for your time.

Desired outcome: I would like a response and to return the vehicle for a better access vehicle. Unable to contact anyone at the office and no voicemail box was set up.

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7:26 pm EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car False damage claim

Rental Car was picked up on Thursday, June 29, 2023 at 11:07am

Returned Thursday, July 6, 2023 at 11:04am

Upon return the car was inspected for damage by 2 agents and myself and myself. There was no damage present and my final receipt was completed and emailed to me at 11:08am.

At 1:27pm I received a phone call from Dillan to tell me that he had now found hail damage and I would be liable for $,5000 - $12,000. At no point during this phone call did I acknowledge the presence of damage as there was no damage on the car when I returned it 2.5 hours prior.

At 1:31pm I received an email with an attached Loss Damage Report that dated July 6, 2023 at 1:30pm

Date/Time of Incident was noted as July 6, 2023 at 12:00am when, according to multiple sources of weather data, there was no hail near my home where the car was parked.

“Facts of Loss” claimed that “Customer returned car with hail damage.”

Again, no damage had been observed at the time the car was returned and inspected for damage.

The report goes on to say that “Customer is aware of damage.”

This is a false statement. I had received a call claiming hail damage but I did not observe any such damage nor did 2 separate Enterprise employees. I was with them during the inspection and it was stated that there was no damage. I was then given my total charges for the rental period, my credit card was charged for that amount and I was told my receipt would be emailed.

The “Loss Location” was recorded as occurring at the address: 1205 Lakewood, Lakewood CO, USA

This was not an address familiar to me. I looked up the address and found a 1205 Lakewood Village Dr, a 1205 Lakewood Heights and a street called Lakewood Place but the addresses on that street did not include 1205.

All three of these locations, however, were 1 – 1.5 miles from the Enterprise location that I had rented from and I have never been to any of these locations.

Finally, under “Acknowledgment of Vehicle Condition” there is a line for a signature. It states: “Signature below only constitutes acknowledgement of above noted condition at the time of the rental vehicle was collected and does not necessarily imply an acceptance of responsibility.”

This statement is false. At the time the rental vehicle was collected I had acknowledged that there was no damage. Therefore, I could not have acknowledged any condition other than that which was observed and stated by the agent that there was no damage to the car upon inspection at time of return.

In addition, this claim was made 2.5 hours after the car was returned and inspected and I had no knowledge of what happened in that window of time. Again making it impossible for me to have signed this form.

On the signature line, however, there was a scribbled line suggesting that I had signed a form that I had not seen prior to it being emailed to me with marks already present on the signature line.

The mark made on the signature line was not my signature. Not only had I never seen the form and therefore could not have signed it but it also had no resemblance to my signature which could be found in multiple places on the rental agreement.

Upon reading the report and finding multiple statements that were unequivocally false combined with the fact that it was not my signature on the form (if my signature is faked on this form, where else might my signature be forged?) I called the Enterprise office to find out if there had been some kind of error.

At 1:51 I placed the call to the Enterprise office to find out more information. I was informed by the agent that my account had been closed out and could no longer be accessed.

In summary, based entirely on information provided by Enterprise:

- At 11:04am The car I rented was returned and upon inspection no damage was found

- At 1:27pm, 2 hours and 23 minutes after the car was returned and found to be free of damage,

- At 1:31pm I received an email with an attached Loss Damage Report that cv

I received a phone call stating that there was damage found.

A car that had no damage on it at 11:00am, at 1:30pm a damage report was written for the car that was returned 2.5 hours earlier without damage.

Hail Damage – The Damage Report stated “Hail Damage” was the type of damage being claimed. It then lists the date and time of incident and the location of incident.

Date: July 6, 2023

Time: 12:00am.

Location: 1205 Lakewood, Lakewood, CO. USA

At midnight on July 6, 2023 I was at home, asleep and the rental car was parked in front of my house where there was no hail at all. The location they listed as time and location was not a complete address so I looked up any roads that had a street called Lakewood and had a 1205. I found 2 possibilities and each of them were unknown in an area that I have not been and have no reason to be, especially at midnight.

Desired outcome: I would like Enterprise to drop the case so that I am not held responsible for the cost of repairing the car

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4:55 pm EDT
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Damage not caused by me

I rented one of your cars on July 11th at your Wesley Chapel lot. I did the walk around with a young man “Hunter” who was taking pictures of the scratches and such. I pointed out a few things to him and one was a chip out of the right rear lense that is slightly under the bumper. He said that they don’t worry about things that are around the bumper and I believed that he took a picture of it. Today I returned the car and there was another gentleman there I do not have his name who did the return walk around. He went inside came back and told me that my insurance deductible would have to be paid because of the chip in the light and pointed at the lense. I told him that Hunter was aware of it and I was not going to be held responsible. We got Hunter and he suddenly didn’t remember it and when I asked to see the pictures he didn’t take it. I was very upset and Terrance who said he was the assistant manager came and took and picture went inside and told me not to worry that your company was going to cover it. I just needed to show proof of insurance. Otherwise I would be responsible for it. I had him tell the same thing to my husband which he did and I asked him for a copy of the paperwork and if he would note what he said. He said that at 12 I would have everything. Queen gave me his cell and email address and I text twice asking about it. I even asked if he could look at the tape from where we were looking at the car and he would see not only did I point out the issue but Hunter took pictures which he said he didn’t. I am very concerned now because I reached out to Terrance again and he is not at work. Said he sent the paperwork over to who he needed and he didn’t collect a deductible. I don’t know what that meant. I asked him to send me a copy and if he had looked at the tapes from the camera and he said he’s not in the office now. I am feeling very uncomfortable with the entire situation and concerned I am going to be needing legal assistance because it does not appear that what he told me and my husband today was factual and he never reviewed the tapes or sent me the paperwork I requested. I would not recommend using the Wesley Chapel Fl Enterprise. They are scammers and have poor business practices.

Desired outcome: I would like this to taken care of as the Mgr Terrance said. He said that he (the company) would pay for the lense. I would like the company to stand by his word.

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car In-depth Review

Company Overview:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a well-established car rental company with a rich history. Founded in 1957, it has grown to become one of the largest car rental companies in the world. The company's mission is to provide excellent service and value to its customers while maintaining a strong commitment to integrity and community involvement. With thousands of locations worldwide, Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers convenient rental options for customers around the globe.

Services Offered:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers a wide range of vehicles for rent, catering to various needs and preferences. From compact cars to SUVs and luxury vehicles, customers can choose the perfect vehicle for their travel requirements. Additionally, the company provides convenient pickup and drop-off services, making it easy for customers to access their rental vehicles. Insurance options are also available, ensuring peace of mind during the rental period. Moreover, Enterprise Rent-A-Car frequently offers special promotions and discounts, allowing customers to save money on their rentals.

Customer Experience:

The reservation process with Enterprise Rent-A-Car is straightforward and user-friendly. Customers can easily book their rentals online or through the mobile app, ensuring a hassle-free experience. The company maintains a large fleet of vehicles, ensuring availability and a wide selection for customers to choose from. The vehicles are well-maintained, clean, and in excellent condition, providing a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. Furthermore, Enterprise Rent-A-Car prides itself on its exceptional customer service and support, with friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to assist customers throughout their rental journey.

Pricing and Fees:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers competitive rental rates and a transparent pricing structure. Customers can easily view and compare prices online, ensuring they get the best deal for their rental needs. While additional fees and charges may apply, such as fuel and mileage fees, the company is transparent about these costs, ensuring no hidden surprises. Insurance options are also available, and customers can choose the coverage that best suits their needs and budget.

Fleet Maintenance and Condition:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car prioritizes vehicle maintenance and adheres to high standards. The rental fleet is regularly serviced and inspected to ensure optimal performance and safety. The vehicles are relatively new and well-maintained, providing customers with reliable transportation. Safety features and equipment, such as airbags and anti-lock brakes, are available in all rental vehicles, further enhancing the overall safety of the driving experience.

Accessibility and Convenience:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has a vast network of rental locations, making it highly accessible for customers. Whether in urban areas or remote destinations, customers can easily find a nearby Enterprise location. The company's hours of operation are convenient, with many locations offering extended hours, ensuring flexibility for customers. Online and mobile booking options are available, allowing customers to book their rentals at their convenience. Moreover, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is committed to accessibility and provides services and accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

Insurance and Liability:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers insurance options to provide customers with peace of mind during their rental period. The coverage details and limitations are clearly explained, ensuring customers understand their options and can make informed decisions. The company also has well-defined liability policies and procedures in place, ensuring a fair and efficient process in case of accidents or damages.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car demonstrates a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. The company actively engages in environmental initiatives and sustainability efforts, aiming to reduce its carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly practices. Additionally, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is involved in various community projects and philanthropic endeavors, contributing to the well-being of local communities. The company also prioritizes employee welfare and development, providing opportunities for growth and advancement.

Reviews and Ratings:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has received positive reviews and high ratings from previous customers. The overall satisfaction levels are consistently high, with customers praising the company's excellent service, reliable vehicles, and friendly staff. While occasional complaints or issues may arise, Enterprise Rent-A-Car strives to address them promptly and ensure customer satisfaction.

Comparison with Competitors:

When compared to other major car rental companies, Enterprise Rent-A-Car stands out for its exceptional customer service, extensive rental fleet, and competitive pricing. The company's commitment to transparency and convenience sets it apart from its competitors. Additionally, Enterprise Rent-A-Car's strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility and community involvement further differentiates it from other players in the industry.

Recommendations and Conclusion:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a reliable and customer-focused car rental company, offering a wide range of vehicles and excellent service. Its transparent pricing, convenient reservation process, and well-maintained fleet make it a top choice for customers. For individuals with specific needs, such as those with disabilities, Enterprise Rent-A-Car provides accessible options. Overall, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is highly recommended for anyone in need of a rental vehicle, whether for business or leisure purposes.

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1. Log in or create an account: Ensure you are logged in to your account. If you do not have an account, please register by providing the necessary details to create one.

2. Navigating to the complaint form: Locate the 'File a Complaint' button situated at the top right corner of the website and click on it to access the complaint form.

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6. Filing optional fields: Use the 'Claimed Loss' field to indicate any financial losses incurred as a result of the issue. In the 'Desired Outcome' field, describe what resolution you are seeking from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, whether it be a refund, an apology, or another form of compensation.

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